Chapter 18

Carly’s POV:


     “It feels so good to be home!” Niall exclaims, looking out the tour bus window.


     The bus had just entered Dublin, Ireland, and Niall was beyond excited. He was jumping on the couch to see his parents and brother, and it was honestly so cute seeing him so excited. The concerts in Cardiff had went great, and now it was time for our two concerts in Ireland. I was sitting on the floor, leaning against the couch, while Niall was behind me on the couch as he stared out the window. Niall had told us that since we were in Ireland, his parents said that there was no need to book a hotel, and that their home was big enough to hold all six of us. It was really nice of them, to let us stay, and I can’t wait to meet them.  


     I was currently on my phone, taking silly selfies, and Niall turned to look at me. “What’re you doing?” He chuckles, leaning over to see me.


     “Taking pictures,” I laugh. “Come on!”


     I then took a picture of Niall and I, with him smiling at the camera while I blow a kiss to it. Laughing, I post it on Twitter.


@CarlyMcKinley: In Ireland! Home land of this guy!(: @NiallOfficial 


     Once I posted the picture, I went to see what my time line was all about. And, as per usual, it was about Harry and I. Ugh.


-Can Harry and Carly just date already?


-These pics of Harry and Carly have me confused. Are they dating or not?!!


-If anyone sends Carly hate for dating Harry, I’m gonna hunt them down.


-EW. Carly, stay away from Harry.


-Carly is too ugly for Harry. He needs someone prettier, like me.


-I hate Carly. She can’t even sing.


-I ship Harly. Your argument is invalid.


-Carly and Harry would be so freaking adorable together. They’re so cute together.






     And of course, there were pictures of Harry’s hand reaching out to me, one of us holding hands, and then some pictures of us dancing in the club. Miraculously, there weren’t any pictures of us almost kissing, and I’m glad. That would just cause an uproar. As I scroll through my timeline, I see a certain tweet. And surprise, surprise, it’s an article from Sugarscape.


‘Looks like One Direction and Carly McKinley got their party on when the six were spotted entering a club in Cardiff, Wales. But that’s not all! As entering the club, paparazzi had caught pictures of Harry, 18, holding hands with Carly, 18. Making their way through the crowd, Carly and Harry were holding hands, and that’s not all either! Inside the club, they were seen dancing together too! “Both of them couldn’t keep their hands off of each other,” a witness in the club says. “They were dancing, holding hands, and laughing the entire time.” Sources say that Harry had a few too many drinks, but other wise he didn’t do something TOO out there. Just dancing with one of the hottest teenage singer Hollywood has ever seen. But could this possibly be a start of a new relationship between the two young singers? Keep your eye out for new gossip!’


     I sigh quietly, exiting out of the article and Twitter, and then locking my phone. I fix the beanie I was wearing on my head, and rub my palms around my thighs. I was dressed in red Vans, a grey tank top, and light blue denim short shorts. All of a sudden, Harry comes down the stairs, and enters the small bus living room. I bite my bottom lip, looking away from him. I haven’t really talked to him since the club incident. Did he even remember any of that? Half of me wanted to talk to him about it, but the other half just wanted to forget that it ever happened. What if it makes things awkward between us? Harry and I have too good of a friendship to have anything get ruined.


     It may get ruined if you don’t stop ignoring him.


     That little voice in my head was right. If I continue to ignore him, Harry’s gonna start asking what’s wrong, and then I’m probably gonna have to explain to him what had happened at the club. And I really don’t want to tell him. So as Harry walks in, I give him a small smile. He returns the gesture by giving me a dimply smile, and then walks over and slides down and sits next to me on the floor.


     “I’m hungry,” he murmurs as he buries his face in my left shoulder, his voice slightly muffled.


     I chuckle. “Then go eat something.”


     He shakes his head, his curls tickling my jaw. “There’s no more food left,” he replies.


     I raise my eyebrows. “Didn’t we just go shopping before we left Cardiff?”


     “That was over six hours ago,” Harry says. “When you’re in a bus with five boys, the food goes by fast.”


     “Don’t worry, Haz,” Niall’s giddy Irish says from behind us on the couch. “We’re gonna arrive at my house soon!”


     He then turns back out to face the window, a huge smile plastered across his face. “Is it me, or does Niall seem a bit too excited?” I whisper to Harry, so only he could hear.


     Harry lowly chuckles, lifting his face to look at me. “He’s finally getting to see his family,” Harry whispers back. “I guess that’s why.”


