Happiness is spontaneity. It’s not having everything planned down to the detail, but living in the moment and seeing where it takes you. It’s being adventurous and open-minded. Happiness is road trips. It’s feeling the wind tickle your face and the world pass by in nothing but a blurry haze. It’s the world being too slow to keep up with you, letting you leave it behind with the rest of your worries. Happiness is laughter. It’s the melodic sound that passes your lips when happiness is at its peak, showing no signs of sorrow. Happiness is photographs. It’s catching special moments on film to look at forever, reminiscing the joyful times long after they are over, bringing back memories that would live on forever. Happiness is reading. It’s getting lost in a book full of words that have created another reality, most of the time better than the one we live in, and getting utterly lost in the expanse of it. It’s relating to characters you dream of encountering, the world as you know it slipping away into nothingness as you nestle a home in a new kind of humanity. Happiness is music. It’s the beat of the drums matching the beat of your heart, feeling the bass right down to your core. It’s the words of an artist speaking volumes, and it’s having songs that can narrate almost any kind of situation you find yourself in. Happiness is rainy mornings. It’s the pitter-patter of droplets against the window, soothing the soul in the most comforting of ways that make you yearn for a warm cup of tea. Happiness is being with your friends. It’s creating new memories and reliving old ones, never a dull moment when the company present is full of life and laughter. Happiness is realizing that not everything is meant to be controlled, but meant to be lived fully and wholeheartedly. Happiness isn’t found; it is always present within.