Chapter 59

Carly’s POV:


            The priceless look on Harry’s face just brought a smile on to my face. And I loved how he just pulled me in for a hug and a kiss, something that I’ve missed so damn much. He looked so happy and excited, and I’m just glad I was able to be here.


            Kristen had arranged for my flight back to London in time for me to have enough time shop for gifts for my family and friends. I was so excited for Christmas. Mum and Brian always invite my aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins over to our house for a huge Christmas dinner. Obviously, spending Christmas with Harry wasn’t happening, but I’m just glad that I have enough time to spend with him.


            “You have no idea how glad I am to see you,” he mumbled, wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him.  


            He was still shirtless and in sweat pants, and his hair was slightly unruly because he had woken up a few moments ago. Nonetheless, he looked downright attractive. I wrap my own arms around his neck, smiling up at him. “I missed you too,” I say, my hands playing with his curls.


            Our moment was interrupted when we heard a gasp. “Carly?!” Louis’s loud voice exclaims. I peeked over Harry’s shoulder and saw a bed headed Louis in pajamas staring at us, wide eyed. “It is you!”


            I laugh, unwrapping my arms from around Harry and walking over to the older boy. “Hey, Lou,” I grin.


            Louis suddenly pulls me in for a tight, bone-crushing hug as he exclaims, “It’s so good to see you again!”


            I laugh, hugging him back. “Lou, it’s only been like, two weeks.”


            “Yeah, but still,” he smiles as we pull away. “We missed our sixth member.”


            I laugh as I hear Harry ask, “Can I have my girlfriend back?”


            Louis rolls his eyes but lets go of me, and Harry’s arm wraps around my shoulders. I chuckle as Harry pulls me into his side, kissing my temple. “Someone’s possessive,” Louis smirks.


            Harry pouts. “I haven’t seen her in forever,” he whines.


            “Two weeks, Haz. It’s only been two weeks,” I chuckle, looking up at him.


            Harry looks down at me and smiles, and I can’t help but smile back. The only time I saw that smile was through Skype, and I loved seeing it in person again. Louis suddenly groans, making Harry and I look at him. “You two are gonna be all lovey-dovey again. Great,” he sighs.


            I roll my eyes and Harry raises an eyebrow. “Would you rather have me be moody because I can’t see Carly?” he asks Louis.


            Louis thinks it over before vigurously shaking his head. “Nope, no. Nevermind. Continue being your lovey-dovey selves.”




            “So I have gifts for the girls, Niall, Zayn, my parents, and Riley. All I need are gifts for Liam and Louis then I’m done,” I tell Harry as we walk through the mall.


            “What? No gift for me?” he pouts.    


            I chuckle, rolling my eyes. “I’m not gonna buy your gift when you’re here with me, Haz,” I tell him. “It’ll ruin the surprise.”


            “Ohh, right,” Harry says a bit sheepishly.


            We were walking throughout the mall here in London, Christmas shopping. Holiday music was playing throughout the large building, and people were walking around, buying presents for loved ones. Harry and I had bought gifts for most of the boys, girls, and our families, and were just finishing it off. I had ordered a leather brown massage chair for my parents, because I remembered them saying how they needed a way to relax, and how their backs were hurting them, so a massage chair would be perfect. I bought Riley some new clothes and toys which I know she will enjoy. I bought Eleanor a pair of heels that I remember her saying she loved but never bought. For Danielle I got a new MAC make up set because she lost her old one while she was on the X Factor tour. For Perrie I had bought a collection of Shakespear’s finest works, because she had told me once that she wanted to read all of his books, but never had time to find his work. I had also bought a digital photo frame for Ashley that including pictures of the two of us from since we were little to now.


            For Zayn I had bought new Beats because you could easily tell his old ones were about to break, and for Niall I had bought a new pair of Supras that aren’t even out yet. All I need is to buy Liam and Louis’s gifts. Danielle, Perrie, Eleanor, and I had decided that the four of us will go shopping together and buy gifts for our boyfriends, since none of us have done that yet. Louis, who is the lucky one, gets two gifts however because it’s both Christmas and his birthday. So technically, I need to buy three gifts, not including Harry’s.


            “I don’t know what to get Louis,” I sigh, adjusting one of the shopping bags I was holding.


