Chapter 61

Carly’s POV:


            Harry would be here in about an hour or so, so I got dressed quickly. After taking a shower, I put on a white camisole tank and on top of it one of Harry’s button down shirts without buttoning it and having the sleeves rolled up to my elbows. Along with that I wore light blue skinny jeans and ankle booties. My hair was tied into a French braid, falling over my right shoulder, with some lip gloss and eyeliner. Grabbing my sunglasses and phone, I walked out of my room and down the stairs.


            “Going somewhere?” Mum asks with a smile, carrying a wide awake Riley.


            I smile, nodding. “Harry and I are going to the aquarium.” At the word ‘aquarium’, Riley’s wide eyes looked at me. I chuckle, looking at her. “You wanna come with us, Riles?”


            Riley giggled, and I took it as a yes. “I don’t want Riley to interrupt your time with Harry,” Mum tells me. “It’s just supposed to be the two of you.”


            “Nonesense,” a new voice says, and Mum and I turn to see Harry standing there, smiling. He was clad in jeans that hung low at his hips, revealing the waist band of his Tommy Hilfiger boxers, a simple black V-neck, and white Converse. He walks towards us, smiling. “Brian let me in,” he says. “But we’ll be glad to take Riley with us.”


            I smile at his sweetness, and Mum smiles hesitantly. “If you’re sure...”


            “We’re sure,” Harry and I say in unison.


            Mum chuckles. “Alright then,” she says. “I’m just gonna get her changed.”


            We nod and she goes up the stairs. I turn to look at Harry only to find that he’s smirking down at me. “Is that my shirt?” he asks, amusement dancing in his green eyes.


            I press my lips together, a sheepish smile on my face. “Maybe...”


            Harry chuckles softly, reaching up and caressing my right cheek. “You look adorable in it,” he grins, dimples in view.


            A few minutes later, Mum comes back down the stairs holding a dressed up Riley. She was now wearing white shorts and a cute little dark blue blouse. She had on tiny shoes on her tiny feet, and her curly brown hair cascading down her shoulders. I smile at my little sister, taking her from Mum’s arms. “You ready to go, Riley?” I grin at her, holding her in my arms.


            She giggles in response, and Harry smiles. “We’ll get going,” he says.


            “Oh, hold on,” Mum says, handing me her car keys. “Take the car seat from my car.”


            Harry nods, taking the keys from me and we walk out. Harry first takes the car seat from Mum’s car and puts it in his own, and once I return the keys to Mum, I carefully buckle Riley in her seat. Once she is buckled in, Harry and I get in the front seats and he starts driving to the aquarium. We get to the aquarium in no time, and once the two of us are wearing our sunglasses, I take Riley in my arms and we head towards the entrance.


            Harry buys our tickets, except for Riley who gets in for free since she’s only a baby. We enter the giant building, immediately our surroundings darkening because of how we were walking through a hallway of sea creatures. Riley makes sounds out of awe as she sees her surroundings. I grin, taking her over to where the tank labeled Pearl of Likoma.


            “Look, Riles,” I say, showing her the fish. “It’s a fishy!”


            Riley claps her tiny hands, making me laugh. “She’s so adorable,” Harry grins, taking off his Ray Bans.


            I did the same, since it was really dark in here. The only way you could see people’s faces were by the lights alluminating their faces from the tanks. We walk around the aquarium, showing Riley all sorts of different fishes. At one point, Harry was holding Riley, and it was adorable. I watched as he excitedly showed her a small octopus in a tank, both of them grinning widely. Taking my phone out, I snapped a picture of the two of them, and it came out adorable. He was holding Riley in his left arm, while he grinned and pointed to the octopus with his right index finger, and Riley was in the middle of giggling.


@CarlyMcKinley: Aquarium with baby Riley & @Harry_Styles. They’re so cute! Xx


            We walked around some more, and at one point just stood there as Harry held Riley, and then gave her over to me. I smile as my sister comes into my arms and I look up at Harry. “You having a good time?” he asks.


            “The best,” I reply with a smile, leaning up and kissing his lips gently.


            As we walked further down the hall, looking at the different sea creatures, an old woman stopped us. “Excuse, but are you two married?” she asks, looking genuinley curious.


            Harry and I look at each other and then back at the woman, and I can easily tell my cheeks are blazing. Thank goodness it’s dark in here. “Oh, no,” I smile politely, shaking my head. “We’re just dating.”


