Chapter 52

Carly’s POV:


            “Hey, you’re here!” I smile, pulling Harry in for a hug.


            Harry chuckles, hugging me back. I pull him inside the house, closing the door behind him. “Hey. Where are your parents?”


            “Come here,” I say, grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the living room where Brin and Mum were watching TV. “Harry’s here,” I announce.


            They turn to look and grin. Mum starts to stand up but Harry stops her. “No, no, don’t stand,” he smiles, walking over to her. “It’s nice to see you again, Jenna,” he adds, bending down and kissing her cheek.


            “It’s nice to see you too, sweetheart,” Mum smiles at him sweetly.


            “How are you doing, son?” Brian grins, shaking Harry’s hand.


            “I’m great, what about you?” Harry replies.


            “Good, thanks,” Brian smiles.


            I sit down on the other couch, and Harry comes and sits next to me. “So, Jenna, how far along are you?” Harry asks Mum, putting an arm around my shoulder as I snuggle up beside me.


            Mum rubs her big stomach. “Due any day now,” she smiles. “I’m kind of nervous.”


            “I’m gonna make us some tea,” Brian says, standing up and heading towards the kitchen.


            “You don’t need to be nervous,” Harry tells my mum. “You’ve done it before, and look what a great job you’ve done,” he adds with a cheeky wink in my direction. I roll my eyes and use my hand as I pat his cheek and move his head.


            Mum laughs. “She was very hard to handle though,” she says in a playful tone.


            My jaw drops. “I was not,” I retaliate, fixing my denim shorts. “I was perfectly easy to handle.”


            Mum rolls her eyes. “Sure, sure,” she chuckles. “You were so adorable, aw,” she sighs, most likely remembering the times when I was a baby.


            I pout jokingly. “What, so I’m not adorable now?”


            Mum and Harry chuckle, and she reaches over the couch and grabs a picture frame. She hands it to Harry, who leans forward and takes it from her. “How cute was she?” she asks him.


            I look over Harry’s shoulder and at the picture. It was one of my old school photos where my wavy hair was clipped back, I was wearing a floral dress, and I was grinning with my tiny teeth in view. “Oh gosh, you’re so cute!” Harry exclaims, grinning at the picture. He takes his phone out and my eyes widen.


            “What are you doing?” I ask.


            Harry smirks. “This has to go on Twitter.”


            “No!” I exclaim, launching for his phone.


            But Harry beat me and stood up quickly. He snapped a picture of my picture and handed it back to Mum as he tapped away on his phone. Mum was laughing as my phone buzzed, and I took it out to see Harry had mentioned me in a tweet.


@Harry_Styles: Aww @CarlyMcKinley you were the cutest thing!! Xxx


            I glare up at Harry. “I hate you, man,” I say, putting my phone away.


            Harry bends down, kissing my lips. “You love me.”


            I roll my eyes and Brian walks in with a tray of four cups of tea. We each take one, and Harry sits down. I glance at him and notce his Queen T-shirt and black pants with brown shoes. His hair was perfectly styled on top of his head, and he looked so handsome. I averted my gaze from him before I made it too obvious that I was staring, and drank my tea. Suddenly the doorbell rang, and I frown slightly as I look at my parents.


            “Are you expecting someone?” I ask, putting my cup down and standing up.


            Mum nods, smiling. “Can you get the door?”


            I walk over to the door and swing it open. My eyes widen when I see the four familiar faces. Standing on my porch are my four closest friends, Sammy, LuLu, Clare, and Ashley. A huge grin appears on my face as I see my two gorgeous friends, and they grin back. “Oh my God!” I exclaim, shocked.


            “Carly!” they squeal, tackling me in a hug.


            “It’s so great to see you again!” Sammy laughs, pulling away.


            “Damn, I missed you,” LuLu sighs.  


            Sammy was a tall girl with light brown hair and dark brown eyes, while LuLu had almost black hair and brown eyes. Clare had fiery red mixed with hot pink hair and hazel eyes. And Ashley, well I had no idea what she was doing in London. “It’s amazing to see you too,” I laugh. “Ash, what’re you doing here?”


            “Thought I’d drop by,” she smirks.


            Before I could say anything, I heard Harry. “Hey, babe, who’s at the door?” he asks, walking over.


            He stops short next to me when he sees the visitors at the door and smiles at them, and LuLu, Clare, and Sammy’s eyes widened. “Whoa,” LuLu gasps.


            “It’s Harry Styles,” Sammy adds, her voice barely above a whisper.


            Harry and I chuckle, and Ashley laughs. “Harry, this is Sammy, LuLu, and Clare; you already know Ash. Guys, this is Harry, my boyfriend.”


            “Nice to meet you,” Harry dimply smiles.


            “Guys, come on in,” I say, opening the door wider as Harry and I step aside.


            The four of them walk inside and I close the door behind them. We walk into the living room where my parents were and sat down. My friends greeted my parents and they smiled, saying they’ll leave us be. With my parents out of the room, I turned to my friends.


