Chapter 53

Carly’s POV:             


            “You ready for the pep rally?” I ask the boys, walking into Harry and Louis’ flat. Today was the day of the pep rally at my old high school, and the boys were all coming as well. I was dressed in a white tank top with a camo jacket on top, skinny jeans, ankle boots, and had hoops earrings on as well. My hair was in waves and make up was also done.


            “Yeah! Let’s go!” Louis shouts excitedly. “I’ve never been to a pep rally before.”


            “They’re so much fun,” I grin, wrapping my arm around Harry’s torso. “It’s full of laughter, screaming, and you’re basically cheering for your grade’s sports teams,” I exclaim. “Which in this case, are the students in Year 12.”


            “Sounds fun,” Niall grins. “Is there food?”


            I roll my eyes. “We’ll grab lunch later.”


            Niall pouts, but Liam pushes him out the door as we all walk to Harry’s Range Rover. Harry gets in the drivers seat while I get in the passengers seat and the boys get in the back. I give Harry the directions to my old high school and we drive there. We get there in less than ten minutes and pull into the parking lot. It was one in the afternoon, and the rally would be held in the big gym. We all walked towards the gym, and when we entered it, the loud music and screaming could be heard. Walking in, I saw four bleachers. Year 9 and Year 10 on one side of the gym, and opposite of them were Year 11 and Year 12.


            There were balloons and posters being held up, and I noticed students wearing school T shirts, bandanas, and other accessories. “IT’S CARLY AND ONE DIRECTION!” A girl’s loud voice screamed suddenly. All eyes snapped towards the six of us, and we all smiled. People started screaming, I noticed my former Principal Hedkins walking towards us.


            “It’s so good to see you again, Carly!” he smiles, shaking my hand.


            “It’s good to see you too, sir,” I smile back.


            “You should head to the Year 12 bleachers,” he informs us. “The pep rally will start shortly.”


            We nod and I grab Harry’s hand as we walk towards the bleachers. People scream as we walk by, and we all smile and wave back. At the front of the bleachers I meet the girls, along with Carter and Colton, two good looking brothers who are dating Sammy and LuLu. “Hey, guys,” I smile at them. “This is Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. Boys, these are my friends LuLu, Sammy, Clare, Carter, and Colton,” I introduce, since they aready know Ashley.


            The boys greet my friends and we stand in front of them, getting ready for the pep rally to begin. Before it did, I asked Colton to take a quick picture of me with the girls, and once he did, I posted that picture and the one I took with the girls at my house on Twitter. 


@CarlyMcKinley: Pep rally at my old high school with the boys & girls! @AshleyC @Sammy14 @Clare_M @LuLuLu


            Once the picture was posted, a bull horn went off, silencing the entire gym. I stood in between Harry and LuLu, as Principal Hedkins grabbed the microphone. "Students, faculty, and guests," he added, looking over at the boys and I. "Let the 2013 pep rally begin!"


            We all scream in response, and the music starts blaring through the speakers. The DJ starts by introducing the girls track team for each grade, and everyone screamed whenever the girl from their grade ran out. The pep rally was really loud and fun, and I noticed the boys were enjoying themselves as well. Harry and I stole kisses now and then, enjoying the rally itself. People stopped us for pictures, and we didn't mind taking them. I knew all of these people once, and it was good seeing them again. The boys and I all got a picture with all of the students in Year 12, and I posted it in Twitter.


@CarlyMcKinley: Seniors of London High! Miss everyone! Xx


            After the picture was posted, I put my phone away. The pep rally ended an hour and a half later, with the Year 12's kicking all of the other grade's asses, since we're the oldest and most amazing. Once the pep rally ending, some people left while most hung back. Mostly to probably see the boys. My thoughts were correct when girls walked up to us and asked for pictures, and we of course said yes. After doing that, we left with the girls, Carter, and Colton. Since we all were hungry, we decided to go to TGI Fridays. We all met up and got a table for twelve and sat down.


            It was like a big party, with twelve teenagers laughing, talking, and just having a good time. What I loved most was how the boys and my friends from school were getting along so well, as if they have known each other for such a long time. That’s the thing about the boys; they’re so friendly and talkative – you just become friends with them instantly. People around us took pictures of us from their phones, but didn’t come up. I didn’t mind them taking pictures, because they weren’t coming up to us, which was nice, since we weren’t being interrupted.


            “So, Carls, when are you returning it LA?” Sammy asks from across the table.


            “Yeah, it’s getting pretty lonely there with you,” Ashley adds jokingly.


