Chapter 55

Carly’s POV:


            “Can we please do something?” Louis groans from the couch.


            “No, today’s a lazy day!” I retort, leaning against Harry’s shoulder.


            I was at Louis and Harry’s flat with the rest of the boys, and were all dressed like hobos. Well, not really. I was dressed in a red tank top with my black Victoria’s Secret shorts, and my wavy hair cascading past my shoulders. All the boys were wearing shorts and T-shirts. I wanted to do nothing but relax today, but Louis had some other ideas.


            “Come on, don’t be a bum,” Louis whined. “Be active!”


            I roll my eyes. “What do you wanna do, Lou?” Liam asks him.


            Louis puts on a thinking face, and you could practically hear the gears in his brain turning as he thought over what he wanted to do. “Ooh, I’ve always wanted to have a paint war.”


            I sat up, and Harry’s eyes instantly locked with mine. “Isn’t that on our bucket list?” Harry asks, a grin on his face.


            I nod, laughing. “It is!” I say, and then turn to Louis. “We can do that.”


            Louis cheers and Zayn asks, “Do we have paint, though?”


            Louis scoffs. “Please,” he stands up. “Do you think I’d suggest that if we didn’t?”


            We watch as he walks over to the storage closet, and then a minute later pulls out a cardboard box. Watching him curiously, we see him open the lid and show us what’s on the inside. Dozens of tubes and bottles of red, blue, orange, purple, green, and yellow paint were in there, waiting to be opened and used. Everyone grins as Louis sets the box in the middle of the living room, and then he looks at us.


            “You guys ready for this?” Louis asks, a grin across his face.


            We all grin and nod, and then run down the stairs and to the boys’ back yard. It was a huge one, enough space for all of us to run aroud and have a paint war. “We need teams!” Niall shouts.


            “Me, Carly, and Louis against Liam, Niall, and Harry,” Zayn announces.   


            Harry’s face drops as I snicker. “Hey! I wanna be with Carly!”


            I stick my tongue out at him. “Too bad, boo,” I say.


            Harry narrows his eyes at me. “Oh, I see how it is.”


            “Okay, everyone grab two bottles of paint!” Louis says, putting the box on the ground. We run over and I pick a bottle of purple and a bottle of green paint. Zayn, Louis, and I stand on one side of the yard while Harry, Niall, and Liam stand on the other. With a bottle of yellow and blue paint in each of his hands, Louis shouts, “BEGIN!”


            We all start running around, throwing open the caps of the bottle and squirting it at the other team. Niall is the first one that catches my eye, and I run towards him. A grin spreads across my face as I squeeze the yellow paint bottle and squirt it across his chest, making squiggly lines all over his shirt. He looks at me, blue eyes wide, and aims his orange bottle at me.


            “Oh no you didn’t!” he exclaims, laughing. He suddenly squeezes his own bottle, the orange paint coming in contact with my body and he moves the bottle up and down, spreading it across my stomach and legs.


            I laugh, “It’s cold!” Suddenly, I feel something oozing on the back of my head. Niall is dying of laughter in front of me and I slowly turn around only to see a smirking Harry. He has his blue paint bottle aimed towards me, and orange and red paint all over his body. “Harry!” I exclaim, wide eyes.


            “Oops?” he smirks.


            I narrow my eyes at him and then squirt the green paint all over his chest. It’s my turn to smirk as he looks at me, and then suddenly uses both of his bottles and squirts me with paint. I squeal, but return the favor by using both of my bottles as well. For the next hour or so, we all continued to spray it on one another, until each of us were covered. Literally. Every single inch of our body was covered with different colors of paint, including our faces and hair. Each of us were so colorful, it was pretty funny looking. I had took my phone out and asked the boys to stand with me, and I put my arm out and took a selfie with the boys standing behind me, each of our colorful faces grinning.


