The Earth

In our world, I see the question what is the earth really like? Each house has its own world built into it; varying from diverse types of languages, music, food, and ways of life. It’s where you were born, took your first steps, and learned how to speak. Growing up, it’s where someone realizes who they are as a person, and what their value in the world is. In each dwelling, it’s your own world, where you can be who want and do what you love especially if you aren’t ready to go out through the front door and face reality.

 But once you step out the front door, humanity becomes even bigger.

And maybe the world isn’t as dangerous or contains as much magnificence as one would expect. The earth itself is as savagely beautiful as lighting as it strikes the ground; with colors of silver and purple bouncing off the vast amount of energy being formed. Gorgeous to look at, but treacherous to be near.

We are nothing but a mere fragment in a greater cosmos, caught up in ourselves as we compete in the game of life. The earth is a gift we have been blessed with, yet we are doing nothing but slowly destroying the greatest gift one could receive. It is full of birth as life is given to thousands of beings per second, while it is also being taken away to those who wither away into the ground. The earth is a symphony; with every being inhabiting it making up the tunes it possesses. The connection our planet has to the universe is simply that it is a small star in the immense Milky Way galaxy. And even if the wondrous world wasn’t as round as it’s made out to be, it would be a heptagon with each seven points connected to the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. 

And, no matter how disastrous our world may seem today, tomorrow is another day and I still have faith in humanity to make it the place we dream to live in.