Chapter 21

*A month later*


Carly’s POV:


     It was now our second month of the Take Me Home tour, and things have been going wonderful. Our concer in Sheffield as just ended, and we are back on the tour bus. For the past month, my feelings for Harry have grown to the part where I know that I like Harry. I’m posotive I do, and that’s what worries me.


     He most likely doesn’t feel the same way about me. And it just wouldn’t work out. We both have crazy jobs, and even if we are on the same tour and on the same schedule, it’s going to be way too distracting. And like I said before, I don’t want a relationship to ruin our friendship. There are plenty of guys like Harry. I’m sure I can find one.


     Are they as good looking as Harry? Are they as sweet as Harry? Do they know you like Harry does? Do they understand what you’re going through like Harry does? How do you know they’re not using you just for fame? How do you know they don’t like you just for your fame? Harry won’t ever do that. You know he won’t ever do that.


     There goes that stupid voice inside my head again. Every question it just stated got me thinking; what if there isn’t a guy out there like Harry? What if they don’t like me for who I am, but for what I have?


     You have to be careful of your friends, Carly. Fame can turn people into monsters.


     That’s what Kristen had told me, and I guess she’s sort of right. You never know who wants to be your friend because of just being you, or because they want your fame and fortune. That’s why Ashley is the only friend I trust with my secrets. I have known her since we were both in diapers, and I know her well enough to know that she won’t do anything like that. But as for anyone else, I’m not sure. Well, except for Soha. She is Niall’s best friend, and we have become very close as well. She is obviously still in Ireland, but we Skype every now and then.


     Back to Harry now. I have kept it well enough a secret that I might fancy him, but I don’t know if I can kep it a secret for any longer. At one point, I’m most likely gonna let it slip. Hopefully, it won’t be in front of Harry. At the moment, I was lying down on my bunk as I played Temple Run on my phone, when Louis crazily started shouting.


     “THEY’RE COMING! SHE’S COMING! I’M SO EXCITED! YAAAAYYYYYY!!!!” he shouted across the whole bus, almost making me drop my phone on my face.


     My eyes widened as I jumped out of my bed and ran down the stairs. I stopped on the last stair when I saw Louis doing some sort of dance in the middle of the small living room portion of the bus. I looked at Harry, raising an eyebrow, and ask, “Is he okay?”


     Harry just chuckles. “He’s excited because Eleanor and Danielle are coming tomorrow at our show in Nottingham,” he tells me.


     A smile comes on my face and Louis shouts excitedly, “They’re coming to Paris with us too!”


     “Thank goodness,” I say. “I’m not gonna be the only girl then!”


     Harry pouts at me, making my heart skip a beat because he looks so damn adorable. “Are we not good enough?”


     I smirk. “Nope.”




     “It’s so nice to meet you!” the wavy brown haired girl with hazel eyes grins at me, pulling me in for a hug. “I’m Eleanor! Louis has told me so much about you.”


     “And I’m Danielle!” the tanned skin, curly haired girl says, smiling and pulling me in for a hug as well. “You’re so much more gorgeous in person!”


     I laugh. “It’s nice to meet you two,” I say. “Liam and Louis have been going absolutely crazy waiting for you.”


     The two girls laugh. “We have been dying to see them as well,” Eleanor smiles. “It gets so lonely without them.”


     We were all sitting in my dressing room as the boys were getting ready in theirs. I was about to go on, and I was already dressed. My hair was curled by Carter, but I had gone for a much causal look. I was wearing black skinny jeans, red ruby heels, and a sparkly red tank top. I was wearing a couple of bracelets in my right wrist, and a necklace around my neck. My make up was done by Marissa and it looked amazing. I was sitting on my chair while Eleanor and Danielle were sitting on the couch, and all of a sudden they had grins on their faces.


     “So do you fancy any of the lads?” Eleanor all of a sudden blurts. “Niall? Harry?”


     “You would look good with Harry,” Danielle muses, staring at me.    


     My eyes widen as I stare at the two girls that were older than me. “W-What? N-No!”


     Eleanor snaps her fingers. “Aha! So you do fancy one of them!”


     “I bet you it’s Harry,” Danielle smirks. When I don’t say anything and bite the inside of my cheek like I always do when I’m nervous, Danielle’s smirk widens into a full-fledged grin. “No way! You fancy Harry!!”


     “Sshhhh!” I hiss. “Don’t say it too loud!”


     “Sorry,” Danielle says sheepishly, and I give her a smile assuring her it’s fine.


     Eleanor leans forward as she rests her elbows on her knees. “So how long have you fancied Harry?”


     I suck in my bottom lip as I answer, “A month.”


     “And you haven’t said anything?” Danielle exclaims, her eyes widening.


     I shrug. “It’s not like I can go up to him and be like, ‘Hey, Harry. I like you, do you like me?’”


     Eleanor and Danielle let out small giggles. “You two would be so perfect together, though,” Eleanor whines. “Like, it’s not even funny. No wonder so many fans on Twitter want the two of you to get together already.”


     I raise my eyebrows. “You saw that?”


     “Love, it’s hard to miss,” Danielle laughs. “It’s good to know that the fans actually support your relationship, even when there’s not a relationship.”


     Eleanor nods in agreement. “Yeah; it assures you that fans actually approve of you.”


     I sigh. “But you should see the hate,” I say. “I already have enough haters just for being me, and then there are haters who hate me for just being around Harry. Can you imagine what it would be like if we actually start dating? I don’t think I would be able to handle it.”


     Danielle gives me a sad smile. “You shouldn’t focus on the hate, Carly,” she says. “You’re a beautiful and talented girl. Those girls are just jealous because they want to be just like you, and they want to be you because you live with the five boys that they are hopelessly in love with.”


