Chapter 15

Carly's POV:


     "Today and tomorrow is your day off, but tomorrow morning is your drive to Cardiff," Paul informs us.


     We nod at what Paul tells us, and then go back to doing absolutely nothing. We were still in Glasgow, and I was still exhausted from the concert last night. It was so loud, I think my ear drums burst. The fans especially here were so lively and so excited, screaming at the top of their lungs. It was really hyped up there, and I absolutely loved it, to be honest. The adrenaline, my heart beating so fast that it would jump out of my chest, the soreness my throat felt after singing so loudly. The concert was just really hyped and I just had a wonderful time.


     Paul had also told us that the Take Me Home tour bus was officially in service, and would get here by tomorrow. We had to fly to places because the tour bus wasn’t ready to be driven places, but now it’s all good. One Direction’s and my band have their own band tour bus, and apparently, I’m bunking with One Direction. Five boys, one girl, and one tour bus? Ha, this should be interesting.


     As I sit on the couch, I’m eating a cherry red lolipop. Licking the sweet goodness, Harry sits down next to me. The TV is on while we watch some show, not really paying attention. Except for Louis, who looked so engrossed into whatever the show was on. The lolipop was in my mouth, but then it was suddenly pulled out. I jumped a little, startled, and turned to see where my lolipop went. I was sort of surprised when I saw that the lolipop that had once been in my mouth was now in Harry’s mouth. Oh nice.


     “You know, I was eating that,” I tell the curly haired boy.  


     Harry chuckles, the lolipop still in his mouth. “Oh, well,” he shrugs nonchalantly.


     I reach forward, taking ahold of the stick of the lolipop, and pulling it out of his mouth. Not caring that it was just in Harry’s mouth, I put the lolipop back in my mouth. Harry looks at me, a toothy smirk on his face, as Liam looks at me, to Harry, and then back at me. “Did you guys just... Did that just...” he trailed off, looking at us.


     I laugh, the lolipop still in my mouth. “Yes, we did just share a lolipop, Li.”


     Liam makes a disgusted face. “You basically just shared saliva.”


     Before Harry or I could say anything, Louis inserts himself into this conversation. “Then they technically indirectly kissed,” he says smartly.


     I dropped my head as heat rushed to my cheeks. Louis and his stupid comments. “Seriously, Lou,” Harry sighs from next to me. I heard Louis snicker, and then felt someone’s hot breath on my right ear. “Don’t worry, Car,” Harry’s raspy voice whispers. “We all know you liked it.”


     I bit down on the lolipop in my mouth, refraining myself from screaming and tried to even out my breathing. “Shut up,” I mumble, not knowing anything else to say. Harry breathily chuckles by my ear, his hot breath tickling that spot. Shivers went down my back, and I continued sucking on my lolipop. (That’s awkward to write.) Once again, as I ate the lolipop, it was pulled out of my mouth and put into Harry’s. “No, stop,” I complain in a whiny voice. “It’s my lolipop!”


     Harry grinned, holding onto the stick with the lolipop still in his mouth. “Sorry, it’s addicting.”


     I held the stick, trying to get it out of his mouth. “Argh, get your own,” I groan.


     “But I want yours,” Harry says cheekily, the lolipop still in his mouth.


     I made a face. “You’re disgusting,” I say, letting go of the stick. “Keep it.” I turn away from him and cross my arms over my chest, slightly pouting.


     “Aw, did I make you mad?” Harry coos, lightly poking my right cheek. Zayn turns to look at me, and I subtly smile at him as he just lowly chuckles. From the corner of my eye, I see Harry take the lolipop out of his mouth. He then puts it right in front of my lips, the cherry goodness touching my lips. “You know you want it,” Harry teases, nudging the lolipop against my lips, trying to get it into my mouth as he slightly smirks. This sounds and may even look wrong, but I can’t help but laugh.


     The lolipop against my lips sort of tickles, so when I open my mouth to smile, Harry uses it as an opportunity and pushes the lolipop into my mouth. I laugh, holding the stick as Harry lets go of it. “Thanks for giving me my lolipop back,” I say sarcastically, emphasizing the ‘my.’


     “No problem, love!” Harry replies cheerily, causing me to roll my eyes but crack a smile. He’s just too cute sometimes.


     “Are you two quite done sharing your spit?” Louis asks us, a smirk growing on his face.