            Harry thinks for a moment as we walk. “Get him cologne,” he laughs. “He stinks sometimes.”


            I roll my eyes, shoving Harry as we walk, causing him to laugh. “You’re mean,” I say. “Hmmm... How about a... mix tape?!”


            “A mix tape?” Harry questions.


            I nod, smiling. “Yeah,” I say. “I’ll make a CD of all of his favorite songs, made just for him.”


            “That actually sounds like a good idea,” Harry grins. “I’m sure Louis would love it.”


            I grin and we continue our shopping. Once the two of us are done shopping for our friends, we walk out of the mall and toward’s Harry’s Range Rover. As Harry drives back to my house, I ask him, “So what are your plans for tomorrow?”


            Harry gives a one-shoulder shrug. “Nothing, really,” he says. “I’m probably just going to chill around at the flat.” He glances at me before asking, “What about you?”


            “Shopping with the girls,” I chuckle. “And since Christmas is three days away, my aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins are all coming over tomorrow for our annual Christmas dinner.”


            Harry frowns slightly. “Shouldn’t they come on Christmas Day for that?”


            I shake my head. “It’s a family tradition to come a few days before Christmas,” I shrug. “Don’t ask; my family can be weird sometimes.”


            Harry laughs. “Whatever you say.”


            I smile and then ask, “Hey, do you wanna come for the dinner?”


            Harry’s eyes widen as he pulls into my driveway, parking the car. “You want me there?” he asks, turning to look at me.


            “Of course I want you there, silly,” I laugh. “You’ll get to meet my family.” His expression looks terrified, causing me to laugh out loud. “Don’t worry, they’ll love you. You’re a lovable person.”


            Harry smiles slightly. “If you say so..” he trails off.


            I lean forward and gently peck his lips. “You have nothing to worry about.”




            “Do you girls know what you’re getting your boys, or am I the only one who has no idea what to buy?” Eleanor sighs as we walk through the mall.


            I chuckle. “I was thinking of getting Harry the new iPad 3,” I shrug. “He was saying how he wanted one, so I think I’ll get that for him.”


            “That’s perfect for Harry,” Danielle smiles. “He’ll love it.”


            We all walk to the Apple store, where I buy Harry a white iPad 3. Once paying for it, we walk out and hunt for gifts for the rest of the boys. “So your entire family is coming?” Perrie asks as Eleanor searches for a gift for Louis in some foreign store I can’t pronounce the name of.


            I nod. “My grandparents from Mum and Brian’s side, Mum’s older brother and younger sister and their families, and Brian’s two younger brothers and their families,” I say. “And let me tell you, that’s a lot of people.”


            Perrie chuckles, nodding. “Is Harry coming?”


            “Yeah,” I smile. “The poor guy got terrified when I asked him to come.”


            “I can imagine why,” she smiles. “He doesn’t want to feel like he’s intruding, and at the same time he doesn’t want to face your gigantic family.”


            I laugh. “He’ll get used to it,” I say. “I’m sure my family will love him.”


            “When do you have to get there?” she asks, looking through some T-shirts.


            I check my watch as I look at the time. “An hour and a half,” I say.


            “I got Louis’s presents!” Eleanor exclaims as her and Danielle make their way over to Perrie and I. “Let’s go!”


            We laugh at Eleanor as we walk out of the store. “Do you girls want to get some smoothies or something?” Danielle asks. “I’m thirsty.”


            The rest of us agree as we then buy ourselves some smoothies, with me settling for a mango one. An hour passes by and I say, “Guys, I need to get going. I have to help my mum get ready for tonight’s dinner.”


            They all nod and I say goodbye to them, before getting into Brian’s car and driving home. Once I’m there, I take Harry’s gift and put it deep inside my closet where no one can see it. Walking back down stairs, I greet my mum in the kitchen. “Oh, good, you’re here!” she grins. “I need you to get started on the salad.”


            I laugh at Mum’s frantic behavior, nodding. “Sure thing, Mum.”


            I start making the salad as Mum makes some sandwiches for appetizers. As I make the salad, a smile unconciously creeps on to my face. Harry will be meeting the rest of my family, and I couldn’t wait. This was our first Christmas together, and even though we won’t be together on Christmas Day, this dinner and Christmas Eve is all I have. So it all has to be absolutely perfect.