Chapter 24

Carly's POV:


"Two more hours. Just two more hours," Danielle grins excitedly.


I laugh at how excited Danielle was. I don't blame her, I am too. But I'm too busy eating my M&Ms to act all excited. I was sitting on one of the couches with my legs spread across it while Eleanor and Danielle were on the other couch. Just then, I heard footsteps coming down and turned to see that it was Harry. He was dressed in his red sweat pants a grey shirt with his dark green beanie on, pushing his hair to the back. He walked over and lifted my legs up, sat down on the couch, and then put my legs back on his lap. Déja vú.


"Ooh, M&Ms," Harry grins with his dimples, reaching forward for my M&Ms box, but I quickly pull it away.


"No, they're mine!" I say, popping two of them in my mouth.


Harry gives me a puppy dog look, sticking his bottom lip out and widening his green eyes. Oh no. "Pwease?" he asks in a baby voice. "I weally want M&Ms."


I shut my eyes tightly, looking away. "No, not the face." Instead of saying anything, I feel Harry's hands traveling up and down my sides, tickling me. My eyes shot open as I start to laugh. "No! Stop!" I laugh. "Seriously Harry!"


Harry laughs but doesn't stop. "Not until you give me some of that candy."


I shake my head, laughing, and look at the two girls staring at us in amusement. "El, Dani! Help!" I ask.


Eleanor shakes her head. "Sorry, but this is just too damn adorable," she says, and Danielle nods in agreement.


"You guys suck," I tell them, and then look at Harry who's still tickling me. In between laughter, I spit out, "Fine! I'll give you some M&Ms!" Satisfied, Harry stops tickling me and sits back properly, holding his hand out. Sighing, I shake the box and hand him at least five M&Ms. "That's all you're getting," I playfully glare at him, and he sends me a cheeky wink.


"Awwwww," Danielle coos. "You guys are so cute."


I turn to glare at the two girls, a blush rising on to my cheeks. "You can shut up now," I mumble, so only they could hear.


"We'd rather not," Eleanor smirks.


I don't even dare look at Harry. Instead, I shout throughout the bus, "Liam! Louis! Come handle your girlfriends!"


A second later, two pairs of feet were thumping around above us and then we saw Louis and Liam coming down the stairs. "What's up, Carls?" Louis asks.


I smirk, looking over at the two girls eyeing me evilly. "Take them away. They're very annoying."


Liam and Louis share knowing looks with each other, and in one swift movement, they both have their girlfriends over their shoulders, and run with them up the stairs while the girls shout. I start laughing, amused at what that sight was. "And then there were two," a deep British voice says, and I turn to see Harry smirking at me. I raise an eyebrow and Harry continues, "You know, Carly, if you wanted to be alone with me, all you had to do was ask..."


My eyes widen as he says that, most likely deepening my blush. "W-I-You're so perverted," I stuttered, digging my hand in the box of M&Ms and taking out a couple, and then putting them into my mouth.


Harry laughs, resting his hands on my knees as he taps them with his fingers. "I'm kidding," he laughs. And I let out a quiet shaky breath, making sure he didn't hear me. "You're cute when you blush," he adds, poking my cheek.


"Stoppp," I whine, slapping his hand away. I notice my box of M&Ms is finished so with a smirk, I hold it out for Harry. "Here, you can have the rest."


"Really?" Harry grins, and I almost aw at how cute he looks. I nod and he takes it. "Thanks!" He then puts it sideways to take out some candy, but then when he realizes the box is actually empty, he glares at me. "You're mean," he pouts.


I reach forward and pat his - soft - cheek. "But you love me."


"There's a possibility," Harry mumbles, and I'm more than sure that I wasn't meant to hear that.


"What?" I ask.


"Nothing," Harry says quickly, covering up his little slip. "I'm, uh, gonna throw this out," he motions to the empty M&Ms box, before lifting up my legs and walking out of the living room.


Okay then...




