Chapter 17

Carly's POV: 


Louis had wanted to go clubbing, so that's what we are currently getting ready for. Marissa had dropped off a great dress for me to wear, along with shoes. It was a cute strapless dress. The waist up was silver sparkly, and down from that was just silky white. I wore silver heels with that, with beautiful diamond bracelets. I had baby pink lip stick on, my cheeks had blush, and smokey eyeshadow. My long brown hair is curled, and I must say I did a good job in getting myself dolled up. 


Once I was dressed, I grabbed a silver Gucci bag and put my phone and wallet in it. Walking over to the door, I swing it open and my breath immediately hitches. Standing right in front of me is Harry, looking incredibly attractive. He was wearing black dress pants with matching shoes, and a white button down T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. His right arm was in the air and hand was formed into a fist, as if he was about to knock. His green eyes landed on me and they widened a bit as his mouth was agape.  


"Hi," I smile a bit shyly, getting his attention. 


Harry snapped out of whatever daze he was in and smiled at me, putting his arm back down to his side. "Hey, you look gorgeous." 


I blush deeply at his comment. "Thank you," I say. 


"Ready to go?" Harry asks with a simply smile. I smile, nodding. Harry holds his left elbow out to me, smirking, "Shall we?" 


I laugh, hooping my right arm with his left. "We shall," I giggle. 


The two of us walk down the hallway of the hotel and into the elevator. Harry told me the boys were all waiting in the limo at the front of the hotel. Once out of the hotel, we saw Paul waiting for us in front of the limo, and then Harry and I slid in. I sat next to Zayn with Harry on my other side, and Liam, Louis, and Niall were all sitting across from us. The limo then started moving, and I took my phone out. 


@CarlyMcKinley: Partying with my boys! xx @NiallOfficial @Harry_Styles @Louis_Tomlinson @Real_Liam_Payne @zaynmalik 


Attached with the tweet was a picture Harry just took with my phone. He had stretched his arm out so he could take a group picture of us, and we all were grinning widely at the camera. We all just talked and listened to music until we got to the hotel and the limo stopped. Without even opening the door and stepping out of the car, we could hear the loud music coming from inside of the club. Harry opened the door, and we all stepped out one by one. But as we did, we were immediately blinded by a billion flashes of lights, telling us that paparazzi had found us. As we tried to make our way through, I was started to lose sight of the boys.  


There was a huge crowd of paparazzi, screaming and shouting our names and some questions, as they shoved everyone out of their way. Just when I was about to lose the boys, a familiar hand reached out to me, and I looked up the arm and saw that it was Harry's. I quickly grabbed his hand as he had wanted me to, and just as I did, a shock of electricity shot through my hand, up my arm, and throughout my body. My eyes widened at that certain spark, but didn't let go of Harry's hand, afraid to get eaten up by the paparazzi. Harry successfully pulled me through the paparazzi, and we had gotten into the club. 


"Fuck, that was intense," I breathe a sigh of relief as we walk into the club atmosphere. There were strobe lights, loud music, people drunk and wasted while they dance the rest of the night away. A typical club.  


Harry lets go of my hand, leaving it cold, and chuckles. "I know," he says. "You're okay?" 


I nod, smiling up at him to assure him. "Yeah." 


The rest of the boys came up to us, all of them holding red cups of beer or some type of alcohol, except for Liam, who stuck with a water bottle. "Want a drink?" Niall asks, holding out an extra bottle of beer to me. 


I shake my head. "I'm not much of a drinker," I say. "I think I'll just stick with water like Liam." 


Niall shrugs, pulling his hand back. "More for me," his thick Irish accent says, making me chuckle. 


"Come on," Liam says, "lets go to the VIP section." 


We followed Liam through the group of dancing people and to the VIP section. It was secured by a purple velvet rope, and there was a big, burly guy standing in front of it. Liam told him something and he nodded, stepping aside and unhooking the rope and letting us in. The boys and I sat down on the couches that were there. We sat there and talked until Harry asked me, "Wanna dance?" 


Let the night begin. 




For the past however long it was, Harry and I had been dancing on the floor, not having a care in the world. I was honestly having the time of my life, dancing with Harry. He had had a few drinks, but wasn't totally drunk. I had stuck with water like I said before, so I was fine. Except for the fact that I was dancing with Harry Styles. The rest of the boys were dancing with us as well, including Liam who like me, was sober. We were dancing on the dance floor with everyone else when a familiar song started playing through the club, causing the boys and I to grin widely.  


"Do you remember summer '09? Wanna go back there every night. Just can't lie was the best time of my life," Harry's voice rang throughout the club. I laughed as Rock Me started playing. We all danced and sang along loudly to the song and laughed. After the first chorus was over and Liam's solo ended as well, Louis' solo came back on, and he paused in the middle of the dance floor. 


"SHUT UP!" He screamed. "IT'S MY SOLO!" He slurred, since he was so drunk. We all stopped singing along as Louis sang along himself along with his own voice through the speakers. "I used to think that I was better alone." 


Right at that moment, two strong arms wrapped around my waist as the person pulled me towards their chest, pressing my back up against their's, and along with the song, the person sang along, "Better alone." 


Ah, so it was Harry. He was echoing along with Rock Me, singing into my ear, sending shivers down my spine. This feeling is something I have honestly never felt before. But I didn't have enough time to think about it as Louis kept singing loudly. "Why did I ever wanna let you go?" 


Again, Harry's voice was in my ear. "Let you go," his raspy voice sings along with the song playing. 


"Under the moonlight as we stared at the sea," Louis loudly sang along, swaying side to side as we danced. 


"Stared at the sea," Harry echoed along, his arms still around my waist as my hands rested on top of his.  


"The words you whispered I will always believe!" Louis ended up slurring, but it didn't really matter. 


Just then, everyone burst out singing the chorus, and I joined in. "I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah! I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah! I want you to hit the pedal, heavy metal, show me you care. I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah!" As we sang along, Harry had turned me around to face him as we all sang, laughing, and dancing. Harry's a bit too drunk now, but I don't honestly care. 


Once the song ended, we didn't stop dancing. I still danced with Harry, our hands intertwined. All of a sudden, he pulls me towards him, our chests pressed up against each other's. "You're really beautiful, you know that?" He whispers, but I can still hear him, over the fairly loud music. 


Drunk or not, I still blushed at his comment. "And you're drunk, you know that?" I chuckle. 


Harry laughs slightly, and then just looks at me intently. He then slowly starts leaning in, and my eyes somewhat widen. Was he... No. Stop, Harry. Stop leaning in. Stop trying to kiss me. I couldn't find it in myself to move as Harry's face got closer and closer to mine, until...  


"Guys!" A very drunk Zayn wobbled up to us, causing Harry and I to pull away. My heart is beating really fast, thinking about what Harry was just going to do a few seconds ago. "Liam says it's time to goooo," Zayn slurs. 


I nod, and pull Harry and Zayn along with me, knowing they won't be able to make it back by themselves. The entire time, just one thought is buzzing through my mind. 


Was Harry seriously about to kiss me?