Chapter 20

Harry’s POV:


     “We gonna make it, I promise you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I promise you. I promise you. I promise you,” Carly finished singing the lyrics to her song I Promise You, and the crowd erupted into ear piercing screams. The lads and I cheered and clapped along from the side of the stage as Carly gave off her dazzling smile. She said goodnight to the crowd, and walked over backstage towards the lads, Soha, and I. Niall’s family were here too, cheering on.


     “That was amazing!” Soha exclaims, pulling Carly in for a hug.


     Everyone said the same and I pulled Carly in for a sideways hug. “Amazing, as always,” I say, smiling down at her.


     A faint blush appeared on Carly’s cheeks, and I smirked to myself. “Thanks guys,” she says. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna change.”


     I let go of her and she walked over to where her dressing room was. The lads and I would be going on in fifteen minutes, and we could already hear the fans chanting ‘One Direction.’ I smile as I grab a water bottle from the refreshment table and uncap the bottle, gulping down the cold water. I was drinking halfway when all of a sudden the bottle was snatched out of my hands and I saw Carly drinking from it. I watched her, an amused expression on my face, as she finished the water off and handed me the empty water bottle.


     “Thanks, Haz,” she grins widely.


     Everyone laughs while I just chuckle. “No problem, Carls,” I say.


     She had changed out of her performance dress and was now wearing denim shorts with a neon green crop top, exposing her stomach, along with white flats. Her hair was still straightened like it was before, but her make up was a little less. She looked pretty, like really pretty. I smile down at her, and all of a sudden Paul comes up.


     “It’s time to go on, boys,” he informs us.


     Let’s do this.




     “What’s up Dublin?!” Niall exclaims into the microphone, causing the fans to go crazy. “Ah, it’s so good to be back home.”


     Then Zayn speaks. “We just want to start off by saying a massive thank you to each and every single one of you for coming out here tonight!” He pauses for a minute as he walks around the stage and the fans scream. “Because we all know that One Direction fans are the best fans in the world!” screams. “And the boys and I have also decided your the best fans on Twitter!”


     The crowd cheers loudly, and the big screen behind us turns on. Before the first question comes up, Liam brings the mic to his lips and says, “We were looking over the questions and we noticed our favorite ones include our good friend Carly McKinley.”


     Everyone screams and the lads and I grin. “So it’s our pleasure to welcome,” I say into the microphone, “Carly McKinley!”


     Again, the crowd erupts into cheers as Carly slowly emerges from behind the stage, the spotlight following her as she walks. She sends me a confused look, obviously not expecting to be called up on stage, and then turns to smile at the crowd. She walks up and stands next to me, whispering in my ear, “What the hell, Harry?”


     I chuckle, covering the mic as I whisper in her ear, “This should be interesting.”


     “Oi, love birds!” Louis suddenly yells into the mic, startling Carly and I apart. The crowd laughs and Carly slightly blushes. “Now, if you two are done, we’d like to begin.”


     I glare at Louis as the first question pops up. “This was my favorite question,” Zayn says. “It says, ‘What’s the best part of being on tour?’” He grins and answers, “Well, for me, it’s going to different places all around the world. Liam?”


     Everyone turns to Liam. “I love seeing all of the fans from different parts of the world,” he grins, and the crowd cheers.


     Next is Niall’s turn. “Different types of food,” is all he says, causing everyone to erupt into laughter.


     “I like spending the time with my four best mates!” Louis grins. “Five, counting Carly,” he adds with a grin, causing Carly to laugh.


     After Louis it was my turn. “I just love doing what I do. Travelling to different places and just seeing fans when we perform; it’s a lot of fun.”


     The crowd screams and then it’s Carly’s turn to answer. Sinc she didn’t have her own microphone, I handed her mine. She smiled at me as she took it, and then brought it up to her lips. “Um, since it’s my first tour, it’s just really thrilling. I’m going to places I’ve never been to before, and on top of that, it’s with five amazing lads,” she explains with a smile, her British accent mixing with her American one, making her sound ten times more adorable.


