End of Year Self-Assessment: Creative Expressions 2015

I am a novel.

I am written in Morse code, making it a challenge to read me for those who wish to know the story of my life. My mind produces thoughts like the number pi; ideas and beliefs running continuously and wildly although it never seems to exhaust me. They are points on a graph, all connected and forming something superior. But the thoughts developed in my brain have been formed from the spirit that’s locked inside me. It is a bright spirit friendly and inviting and warm that would melt into a downpour of rain wiping away my friends’ fears and strangers’ sins. I am expected to be polite, smart, friendly, and brave and I believe I can be all those things, however, I must be rude, dense, cold, and frightened to get to that state of mind. But my class has opened new senses within me.

 We are a night’s candle.

We are the little flicker of light in eternal darkness, doing our very best to brighten up the sinister world. Our hopes and dreams color the grey pages of the earth, but we complement each other with the love and acceptance that helplessly radiates from our souls. I resembled the color black before I had walked through the door of Room 121; dark and alone and cold. But I was suddenly splattered with the colors producing from the new classmates I had come to befriend, not letting only myself, but everyone, to express themselves in the most liberated of ways. Our personal United Nations, is what I can refer ourselves to, because we are a mixture of compassion and understanding and the utmost respect for our diverse views of the world.

I am the novel that can be read in the light of the night’s candle, because this class has allowed me to be free.