            The woman nods. “So that adorable girl isn’t your baby?”


            “No, no,” Harry laughs. “She’s just her baby sister.”


            “Well, I must say, the two of you look like quite the couple,” she grins. “You seem to be completely in love. And just seeing you handling the baby so well together just shows how good of parents you two will be.”


            Yep, my cheeks are definitely on fire. “T-Thank you,” I smile at her.


            The woman nods, smiling, before trotting away. As she leaves, Harry chuckles. “That wasn’t weird or anything,” he says.


            I laugh. “I’d like to agree with her,” I smirk at him. “We’re definitely quite the couple.”


            Harry smirks back, putting an arm around my shoulder. “That’s true.”




            After we had gone to the aquarium, we dropped Riley back at the house and continued to spend the day together. Well actually, we were driving back to his flat, in hopes of finding something to do. As he drove, I took out my phone and went on Twitter. My eyes immediately caught sight of a new Sugerscape article, and I clicked on the link to read it.


            “There’s just no stopping Harly. The adorable-ness is just so overwhelming.


            Just an hour ago or so, One Direction’s Harry Styles was seen out in London with pop star girlfriend, Carly McKinley. But they weren’t the only ones we saw! There are multiple pictures of Carly and Hazza holding a baby girl. At first, our eyes almost fell out of our sockets when we saw that. Could that be a Harly baby?!


            But fear not; we were wrong! Because that’s just impossible. Turns out the baby girl was in fact Carly’s baby sister Riley McKinley who was born only a few months ago. Harly and Baby Riley looked adorable as they were out in London’s Aquarium, looking like a picture perfect family. Carly even tweeted an adorable picture of Haz holding Baby Riley!


            That doesn’t mean we don’t get major Harry feels every time we see him holding an adorable baby.”


            I chuckled as I finished reading the article, exiting out of it and putting my phone away. Harry finally parks his car in the driveway of his flat complex and the two of us get out. As we do, Harry sighs, looking at his Range Rover. “It’s so dirty,” he says, gliding an index finger over  the windshield. He inspects it and slightly winces when he sees how dirty it actually is.


            “Then why don’t we clean it?” I grin. “A little car wash.”   


            Harry grins widely at me, dimples in full view. “Really?” he asks.


            I nod. “Yeah!” I laugh. “But you’re giving me some clothes to wear.”


            Harry nods, and the two of us go up the stairs and to his flat. The boys were out, I think, so it was only the two of us. Harry leads me into his room, and opens his drawer as he hands me a white T-shirt and a pair of boxers. I take them and go into the bathroom, changing out of my clothes and slipping on his clothes. Once my clothes were off, I walked out and saw Harry dressed in nothing but a white tank top and cargo shorts. He handed me a pair of flip flops and handed me another pair.


            “You look hot in my clothes,” he smirks, walking over to me, eyeing my up and down.


            I roll my eyes. His shirt reached about my mid thigh, and his boxers fell losely around my thighs as well. The two of us walk out of his room and Harry grabs a red bucket and some sponges as we walk down the stairs and to the driveway. There was a pipe in the middle that if you turned on, water would come out. Harry filled the bucket up with water and I used the bottle of soap and put some in the bucket.


            The two of us grabbed a sponge as Harry also hooked up a hose against the pipe, turning it on and letting the water come out of it. He pointing the hose at the car, water coming out and hitting it. I then used the soapy sponge and started scrubbing the passenger car door with it. Everything was going fine and dandy until Harry, being the smart guy he was, decided to ruin that.


            “Hey, Carls!” he calls my name.


            I turn to face him. “Wh-”


            I was suddenly cut off when I felt cold water hit my chest and stomach, making me scream in shock. I look up at Harry, who’s holding the still running pipe facing the ground, laughing his arse off. “That was hilarious!” he says in between loud laughs.


            I glare at him. “You’re such a dick!” I shout, but couldn’t help but laugh.


            “Nice bra,” he comments with a smirk.


            My eyes widen as I look down at myself. Indeed, you could see my black lace bra through Harry’s wet white shirt. I look back up at Harry, giving him my death glare. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” I narrow my eyes at him.


            Harry nods, the smirk not vanishing from his face. “I’m quite liking the view,” he says.