     Everyone cheers at her answer, and Carly laughs and hands me back the microhpone. We then look for the fan who sent in that question, and then the six of us give her a shout out and wave to where she is sitting. The next question pops up, and Louis says, “I like this one! It says, ‘In one word, describe the other lads and Carly!’” Louis lets out a girly squeal and says, “Okay! I’ll go first! Liam – responsible. Zayn – wise. Niall – hungry. Harry – cheeky. Carly – amazing.”


     We all aw at Louis’ answers, and he makes the ‘oh-stop’ gesture with his hands. Then Liam goes, then Niall, and then Zayn. Finally, it’s my turn to answer. “Louis – loud. Liam – daddy. Niall – cute. Zayn – mysterious. Carly – beautiful.”


     The arena fills with screams as I say the last one, and Carly bites the inside of her cheek, and I smirk to myself. I then hand over the mic to her as she answers. “Okay, let’s see. Zayn – quiet. Louis – childish. Niall – adorable. Liam – puppy. Harry – flirty.”


     I smirk at mine and the crowd erupts into cheers. We answer a couple of more questions until one pops up. “This one is for Carly,” I say. “What’s it like sharing a tour bus with five crazy teenage boys? And do you get along with the boys well?”


     Before Carly could answer, Louis shouts, “I HAPPEN TO BE TWENTY, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.”


     “Then start acting like it, mate,” Zayn laughs, patting Louis’ shoulder.


     Carly laughs and I hand her the microphone once again. “Well,” she smirks, looking over at the big crowd. “It’s crazy, I’ll give you that. The bus is never – and I mean never – quiet. There’s always either chatting, laughing, or screaming going on in the bus. It’s really crazy, but totally fun. I love it,” she finishes off with a laugh.


     “And do you get along with us?” Niall smirks as he reads the second part of the question.


     Carly laughs that flawless laugh of hers. “I definitely do,” she says. “They already are like my best friends, and for what it’s worth, I’m glad that I’m the opening act for them. If it were anyone else, I doubt it’d be as fun as it is.”


     “N’aw, Carleh!” Louis exclaims, and runs across the stage as he tackles Carly in a hug. She stumbles a bit, but regains her balance.


     The rest of us join into the hug, and the crowd goes wild. “Guys!” Carly gasps from somewhere in between. “Can’t. Breathe.”


     “Sorry,” we mumble.


     After the Twitter questions, we say goodbye to Carly and with one last wave, she walks off back stage where everyone else is. We then start singing I Would, continuing the rest of the concert.


Carly’s POV:


-Harry and Carly were standing so close to each other at tonight’s concert!!!!


-#NEW pic of Harry and Carly at tonight’s concert!


-Harry and Carly are so cute together! Like, can they date already?


-Did anyone else notice how Harry was looking at Carly on stage? Harry and Carly FTW!!!


-I officially ship Harry and Carly. #HarlyForever


     The minute I had walked off of the stage after those Twitter questions, I checked my Twitter. Not surprisinly, ‘Harry and Carly’ was one of the top world wide trends. I guess someone had been live streaming the concert, because everyone on Twitter knew what was happening. Though, the majority of the tweets had to do with Harry and I, resulting in the trend. But you know what’s weird?


     At every tweet that I read that has to do with people wanting Harry and I to date, I get this weird feeling in my stomach. Almost as if I want what people are saying to happen. But I can’t. Harry and I cannot date. We’re just friends, and that’s all we’ll ever be.


     But Harry is too perfect for that. You can’t be just friends with Harry Styles when you’re practically living with him, and are going to be for the next eight months. With his sparkling green eyes, flawless face, unruly curly hair that I’m hopelessly in love with, that gorgeous smile with his deep dimples, perfect white teeth, and those abs, it’s just not possible to not have a crush on Harry Styles.


     And that’s when reality hit me like a slap in the face with a brick.


     I was falling for Harry Styles.