Chapter 57

Carly’s POV:


            “Excuse me, what?” I ask Kristen, making sure I had heard her right.


            “A second album,” Kristen repeated. “Doesn’t that sound exciting?”


            I nod. “Yeah, but not now,” I say. “Kris, I just got off tour like, a month ago. Isn’t that too soon for a second album?”


            Kristen shook her head from behind her desk. “Not really,” she says. “People love you, Carly. They want to hear more of you. You need to give them more of you to listen.”


            I sigh, running a hand through my long hair. “Is there a specific deadline for this second album?” I ask, crossing my legs as I shift in the uncomfortable chair.


            Kristen shakes her head. “Not that I know of,” she says. “Don’t worry, Carly,” she adds. “Your first album was a hit. I’m sure your management wouldn’t want a second album right this second. Take it easy.”


            I sigh and nod, standing up. “Is that all?” I ask.


            Kristen nods. “Yeah, for now,” she chuckles. “I’ll talk to you later.”


            I nod and say goodbye to her, before walking out of the big building and towards my car. The minute I exit the building, I’m surrounded by several paparazzi, flashing cameras and throwing cameras at me.


            “Carly! What’s it like being back in LA?!”


            “Are you and Harry Styles still together?!”


            “How’s the long distance relationship working out?!”


            “Are you working on a new album?!”


            I push my way through the crowd, keeping my head down and not answering any of their questions. Once I get to my car, I shut the door and drive out, away from the damned paparazzi. I drive back to my flat and turn on the radio. Immediately, Live While We’re Young started playing, and a sigh escaped my lips. I missed those boys so much, it was ridiculous. Finally reaching my flat, I parked the car and went up the stairs and to the front door.


            “Ash, I’m home!” I call out, closing the door.


            “Lunch is on the table!” I hear her call back.


            I reply with an ‘okay’ and go up to my room to change my clothes. I change into a simple white tank top and black sweat pants. Once my hair is tied into a messy bun, I run down the stairs and into the kitchen. A grin forms on my face when I see a meal for me from Smash Burger is sitting on the counter. I love Ashley.


            Grabbing the food, I go into the living room where I see my best friend sitting there, eating her own meal. I sit down next to her and we eat together as I turn on my laptop. As we eat, I ask Ashley, “Hey, you wanna do a twitcam?”


            She shrugs, smiling. “Sure.”


            I smile and quickly compose a tweet, letting the world know what’s happening.


@CarlyMcKinley: Hey guys! Ashley & I are doing a twitcam! Come watch if you wanna!


            I set up the live stream and almost immediately, fifteen thousand people are watching. “Hey guys!” I grin, waving at the camera. “Excuse my appearance,” I say. “It’s a lazy day for me.”


            I had fans responding saying that they didn’t care, and that I looked great. They all also said hi to Ashley, who waved and smiled at the camera. “Hi to Brazil!” she exclaims.


            I look at the screen and say, “So does anyone have any questions?”


            I sip my drink and Ashley says, “Courtney from Wisconsin wants to know if you’re working on anything new.”


            “You’ll just have to wait and find out,” I say dramatically, but then laugh. “No, but you can expect a new album somewhere in the future. I’m gonna start working on the songs, so I’m excited for that.”


            Fans kept sending in questions and I kept answering, with Ashley and I occasionally cracking some sort of jokes. I was in the middle of answering a question when my phone buzzed. “Hold on, guys,” I say, reaching for my phone. “I’m getting a text,” I add in a sing song voice.


From: Harry(;


Watching your twitcam. You look adorable ;D xxx


            I grin as I read his text, and then look back at the camera. “Looks like a certain mister Harry Styles is watching this twitcam,” I grin.


            Comments blow up the box, saying hi to Harry. Ashley chuckles, looking at the screen. “That’s the power of Harry Styles,” she says, pointing to the comment box which was moving fast.


            “Actually, Harry Styles should be sleeping,” I say, smirking. “It’s like, midnight back in London.”


            Ashley laughs. “Britt from San Diego says that Harry would stay up till three in the morning just to watch you, Carly.”