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            Once I posted the picture, I put my phone away. I looked over at Harry, who had paint all over his face. I smile as I reach my colorful hand up and wipe some blue and red paint from Harry’s lips, and his lips curve up into a smile. Harry’s right hand reaches to the small of my back and my right hand rests against his chest, before leaning up and kissing his lips softly. I hear a snap go off and the two of us pull away, only to see Liam holding up Harry’s iPhone taking a picture. Harry laughs as he walks over to Liam, taking his phone from him. He taps a few buttons, until my phone buzzes and I smile as I see it.


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            I laugh as I see that, looking at Harry. “Do you have the entire list memorized?”


            Harry gives me a cheeky wink. “Maybe,” he says.


            Suddenly, my phone starts ringing. I check the caller ID and see that it’s Brian. “Hey, Brian. What’s up?” I answer.


            “It’s your mum,” he says urgently. “She’s in labor.”


            “What?!” I shriek excitedly, causing all of the boys to look at me, wide eyes. “Where are you guys?”


            “At the hospital,” he answers. “Get here as fast as you can, okay?”


            I nod, but then remember he can’t see me. “Yeah, we’ll be there.” I quickly hang up and turn to the boys. “We have to go! Mum’s in labor!”


            The boys eyes widen and Liam exclaims, “We can’t go to the hospital like this!”


            I bite the inside of my cheek. “Just like, wash off your legs, arms, and faces. We’ll deal with our hair and clothes later.”


            “But my hair!” Zayn’s eyes widen.


            “No time for that, Zayn!” Harry snaps. “Jenna’s in labor!”


            We all run inside the house, forgetting the paint laying around in the messy garden. The boys run into their own flats, going to their bathrooms and washing off. Harry and I run into his bathroom and I turn on the tap in the sink as Harry turns on the bathtub tap. He starts washing off his legs and I cup the lukewarm water in my hands and splash it on my face, washing the paint off. We then switch with my going to the tub to wash my legs and arms and Harry at the sink to washing off his face.


            Once we wash and dry off, Harry grabs his car seats. The paint on our hair and clothes was dry, so Harry didn’t have to worry about us getting paint on his car. We all met outside and jumped into Harry’s car, and he drove us to the hospital. Once we got there, we ran to the receptionist, where she looked at us with wide eyes. “Jenna McKinley,” I say urgently.


            The receptionist types in Mum’s name in the computer and says, “Uh, room 105, down the hall and to your left.”


            We thank her and run down the hall, ignoring the looks we were getting from everyone. Once we reached room 105, I knocked on the door lightly, ignoring the loud beating of my heart. The door opened and Brian stepped out. His eyes widened when he saw us, a chuckle escaping his lips. “What in the world happened to you all?” he asks.


            “We were having a paint war,” I tell him. “How’s Mum?”


            “She’s resting right now,” he says. “She doesn’t have that many contractions right now, but the doctor thinks she will soon.”


            I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. “Okay, good.”


            Brian smiles. “Why don’t you all go into the bathrooms and wash off your hair?”


            We nod and go down the hall and towards the bathrooms. The boys go into the men’s room and I go into the girl’s room. No one was here, so I walked towards the sink and looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was so colorful, along with my hair, causing me to laugh. Turning on the water, I gather my hair to my front and use the water and run it through it. I get most of the paint out of my hair, until I give up since I can’t get the rest. My tank top and short shorts were still colorful, and to be honest, it looked pretty cool.


            Before I could walk out of the bathroom, the door opened and in came a girl who looked about fourteen or fifteen. Her eyes widened when she saw me, a gasp escaping her lips. “Oh my God! You’re Carly McKinley!” she says, moving a strand of her strawberry blonde hair away from her hazel eyes.


            I smile at her. “Hey there, love,” I smile.


            “Oh my God, you’re so much prettier in person,” she says. “I’m such a huge fan!”


            I chuckle. “It’s nice to meet you. What’s your name?”


            “C-Cassie,” she stutters.


