Chapter 51

Carly’s POV:


            “Do you all have everything?” Paul asks us.


            I nod along with the boys and girls. We all had everything packed, and were getting ready for our flight to London. The tour bus had been taken away, and we were about to leave for the airport. It was five-thirty in the morning, and we were all dead tired. Especially Zayn, since he was almost asleep on top of his suitcase.


            “I wanna sleep,” Harry mumbles, burying his face in my shoulder.


            We were all in our pajamas, and didn’t bother changing since we were all so sleepy. I was wearing my pajama pants and a dark blue loose V-neck. My hair was tied into a messy bun – really couldn’t care any less about my appearance. I looked down at my French manicured nails, picking at them as I sighed. “Sleep on the plane,” I tell Harry.


            “Right, we’re all ready. Let’s go,” Randy says, clasping his hands together.


            Dragging my bags along, we walked to the van. Once putting our bags in the boot of the car, we all got into the van. Eleanor, Louis, and Zayn fell asleep almost immediately and Randy started driving. My left hand was laced with Harry’s right one, my head leaning against his shoulder as his head rests on top of mine.


            I couldn’t really fall asleep, but I was dead tired. I just rested my head against Harry’s shoulder as he fell asleep; since I could hear soft snores escaping him. A few minutes later, we pulled up to the air port and got our bags out, once I had shaken Harry awake. Since it was six in the morning, not a lot of people were here; which was a good thing for us. Once we were done with security, we went right on the plane and to first class.


            I had gotten the middle section, so I was sitting in between Perrie and Harry, with Zayn on the other side of Perrie. Louis, Eleanor, Soha, and Niall were in front of us. Liam and Danielle had gotten the window seats, and Paul and Randy were somewhere around. Soft snores were escaping Zayn as he had his hood up as he slept. Harry had his head leaning back on the chair, his eyes closed, but he wasn’t asleep. The plane took off about five minutes later when everyone was on board, and we left sunny Australia and made our way to rainy London. Not even ten minutes passed when snores from Harry came, and Perrie chuckled.


            “He’s knocked out too, huh?” she asks, smiling.


            I chuckle, nodding. “I don’t blame them,” I say. “They’re all so tired.”


            Perrie sighs, nodding. “At least the tour’s over,” she says, adjusting herself in her seat. “No more jetlag for you guys.”


            “You can say that again,” I sigh, leaning back on my chair, and then letting out a yawn. The last thing I remember was Perrie chuckling before I dozed off.




            I woke up a while later, stirring in my seat. “Wakey wakey, sunshine,” a husky voice sing songed.


            I mumbled something incoherent, lifting my head up from Harry’s shoulder. “Are we there yet?” I ask, rubbing my left eye.


            Harry chuckles. “Not yet,” he says. “We still have an hour left.”     


            I groan, until I hear snores. I turn my head and see Zayn. “He’s still sleeping?” I chuckle.


            Perrie laughs. “Yeah,” she says. “He needs his beauty sleep.”


            I let out a small giggle as I look at Soha’s seat in front of me. The back of her seat had a pocket which held magazines, so I leaned forward and took out the latest issue of People magazine. Flipping through the pages, I stopped short on one when I saw pictures of Harry and I. I frowned as I read the headline: “Will Harly Make It?”


            “One Direction took the world by storm, capturing us by their melodic voices and good looks. But the curly haired cutie of the band, 19 year old Harry Styles, had captured the heart of 18 year old singer Carly McKinley. People say it was love at first sight for Styles and McKinley when they first met at a set for a photo shoot. McKinley had been announced as the opening act for One Direction, and that’s when romance had sparked between her and Styles. But who would have thought there was already trouble in paradise?


            “Sources tell us that Styles and McKinley have had numerous fall outs and arguments, ending in tears for either one. Although new pictures that show the two happyily together would say so otherwise. But is there more than meets the eye? Now that the Take Me Home tour is over, McKinley is going to return to LA while the boys of One Direction return to London. Everyone knows how much work it takes for long distance relationships to work out. So can Styles and McKinley make out the time to be with each other? Or will work schedules mess them up? What do you think? Is Harly going to work out, or is it just not meant to be?”


            I was glaring at the magazine by the time I was done reading the article. But then it got me thinking – will Harry and I work out? Once I’m done with London, I’m gonna be going back to Los Angeles, which means Harry and I will be a thousand miles apart. Our schedules or going to go crazy with interviews, photo shoots, meet and greets, and other sorts of things. That’s gonna just screw with us, and mess up our time to talk. Plus, time zones are gonna be an issue as well. London is eight hours ahead of Los Angeles, so that’s gonna be a bigger problem. I let out a huff as I bite the inside of my cheek.