            I smile, blushing slightly. The twitcam went on for about another house or so, until we had to end it. “Thanks for watching, guys!” I smile. “It was really fun, and I’ll try to do another one some time soon. Bye!”


            Ashley and I said goodbye to the fans and signed off. I checked the time, and saw that it was five thirty. I then take my laptop and got up to my room. Once the laptop is on my bed, it starts ringing, telling me someone is calling me on Skype. I grin when I see Harry is calling me, and before I answer, I open my hair from it’s messy bun and let it fall over my shoulders. I then click accept and Harry’s face fills up my screen. He’s shirtless and sitting on his bed, and I can see the waist band of his Calvin Klein boxers.


            “Hey,” he grins, seeming wide awake.


            “Hey, Haz,” I smile. “What’re you doing up?”


            He shrugged. “I saw you doing a twitcam, and I wanted to see you.”


            I smile at him – or well, at the screen. “Well aren’t you sweet.”


            Harry smiles cutely. “I try,” he says. “So what’s this about a second album?”


            I shrug, ruffling my hair slightly. “Kristen told me that management wants me to start working on a second album.”


            “Already?” he asks.


            “Well, if you think about it, it’ll take a while,” I say. “Thinking of lyrics, getting about thirteen songs written and recorded, going through production, and then the album photo shoot. Not to mention that I have interviews to do in between,” I explain. “That all will take a few months.”


            Harry then nods. “You’re right,” he says. He then lets out a sigh for a moment. “I miss you so much.”


            I chuckle slightly. “It’s only been like, three days Haz.”


            He shakes his head. “I hate not being near you.”


            I smile sadly. “At least I’ll see you for Christmas next month.”


            Harry’s eyes suddenly widen. “You’re coming to London for Christmas?”


            I frown. “Yeah. I didn’t tell you?” he shakes his head and I giggle slightly. “Oops.”


            “Yeah, oops,” he pouts, but then he frowns. “Wait, I think I’m going to Cheshire for Christmas.”


            My face drops. Great. Our first Christmas as a couple and we won’t be able to spend it with each other. “Dammit,” I mumble.


            “We can always spend Christmas Eve together,” Harry suggest, trying to lighten up the mood.


            I smile slightly, nodding. “Yeah, sure.” Harry smiles but then it turns into a yawn. “Go to bed, Harry. You’re tired.”


            Harry shakes his head. “No, I wanna talk to you.”


            “Harry, go to sleep,” I say sternly. “I’ll see you in two and a half weeks,” I add.


            He sighs. “Fine,” he says. “I’ll call you later.”


            I smile, nodding. “Night, Haz. I love you.”


            Harry smiles back, dimples in view. “I love you too.”


            He hangs up, leaving my screen back and having my reflection stare back at me. I sighed, shutting the lid of my laptop. It’s ridiculous how much I missed the curly haired boy. His hair, his eyes, his smile, his laugh, his voice, his touch. Just everything about him I missed. And it has only been three days since I last saw him! Is it normal to miss someone as much as I miss Harry? I just want to hug and kiss him.


            I let out a sigh, lying down on the bed. Staring up at the ceiling, I puff out my cheeks. Just then, my phone buzzed, telling me I have a text. Picking it up, I saw it was from Kristen.


From: Kristen


You’re On Air w/ Ryan Seacrest tomorrow at 2!


            My eyes widen. At least something good is happening.




            “You ready to go?” Ashley asks me, leaning against my door frame.


            I put on my hoop earring and grab my iPhone. “Yeah, let’s go,” I say.


            It was time for my interview with Ryan Seacrest, and I was bringing Ashley with me. We got into my car and drove to the studio where Kristen already was. We finally got there and walked into the building. They led Ashley and I to my dressing room, where we saw Kristen. She smiled at me and I sat down in front of the dressing table. I was wearing a light purple blouse with polka dots, skinny jeans, and boots. My hair was slightly curled and make up done naturally. Ashley and Kristen were talking on the couch when the door suddenly opened and in came Ryan Seacrest himself.


            I stood up and smiled at him. “Hey,” I say.


            “Hi, it’s good to see you, Carly,” he grins, shaking my hand.


            “You too, Ryan,” I reply.


