Chapter 50

*Two Weeks Later*


Carly’s POV:


            “I’m gonna pop some tags. Only got twenty dollars in my pocket. I - I - I'm hunting, looking for a come-up. This is fucking awesome!” We all belted out the lyrics from Thrift Shop by Macklemore, then ended up laughing in the end.


            “I never imagined a song about a thrift shop could be so good,” Eleanor laughs, tucking a strand of brown hair behind her ear.


            I laugh, nodding. “I know right?” I say. “I heard it on the radio the other day, and it was so catchy.”


            We all were lounging around in our hotel suite, relaxing. Tonight was the last day of our tour, and the concert was tonight. It was unreal actually. This past year was unbelievably amazing and unrealistic – it was a total dream. It feels like yesterday when I finished recording my songs and the album was released. And now here I am, finishing a tour with One Direction. Can you say wow or what?


            “Whatcha thinking about?” Harry’s voice snaps me out of my thoughts. I was in the kitchen while everyone else was in the living room, and now Harry was in here.


            I smile, shrugging. “How it’s the last concert of the tour tonight,” I say, turning to face him as I lean against the counter. “It’s hard to believe.”


            Harry chuckles, taking a couple of steps towards me. “I know,” he smiles, standing right in front of me. His hands rest on either side of my upper arms, smiling down at me. “You know, I’m really proud of you.”


            I cock my head to the side, looking at him. “Why?” I question.


            Harry’s hands rub up and down my bare arms, leaving a trail of tingles. “As a new artist, you’ve already won an award, your album went number one in the United States within minutes of it’s release, and you just completed a major tour,” Harry grins. “It’s hard not to be proud.”


            I smile up at the sweet boy in front of me. “You’re sweet,” I voice my thoughts, my right hand reaching up and resting against his cheek. Harry smiles, his green eyes boring into my brown ones.


            It was ridiculous how flawless one boy could be.


            Our little moment was interrupted when my phone started ringing. I dropped my right hand from Harry and reached for my phone in my back pocket, and took it out. I saw that it was Kristen and smiled, answering it. “Hey, Kristen,” I say.


            “You’ll never believe what I just found out,” Kristen’s excited voice says.


            “What?” I ask, chuckling.


            “Kiss And Tell was certified Gold in the United States for over five hundred thousand copies!” she exclaims.


            I almost dropped my phone. My eyes widen, jaw dropped, and Harry looked at me, alarmed. “You’re kidding!” I shout, a wide grin spreading across my face.


            “What happened?” Harry asks, curious.


            Kristen laughs. “I hear your boyfriend,” she says. “I’ll let you tell them the news. I’m proud of you, darling!”


            “Thanks, Kristen, I’ll talk to you later,” I tell her and then hang up. I turn to Harry and smile widely. “Kiss And Tell was certified Gold since it sold over five hundred thousand copies in the U.S.!” I exclaim.


            Harry’s eyes widen, almost as if they would pop out of his head. “Carly! That’s amazing!” he shouts, pulling me in for a hug. I laugh, hugging him back, and he spins me around.


            I honestly couldn’t believe it. Certified Gold? That’s such a major thing for me, and I honestly can’t believe it. “Oh my God,” I breathe. “I just... Oh my God.”


            “Come on, let’s tell the others,” Harry laughs, pulling me into the living room. “Hey guys, guess what?”


            “What?” they all ask.


            Harry tells them the news, and a second later, everyone’s on their feet. “Congrats, Carls!” Soha grins, hugging me. Everyone joins in for the hug, and I laugh. Once we pull away and everyone congratulates me, I pull my phone out.


@CarlyMcKinley: Just got the news that Kiss And Tell is certified gold! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It’s so unbelievable!! Xxxx




            “Lips that lie, caught in your trap. Sold me out and you just laugh. Tell me were friends until the end, yeah. But you don't mean it, don't mean it. You don't mean it, you don't mean it, no. Don't mean it, don't mean it. You don't mean it, you don't mean it, no.”I sang out the lyrics of the last song of the night, the emotions stirring up.


