Chapter 19

Carly’s POV:


     The next morning, I woke up in a way that I always want to wake up. Harry’s familiar strong arms were wrapped around my waist, not letting me move as my back was pressed up against his chest. I could feel his abs through the thin material of his T-shirt, and I wanted to stay like this forever. I mentally slapped myself. What the hell am I thinking? Stay like this forever? Get a hold of yourself, Carly. Sighing contently, I carefully moved my hands and placed them on top of Harry’s, which were resting on top of my stomach, and gently removed them. Once successfully untangling his arms from me, I got off of the bed and walked towards my bag.


     Holding on to my clothes that I took out from the duffel bag, I walked into the bathroom and locked the door behind me. After doing my business and refreshing myself, I changed into a white singlet with a grey cardigan over. I then slipped my denim capris and then walked out of the bathroom with my pajamas in hand. I looked over at Harry, and smiled at how peacefully he was sleeping. His curly hair was falling over his closed eyes, his chest steadily moving up and down, and his mouth slightly parted as he inhaled and exhaled air. He looked so adorable sleeping, I was almost tempted to take a picture. But then decided against it, thinking over how stalker-ish that might be.


(Outfit: )


     I then slip on black sandals that I brought with me, and after brushing my hair I had tied it into a cute braid and let it fall over my right shoulder. I applied some natural make up, looking in the bathroom mirror, when suddenly I saw Harry standing and looking at me through the mirror. Closing my lipgloss, I turned to smile at him. “Morning,” I greet.


     Instead of saying ‘good morning’ back like a regular person, Harry frowned at me. “I don’t see why you always wear make up,” he says, taking a few steps closer to me. “You don’t need it.”


     I chuckle nervously, not missing the sound of my heart beating extremely fast. Why does he have this effect on me? “Make up makes a girl feel pretty, I guess,” I shrug, clutching the lipgloss tube that was in my left hand so hard, I thought I might burst it open


     “The best make up a girl could wear is a smile,” Harry says and steps into the bathroom.


     I smile, and then ask, “Do you need to use the bathroom?”


     Harry nods. “Yeah,” he says.


     I nod and then step out of the bathroom, and Harry closes the door and I put my make up stuff back in my duffel. Since I was fully ready, I walked out of the guest room and down the stairs quietly, just in case there were still people who were asleep. Walking down the stairs, the wonderful aroma of French toast filled my nose as I walked into the kitchen and saw Maura with a blue apron on, cooking over the stove. I walk over to her and say, “Morning, Maura.”


     Maura turns and smiles at me. “Morning, Carly!” she chirps. “You’re the first one that’s up, besides me.”


     I giggle. “Harry’s up as well. He’s just getting dressed.”


     Maura nods. “Would you be a dear and take out the jug of orange juice from the fridge, love?”


     “Sure,” I nod and then walk over to the white fridge. Opening it up, I spotted the glass jug that was full of orange juice and pulled it out by the handle. Once out, I set it on the dining table. I helped Maura with the breakfast and setting everything up, until I heard footsteps coming down. Looking up, I saw it was Harry dressed in a white tee, jeans, and navy blue TOMS. He sees me and smiles, and I smile back. 


     Gradually, everyone else starts coming down, looking sleepy and tired. Hopefully this delicious breakfast Maura cooked will put some energy in them. We all took our seats then, me in between Harry and Liam. I have noticed that if we all ever sit at a table, I always end up sitting next to or directly across from Harry. Oh well. Everyone started digging into our breakfast, and I took a bite of the French toast. To say it was great would be an understatement. They were bloody outstanding. I think I've fallen in love with these French toasts.


     After we finished eating, the doorbell rang. Niall fetched to see who it was, and returned a few seconds later with Soha. I waved and smiled, and she returned the gesture. We all just started talking until Niall says, “Soha and I are gonna walk around for a bit. Any of you’s like to come?”


     “I will.” Harry and I said it at the exact same time, causing the both of us to look at each other and smile.


     Soha laughs. “Well, come on then.”


     We said goodbye to everyone else and left. Ireland was really a beautiful place, and the weather was wonderful. As we stepped on the gravel underneath us, a slight breeze blew by, causing my hair to slightly move along with it. Soha and Niall were walking a few feet in front of Harry and I, laughing and talking without a care in the world. “How long do you think it’ll take for those two to get together?” Harry whispers in my ear, his warm breath sending shivers down my body.


    I smile at the sight of Soha and Niall. They would honestly be so adorable together. I turn my head and give Harry a small smile. “Hopefully it would be before we leave,” I say.


     Harry nods in agreement, and we continue walking in the cool Irish air. As we all walk, we take random pictures of ourselves and of each other, and then my phone buzzes, telling me I have a new Twitter mention.


@Harry_Styles: Walking around Ireland with @CarlyMcKinley (: She’s so cute x.


     I laughed at the picture. I had my arms wrapped around Harry’s neck as the two of us grinned widely at the camera, teeth and all. Retweeting it, I put my phone away and continued walking. At one point, I got tired and said, “Hey, Haz. Can you give me a piggy back ride?”


     Harry looks down at my puppy dog face that I was making and groans. “Stop making that face and hop on,” he says.


     I grin, and then he bends down in front of me. I climb on to his back carefully, wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his torso, as I feel his hands grip my thighs underneath. He started once again, carrying me as if I didn’t weigh a pound. As Harry walked with me on his back, I rested my head on his left shoulder, his curls slightly tickling my cheek. Harry walked forward and we caught up with Niall and Soha, and when they saw us, they laughed. My eyes locked with Soha’s and she sent me a sly smirk, to which I smiled and rolled my eyes at.


     I suddenly had the urge to yawn, so to prevent myself from doing so, I moved my head and put my lips on Harry’s shoulder, feeling the yawn rise so I pressed it back. Harry must have noticed that, because he lowly chuckled. “Sleepy?” he questions, continuously walking.


     “Not really,” I mumble, but the sleepiness of my voice says something else. Ugh, why am I tired all of a sudden?


     Harry chuckles. “You can take a nap on my back, if you want,” he suggests.


     I narrow my eyes at the green eyed boy. “How do I know you’re not gonna let me fall?”


     “What, you don’t trust me?” he asks, offended.


     I shake my head quickly. “No, no! That’s not what I meant! I –”


     Harry laughs. “I’m kidding, love,” he assures. “I’m not gonna let you fall. I’d catch you.”


     I smile at his sweetness, and right when I was about to close my eyes, I feel Harry’s arms dissappear from underneath me for a second, making me almost fall backwards. I let out a shriek but Harry’s arms suddenly appear and he grips my thighs. “HARRY!” I shout, meanwhile Soha and Niall are doubling over in laughter.


     I glare at Harry as he just chuckles and softly kisses me cheek. “Told you I’d catch you.”