Chapter 23

Carly’s POV:


     “Thank you Manchester, and good night!!” Liam shouts into the microphone, sending the crowd into a frenzy. The boys said goodbye to the fans one more time, before running backstage. They were all sweaty and breathing heavily, and as per usual, my eyes were glued on Harry.


     I watched as he brought his big hands up and put it in his hair, ruffling it and shaking his head, before swooping to his side. The way the sweat dripped down the side of his face, his chest moving up and down rapidly because of singing so much. It was like this after every concert, and I would always catch myself staring at him. I watched as he brought a water bottle up and starting drinking, his Adam’s Apple bobbing up and down as the water traveled down his throat.


     “Carly, stop drooling,” Eleanor’s teasing voice whispered in my ear, causing me snap my gaze away from Harry and look at her smirking face.


     “I wasn’t drooling!” I whisper-exclaim.


     The boys left then to change out of their performance clothes, and I looked down at myself to assure myself that I had changed as well. What? I have temporary memory loss...


     Lol jokes.


     Anyway, I was wearing a black tee with pink writing on, and a red and  blue plaid shirt on top of it but it was unbuttoned and the sleeves rolled to my elbows, skinny jeans, and purple Converse. My hair was wavy because of the tight braid it was in for the concert. As the boys finally walked out of their dressing room, I grabbed my big black bag and as I stood up straight, my eyes locked with Harry’s green ones. I then really looked at him, and saw that were were matching. He was wearing a white shirt with a light blue shirt on top, but it was also unbuttoned and his sleeves were rolled up to the top as well. And plus, he was wearing jeans and dark blue Converse.


     “We’re twinsies!” Harry exclaims, also realizing that the two of us were matching.


     I laugh, and then three minutes later there’s a picture of Harry and I standing next to each other, his arm around my shoulders while mine was around his torso while the other rested on my hip, both smiling at the camera.


@CarlyMcKinley: #Twinning with @Harry_Styles :D


     A few minutes later, we all made our way to exit the arena. Eleanor and Danielle stuck to Louis and Liam, while Zayn and Niall stuck together (which was both hilarious and adorable), and Harry looks at me right before we walk out the door. “Come ’ere,” he smirks, holding out his left arm. Laughing, I loop my right arm with his and Randy and Paul open the doors, and we all suddenly bombarded with flashes. As usual, we ignore it, but that doesn’t mean not being able to hear the screams and questions.


     “Harry! Are you and Carly dating!?”


     “Is Harly real!?”


     “Carly! Are you just using Harry?!”


     There it is again.


Harry’s POV:


     At the shout of that last question, I felt Carly tense up beside me, and I could see her jaw setting. I know how much she hates it when people think that she is using either me or any of the other boys. Carly had told me that when people think that she’s just using someone for fame, she thinks that people may think that she’s good for nothing. She wants people to know and recognize her for her music and voice, not because she’s using someone.


     Which she’s most definitely not.


     I honestly feel bad for her, to be honest. All she’s trying to do is have people listen to her music and her beautiful voice, but no. People are more focused on trying to find out whether or not if she’s using other celebrities for fame. It’s sick really. How people can just say that about someone without even knowing them.


     “Louis, oh my god,” Carly’s laughter broke me out of my thoughts.


     I looked down at her laughing face, confused. “What happened?” I ask.


     Carly laughs. “Louis just totally told off a pap,” she chuckles.


     I laugh, shaking my head. That sounds just like Louis. Carly’s arm was still around mine as we finally got to the van, climbing in. We all climbed in, me sitting in between Carly and Zayn, while Louis, Liam, and Niall sat across from us. Eleanor and Danielle were each on their boyfriends’ lap and Randy and Paul were up front. Randy had told us before that all of our bags were already on the bus, and the driver was preparing to take us to Paris. The drive was about nine hours long, and I couldn’t wait to get into my bed and fall asleep.


     Paul finally pulled up to our bus, and we all got out and climbed into the bus. Carly ran passed me, shouting, “I call first shower!”


     We all laugh until Louis shouts, “I call the other shower!” before running off to the other shower.


     I hear Eleanor sigh and she rests her elbow on my shoulder, and I look down at the brown haired girl. “What are we gonna do with them?” she chuckles.


     I laugh along. “Well, it’s your fault for loving Louis.”


     “And it’s your fault for crushing on Carly and not telling her oops who said that?” she grins before running off.


     I stare after her, a blush rising to my cheeks. She definitely is Louis’ other half.




Carly’s POV:


-Someone tell me if Harly is real because these pictures of them have gotten me confused.


-So is Harry dating Carly or....


-They both look so cute in this picture I just...


     I let out a small groan as I throw my phone on my bunk, untangling my hair from my towel and letting the wet strands fall down my back. I had changed into grey sweatpants with a dark blue tank top, and it felt comfortable as hell after wearing a tight dress and skinny jeans. Not bothering to dry my hair, I walked down the small stairs and saw everyone already sitting there. Once down stairs, I walked over to the small kitchen to get a small snack. But once I walked into the kitchen, I saw Harry cooking something on the stove.


     “Hey, whatcha doin’?” I ask him.


     Harry turns to look at me, flashing a grin. “Cooking dinner,” he replies.


     I walk closer to him and look over his shoulder, seeing that he was boiling noodles. “Spaghetti?” I guess.


     Harry smirks. “You are correct.”


     I chuckle, and then open a cabinet to grab a glass to get some water. But when I opened it, I saw that the glasses are all the way on the top shelf. “Are you kidding me?” I groan.


     Harry looks at me. “What?” he asks with raised eyebrows, and I point up to where the glasses are. Harry laughs, and then reaches forward and grabs a glass for me. “Here you go,” he chuckles, holding the glass out to me.


     Taking it from him, I laugh, “Thank you.”


     A while later, Harry had finished cooking dinner and we all gathered around in the small kitchen to get some food, which was really hard. The kitchen is already so tiny, and having eight people crowd it gets a bit rowdy. When everyone finally got grabbed a plate of spaghetti and a fork, we walked into the living room. I sat down on the floor as I leaned against the front of a couch while Danielle and Liam sat behind us, and Eleanor, Louis, and Niall sat on the other couch. As I started eating, I caught Eleanor smirking at me.


     ‘What?’ I mouth, frowning slightly. Eleanor’s eyes flash to something next to me and then she looks back at me. Confused, I turn my head to see what she was looking at and noticed that Harry was sitting right next to me.


     Blushing slightly, I look away in time to find Eleanor subtly drawing a heart with her fingers. I bite back my tongue from saying something else, so instead, I shoved a fork-full of spaghetti in my mouth.


     For the rest of the while we eat, we all talk about how we are so excited to go to Paris, even if it’s for a day. “Wait, I didn’t tell you guys?” Liam frowns, and we turn to him, confused. “Oh, that’s right, I didn’t!” he admits sheepishly. “Anyways, Paul told me that Management has given us a few days off, so we get to relax for a bit in Paris until going to the next venue.”


     Cheers fill the bus, relieved that we get a few days off, and Louis screaming how he gets extra days with Eleanor. Eleanor laughs and smirks, looking directly at me and Harry as she says to everyone else, “So, who’s ready to go to the City of Love?”