Chapter 56

*One Month Later*


Carly’s POV:


@CarlyMcKinley: My little baby sister! Love you, Riley<3


            Riley was the most adorable thing ever, and all of the boys loved her as well. They even brought her little customized shirts, each saying ‘I Love 1D’, ‘Lou Is My Favorite,’ stuff like that. Fans had greeted her as well, saying that she was adorable.


            But it has been a month since I’ve been here in London, and now it’s time for me to go back to LA. I have everything packed, and my flight leaves in three hours. Shutting my suitcase, I sighed, looking around my room. Once again, I was leaving my home. I suddenly felt two strong arms wrap around my waist, making me jump. I let out a sigh of relief when I felt a pair of lips came in contact with my neck, immediately letting me know that it’s Harry. 


            “Don’t leave me,” Harry whispers, his hot breath hitting my neck.


            I let out a sigh, tilting my head back and leaning it against Harry’s shoulder. “I wish I didn’t have to.”


            “I’m gonna miss you so fucking much,” he says.


            I let out a chuckle. “Language.”


            In an instant, Harry had twisted me and planted his lips on to mine, pulling me in for a hungry kiss. His tongue wasted no time in slithering into my mouth, causing me to smirk. Someone was eager. I moved my lips with his, wrapping my arms around his neck and biting his bottom lip lightly. That caused a moan to escape his lips, voluntarily or involuntarily – I don’t know.


            “Carly,” he says breathlessly.


            “Yeah?” I whisper against his lips.


            “I love you,” he pulls away, resting his forehead against mine.


            I peck his lips lightly. “I love you too.”




            “I really hate airports,” I mumble, fixing my sweatshirt.


            Actually, it was Harry’s. He had given me his dark purple Jack Wills hoodie. It was so big on me, but it was so warm and comfy. Plus it smelt like him as well. The boys, Mum, Brian, Paul, and Riley were here to drop Ashley and I off. Kristen had called me earlier and told me she is already in LA, waiting for me. Our flight leaves in twenty five minutes, and I could feel my stomach churning. I didn’t want to leave Harry, the boys, and my family. But I have to – I have no choice. I have a job to do, and I have already put off a month to help with Riley.


            Saying goodbye sucks.




Harry’s POV:


            I gripped Carly’s hand as we sat at the air port, waiting for her dreaded flight. For me, airports can be both good and bad places. They can be good when you’re there to pick up someone you haven’t seen in a long time; and bad when you have to leave someone. So right now, it’s currently a bad place because Carly is leaving. I knew that eventually this day would come, but I still am not ready for it. I don’t want Carly to leave. I just wish I could pick her up and take her back to my flat, not letting her go back to Los Angeles. I don’t think I will be able to survive these next few months without her. I need her to be with me – not a thousand miles away.


            Looking over at Carly, I smile as I see her wearing my sweatshirt and holding Riley. She was making cute and funny faces at the baby, causing her to giggle cutely. If anything, I know Carly doesn’t want to leave her baby sister. She has grown so attatched to riley, and the last thing she wants to do is leave her. Carly catches me staring at her, and gives me a cute grin. I immediately smile back at her, not being able to help myself. Just seeing her smile brings a smile on to my face. She’s so flawless; beautiful.


            Ugh, I’m gonna miss her so much.


            Carly takes Riley and hands her to Zayn, who grins at the baby girl. Carly then turns to face me and I do the same. “Whatcha thinkin’ about?” she asks.


            “You.” I don’t hesitate to answer.


            She raises an eyebrow, a small smile on her pink lips. “What about me?” she curiously asks.


            “How much I’m gonna miss you,” I admit quietly. I take both of her hands in mine, a sigh escaping my lips. “Don’t forget about me, okay?”


            Carly looked at me as if I were crazy. “Are you bloody insane?” she asks, wide eyed as a small chuckle escapes her lips. “I would never forget about you. You’re an idiot for thinking that, Haz.”


            I give her a small smile, shrugging. “Just making sure. I don’t wanna lose you.”


            Carly smiles, squeezing my hands. “You won’t,” she says softly.


            We then make conversation with the boys and Ashley, passing the time. Suddenly over the intercom, a woman’s voice announces, “Flight 674 to LAX, Los Angeles is now boarding.”


            Carly sighs and we all stand up. She goes over to her parents and hugs them tightly, and then kisses Riley’s forehead. I watch her eyes get watery, obviously not wanting to leave. My hands rest in the back pockets of my jeans as she says goodbye to the boys.


            “We’ll see you soon, Carls,” Liam says, hugging her.


            They pull away and Carly smiles at him. “See you, Li.”


            She then hugs Zayn, Niall, and Louis goodbye. “I’m gonna miss my little buddy,” Louis smiles, hugging her tightly.


            “I’m gonna miss you too, Tommo,” Carly chuckles lightly, pulling her away. Louis kisses her forehead and then passes her on to me.


            Carly stands in front of me, with my body towering over hers. When she finally looks up at me, tears are streaming down her face. I take my hands out of my pockets and cup her cheeks, using my thumbs to wipe my girlfriend’s tears away. “Shh, shh. Don’t cry,” I soothe her.


            Carly shakes her head, sniffling. “I’m gonna miss you so much, Harry,” she whispers.


            “I’m gonna miss you too, love,” I say. “But we’ll see each other soon.”


            “Not soon enough,” she mumbles.


            I bite my lip. “We’ll call, text, and Skype everyday, okay?” I reassure her. “Every free moment we have.”


            Carly nods. “Yeah. Okay.”


            I give her one last smile before leaning down and kissing her. Carly immediately kisses me back, knowing that this will be our last kiss for a while; until we see each other again. Our lips, like always, moved together in perfect sync. We pull away a few minutes later, our faces staying closer. I give her a small smile, and then rub my nose with hers, giving her an eskimo kiss. Carly smiles at me, through her tears, looking at me with watery eyes.


            “I’ll call you when I land,” she tells me.


            I nod, licking my lips. “I love you, Carly.”


            Carly bites her lip. “I love you too.”


            Reluctantly, I drop my hands from her face and Ashley says, “Come on, Carly. We’ve gotta go.”


            Carly nods, picking up her bag. “I’ll see you all soon,” she says to all of us.


            “See you,” we all mumble.


            Carly’s brown eyes locked with mine for the last time, before her and Ashley disappeared through the doors. I could feel tears prickeling my own eyes, but I didn’t let the tears fall. The last thing I need is the boys making fun of me for crying in public.


            “It’s okay to cry,” Louis’ voice proved me wrong. I turn to face him, and he sympathetically smiles at me. “We all know how much you’re gonna miss her.”


            “I just... Don’t want her to go..” I trail off, biting my bottom lip.


            Zayn puts a hand on my shoulder, giving me a small smile. “You’ll be fine, Haz,” he says. “Come on, let’s go.”


            I nod slightly, and all of us then leave the air port. As we go back to my black Range Rover, my phone buzzes in my pocket. I take my phone out with a sigh and stop short as I read the text with a smile on my face.


From: Carls(:


I love youuuu. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


            I grin, putting my phone back in my pocket. As if on cue, a plane flies by over my head. I look up at the plane, going up, up, and away. I’ll see you soon, Carls.