            “Well, Cassie, can I do anything for you?” I smile sweetly.


            She takes out her phone. “C-Can I have a picture?”


            I laugh. “Sure. But sorry if I look bad. I was just in a paint war.”


            Cassie shakes her head. “No, no. You look great!” I smile and she reaches her hand out, taking a selfie of the two of us. “Did you have a paint war with One Direction?” she asks.


            I nod, smirking. “Yeah,” I say. “But between the two of us; I totally kicked Harry’s arse.”


            Cassie giggled. “I think you two are the cutest couple ever.”


            I smile. “Thank you,” I say. “Are you a fan of the boys?”


            She nods. “I love them all so much.”


            I think for a moment. “Come with me,” I say, taking her hand. She follows me out the door, and a gasp escapes her lips when she sees the boys standing there, paint out of their hair, waiting for me. “Hey, boys. I’d like you to meet someone,” I motion to Cassie.


            The boys smile at her. “Hi there, babe,” Zayn smiles at her.


            “This is Cassie,” I say. “She’s a huge fan.”


            The boys all smiled at her and they each took a picture with her, leaving her totally starstruck. “Thank you so much!” she says. “So what are you guys doing here?”          


            “Carly’s mum’s having a baby,” Louis grins.


            “Aw,” Cassie says. “You’re gonna be a great big sister, I’m sure of it,” she says.


            “Thanks, love,” I say.


            “I should go now,” she says. “Thanks, and nice meeting you!”


            We say goodbye to her and then walk back to Mum’s room. As we approach the room, yelling is heard and my eyes widen as I hurry to the door. Brian steps out and says, “It’s time.”


Harry’s POV:


            We’re all sitting in front of Jenna’s room while screaming is coming out of the room, and Carly’s sitting up, her right knee bouncing up and down. I notice her biting the inside of her left cheek, a sign showing that she’s nervous. I hold her left hand in my right one, squeezing it, and causing her to look at me. “Your mum’s gonna be fine, Carls. Don’t worry.”


            Carly smiles back, nodding. “Yeah, I know. I’m just excited for the baby to come.”


            I smile at her, and suddenly a few minutes later, the screaming stops. Carly’s eyes widen as it becomes dead silent, and the door creaks open. Brian’s head pops out, smiling. “Carly, there’s someone we’d like for you to meet.”


            Carly stands up, and she pulls me up with her. The boys nod and I follow her inside. We step inside the white hospital room, and our eyes immediately land on Jenna on the bed. She looks great, holding a pink blanket with a baby inside, bouncing her arms up and down a bit to calm the baby down.


            Jenna looks at us, and then smiles over at Carly. As we walk closer, Jenna whispers to her older daughter, “Carly, meet your younger sister, Riley Marie McKinley.”


            Carly’s eyes widen. “Riley?” she asks. “You chose my name?”


            Jenna nods, smiling. “It was a cute name, and I loved it.”


            Carly bites her bottom lip, and I smile over at the adorable baby. She looked exactly like Carly; same big brown eyes and dark hair. “Can I... Can I hold her?” Carly asks. Jenna nods, holding her arms and the baby out. Carly carefully takes the baby in the blanket, smiling down at her. “Hey, Riley,” she whispers, bouncing the baby. “I’m Carly, your older sister.” I smile at Carly as she talks to her sister, and she looks up to me. “You wanna hold her?”


            I was a bit taken aback, but then I smile. “Sure,” I smile.


            Carly gives me Riley, and I gently take her. I look down at the sleeping baby, smiling. “Hi, there love,” I whisper. “It’s good to finally meet you.”


            “You can bring in the rest of the boys in, if you want,” Jenna smiles.


            Carly nods and leaves to get the boys, and I stay with the baby in my arms. A minute later, each of the boys walk in. When they see Riley, they all grin and surround me and the baby. “What’s her name?” Niall whispers.


            “Riley,” Carly replies with a smile. “Riley Marie McKinley.”