Chapter 65

*One Month Later*


Carly’s POV:


            “Finished the last song!” I exclaim with a grin as I burst into the Kristen’s office.


            Kristen looked away from the computer and at me, smiling. “That’s great. What’s it called?”


            “Sick Of You,” I tell her, sitting down on a chair.


            She raises an eyebrow. “Is it about you-know-who?” she asks.


            I bite the inside of my cheek, nodding. “I just needed to get my feelings out,” I say. “And the song sort of helped me.”


            Kristen nods, giving me a sympathetic smile. “I understand,” she says. “But I’m sure it’s a great song. Do you want me to book you a photo shoot for the album?”


            I nod. “Yeah,” I say. “I just have to record the two last songs,” I add. “I’m heading to the studio right now.”


            Kristen smiles. “Alright,” she says, picking up her phone. “I’ll tell you about the details later.”


            I nod and stand up, bidding goodbye to her as I leave. I head to the studio to record the last few songs. It had been a little over a month since Harry and I’s break up, and people were still buzzing about it. I chose to ignore what people were saying about the two of. I had moved on from Harry, and just decided to steer clear of any One Direction related news.


            Speaking of Harry and One Direction, Harry was still with Kate. I’m not surprised. The boys are doing interviews and shows here and there, but I don’t exactly know. I’m not sure what the boys are doing, since I don’t really keep tabs with them anymore.


            I had lost contact with the boys about a month ago, not really talking or texting any of them. Time zones were just a minor part in that doing. I had mostly ignored them because it was part of my healing and moving on process. I know it was selfish and rude of me, but it seemed like the best thing to do at the time. The four boys are best friends with Harry, and talking to them just reminds of me of the curly haired boy. It’s hard enough with having to hear their songs on the radio and see them everywhere I go, but just talking to those four boys hurts.


            Though, I still talk to Eleanor, Soha, Danielle, and Perrie from time to time. We have our usual girl talk, and they tell me what the boys are up to one in a while. They understand why I don’t call the boys anymore, and have promised me that they won’t tell them about talking to me. I feel bad about it, because I know it’s mean. The boys are like my best friends, and now I’m making their girlfriends lie about talking to me.


            I pulled into the studio parking lot with a sigh, and get out of my car and enter the building. Once in the studio, I’m greeted by Joshua, the producer and his assistant Deena. Both of them are nice, friendly people and I know them pretty well.


            “Hey, Carly,” Deena grins. She’s a twenty eight year old woman with two kids. Her husband passed away a few months ago because he lost the fight against cancer, but she’s going strong. Her parents and in laws help her with money and the kids, and she has a good well-paying job so she’s fine.


            “Hey, Deena,” I smile back, putting my bag down and fixing the blue snap back I was wearing on top of my head.


            Joshua comes up to me. “You ready to record these last two songs?”


            I grin and nod. “Let’s do this.”


            I enter the booth, putting on the headphones as Deena and Josh get ready. The next hour and a half is full of music, just the way I like it.




@CarlyMcKinley: At the recording studio! Can’t wait for you all to hear the new album! :)xx


            The picture was a little two-picture collage of me. The first of me standing with my back faced towards the camera and my hands in the air as they cross each other, making peace signs. The next was one of me wearing heart shaped sunglasses, which I had for some reason found in my bag. I had just finished recording my second album, and it was absolutely thrilling.


            I had decided to name the album A Year Without Rain, since it was the first song I wrote about it. I know that it’s the name of the song I wrote for Harry, but I’m not letting that stop me from naming my album. The name just sticks, and I decided I want it to be that name. Kristen had called and told me that the photo shoot for the album is planned for tomorrow, which is totally fine for me.


            As I drive back to my flat, I turn on the radio and of course with my luck, a One Direction interview is on. “So how are you boys doing?” the DJ asked them.


            “We’re doing great, thanks,” Liam’s cheery voice says.


            I take a breath as I take a left turn. I don’t have the heart in changing the channel, because I actually want to hear their voices. “Now you boys got off your world tour about three months ago. What are you doing now?”


            “We’re just chillin’,” Zayn’s voice says. “We’re going around and doing interviews, going to some events, and doing shows here and there. We might start a new album in a couple of months, but we’re not sure.”


            I listened as they talked about other things. I was about to switch the channel when I suddenly heard my name. “So, Harry, there are rumors that you are getting back together with singer and ex-girlfriend Carly McKinley. Is that true?” I haven’t even heard any of these rumors.


            “No, we’re not,” the low, slow voice replied. My heart did some sort of abnormal leap as I heard him speak, my hands clenching the steering wheel of my car as I drove. “I’m still happily in a relationship with my current girlfriend, Kate.”


            And there goes my heart, crashing and burning. But why? I’ve moved on, I shouldn’t care about him or his stupid girlfriend. “Well, that clears things up,” the DJ says. “But while you’re here in LA, are you going to visit Carly?”


            Wait, what? They’re in LA? Why didn’t I know about this? Fuck!


            “We’ve honestly got no clue,” Louis replies. “We haven’t talked to her in a while, but it would be nice catching up with her.”


            My heart clenched at the sound of that. They knew where I lived, and they may or may not drop by. I sigh as I turn off the radio, parking  my car and getting out of it. Why didn’t I know they were coming back to LA? I talk to the girls, so why didn’t they tell me that the boys would be in Los Angeles? I run up the stairs to my flat and burst through the door.


            “What’s wrong, Carls?” Ashley asks me, putting down Coco.


             I look at her, wide eyes. “They’re back.”