            When I finished singing the song, the crowd was screaming louder than ever, and I was smiling widely. Once I finished singing, I stared at the crowd for a second, and then brought the microphone back to my lips. “Wow,” I chuckle breathily into the microphone, the crowd still screaming. “I just wanna... Wow. I can’t even say anything right now,” I say, my chest moving up and down. I was breathing rapidly from dancing around on the stage so much. “This has been an unbelievable year, and just thank you. So freaking much for letting me come out here and perform for you.”


            The crowd cheers and screams, and with one last wave, I walk back stage. Just when I do, familiar arms wrap around my body as Harry hugs me, and I squirm. “Stop, I’m all sweaty.”


            Harry deeply chuckles, kissing my cheek. “I don’t care,” he says. “You hug me when I’m sweaty.”


            I roll my eyes, looking at him. “That’s because when a guy is sweaty, it’s hot. When a girl’s sweaty it’s just gross.”


            “Not to me,” Harry smirks, before pulling me into yet another hug, and this time I hug him back. “Good job out there.”


            I smile, pulling away. “Go on,” I motion for the stage. “I need to change.”


            Harry smiles before going back to the rest of the boys. I go into my dressing room and change into a baby blue summer dress that ends above my knees and is strapless. Wearing bronze sandals, I leave my hair and make up as it is and walk out, in time to watch the boys perform their third song. The girls and I, along with Paul and Randy, were watching the boys perform as we danced and sang along. The boys finished it off by performing What Makes You Beautiful, much to the fans’ pleasure, and they each did a mini speech as well.


            “I wanna just thank you, the fans, for all of your amazing support,” Zayn smiles. “Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”


            “The amount of dedication you have for us is unreal,” Louis continues. “It’s amazing to see how many beautiful fans like you are our there for us.”


            Niall goes next. “Thank you for buying our album, listening to our songs, and voting for us whenever there’s a need to. Everything you do counts.”


            “You are simply the best fans on the planet!” Liam exclaims.


            “We love each and every one of you for being here for us,” Harry grins dimply. “Thank you so, so much. And we’ll see you on the next tour!”


            The fans scream and clap, and you could see several fans crying. “But hold up!” Zayn chuckles. “It’s not over yet.”


            Again, everyone’s confused. You never know what these boys are up to. “Carly, can you come out here?” Harry asks, looking at me.     


            My eyes widen, and even though I’m confused, I walk on to the stage, only to have a bright spot light on me as well. “What’s going on?” I ask Harry once I get to him, smiling at the crowd.


            “We’re gonna sing a little song for you,” Niall says to the crowd, just when Liam comes to me and gives me my sparkly silver microphone. “You’ve all heard Good Time by Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City, yeah?”


            The crowd again screams, and a smile grows on to my face. “Carly,” Louis says, making me look at him. “You’re gonna sing Carly’s part!”


            Everyone laughs, and I roll my eyes. “Obviously, Louis.”


            The band then starts playing the familair tune of the song, and I bring the mic up to my lips. “Woah oh oh oh,” I sing.


            “It’s always a good time,” Harry grins, singing along.


            “Woah oh oh oh,” I sing once again, and Harry sings again as well.


            He then smiles as he sings the next verse. “Woke up on the right side of the bed,” he sings, causing the crowd to go wild. “What’s up with this Prince song inside my head? Hands up if you’re down to get down tonight.” He smiles at me while singing, “’Cause it’s always a good time.”


            Then Liam goes up in front of the stage, singing to the fans in the front row. “Slept in all my clothes like I didn’t care. Hopped into a cab, take me anywhere. I’m in if you’re down to get down tonight. ‘Cause it’s always a good time!”


            I grin as I bring the mic to my lips again, bobbing my head to the beat of the song as Harry stands next to me. “Good morning and good night. I wake up at twilight. It’s gonna be alright.” I wink at Harry as I sing the next line, “We don’t even have to try, it’s always a good time!”