            I smile, sipping my drink. “I’m thinking some time after Mum has the baby,” I say. “I wanna be there when my baby sister comes along.”


            Everyone grins. “Did your parents decide on any names yet?” Colton asks.


            I shake my head. “Don’t think so,” I say. “They’re probably gonna decide when she comes.”


            We all continue conversing, eating our food along. When I noticed my French fries had finished, I took a peek at Harry’s, noticing he had a lot of his own. Sneakily, I grabbed two fries and popped them in my mouth. Looks like Harry had noticed, because he raised his eyebrows at me. “You took my fries,” he accused.


            I smirk slightly. “Well, you can’t have them back, that’s for sure.”


            Harry rolls his eyes. He then glances at my burger before picking it up, taking a huge bite out of it, and then putting it back down. Everyone laughs when I just stare at him, jaw dropped. “That was a gigantic bite!” I exclaim.


            Harry swallows the bite, smirking back at me. “Well you can’t have it back, that’s for sure,” he says, repeating me from before.


            I glare at him, poking his cheek as he just chuckles. “Aw, you two are adorable,” Clare smiles.


            “Please,” Zayn snickers. “After some time, their adorableness gets somewhat too much to handle.”


            “You love us, Zaynie,” I grin, nudging his foot with mine since he was sitting directly across from me.


            “Oi, keep your feet to yourself!” he chuckles, sitting up.


            “Ooh, watch it Hazza,” Louis smirks, “Carly’s getting kinky with Zayn underneath the table.”


            Harry rolls his eyes as I give Louis a hard stare. “You ought to keep your mouth shut, Tomlinson.”


            “Or what, McKinley?” Louis taunts.


            I take out my phone and go to my photo album, pulling up a picture I had taken of Louis when he was sleeping, sucking on his thumb. His jaw drops as he stares at it, and everyone bursts into laughter. “Shut it or this will go viral,” I smirk.


            Louis narrows his eyes at me, crossing his arms around his chest. “Fine,” he grumbles, sitting back.


            We all laugh as Harry just smirks, placing a kiss on my cheek. “You’re evil,” he whispers in my ear.


            I giggle quietly. “I know.”




            Everyone had returned back to their homes, and Harry was now driving me back to my house. I had so much fun today, honestly. Being back at my old high school, going to the pep rally, and hanging out with my school friends along with the boys and Harry. It had been a good day, over all.


            Harry’s Range Rover finally pulled up to my house, and he got out of the car and opened the car door for me, being the gentleman that he is. I smile as he takes my hand and walks me up to the porch and front door. When we get to the door, I turn to face Harry.


            “Today was fun,” I grin, running a hand through my wavy hair.


            Harry grins back, exposing his deep dimples. “I know,” he says. “I had a lot of fun as well. Your friends are really nice.”


            “Yeah, I missed them,” I say, nodding slightly.


            “I know how you feel,” Harry sighs, wrapping his strong arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him. “It’s hard being away from all of your friends.”


            I smile slightly, looking at him. It was almost ten at night, and the moon was high up in the sky. The moon’s light beamed down on us, illuminating Harry’s face. His green eyes were literally sparkling because of the light, his glossy brown hair shining. My right hand automatically raised up and I rested it against Harry’s soft right cheek. His eyes closed as my skin came in contact with his, and I smile. My thumb makes circles on his cheek, and his green eyes open.


            He stares at me for a moment, before leaning in and placing his lips on top of mine. I smile against his lips, with him smiling back, as I kiss him back. My arms wrap around his neck as his arms move from my waist and cup my cheeks, kissing me softly. I can literally feel my heart flutter when Harry starts speaking in between kisses. “I.” Kiss. “Love.” Kiss. “You.” Kiss. “So.” Kiss. “Much.”


            I can’t help but smile as I kiss him, whispering, “I love you too.”


            He kisses me one last time before pulling away. He looks at me for a second, tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear before smiling. “Good night, Carly.”


            “Night, Harry,” I smile, pulling away from him and unlocking the front door. I give him a smile as he winks in return, before walking down the drive way and into his car.


            I close the door behind me quietly, walking up the stairs as quietly as possible because I know Mum and Brian are asleep. Once in my room, I shrug my jacket off when I suddenly feel my phone vibrate. I pull it out, only to see I have a text from Harry.


From: Harry(;


Get ready tomorrow. Tomorrow we’re doing #31 on our bucket list. (; xx


            I bite my bottom lip, smiling as I walk over to my bags. I pull out the folded piece of paper and look down at number thirty one. A grin forms on my face when I see it, a chuckle escaping my lips.


31. Go on a classy-ass date