            “So how’d you guys know I was here?” I asked them.


            LuLu grins. “Your mum told us about you coming,” she says. “And we had to drop by.”


            “Plus, someone had to tell you to come to the pep rally this weekend,” Sammy adds with a wink.


            “The pep rally?” I grin, loving the sound of that. “I’m there.”


            “You should come too,” Clare says to Harry.


            “Really?” he asks.


            I nod, agreeing. “Yeah,” I say. “Bring the boys too.”


            Harry smiles. “Cool, I’ll let them know,” he says, taking out his phone and texting the boys.


            “So, Carls, how are you? How’s the fame treating you?” Sammy laughs.


            I laugh. “It’s good, fun. Especially having this guy and the others,” I say, jerking my thumb over to the direction of Harry next to me. He lifted his head to look at me, sent me a wink, and returned to his phone.


            The girls laughed. “How long have you two been together?” LuLu asks us.


            “Seven months, about,” Harry says, smiling.


            We all continued our conversation, talking as the girls got to know Harry a little better. At one point we were in the kitchen, and I had asked Harry to take a picture of me with the girls. The girls ended up staying for two and a half hours, and then left. Once they were gone, it was just Harry and I, and we were in my room.


            “Aw, your room is so adorable,” Harry chuckles, looking around.


            I rolled my eyes. “Shut up,” I say, and Harry sits down on the bean bag chair.


            He looks up at me and pats his lap. “Come here.”


            I shake my head, my eyebrows raising. “I am not sitting on your lap, Harold,” I say sternly.


            Harry looks up at me, a somewhat evil glint in his eyes. Before I know what’s happening, Harry’s arms are wrapped around me and he’s sitting back down on the bean bag, with me on top of him. My back was pressed up against his chest, and I couldn’t get out of his grip. “Now that wasn’t so hard,” Harry whispers, his lips pressed against the spot under my ear. His voice sent shivers down my spine, and his lips stayed against my skin.


            “You’re so annoying,” I say quietly, my eyes shutting.


            Harry’s hands wrapped around my waist as he made me lean back on him. “And yet you love me,” he says, now kissing my neck.


            “I judge myself over that sometimes,” I chuckle breathily. Instead of letting him answer, I tilt my head slightly and place my lips against his.


            Harry smiles against my lips, instantly kissing my back as our lips move in perfect sync. I’m so gonna miss doing this in LA.




            “I think we should make dinner for Mum and Brian,” I say, staring up at the ceiling. Harry and I were laying down on my bed, staring up at the ceiling, as we talked. It was about eight at night, close to dinner time.


            Harry’s head turns to me, smiling. “That sounds nice,” he says. “Come on, let’s do it.”


            I grin as I take his hand and walk down the stairs with him. We walked into the kitchen, where thankfully my parents weren’t at. “So, what should we make?” I ask Harry.


            “Lasagna!” Harry didn’t hesitate to say.


            I grin. “I like the way you think, Styles,” I say, taking out a dish to cook the lasagna in.


            For the next fifteen minutes, Harry and I gathered the ingredients and cooked together some lasagna for dinner. We got the cheese, pasta, and sauce as we cooked it. Once the lasagna was put to cook, I took some sauce and wiped some of it across his left cheek.


            Harry stares at me, amusement glistening his eyes. “You’ve got some sauce on your face,” I giggle.


            Harry smirks, putting a spoon in the sink. “Wanna get it off for me?”


            I smirk, reaching up and kissing his cheek, eating off the sauce in the process. “There,” I laugh. As I pull away, Harry puts a dot of sauce on my own nose, before leaning in and licking it off. I roll my eyes at him. “You’re so childish.” Harry laughs, and I put the rest of the dishes in the sink. As I wash them, Harry dries them and puts them away. “You know, my parents really like you,” I say randomly, handing him a wet fork.


            “Really?” Harry asks, a smile on his face.


            I nod, pouring some liquid soap in the sponge. “Yeah,” I say. “Mum thinks you’re good for me, unlike other guys I’ve been in a relationship with.”


            “That’s good to know,” Harry says, putting the rag down as I turn off the tap of the sink. “Because you’re all mine,” he adds, hugging me.


            I chuckle in response. A few minutes later, the lasagna was done and Harry and I set the table. We called Mum and Brian down, and they were pleasantly surprised at the dinner waiting for them. They sat on the one side of the table while Harry and I sat on the other. We all ate together, enjoying each other’s company as we made conversation.


            “This is delicious, you two,” Mum smiles, swallowing her bite of the pasta.


            Brian nods in agreement. “Yeah, thanks for the great dinner.”


            “It was no problem,” Harry smiles, sipping his drink.


            I honestly loved this. How Harry fit in so well with my family, and how my parents had so quickly accepted him. They were always picky on guys who I would date, but I have never seen them become so fond of a guy before. They practically love Harry as much as I do, and that’s saying something.


            The curly haired boy next to me was truly someone I would never want to let go of.