            That’s when we all start jumping around the stage, singing along as the crowd sings with us. “Woah oh oh oh. Woah oh oh oh! It’s always a good time! We don’t even have to try it’s always a good time!”


            I wait for my turn as I move across the stage and laugh along with Zayn. “Freaked out, dropped my phone in the pool again. Checked out of my room, hit the ATM. Let’s hang out if you’re down to get down tonight. ‘Cause it’s always a good time.”


            Louis put an arm around Niall as he sang the next line. “Good morning and good night.”


            I join in with him singing. “It’s gonna be alright. We don’t even have to try, it’s always a good time!”


            Harry twirls me around, laughing as we sing and dance along. “Woah oh oh oh! Woah oh oh oh! It’s always a good time. Woah oh oh oh! Woah oh oh oh! We don’t even have to try, it’s always a good time! Woah oh oh oh! Woah oh oh oh! It’s always a good time. Woah oh oh oh! Woah oh oh oh! We don’t even have to try, it’s always a good time!”


            Niall comes up to me, singing, “Doesn’t matter when, it’s always a good time then.”


            I grin. “Doesn’t matter where, it’s always a good time there.”


            He smiles, singing his line again. “Doesn’t matter when, it’s always a good time!”


            And everyone joins along, as we jump across the stage, dance, and sing along. “It's always a good time. Woah oh oh oh! Woah oh oh oh! It's always a good time. Woah oh oh oh! Woah-oh-oh-oh! We don't even have to try, it's always a good time. Woah oh oh oh! Woah oh oh oh! It's always a good time. Woah oh oh oh Woah oh oh oh! We don't even have to try, it's always a good time.”


            By the time the song had finished, I had jumped on Harry’s back, and his arms were now supporting my thigs as he kept me up. I hooked my arms around his neck as I held the microphone in my left hand, and the crowd was screaming and cheering. “Thank you, Sydney!” Liam shouts into the microphone. “Have a good night and we’ll see you soon!”


            Harry and I give one last wave before running back stage, with me still on his back. The girls greet us but waste no time on going to their boyfriends. Harry goes to the dressing room, with me still on his back, and then suddenly lays down on the couch, with me under him. “Hey!” I shout. “Get off me!”


            “Nah, I’m good,” Harry says, and I can tell he’s smirking from above me.


            “Seriously, though,” I laugh, trying to push off the boy on top of me. “You weigh a thousand pounds.”


            Harry dramatically gasps. “I’m hurt, Carly!” I laugh, and then stop wiggling from underneath him. Instead of pushing him off, I reach my head up and bite his right ear lobe, causing him to shriek and jump off of me. “Did you just bite my ear?!” he exclaims, eyes wide as he holds his ear.


            I’m lying on the couch, laughing my butt off, as my boyfriend stares at me incredulously. “You wouldn’t get off!” I say, sitting up right. “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”


            Harry rolls his eyes as he rubs his ear, and then drops his hand. “I need to change,” he tells me.


            I raise an eyebrow, sitting back down on the couch. “Then go ahead.”


            Harry looks at me, smirks, and then rolls his eyes. He goes to grab a simple black V neck shirt, and starts unbuttoning his dress shirt that he was wearing. He shrugs the shirt off, revealing his abs and biceps.


            Don’t stare, Carly.


            I lie down on the couch as I play Temple Run 2, as Harry changes a few feet away from me. “Seriously?” I hear Harry ask, causing me to look at him. He’s putting on his  jeans as he looks at me. “You’re playing a game while a hot guy is changing right in front of you?”


            I sit up, putting my phone away. “Why? Is Ian Somerhalder here?” I ask, faking excitement. But I have to admit, Ian Somerhalder is pretty damn hot.


            Harry rolls his eyes. “Very funny,” he says, using his hands to ruffle his hair and then move it to the side.


            I stand up in front of him, standing on my tippy toes as I kiss his lips. “The Smoulderholder is really hot, you know.”


            Harry huffs. “Aren’t you a nice girlfriend.”


            I grin, hooking my arms around his neck. “The best.”