Chapter 58

Harry’s POV:


@Harry_Styles: Missing my baby @CarlyMcKinley :(


            I sighed as I posted the tweet and picture. It was of Carly and I. It was a black and white picture of us, standing next to each other and grinning toothily at the camera. My phone buzzed, and I looked at it to see that I have a mention. A grin came on to my face when I saw who it was from.


@CarlyMcKinley: @Harry_Styles I miss you too bubba! See you in a week! :* xxx


            I grinned. It had been a week since I saw Carly, and she was coming soon for Christmas. I didn’t think it would be this hard for me to be away from her. But it is. Sometimes when I’m in the car, Carly’s song start playing on the radio and my heart clenches. I miss her so damn much. I just want it to be Christmas already, so I can see her.


            I miss holding her in my car, her sweet vanilla scent, her deep brown eyes, and her pink full lips pressed up against mine. I miss hearing her voice, and her beautiful, melodic laugh. Just everything about her I miss. Carly is the only girl in the world that has me totally whipped. I would do anything for her, because I’m crazy about her.


            She’s different.


            My thoughts about Carly were interrupted when I felt someone ruffle my hair. “Haz!” Louis shouts in my ear.


            I wince at the level of his voice and shove him away, my hands reaching up to fix my hair. “What?” I ask, annoyed a tad.


            Louis looks at me with his blue-green eyes, smirking slightly. “Let’s go out, mate,” he says. “Some Larry time!”


            I grin, liking the idea. “Alright,” I say. “But don’t get mad when new Larry Stylinson rumors start sparking.”


            Louis rolls his eyes, grabbing his sunglasses. “I’m not even gonna bother with them.”


            I chuckle and nod, grabbing my own sunglasses as we walk out of our flats. We step out into the cool London air, our coats wrapped around our bodies. The wind blew around us ever so slightly, shaking my curly hair. Louis and I walked down the streets of London as people walked around us, thankfully not recognizing who we were.


            “So Carly’s coming for Christmas, right?” Louis asks, breaking the silence.


            I nod, smiling. “Yeah,” I say. “But since I have to go to Cheshire, we’re spending Christmas Eve together,” I explain.


            Louis smiles. “Maybe she can meet the rest of the girls?” he suggests. “Eleanor and Danielle are coming and Perrie and her mum are spending Christmas with Zayn and his family at his flat.”


            I nod, liking the idea. Suddenly, I grin. “Your birthday’s coming up too, mate,” I say. “You having a party or what?”


            Louis shrugs. “I was thinking maybe I can have a party after Christmas,” he says as we walk down the sidewalk. “That way, everyone can spend Christmas with their families.”


            I grin. “That’s a great idea, mate.”




            “I’m so freaking happy,” Carly grins.


            I smile, staring at her flawless face on my computer screen. We were video chatting on Skype; it was eleven at night over here in London while it was three in the afternoon in Los Angeles, and this was the only free time Carly had, so we were Skyping. Everytime I see her face on my laptop screen, I just want to reach in and pull her out, to me. It’s driving me insane, actually.


            I chuckle at her excited face. “How come?”


            “I finished the first song for my second album,” she says, causing me to grin.


            “That’s amazing, love!” I congratulate her. “What’s it about?”


            Carly tucks a strand of brown hair behind her ear. “You. Me. Us.”


            My eyebrows rise. “Us?” I question, a smile on my face. “What about us?”


            Carly shrugs. “Just about this whole long distance thing,” she says. “It kind of inspired me to write about it, so I did.”


            I smile, loving how our relationship started off a spark in her head to write a song. “When do I get to hear it?”


            “Hmmmm,” Carly pretended to think. “When the album’s done,” she says with a smirk.


            My eyes widen, jaw dropping. “Hey! That’s not fair!”


            Carly laughs, causing me to smile. “How about I just sing you the chorus?” she asks.


            I nod vigurously. “Yeah!”


            Carly chuckles and nods. She clears her throat before her melodic voice starts singing. “I’m missing you so much, can’t help it, I’m in love. A day without you is like a year without rain. I need you by my side, don’t know how I’ll survive. A day without you is like a year without rain.”


            My jaw dropped in shock as Carly’s strong voice sang the beautiful lyrics. The lyrics were so clear of how she felt, and that’s what I loved about them. The lyrics spoke of how much Carly missed me, and how long a day felt for her without me by her side. It was adorable, and I loved how much she missed me. I loved knowing that she missed me as much as I missed her. If that’s just the chorus, I can’t wait to hear the entire song.  


            “Well...?” Carly asks nervously, clearly biting the inside of her left cheek.


            “That was bloody amazing!” I shouted, a wide grin on my face. Carly laughs, relieved, and I shake my head. “But really, that was phenominall, Carls. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing.”


            Carly grins widely. “I’m glad you like it.”


            “Love it,” I correct her. The two of us talk for a while until Carly’s phone buzzes. She tells me to hold on a minute as she checks her text, and a wide grin appears on her face. “What’s up, babe?” I ask. 


            Carly’s head snaps up and looks at her computer screen at me. “What? Oh, nothing,” she says vaguely.


            I raise my eyebrow. She’s hiding something. “You’re lying.”


            Carly laughs shortly. “I’m not lying,” she says. “But I have to go, Haz. I’ll talk to you later.”


            I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. I know for a fact that she’s hiding something from me, and now she’s just leaving? “Oh, okay...”


            Carly gives me a small smile. “I’ll see you later, Haz. I love you.”


            I smile slightly. “I love you too.”


            And with that, the chat ends.




            It had been a few days since I last talked to Carly, and it was driving me nuts. When we had ended our last Skype session, and I was sort of worried. I felt like she was ignoring me, but why?  It frustrated me to not know what in the world was happening.


            Christmas – along with Louis’s birthday – were only a couple of days away, and I had bought presents for everyone, except for Carly. I had no idea on what to get her, because I wanted her gift to be beyond perfect. I was thinking some sort of jewelry or something, but I’m not too sure. Like I said, I want it to be perfect.


            It was half past ten in the morning, and it was thankfully our day off. Louis was still asleep, and I think the lads were still asleep in their flats as well. I was wearing nothing but my grey sweat pants, that were hanging from my hips, and no shirt. What? I don’t like wearing a shirt when I go to bed.


            As I’m in the kitchen, drinking some water out of a glass, someone started knocking on the door. I frown, putting my glass down. Who in the world is at the door this early in the morning? I walk out of the kitchen and towards the door. I open the door and my eyes widen as I stay frozen on the spot.


            Standing right in front of me, wearing high waisted denim shorts, dark blue Converse, and a hot pink crop top was Carly. My Carly with her suitcases on her side.


            My eyes widen as Carly smirks at me. “I see you’re still not wearing a shirt,” she says.


            “C-Carly..” I stutter. “W-What are... What are you doing here?!”


            She jokingly pouts. “What? You’re not happy to see me?”


            “Are you bloody insane?!” I exclaim, and then pull her by her hands into a tight hug. Her vanilla scent immediately hits my nose and I hug her as tight as possible. “What are you doing here?”


            Carly laughs. “I told you I was coming home for Christmas,” she says as we pull away. “I never told you when. I wanted to surprise you.”


            I cup her face and place her lips on top of mine. Oh, how I missed the feeling of her lips against mine. Carly immediately responded, kissing me back, until we pulled away. I grin at her, my green eyes boring into her brown ones. “Well I’m most definitely surprised.”