Chapter 54

Carly’s POV:


            “A couple’s bucket list is the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard of,” LuLu exclaims from the bean bag chair.


            “Well, Haz and I are a pretty adorable couple,” I smirk jokingly.


            Clare, LuLu, Ashley, and Sammy were all over at my house and were spending the day here, helping me get ready for my ‘classy date’ with Harry tonight. They were sleeping over, just like old times, and we were just talking. Sammy and Clare were sprawled across my bed, and Ashley was sitting on the floor, her back leaning against the bed. My date was in six hours, and I still have no idea what to wear.


            “Oh, Carly, don’t be so modest,” Ashley says sarcastically, rolling her eyes. I laugh, walking over to my closet.


            “Guys, help me decide on what to wear!” I whine, stomping my feet on the ground like a kid.


            The girls laugh, and they all get up from their seats, except for LuLu. “Nah, I’m comfortable here,” she sighs, relaxing in the bean bag.


            I stick my tongue out at her as Clare, Sammy, and Ashley start rummaging through my closet. “Oh my God!” Sammy gasps, pulling out a peach colored L’Wren Scott ruffle blouse. “You’re definitely wearing this.”


            I grin, nodding as I take the blouse from her. “Along with these,” Clare adds, handing me dark blue skinny jeans. “And this,” she says, giving me a fitted black blazer jacket.


            “And these cute shoes,” Ashley smiles, showing me my Kurt Geiger dark sea green heels.


(Outfit + make up: )


            “Well that was easy,” I laugh, setting the clothes down on the bed.


            Clare and Sammy return to their positions on the bed, careful not to crush my clothes, as Ashley and I sit on the floor against the bed, and LuLu was still on the bean bag chair. “So what’s Harry like?” LuLu asks. “Like, what kind of a boyfriend is he?”


            I smile, thinking about Harry. “He’s really, really sweet,” I say. “He’s always texting me, to see if I’m okay or whatever. He comes to my photo shoots and supports me at interviews. He’s just amazing.”


            “Aww,” the girls coo.


            “Is he a good kisser?” Sammy asks, wiggling her eyebrows.


            A blush creeps on to my cheeks. “Oh, God,” I groan. I look at them, shaking my head as I say, “That’s for me to know and you to never find out.”


            The girls laugh and Sammy shrugs. “Fair enough,” she laughs.


            We start talking about different things, until I say, “Do you guys know that the boys saw that video of us dancing to the Taylor Swift song?”


            Each of their eyes widen. “What?!” Clare shrieks, sitting up on the bed. “How?!”


            “It ended up on YouTube somehow,” I laugh. “It was so embarassing, but they said that we’re good dancers.”


            “Oh my God,” LuLu groans, burying her face in her hands. “That’s so humiliating.”


            I laugh. “At least they didn’t bring it up before,” I shrug.


            Ashley laughs. “Now that would be embarassing.”




            “Okay, your hair and make up’s done. Now get dressed,” Sammy says as she and the girls back away.


            I look at myself in the mirror, and grin at how the girls had done my hair and make up. My long hair was beautifully curled, seeming lush and silky. I had on baby pink lip stick on, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and black smokey eyeshadow.  I have to admit, I looked good.


            “Thanks, guys,” I grin, picking up my clothes and walking into the bathroom. I quickly put them on and walked out. “What do you think?”


            “You look gorgeous!” Clare gasps.


            Ashley grins. “My best friend is so beautiful.”


            I grin at my friends, and Sammy hands me my shoes. I thank her and put them on. Once with my shoes on, I grab my little black clutch bag and my white iPhone. Just when I grab it, it buzzes.


From: Harry(;


I’m outside, love. xx


            A grin forms on my face as I put my phone in the bag. “He’s here,” I exclaim.


            The girls grin, LuLu ushering me out the door. “Go, go!”


            I laugh, walking out my door. The girls are gonna stay over, so they stay in my room as I walk down the stairs and to the door. Taking a breath, I open the door and my eyes land on a very dashing looking Harry. He’s wearing black dress pants with black shoes and a white button down dress shirt. When he sees me, a grin appears on his face, his dimples in view.


            “Wow,” he says breathily, his green eyes raking over me. “You look beautiful.”


            A blush creeps on my cheeks. “Thanks,” I say, closing the door behind me.


            “Ready to go, love?” he asks in his deep voice, holding out his elbow.


            I hook mine with him. “Yeah.” He walks me to the car, opening the door and once I get in, closing it for me. Walking around the car, he gets in, starts it up, and starts driving down the road. “So where are we going?” I ask him.


            “You’ll see,” Harry smirks knowingly.


            I roll my eyes. “Always with the surprises.”


            He glances over, smirking. “You know it.”


