Chapter 67

Carly’s POV:


From: Nialler




To: Nialler


No, Niall.


From: Nialler


But why not?!


To: Nialler


Because I don’t wanna see 2 certain people.


From: Nialler


Then don’t pay attention to them, babe! The rest of us want you here.


To: Nialler


Ugh, fine. Be there in 15. Xx


From: Nialler


YAY!! :D


            I put my phone down and got off my bed. Niall was begging me to come over to their hotel, and I really couldn’t say no anymore. They were pleading, and I haven’t seen the boys in a couple of months. I walked towards my walk-in closet, looking for a decent outfit to wear. I decide on wearing a light blue cold-shoulder shirt, red skinny jeans, and black flats. My hair fell into long waves and I applied some minimum amount of make up, before grabbing my phone, car keys, sunglasses, and walking out of my room.


(Outfit: )


            “Where are ya going?” Ashley asks from the couch as I head towards the door.


            “The boys invited me over,” I tell her, walking over and bending down to pick up Coco. “I’ll see you later, baby,” I coo, kissing him on the nose. “Bye, Ash,” I smile, walking out the door.


            I get into my car and drive to the hotel Niall had told me him and the boys were staying at. Once I get there, I park my car in the parking lot and get out, entering the big lobby. Niall texted me room and floor, so I just headed straight for the elevators and went up. Once I reached the Presedential Suite, I knocked on the door, and two seconds later, a giant figure opened it.


            “PAULY!” I exclaim, hugging the giant teddy bear.


            “Carly!” he laughs, hugging me back. “It’s good to see you, love!”


            “You too, Paul,” I grin, walking in.


            “How’s Randy?” he asks as we walk further into the suite.


            I smile. “He’s good,” I say. “He’s on a break, though, since his wife is due with a baby any day.”


            Paul grins, when suddenly Louis comes running in. “You’re here!”


            “I’m here!” I shout back, equally as enthusiastic.


            Louis pulls me into the living room where everyone else was. Thankfully, Harry and Kate weren’t here. “Harry’s showing Kate around LA,” Niall informs me with a smile. “She’s leaving tomorrow so he wants to get it done.”


            I smile, nodding, as I sit down next to Zayn on the couch. “Sup, bro?” I give him a nod, and he laughs.


            “You’re a cutie, you know that?” he teases, pinching my cheek.


            I roll my eyes, putting down my bag. “So, Carly, do you have any idea what this Unicef ball thing is?” Liam asks me.


            I chuckle. “It’s basically like a dance, you know?” I give a one shoulder shrug. “Kind of like a celebrity version of a prom. You dance, you eat, and you meet and talk to other celebrities,” I explain.


            The boys all make and ‘ooh’ sound, causing me to laugh. How come they were invited if they had no clue what it was?


            The five of us just chilled around the hotel suite, talking and playing some video games. At one point, Louis had taken a group photo of all of us, and then posted it on Twitter.


@Louis_Tomlinson: Chillin’ with 3/5 of 1D and @CarlyMcKinley! Good to have her back! :Dxx


            When Louis had posted the tweet, I got a mention and retweeted his tweet and also favorited it. But then I saw my time line blow up, and the fans go crazy.




-Omg guys Carly is hanging out with the boys. I’m so freaking happy.


-But wait, where’s Harry?


-Harry’s probably with that new slut girlfriend of his. Honestly, I want Harly back.


-Hopefully Carly & Harry will come to their senses and get back together already.


            I smile at the tweets, putting my phone away. As we all just hung around, Zayn suddenly says to me, “You know, the girls really miss you.”


            I bite the inside of my cheek, a feeling of guilt washing over me. The boys had no clue that I had been keeping in contact with the girls and not them. I think that I should tell them, because I selfishly had made the girls lie to their boyfriends. “Yeah, about that...” I trail off, shifting uncomfortably in my seat. “I kind of, sort of was in contact with the girls,” I mumble.


            “What?” Liam asks, hurt flashing through his eyes.


            “I’m sorry!” I say quickly. “It’s just that, I only pushed you guys away because you’re Harry’s band mates; you’re like his brothers. Talking to any of you just reminds me of him, and it just hurts.” I let out a sigh. “I know it wasn’t fair and that it’s a really stupid and selfish reason, but I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt any of you.”


            It was silent in the suite for a couple of minutes, until Niall broke it. “We forgive you,” he says, offering me a smile with his braces in view. “I mean, I understand why you did that. You were hurt because of Harry, and just needed time to yourself.”


            Louis nods in agreement. “You’re too good of a friend for us to lose, Carly.”


            Liam nods. “You’re like our sixth member, you know? We love you to bits.”


            “You’re our little sister,” Zayn adds, putting an arm around my shoulders. “We just don’t want to lose you.”


            I smile at these four amazing boys who I’m so damn lucky to call my friends. I smile at each of them. “You guys are amazing, you know?”


            Louis gives a cheeky wink. “We know.”


Louis’s POV:


            Having Carly back with us was the best thing ever. We haven’t seen her in a couple of months, and we were all beginning to miss her like crazy. However, I don’t understand what’s going on with Harry. I’m his best mate, he knows that he can talk to me. I know Harry well enough to know that he’s hurting. He misses Carly and still loves her, but he just won’t admit it to himself, to her, or to anyone else. He’s trying to surpress his feelings.


            Let me just say one thing; in the beginning, Harry tried to bury all of the growing feelings he was having for Carly. He was trying to deny the fact that he fancied her, but obviously, he failed. Just like then, he’s denying the fact that he misses her. Harry still cares for Carly, he wants her to forgive him and give him another chance. Harry is my brother, and I know how much he loved Carly.  


            They’re love for each other was undeniable. I’m not even afraid to admit that Harry and Carly were the cutest and most in-love couple there was. When they were together, you could just see the love burning in their eyes for each other. They would always be holding hands, looking at each other, and stealing kisses. Often whenever I was with Harry, I’d catch him looking at Carly, smiling to himself.


            Harry and Carly were that couple that everyone thought would be together forever. That would work out through any problem that was thrown at them, and still be together. And then that Kate came along, ruining everything. She just had to show up. I knew she was trouble when she walked back into Harry’s life.


            Wait. Did I just use a Taylor Swift reference?          


            Anyway. She got Harry drunk and took advantage of my best friend. And Carly somehow found out, and of course, her initial reaction would be to be hurt and angry. But I just wish Harry had fought harder for her. I wish he tried harder into getting her to talk to him, to tell her that it was all a huge mistake. Instead, he just let her walk away.


            I looked at Carly, who sat on the couch as she talked to Zayn, laughing and smiling. But I can tell that that laugh and smile doesn’t reach her eyes. As if something was missing from her life. And I knew exactly what that missing piece was.