Nyctophilia is the preference of night or darkness. As a kid, I used to be terrified of the dark; never wanting to sleep by myself as I was afraid the creatures of the night would take me away to a place where I would be virtually blind. But then I grew up and began seeing things for what they are in the light and I didn’t like it. True monsters lay in the light; easily spotted even under the faulty facade that is put up. For myself, there’s something intriguing about the darkness. Something about not completely knowing what’s going on around you; how everything surrounding you is hushed and unknown.

It can consume you, just like it has consumed me. It can be sinister, dreary, odious, but that is only when you look at it from a child’s frightful mind’s point of view. True darkness is when the stars litter the sky and stand out brilliantly, where the fire burns brighter, and where the beady eyes of those around you aren’t felt digging holes in your back. Lonely is another way to describe darkness, but just because you are alone, doesn’t mean you are lonely. On the contrary, it may be the only place where one is allowed to be themselves truly, without having to concern themselves about mindless whispered comments from those who cannot do anything but talk about others they are the ones that are lonely. How forlorn must one be to take up talking about the actions of others, just to make up for their own miserably alone life? Light is full of fake smiles and happiness and more fake smiles. Darkness?

That is where the truth is liberated and no matter how daunting or unwanted, it sets the soul free.