     Eleanor nods in agreement. “When I started going out with Louis, the hate was unbareable. People sent me death threats, and it was horrible because fans hated me for ruining ‘Larry Stylinson’,” she says, referring to the bromance between Louis and Harry. “Louis hates that. Because of some fans that don’t know the difference between bromance and romance, they take the whole Larry thing too far. It gets on Louis’ nerves because he sees the hate that I’m receiving for being in love with him, and because some fans just don’t understand that he loves Harry because he’s his best friend. It’s sad, really.”


     “But we have Louis and Liam there for us,” Danielle adds. “They know about the hate, and they do all they can to stop it. Thanks to them, most of the hate has died down, and now fans have come to terms with El and I dating Lou and Liam. And Perrie, too. When she first started dating Zayn, she got a lot of hate, but she’s a part of the 1D Girlfriend Club, so we welcomed her with open arms and most of her hate has gone as well.”


     I smile at Eleanor and Danielle’s little speeches. But before I could say anything, Kristen comes in and says, “Carly, you’re on babe.”


     I nod and stand up as Eleanor and Danielle do the same. We walk out the door and Randy hands me my microphone. I turn to the girls and say, “Thank you,” and then the boys join us. Giving them one last smile, I jog on to the stage.


Eleanor’s POV:


     The lads, Danielle, and I watch from the side of the stage as Carly performs, dancing and singing around the stage. She has a beautiful voice and she’s an amazing singer, and her songs are so catchy I find myself tapping my foot along to the rythym of her songs. I have Louis’ arm wrapped around me as we watch her perform, and Harry is standing right next to me. My mind keeps on flashing back to the conversation Danielle and I had with Carly about her fancying Harry. It’s cute, really. She has this type of crush that a school girl would have on the popular boy at school.


     But Carly and Harry would be so perfect together. I can see them cuddling, kissing, and doing all of that couple stuff together. It would be so adorable.


     This is what happens when I watch too many romantic movies.


     “So Harry,” I suddenly say, looking at the curly haired boy next to me.


     Harry looks at me. “So Eleanor,” he says, mocking me.


     I roll my eyes. “What do you think of Carly?” I ask, getting right to the point. Hey, I never said I would be subtle.


     Harry seems taken aback by my question, and I swear I think I can see his cheeks turning a light shade of red. “She’s um, a, n-nice.”


     “Nice?” Louis scoffs. “Out of every word there is, you choose nice?”


     Harry bites his bottom lip. Oh, so he’s nervous! “She’s wonderful. There, happy?”


     I slightly smirk. He was still blushing. “Harry, why are your cheeks red?” I ask innocently.


     Harry’s large hands go up and cover his cheeks. “It’s, uhm, hot in here,” he lies through his teeth. Nice try.


     Louis shares a knowing look with me, and then looks back at his best mate with a smirk on his face. “Haz, are you... Blushing?”


     Harry’s green eyes widen a fraction. “N-No!” he stutters. “I am not blushing!”


     Aw, he sounds just like Carly when Danielle and I guessed that she liked Harry. Both were stuttering and were nervous – it’s adorable. “Haz... Do you... Do you fancy Carly?” I ask, faking shock. The answer is obvious.


     Harry wildly shakes his head, making his curls on top of his head bounce. “No, I don’t!”


     “Come off it, mate,” Louis snorts, tightening his grip around my shoulders. “It’s obvious that you do. There’s no use in lying.”


     Harry looks at Louis and then at me. Finally, taking a deep breath, he says. “Fine, I do. But you can’t tell anyone.”


     A wide grin appears on my lips. This is perfect.




     “I’m so excited for Paris!” Danielle squeals.


     It was late at night on the One Direction tour bus, and Danielle, Carly, and I were sitting on the bunks. All of the boys were down stairs most likely playing on the Xbox or Wii, while us girls were up here. Carly was sitting on her bunk, while I was on Niall’s and Danielle was sitting on the floor against the wall of the bus. I hadn’t told anyone what Harry had told me a few hours ago, except for Louis, since he was there with us. It was only me and Louis who knew about Harry fancying Carly, and I wasn’t going to say anything about it, and I made sure that Louis won’t either.


     You see, I’m giving Harry a chance. We all are going to be in Paris, France in a few days, and everyone knows Paris is known as the City of Love. If Harry grows some balls and asks Carly out in Paris, then all is well. But if he doesn’t, and we leave Paris with Carly still not knowing about Harry’s feelings towards her and vice versa, then I’m gonna step in and play matchmaker. I’m not just going to stand by and watch two friends of mine like each other and not know about it.


     I mean, Harry is the one who got Louis and I together. Least I can do is return the favor, right?


     “Me too,” Carly smiles. “I’ve always dreamed of getting a kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower,” she says dreamily.


     Well, Carly, you just might get it.


     “It’s gonna be so much fun,” I add, smiling. “I love Paris.”


     “You’ve been there before?” Carly asks me.


     I nod. “Yeah; Louis took me there once on a vacation,” I smile at the memory.


     “Aw, you two are adorable,” Carly gushes.


     Danielle laughs. “Not as adorable as Liam and I.”


     “Keep dreaming, Dani,” I roll my eyes at my best friend.


     “If this is your way of making me feel left out and boyfriendless, then it’s working,” Carly pouts jokingly.


     I laugh. “Aw, don’t worry, Carls. I’m sure you and Harry will get together soon enough,” I smirk.


     Carly’s face flushes a deep shade of red, causing Danielle to laugh. “You know it’s bound to happen,” Danielle smiles.


     I smirk over at Carly. “You never know,” I say, inspecting my nails. Looking back up at Carly, I continue, “Your kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower just might be with a curly haired, green eyed boy.”