     I glance at Niall, who’s still looking out the window, and then look back at Harry. “Yeah, but it seems like there’s something more to it,” I say quietly.


     “Well,” Harry smirks, “I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.”




     “Dad! Greg!” Niall shouts, jumping out of the bus and making a dash towards his house.


     The rest of us laugh at his behavior as we take our duffels and make our way off of the bus and into the cool, Ireland air. We had finally arrived at Niall’s family’s house, and Niall was literally bouncing off the walls to see them. Our bands’ bus was at a hotel, and Paul was with them to make sure Randy, Kristen, and the band got there safely. Once we stepped off of the bus, I saw Niall hugging two men, one who looked slightly older than us which I was amusing was Niall’s brother Greg, and the other who was a lot older, who would obviously be his father.


     Once Niall let go of his brother and Dad, they turned to us. “Ah, lads!” Niall’s dad exclaims in his thick Irish accent. “It’s great to see you all again!”


     “You too, Bobby,” Liam smiles, hugging the man. All of the boys greeted Niall’s brother and Dad until they turned to me.


     “You must be Carly,” Bobby smiles at me.


     I smile back. “Yeah, nice to meet you,” I say politely.


     Bobby grins. “Nice to meet you too, darling!”


     “I’m Greg,” Niall’s brother grins down at me. Gosh, he’s almost as tall as my dad.


     “You too,” I grin.


     “Come inside,” Bobby then says. “It’s a bit nippy out here.”


     We follow him inside of the cute house, the smell of baked cookies immediately greeting my nose. As the front door is closed shut, a woman’s Irish voice calls out, “Are they here!?”


     “Yeah, come out, Maura!” Bobby calls back.


     A few seconds later, a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes like Niall’s comes into view, a smile on her face. “Oh, my baby!” she exclaims, pulling Niall in for a hug.


     “Mum,” Niall whines, causing us to laugh.


     Maura pulls away from Niall. “What? A mother can’t hug her son who she hasn’t seen in forever?”


     Niall chuckles, and then Maura greets the boys. She then turns to me, smiling. “It’s so great to meet you, Carly,” she says. “Niall has told us a lot about you.”


     I laugh. “It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. Horan.”


     Maura waves her hand. “None of that,” she says. “Please, call me Maura,” she adds, and I smile.


     Just then, another person appears. She’s a girl around our age, with brown hair and brown eyes. She’s gorgeous, really pretty, and has a smile on her face. “Nialler!” she grins, her Irish accent clear in her voice.


     Niall’s eyes widen as he looks at the girl. “Soha!” he exclaims, a wide smile on his face as he runs towards her, hugging the life out of her. The lads and I smirk at each other, obviously seeing how close the two are, and then they pull away. “Guys, this is Soha. She’s my best friend from when I was little,” Niall explains.


     The lads and I smile. “Nice to meet you, love,” Zayn smiles.  


     Soha smiles back. “You too,” she says, and then turns to me. “No way, you’re Carly McKinley!”


     I laugh. “The one and only,” I joke. “Nice to meet you.”


     Soha laughs. “It’s nice to meet you,” she says. “I’m a huge fan of your music.”


     “And what? Not of ours?” Louis pouts.


     “Of course I’m a fan of you all,” Soha chuckles. “Since, yanno, Nialler here is a part of it.”


     Everyone laughs, already liking Soha, and Maura says, “Alrighty. Before we do anything else, we need to set out the staying arrangements.” We all nod and she continues. “Well, since Greg has his own flat out in town, his room is available. Two of you will stay in there. Niall can stay with one of you in his old room, and then two can stay in the guest room.”


     “I’ll stay with Niall,” Liam volunteers.


     Zayn then says, “Lou and I’ll take Greg’s room.”


     Harry smirks. “Then I guess Carly and I will stay in the guest room,” he says, putting an arm around my shoulders.


     My heart immediately stops. I have to share a room with Harry? Oh my God. That means sharing a bed with Harry. My eyes widen slightly at that, my heart beating extremely fast. I swear, I think it was going to jump out of my chest as it pounded against it harshly. No one notices my mortified face because Maura says, “Great! Niall, show them to the rooms, will you?”


     Niall nods and starts heading up the stairs, with us following him. I’m walking behind everyone, and Soha joins me. “So,” she begins. “Are you and Harry dating?” she asks a bit quietly so no once else can hear.


     My eyes widen a fraction, shaking my head. “No, no!” I say a bit too quickly. “We’re just friends.”


     Soha smirks good naturedly. “Are you sure about that? Looks like you guys are something more.”