            Harry drove for a few minutes, before pulling up to one of the most fanciest restaurants in London; The Wolseley. Harry parked the car and we walked inside together, his hand laced with mine. He gave the guide his name and we were directed to our table. Once we sat down, the guide hands us our menus and says, “Here are your menus, your waiter will be with you shortly,” and then left.


            Once he was gone, I smile over at Harry. “Well, this really is a classy-ass date.”


            Harry chuckles. “I would hope so,” he says. “This is the classiest restaurant I could find.”


            I laugh. “So what? Do we have to act all posh?” I ask, thickening my accent for effect.


            Harry laughs as well. “I’d say so,” he says in a posh accent.


            “Well, Mr. Styles,” I say in a posh accent as well. “I think this date is going to go well.”


            Harry smirks. “Only the best for you, Ms. McKinley.”


            “Oh, you’re too kind,” I say, laughing slightly.


            Harry and I look at each other before bursting into laughter. “Oh, God,” he laughs. “That was funny.”


            “I can never keep up that accent,” I say in my regular voice. “It’s too funny.”


            A middle aged waiter comes up to us, smiling. “Good evening,” he says. “Are you ready to order or would you like some more time?”


            “I think we’re ready to order,” Harry smiles. “What would you like, love?”


            I look at the menu. “Hm, I’d like the Tarragon Roasted Chicken,” I say, closing my menu.


            The waiter writes it down and turns to Harry. “And for you, sir?”


            “I’d like to order the Peppered Beef Fillet,” he says, handing the menu.


            The waiter jots that down and takes our menus. “Your food will be right out.”


            We thank him and he leaves. “This is nice,” I murmur, looking around the semi crowded restaurant.


            “What is?” Harry questions.


            My eyes lock with his from across the table. “Just being here, with you,” I shrug. “Just the two of us.”


            Harry smiles. “I agree,” he says. “We should have a date night more often.”


            I chuckle. “That’d be great.”


            We continued talking until the waiter returned with our food and drinks. Harry and I ate the delicious food, with him saying, “You should really try this fillet. It's really good.”


I raise an eyebrow, before taking my fork and taking a piece of his fillet. He watched as I took a bite of it, and nodded in approval. “Mm, tasty,” I grin.


Harry chuckles. “Told you.”


Once we finished eating, Harry had paid for the food and then we left the restaurant, getting in the car. “That was fun,” I smile.


“It’s not over yet,” Harry says with a cheeky wink, starting up the car.


“Oh, right, I forgot,” I roll my eyes, smirking. “There’s always a part two when it comes to dates with Harry Styles.”


“See? Now you’re getting it,” Harry smirks, pretending to be impressed.


Harry drove for a few minutes, before parking the car in front of Hyde Park. “What are we doing here?” I ask.


“Shh, just watch,” Harry says with a knowing smile.


I frown slightly, but turn and look out the windsheild. Not even a minute later, colorful, bright fireworks exploded in the air, lighting up the night sky. My eyes widened as I watched them unfold in front of me, and I turned to Harry with a smile. “How’d you know there were going to be fireworks tonight?” I asked him.


Harry grins widely, the bright colors in the sky lighting up his flawless face. “Of course I knew about them – I’m the one who planned them, silly!”


My eyes widened even more, if that was possible. I stared at the boy in front of me in total awe. “Why? H-How?” I stutter, in complete shock.


Harry shrugs nonchalantly. “I was thinking about our bucket list, and I remembered watch fireworks was number twenty eight. So, ta-dah!”


I laugh, shaking my head. “You’re something, you know?” I ask, leaning in and placing my lips on his.


“I know,” he mumbles against my lips.




            “I’m dying. Dead. Gone. Oh my god,” Sammy exclaims from her sleeping bag.


            I laugh at my dramatic best friend, rolling my eyes. “But honestly,” Clare sits up. “That’s the most sweetest thing ever. The guy really loves you.”


            I nod, smiling. “Yeah, I love him too,” I say. “It’s just...” I trail off with a sigh.


            “Just what?” Ashley asks, frowning slightly.


            “I’m gonna go back to LA soon,” I sigh. “I’m just worried about this whole long distance thing.”


            “Why?” LuLu asks.


            I shrug. “I’m just wondering if it’s gonna work for us, you know?” I say, sitting on my bed. I still hadn’t changed out of my clothes from the date, so I kicked off my heels as I talked. “Our schedules are gonna be completely different and hectic, and plus the time zones are totally gonna screw with us.”


            “Don’t worry about it, Carls,” Ashley says, putting a hand on my shoulder. “This is you and Harry we’re talking about. I’m sure you two can work it out.”


            I let out a deep sigh. “I hope so.”


            If only it was then I had realized how wrong I was.