            I purse my lips as I take the soaked sponge in my hand and launch it at Harry. It lands right on his chest, soaking that one spot the sponge hit. “I sometimes hate you,” I tell him.     


            Harry looks down at his chest and then back at me, his smirk widening. “Oh, it’s on, babe.”


            Harry takes the hose and points it at me, completely soaking me. I scream as the cold water hits me, Harry’s shirt clinging on to my body. “Harry!” I shout. I run and hide behind his wet Range Rover, trying to duck away from the hose. I can hear Harry’s footsteps and the water dripping on the ground as he walks.


            “Come on, Carls,” I hear him say in a playful tone. “You know I’m gonna get you.”


            I carefully crawl from under the car, and spot the red bucket full of water not to far from me. In one swfit movement, I grab the bucket and jump up. “Hey, Haz!” I shout. He turns to face me and as soon as he does, I throw all of the water from the bucket on him, soaking him from head to toe. “Gotcha!”


            Harry looks down at himself and then back at me, shaking some wet hair from his eyes. “Alright, you win,” he says in a defeated tone, dropping the hose after shutting it off.


            I smirk, walking over to him. Both of us were dripping wet, our clothes sticking to our bodies. “I always win, Hazza,” I grin.




            “Merry Christmas Eve to you, Carls,” Harry smiles, giving me a hug.


            “Merry Christmas Eve to you too, Haz,” I say.


            Since the two of us weren’t gonna be able to spend Christmas together, we were spending Christmas Eve together. Harry was leaving later on tonight to go to Holmes Chapel, so this entire day was just the two of us. The boys were all spending time with their girlfriends today, and Niall had flown back to Ireland to be with his family and Soha. Harry and I were currently sitting in his flat, watching Love Actually, when suddenly his phone beeped.


            He checked whatever text he had and a smile grew on his face. “What’s up?” I ask him.


            Harry puts his phone in his pocket and grins at me. “Come on, I have a surprise for you.”


            “But I thought we were watching movies all day,” I whine as he drags me to stand up.


            He chuckles as we exit his flat. “Don’t worry; I know you’ll love it.”


            I nod, chuckling as we get in his car and he starts driving us God knows where. A few minutes later, I see that Harry had pulled up in front of my house. “What are we doing here?” I chuckle confusedly as we get out of the car.


            “Your present’s waiting for you inside,” he grins at me as we walk towards the front door.


            I follow him inside the house and towards the living room. Harry then grins as he gestures for me to go in, and when I do, my eyes widen at the sight in front of me. In the middle of the living room, Brian was playing with a German Shepherd Husky puppy.  It was the most adorable thing in the world, and my heart melted at the sight of the adorable thing.


            “Oh my God... What...” I trail off, walking over and bending down to pet the little puppy.


            Brian grins as we leaves the room, and Harry bends down in front of me on the other side of the puppy. “This,” Harry grins, motioning towards the adorable puppy, “is my Christmas gift to you.”


            My eyes widen as I look at Harry. “What?!”


            He grins. “He’s a rescue from the  shelter,” he says, petting the puppy’s back as it laid on it’s stomach on the floor. “He’s a husky mixed with German Shepherd,” he explains. “What are you gonna name him?”


            I smile as I pick up the cute puppy, holding him in my arms. “Coco,” I grin. “I’ve always loved that name.”


            Harry grins, nodding. “That fits him,” he says.


            “Oh my goodness!” Mum gasps as she walks in. “Who’s adorable puppy is this?” she grins, coming closer.


            “Mine,” I grin. “Harry got him for me. His name’s Coco.”


            “He’s adorable,” Mum smiles.


            “Can you take a picture, Mum?” I ask, holding out my phone.


            She nods, taking my phone from me. I ask Harry to crouch behind me and he does so, and the two of us smile at the camera as I hold Coco. She takes the picture and I thank her, creating a new tweet.


@CarlyMcKinley: @Harry_Styles thank you so much for this adorable present. Say hi to Coco everyone! Xxx


            Mum leaves the room and I turn to Harry. “Thank you, so much,” I say to him.


            Harry smiles. “You’re welcome,” he says.


            I reach up and kiss him. His lips move perfectly in sync with mine, until we were interrupted by a bark. Harry and I pull away, smiling down at the adorable puppy. I grin at the puppy, kissing his nose. “Welcome to the family, Coco.”