     “I should ask you the same thing about Nialler,” I smirk back. “Are you guys more than just ‘best friends’?” I question.


    Soha slightly blushes. “I, um, I-he,” she suddenly stutters, her face turning into a darker shade of red.


     “Hey, hey, don’t worry,” I laugh. “You don’t have to say it if you don’t want to.”


     Niall shows Louis and Zayn Greg’s room as Soha quietly says, “I guess I have a small crush on him.”


     My eyebrows rise, suddenly curious. “For how long?”


     “Since forever,” she sighs, and my jaw drops. “But he only sees me as his best friend,” she adds quickly.


     “Harry, Carly, this will be your room,” Niall’s voice suddenly interrupts us.


     I look at Niall and then back at Soha. “We’ll continue this later,” I whisper to her. “Come to Harry and I’s room, six thirty tonight.”


     Soha grins and nods as Harry and I then walk into the guest room. It’s a cute room, really. It has a Victorian style bed in the middle with a bedside table on each side with lamps, a window on the side, a small plant off in the back corner of the room, a door that leads to the bathroom, and two picture frames hanging above the bed on the wall. Harry and I walked in with our bags as the rest walked away, and I put my bag on the right side of the bed. It’s only three in the afternoon, and I was hungry. Just to prove my point, my stomach let out a growl.


     Harry looked up from his bag and at me, a smirk on his already flawless face. “Hungry?” he smirks.


     I blush deeply, nodding. Stupid stomach. “A bit,” I mumble.


     Harry laughs. “Come on, let’s go down.”




     Maura had made brilliant chicken sandwiches for us with some fries and other stuff, and we all had eaten them in a beat. All throughout eating, I got to know Soha a little better, and it turns out we have a lot in common. She likes to dance, just like I do, and she’s just really nice. She’s a really sweet person and is really friendly person. We talked a lot, and she was telling me of how her and Niall met and stuff like that.


     After we finished eating, we just hung out in the Horan house hold. Greg had to go to work, so he left a while later. With my plate in my lap with my sandwich on it, I talked to Soha. I then reached down to grab my sandwich, but my fingers just met an empty cold plate splattered with bread crumbs. I looked down at my plate and then around the room. “Didn’t I have a sandwich here?” I ask.


     “Don’t know what you’re talking about,” Harry’s muffled voice says, and I turn to see him with his face stuffed with something. My sandwich.


     “Hey! That was mine!” I shout.


     Harry swallows the bit of sandwich and smiles innocently at me. “Oops,” he says, and I glare at him.


     Rolling my eyes at him, I turn back to Soha, and she says, “It’s six thirty. Should we go up to your room?”


     I nod and we stand up. “We’ll be in the guest room,” I tell the others, who nod. Before leaving, I put my plate on Harry’s lap, and he looks up at me. “Be a doll and put that in the sink for me, will you?” I smirk, and then grab Soha’s hand and run up to the room. Once we’re in the room, I shut the door and we sit in on the bed. “Okay,” I say once we’re comfortably sitting on the bed. “Why haven’t you ever told Niall you liked him?”


     Soha sighs. “I guess I didn’t want to ruin our friendship,” she says, running a hand through her silky brown hair. “We’ve been best friends forever, and I didn’t want something like my stupid feelings ruining that.”


     “Hey,” I frown. “Your feelings aren’t stupid. You can’t control who you like, Soha,” I tell her. “If you like a guy, you like him. If he likes you back, then that’s great. But if he doesn’t... Then it just wasn’t meant to be.”


     Soha sadly smiles. “That’s the thing,” she says. “I don’t want to know if he likes me or not. I mean, if he likes me, then yeah that’s great. But I don’t want to face the heart break when I find out that he doesn’t like me.”


     “Liking someone involves getting your heart broken,” I say. “You have to risk a lot of things for love, or for just liking someone.”


     Soha sighs, but then nods. “I guess you’re right,” she finally says. “But wait. What’s up with you and Harry?”


     “There’s nothing ‘up’ with me and Harry,” I chuckle a bit nervously, remembering how we almost kissed at the club. Ugh, that memory just wouldn’t leave my mind.


     Soha raises an eyebrow, not completely believing me. “Oh, please,” she scoffs. “It’s obvious that there is something going on. I see the way he looks at you, you know.”


     My head snaps up to her as I hear this. “What do you mean?” I ask.


     Soha chuckles. “In the few hours you’ve been here, I see how Harry’s always staring at you,” she chuckles. “It’s rather cute, really. When we were talking in the living room down stairs, I would catch Harry glancing at you from the corner of his eyes. He’d always look at you every now and then.”