            We talked for a couple fo minutes until he had to leave. “Okay, well I’ll see you in ten minutes,” he says, standing up to leave.


            I smile and nods, and then leaves. I took out my phone and created a new tweet.


@CarlyMcKinley: Catch me On Air with @RyanSeacrest in 10 minutes!


            Along with that I posted a picture of Ryan and I had just taken with me sitting and him standing behind me. I put my phone away and a producer guy walks in. “You’re on, Ms. McKinley.”


            I nod and walk out of the dressing rooom with Kristen and Ashley. We walked into the room that had microphones and computers, and sat down in the chair across the table from Ryan. I put the headphones on as Ryan told me to and the sign that says LIVE glowed red.


            “And we’re live here On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” he says in the mic. “And I’m here with singer – song writer Carly McKinley. Hello, Carly! It’s a pleasure to have you here.”


            “Hey Ryan. It’s a pleasure to be here,” I grin.


            “Now, you were just on an eight month world tour,” he says. “How’s that been?”


            “It was amazing,” I say. “I went to places I never thought I’d go, and saw fans froms all around the world. It was an unbelievable experience.”


            Ryan nods. “Do you have any new songs coming out?”


            I smile knowingly. “I don’t know, Ryan,” I say mysteriously. “I’m definitely working on some new songs, though. So you can be expecting something.”


            “Fans must be going crazy,” he chuckles. “And I heard your mom just had a baby?”


            I nod, grinning widely. “Yeah,” I confirm. “My mum and step dad Brian just had a beautiful girl. Her name’s Riley.”


            “Were you excited about being an older sister?” Ryan asks.


            “Yeah,” I say. “I’ve always wanted a younger sibling, and now I have one and it’s great,” I say into the mic.


            We talked about some more music and Ryan also asked some fans questions. And then he got a smile as he read a fan’s question. “Have you ever been in love?” he looks at me. “And has your heart ever been broken? Adrienne wants to know.”


            I think for a moment. “I maybe had a first love and had my heart broken, but reflecting on it, I don’t think it was love,” I explain. “I think as I’m getting older and having more in-depth relationships, and now that I’m in one, I think I’m in love at the moment.”


            I see Ashley and Kristen grin and Ryan smiles. “Speaking of which; you’re dating Harry Styles, aren’t you?”


            I nod, blushing. “Yes.”


            “How’s the whole long distance relationship working out?” he questions.


            “Well, it’s only been four days since we last saw each other,” I chuckle. “But it’s working.”


            Ryan nods. “Do people ever bother you about your relationship, or do you like to keep it to yourself?”


            I shake my head. “I don’t like hiding. I do like to keep certain things to myself, but at the end of the day, I’m eighteen, and I’m going to fall in love and want to not talk about it too much. But some times it’s just nice to talk about it to someone, like my mum or friends.”


            Ryan chuckles. “Zoe wants to know if you like to dress up every chance you get?”


            I laugh, shaking my head. “I don’t really like dressing up,” I say. “Some people probably think celebrities dress up everywhere they go. But I’m in sweatpants half the time with my hair in a ponytail.”


            “What’s one thing you like to say about performing?” Ryan asks.


            I bite my bottom lip, thinking. “It’s just... Once you get on that stage, nothing else matters. All you focus on is singing and having a good time. I love it.”


            The interview went on for a few more minutes, until it ended. We said goodbye to Ryan and then left. “Do you wanna grab some coffee?” Ashley asks once we are in my car.


            I nod, and then drive to Starbucks. We buy ourselves some coffee and sit in the small cafe. As I drink my coffee, I start drifting off, thinking about Harry. I never realized how hard it was for me to be this far away from Harry. I wonder if he’s missing me as much as I’m missing him...


            “Carls? Carly!” Ashley’s voice snaps me out of my thoughts.


            I look at her, shaking my head. “Yeah?”


            “I asked if you were okay,” she says.


            I sigh. “It’s hard being away from Harry,” I say. “I just wanna be with him again.”


            Ashley gives a small smile. “You will be,” she assures, and then smiles. “Maybe this’ll inspire you to write your first song for the second album.”          


            My eyes widen, grinning at Ashley. “Ash... You’re a genius.”