            “What’s wrong?” Harry asks, looking down at me.


            “Um,” I say, but couldn’t continue before Harry had taken the magazine from me.


            I watched as Harry read what I had just been reading, and watched as his jaw clenched, making it more defined. He shut the magazine before putting it in the pocket of the seat in front of him. Leaning back, Harry’s left hand grabbed my right one as he squeezed it. “Don’t ever listen to any of that crap,” he whispers to me. “They don’t know us.”


            I bite my bottom lip and nod, listening to what he was saying. Harry was right. I didn’t need to listen to whatever the tabloids were saying – they didn’t know us or anything about us.


            The rest of the hour passed by quickly, and next thing I know, we have already landed in Heathrow Airport in London. Once the plane had landed and parked, we got off the plane and went to the baggage claims and got our suitcases. After getting our bags, we got into the black van the boys’ Management had gotten them, and we left the airport. Sure, there were lots of fans and paparazzi around, but security took care of them. Paul drove the van to the boys’ flat complex, and once we got there, the boys got out and took their bags.


            “I’ll see you in a bit, love,” Harry smiles down at me, giving me a tight squeeze. I was heading over to my parents’ house, which wasn’t that far away.


            I smile back, reaching up and giving him a quick kiss. “Bye,” I say, and then get back in the van.


            Randy drives the van to the direction of my parents’ house, and I look out the window. Gray clouds cover London, but no rain comes out of them. Smiling slightly, I take out my phone and go on Twitter.


@CarlyMcKinley: Back in London after so long! Feels good to be back (:


            The car drive was short, and once I got to the house, I grinned. The house was a two-story one, perfect for Mum, Brian,  and a baby on the way. I got out of the van and grabbed my duffel bag, while Randy took my other suitcase. Excitedly, I ran up the steps, to the porch, and knocked on the door, a wide grin on my face. A second later, the door swung open and my step dad came into view. “Brian!” I exclaim, hugging him.


            “Hey, kiddo!” he laughs, hugging me back. “It’s good to have you back.”


            I grin as we pull away, readjusting the strap of the bag on my shoulder. Brian opened the door wider and I walked into the home I haven’t been in for about a year and a half. “Aw, it still looks the same,” I smile, looking around the house.


            Brian laughs, but before he could answer, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. “Is that my first born I hear?” Mum’s voice laughs.


            I turn and see her walking down the stairs, holding her very large stomach. Brian rushes towards her, helping her down the last of the steps. “Careful, Jenna,” he tells her.


            Mum chuckles fanning him away as she somewhat waddles over me. “Stop fussing, Brian,” she laughs. “I’m just glad to see my daughter!” she adds, hugging me tightly as her big stomach comes into contact with my flat one.


            I laugh as I pull away. “Wow, you look so pregnant,” I say, looking at her stomach. “Any kicking?” I ask.


            She nods, smiling. She grabs my right hand and places it on her stomach. I suddenly feel a thump against her stomach, and my eyes widen as I look at her, grinning. “She’s excited to meet her older sister,” Mum smiles at me.


            I smile, retracting my hand. “Did you decide on the name yet?”


            Mum shakes her head, and Brian grabs the rest of my bags from Randy. “Not yet,” she says. “I’m still deciding.” She then smiles and says, “Come on, let’s get you into your room.”


            Picking my duffel bag back up and having Brian bring up my other bags, Mum led us to my old room. Walking down the hallway, she opened the door to my old room and I stepped in, a small smile on my face. “Oh, wow,” I say, walking into the room.


            The last time I was in here, I was sixteen, almost turning seventeen. There was a queen sized bed, a bathroom, a bean bag chair, a large window with a window seat, and my closet. I drop my bag on my bed as Brian sets the other one next to mine. “Looks the same, huh?” Mum smiles.


            I nod, sighing. “Exactly the same,” I say.


            “So where’s Harry?” Mum asks, sitting on the edge of the bed as Brian leaves the room.


            “He’s back in his flat,” I say, sitting down next to her. “I think he’s coming a while later.”


            Mum smiles. “I’m glad you finally found someone like him,” she tells me sincerely. “I have never seen you so happy with a boy before. He’s good for you, Carly.”


            I smile at her. “Thanks, Mum,” I say. “He’s perfect, really.”


            Mum smiles widely, running a hand through her short, light brown hair. “Well, I need some food,” she says, standing up. “My cravings are coming back in action.”


            I laugh. “What’re you gonna eat?”


            Mum looks at me. “Turkey sandwich. Want some?” she asks.


            I nod, standing up and smiling. “Boy, do I.”


            And with that, I grab my mother’s hand and walk down the stairs and into the kitchen, making our sandwiches.