     Harry rests his back against the couch, crossing his arms behind his head. “Why yes, Lou. Yes we are,” he says, and then sends over a wink to me. Dear Lord.


     “I can’t wait to go back in the tour bus,” Niall suddenly says, changing the subject. Thank you, Nialler.


     The boys hummed in agreement while I say, “I’m gonna be stuck on a tour bus with five crazy boys. Oh, the joy.”


     They all laughed, and Zayn says, “You should know that millions of girls would die to be in your place.”


     I roll my eyes. “They don’t know how crazy you guys really are,” I say, putting the lolipop back into my mouth.


     “Admit it,” Louis says, sitting up and nudging my foot with his own. “You love us and our crazniess.”


     I shrug, keeping casual but a smirk makes it’s way on to my face. “Possibly.”




     The tour bus was bigger than I had thought it would be. It was literally a big, red bus with windows along the side, and it said ‘One Direction’ in big white letters, and underneath that it said ‘Take Me Home.’ It was a double decker bus, enough for five boys and one girl. Paul opened the door, and motioned for us to go inside. The boys and I step in, and I refrain myself from letting out a gasp. It looks much bigger from the inside than it really is. Along the side was a long dark red couch, and on the wall on the opposite side was a giant flat screen TV that had an Xbox 360 and a Wii hooked up to it. All the way in the back was a small, swirly brown stair case that would lead to the other floor, and a few feet away from the stairs was a door that led to what looked like a bathroom. Also, away from the TV was a small kitchen, and all the way in the front, of course, was where the driver would drive the bus.


     The boys then went up stairs, and I followed their lead, carrying our own duffel bags. First door on the second floor was another bathroom, and then there were the bunks. On each side of the big room were three bunks, one on top of the other, making six total bunks. Louis pushes through all of us and throws his duffel bag on the very top bunk on the right side. “I call dibs on the top bunk!” he shouts.


     I follow his lead, flinging my bag on the bunk on the left side as I push away it’s curtain, all the way on the bottom. “Dibs!” I shout after.


     Liam then takes the bunk underneath Louis, and Niall follows by putting his bag on the bunk all the way down, across from me. Zayn takes the bunk all the way on top on my side, and Harry takes the bunk right on top of mine. The bunks are long and wide enough for us to sleep in, and I’m just glad I took the bottom one because if I ever fell off, it wouldn’t be that big of a fall. Once my bag was on top of the bunk, I turn to Harry.


     “When are we leaving?” I ask.


     Harry lifts his arms and puts his bag on his bunk, and I can’t help but peek a glance at how his biceps flex. Oh my God, look away Carly. Harry then turns to look at me, his green eyes looking down at me. “I think in about half an hour,” he answers.


     I nod, and then I poke Harry on the side, just because I felt like it. Yes, I'm strange. "Boop," I say, poking his side. "Boop. Boop."


     Harry looks down at me, raising an eyebrow. "Are you alright, Carls?" He asks.


     I nod once again, but keep on poking him. "Boop boop boop," I repeatedly say. Harry stares at me for a moment, and the next thing I know, I'm being thrown over his shoulder as his arms wrap themselves around my thighs. "HEY!" I shout. "Let me down!!" Harry chuckles, but keeps me on his shoulder. I lift my head up as much as I can, and look helplessly at the other boys, who don’t seem to care. “A little help?” I ask them.


     They shake their heads, chuckling. “Sorry babe,” Niall chuckles.


     And so I was left on Harry’s shoulder as he carried me carefully down the stairs. His strong arms were wrapped around my bare thighs. I was wearing black high waisted shorts, black military boots with studs, and a blue tie waisted top that had a knot in the front, exposing some of my stomach.


(Outfit: )


     We were in the small living room portion of the bus, and I was still over Harry’s shoulder. “Can you let me go now?” I ask, laughing slightly. Harry stopped walking around, and all too sudden he flung me over his shoulder and practically threw me on the couch. I gasped slightly, surprised, and then calmed down once I was on the couch. “Thanks,” I say sarcastically.


     Harry laughs, plopping down on the couch next to me. “You’re welcome,” he winks, a grin on his face. The two of us just sit there for a few more minutes in silence, until he asks, “Wanna play some Mario Kart?”


     I turn to grin at him. “You’re on.”