@DaniellePeazer: With these girls in Paris! It's gonna be a good timee! :D xx @EleanorJCalder @CarlyMcKinley


I smiled at Danielle's tweet and retweeted it. And then I noticed fans tweeted how I just took a picture with the 1D Girlfriends, and how people were hoping that I was a part of the 1D Girlfriend Club as well. Sighing, I put my phone back in my pocket and grabbed my bags. We had packed clothes enough to last for a couple of days without having to go back on the bus. Thankfully, there was no paparazzi so we walked into the hotel and into the lobby. Paul and Randy led us to the floor that was for us, and when we stepped out of the elevator, he turned to us.


"Niall and Zayn in room 502, Liam and Danielle in room 503, Louis and Eleanor -" Paul got cut off by Louis.


"Actually, Harry and I are sharing," he says.


Everyone exchanges confused looks and Eleanor says, "I wanna talk to Carly for a bit," she says. "We'll switch later on if we need to."


"O-Okay," Paul says, confused. "Harry and Louis in room 504, and Carly and Eleanor in 505."


Paul hands us our key cards and we walk towards our room. Once in, Eleanor closes the door and turns to me. "You and Harry need to get together so I can start fan girling and be the cutest couple ever and I can't take it anymore just -"


"El! Eleanor!" I exclaim, stopping her in the middle of her rant. "Calm yourself!"


Eleanor stopped and took a deep breath, nodding rapidly. "Sorry."


I chuckle. "It's fine," I say. "But what in the world are you talking about? We all know that's not happening."


Eleanor looks at me for a second. "Did anyone ever tell you you're really stubborn?" she asks then I shake my head. A grin then comes up on her face. "Harry's just as stubborn!"


I groan, throwing my head back and covering my face. "You're impossible!"


Eleanor laughs. "Just teasing," she says. "Come on, you guys have a soundcheck."




"Thank you Paris!" I yell into the microphone. "Tonight was so amazing, and I hope to come back soon!" Screaming filled the arena, and with one last smile and wave, I walked off the stage. I handed my microphone to one of the stage producers and ran a hand through my hair. "That was tiring," I breathe as I gulp down some water. I wipe some sweat off of my forehead with the back of my hand, and the boys laugh at me.


"At least now we have a couple of days off," Louis shrugs.


Zayn nods. "And what better way than for it to be in Paris?"


I smile, loving the sound of that. Few days of relaxation in Paris? Count me in.




"Come on, Carly! Wake up!!" Eleanor's voice woke me up from my slumber.


I groaned into my pillow, swatting my right arm around hoping to hit her snooze button. "Go away, El," I mumble.


"But we're in Paris!" she exclaims, shaking me.


At the sound of that, I sit up. "Fine," I say. "Let me get ready."


Eleanor squealed and I laughed, grabbing the duffel bag and dragging with me in the bathroom. After refreshing, I dug through my bag to see what I could wear. I finally decided on wearing a baby pink Beauty School top, vintage ripped denim short shorts, and then dug through my bag some more to find my shoes, which I decided on wearing patenet leather wedges. I took out a couple of bracelets and slid them on my wrists. After applying some make up and brushing my hair, I walked out of the bathroom.


(Outfit: )


As I took out my brown messenger bag and sunglasses, Eleanor smiled at me. "You look so pretty!"


I laugh. "Thanks, you look bootiful," I say in a sing song voice.


She actually did. Her wavy hair fell over her shoulders, make up done naturally, and she was wearing a knitted white sweather that had a black speech bubble made on it, black skinny jeans, and white Converse. (outfit: ) Eleanor smiles at me and says, "Ready to go?"


Grabbing my phone, wallet, and key card, I say, "Yup!"


The two of us walk out of the hotel room where we meet everyone else in the hallway. "Ready to explore Paris?" Louis asks, wrapping his arm around Eleanor's waist.


We all nodded and left. We didn't take security, nor did we wear disguises. I guess we didn't care at the moment if we got bombarded, and just wanted to enjoy our time in Paris. As we exited the hotel, a familiar husky voice whispers in my ear, "You look cute."