     I blush as she says this. “That’s not true,” I mumble.


     Soha rolls her eyes. “If you saw what I saw, then you would believe me,” she says. “You two would actually be really cute together.”


     “Why does everyone say that?” I groan, grabbing a pillow and burying my face down in it.


     “Who else says that?” I hear Soha ask.


     I lift my head and look back up at her. “I always see the fans on Twitter saying that,” I tell her. “And Louis really doesn’t shut his mouth, either.”


     Soha laughs. “See? Then it’s true!”


     I sigh. “I already get enough hate, though,” I say, thinking about those nasty and hurtful tweets that fill up my mentions. “And that’s just me being me, and occasionally when I’m seen out with Harry. If I date him, it’s going to be a hundred times worse. I honestly don’t think I can deal with that.”


     Soha looks at me sympathetically, and then asks, “If hate wasn’t involved, would you... Would you date him?”


     I think for a moment. Would I date him? I had said before that I’m trying to focus on my career and music more than a relationship, but I don’t know anymore. I like Harry, as a friend or more, I don’t know. But I don’t if I would date him...


     “Carly?” Soha asks me.


     I snap out of my thoughts and look at her. “I guess I would,” I murmur.


     A grin appears on Soha’s face, making her dimples appear. They remind me of Harry’s. No, stop Carly. Stop thinking about him. “Then that’s all that should matter,” Soha says. “Forget about the haters, it shouldn’t matter what they say. All that matters is you and Harry.”


     “If there’s ever a ‘me and Harry’,” I chuckle sadly.


     Soha and I then change the subject and talk about touring. She tells me how her and Niall’s family are coming to the concert tomorrow night, and I grin. It’s good to have another girl friend, besides Ashley. I had talked to her a few days ago, and she told me that she’s doing good back at home, and her grades are great. I miss her a lot, and miss having my friend around with me. But Soha’s a really nice girl, and I guess we’ll be friends for a while.


     The two of us talked for another hour and so, until someone knocked on the door. Soha and I stopped talking until the door opened, revealing Harry. “It’s time for dinner, girls.”


     Soha and I nod and then follow Harry out the door and down the stairs into the kitchen. As we walked behind him, Soha kept gesturing towards him and making hearts and crazy faces, causing me nudge her in the ribs and hush her. Can’t have Harry hearing this stuff...


     Once we were in the kitchen, Niall pouts. “Oh, there you are,” he says to Soha and I. “Carls, you stole my best friend from me.”


     Even if he was joking, I felt a bit bad. He hasn’t seen Soha in a long time, and I practically hogged her the entire time. “Sorry, Nialler,” I say.


     Niall chuckles as Soha walks over to him, sitting down next to him on the dining table. We all take our seats as I sit in between Zayn and Liam, and then Maura brings out the food and we start eating. As we eat, we chat along the way, keeping each other company and just laughing. Bobby is a really funny guy, making us all laugh throughout the entire dinner.


     Once we were finished eating, it was nine o’ clock. Liam told us that we should go to bed, since we have an early rehearsal tomorrow. Soha then decides to leave, so we exchange a hug and numbers before she leaves. We all retreat to our rooms, saying goodnight to Niall’s family and the rest of the boys, as Harry and I go to our room. Walking into the room, I walk over to my bag and unzip it, taking out my toiletries bag and pajamas.


     “I call the first turn to the bathroom!” I exclaim, taking my stuff and running towards the direction of the bathroom.


     “Hey! No fair!” I hear Harry shout as I shut the bathroom door.


     I do my business, and then change into my pajamas. I pull on a loose black V-neck and white night shorts. Putting my bag of toiletries in the mirror cabinet and grabbing my clothes that I had taken off, I walked out of the bathroom and saw Harry waiting. “It’s all yours,” I smirk.


     Harry chuckles and then walks into the bathroom. I stuff my clothes back into my duffel bag, and Harry walks back into the room. He puts his clothes into his bag too, and then gets into the left side of the bed. Putting my bag on the ground, I slide into the bed and pull the covers on top of me. “Night, Harry,” I murmur, already feeling a wave of sleepiness hit me as my head rests on the pillow.


     Instead of answering, I feel Harry’s strong arms wrap around my waist and he pulls me towards him, my back pressed up against his chest as he throws his legs over mine from under the covers. My heart’s beating really fast because of our closeness, and Harry’s husky voice whispers, “Good night, Carly.”


     It most certainly will be.