I turned my head slightly to see Harry cheekily smiling at me, and I smile back, hoping I don't blush. "Thanks," I bite the inside of my cheek.


We walk out and into the streets of Paris, and I smile at the sight. French people everywhere, and I can almost see the tip of the Eiffel Tower from where we are. I made a mental note to make sure I went there today. As we walked around, I pulled out my phone and did the one thing I always do: Tweet.


@CarlyMcKinley: Paarriisssssss! I love youuuuuu. xxxxx


It was five thirty in the evening at the moment, so it was getting pretty dark. We walked for another hour until we stopped at La Seine, the most beautiful I have ever seen. The lights of the building reflected off the river, making it literally glow. I leaned against the bar that kept us from falling into the river as I stared at it. Turning my head, I saw Danielle and Eleanor leaning against their boyfriends' shoulders, and I surpressed an aw. Sighing, I looked at the river. I then noticed the Eiffel Tower, and a smile grew on to my face.


"What's with the smile?" Harry teasingly asks.


I chuckle. "Nothing," I say. "I just wanna go to the Eiffel Tower," I admitted.


Harry looks at the Eiffel Tower in the distance, and then looks back at me. "Then what are you waiting for? Let's go."


A smile grew on to my lips as I looked at him. "Really?!"


Harry nods. "Sure!"


The two of us then say goodbye to everyone else and tell them we'll meet up with them later, and begin journey to the Eiffel Tower.




"Damn, it's beautiful up here," I breathe out.


Harry and I had made it to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and the view was breathtaking. We were leaning against the railing as I looked down at and around Paris. The city lights looks gorgeous, and Paris itself was a beautiful city. It was slightly cold because of the wind, but I didn't care, even though I was wearing shorts. My hair blew along with the wind as I looked around and tucked my hair behind my ear.


"It really is," Harry smiles, his arms resting on the railing as he leaned against it. His unruly curly hair would also move along with the wind.


I slightly smile as I look over the city. As I look over some more, I remember what I had told Eleanor before.


"I've always dreamed of getting a kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower."


I sigh. No one has any idea how much I really want that kiss. I mean, it would be so romantic, kissing on top of the Eiffel Tower. I accidently let out a sigh once again, and Harry turns to look at me. "What's wrong?" he asks, a concerned look on his face.


I slightly chuckle, shaking my head. "Nothing," I say, and he looks at me unconvinced. I let out a laugh. "It's just that..." I hesitated to continue. Oh well, no harm in telling him, right? "It's just that I've always wanted a kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower, you know? It'd be a romantic gesture, I guess."


After I finished, I dared myself to glance at Harry. When I looked at him, it left me a bit confused. He had a slight smirk on his flawless face as he ever so slightly moved closer to me. I froze on the spot, not knowing what was going on in that mind of his. I looked at him as he came closer and closer. "W-What are you doing?" I stutter, still frozen on the spot.


Harry's smirk widens a bit, his voice dropping into a whisper as he says the next words that made my heart stop. "I'm giving you your kiss on the Eiffel Tower."


And before I could process what he was saying, I felt warm, soft lips on top of my own.


He was kissing me. Harry Styles was kissing me. One of my best friends. This guy that I've liked for a while now. He's kissing me.


And instead of standing there like an idiot, I kissed him back. Shutting my eyes, I wrap my arms around his neck as I felt his hands grip my hips. Our lips moved in perfect sync my hands played with Harry's curls. And in like all of those books and romance stories you would read that say that fireworks erupt and sparks fly - that's exactly what was happening.


I could feel electric shocks flying through me as my stomach did somersaults. Harry's lips felt so soft against my own, and I could feel him flying through the kiss. A few minutes after kissing, Harry finally pulled away, taking a breather, and he rested his forehead against mine. We stared at each other for a few minutes, his green eyes boring in my brown ones, as he smiles genuinley at me.


"Not only have you gotten your kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower," he says finally, "but I've also done what I have been wanting to do for a while now."


A smile grows on to my face as he says that, my heart skipping a beat. Before I could say anything else, Harry's right hand traveled to the back of my neck and he pushed me forward, his lips reconnecting with mine.




"DID IT FINALLY HAPPEN?!!!" Eleanor shouted as she saw Harry and I walking up to her and everyone else, hands intertwined.


Harry and stop walking in shock of Eleanor's burst, and everyone looks at us, wide eyed, and then down to our hands, and then back at us. Danielle takes a hold of my hand that wasn't holding Harry's, and yanked me away. My hand was ripped out of Harry's hand as the tall girl literally dragged me away from Harry. "Um, what are you doing?" Harry asks Danielle, giving her a weird look.


Danielle scoffed. "Don't get your boxers in a twist," she tells him. "You'll get your girl back soon."


A blush rises on my cheeks as the boys surround Harry and Danielle and Eleanor corner me. "Tell. Us. Everything," Eleanor says, spacing out each word, an excited grin on her face.


I take a deep breath, a smile making it's way on my face. "We kissed," I say.


"You kissed?!" she squeals, and a wide grin appears on Danielle's face.


I nod my face, laughing. "Twice."


Eleanor's eyes widen and Danielle's jaw drops. "Damn girl," she laughs, patting my shoulder. "Way to go."


A smirk comes on Eleanor's heart shaped face. "Told you your kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower would be with the curly haired idiot."


I laugh, rolling my eyes. "Yeah, yeah, you're right."


Eleanor grins victoriously and Danielle quirks an eyebrow. "Did he ask you to be his girlfriend or anything?"


I breathe out, shaking my head a bit sadly. "No," I say, and Danielle and Eleanor looked shocked. "I mean, he's not gonna just kiss me and ask if I could be his girlfriend," I quickly cover.


Eleanor thinks for a moment, and then nods. "Yeah," she says slowly, and then grins. "What if he's gonna take you out on a date and then ask?!"


Danielle nods. "That's what he's probably gonna do."


"Probably," I shrug, not being able to bite back a smile.


Eleanor grins. "Eeep!" she squeals. "I'm so excited! You're in the 1D Girlfriend Club now!"


I raise my eyebrows at her. "Not officially," I remind her.


She scoffs, rolling her eyes. "He doesn't need to ask you to be his girlfriend for you to be in the club. Sweetie, you've been in it for a while."


All I do is laugh until all the boys come, saying that we should head back up to the hotel. The girls and I agree, and we all start walking. As I walk, I feel a familiar hand grasp with my right one, and I look up to see that it was Harry. He tilts his head slightly to send me a wink, and then continues to walk. I chuckle lowly, walking, admiring Paris's beauty as we go.


The entire time, my mind was focused on how Harry's hand felt so perfect against mine. How his big, warm hand wrapped around my small one, how - and no matter how cliche this may sound - it felt like two puzzle pieces fitting together perfectly. I smiled in content, loving the feeling.


We finally got to the hotel, and walked up to our floor. As I was about to put the key card in mine and Eleanor's room, Harry grabs my elbow. "Can I talk to you for a minute?" he asks.


I nod, giving the card to Eleanor. She gives me a sly wink before kissing Louis goodnight and walking in. Everyone left to their rooms, closing the door behind them, leaving just Harry and I in the empty hallway. "What's up?" I ask, leaning against the wall.


"I was thinking..." Harry trails off, taking a couple of steps closer to me, until he's literally towering right over me. "If you'd wanna go out with me tomorrow?"


I raise my eyebrows. "Like a date?" I ask.


Harry smirks. "You can say that," he says, his left arm raising as he rests the palm of his hand on the wall next to me head, as he leans towards my right.


I pretend to think for a moment. "Hmm, sure, why not?" I chuckle.


Harry grins. "Great," he says, and then leans forward. "So can I kiss you again?" The smirk reappears on his face.


I laugh quietly. "You most definitely can," I say.


Harry didn't need to be told twice, because just as those words left my mouth, his lips came in contact with mine for the third time today.