Chapter 14

Harry’s POV:


     “Oh, Carlyyyyyyyyy!” Louis sang as we were in our dressing room.


     It was the night of our concert here in Glasgow, and the lads, Carly, and I were sitting in our dressing room backstage. The concert had just ended, and we were waiting for Paul or Randy to come up and tell us the car is out. Ever since yesterday, I am forever grateful for Carly. She talked to me, and helped me deal with all of the hate I was getting. I honestly felt so low of myself, like I hated myself just as much as all of those people did. But Carly sat there, and let me take my anger out by just letting me yell at her. I still need to apologize to her about that. But then she talked to me, telling me how it shouldn’t matter what those haters say, because I still have my family, fans, and friends who love me.


     Carly, who was sitting on the couch, looked up at Louis. He was calling out for her, and got up from the chair he was sitting on and walked over to her, holding the MAC laptop that he had with him. “What is it, Lou?” she asks him, putting her phone away.


     Louis smirks, his blue eyes having the familiar mischief in them. “I found a very interesting and very entertaining video of you with a bunch of your friends,” he smirks.


     Carly’s eyes widen as she sits up properly and Louis sits down beside her. The lads and I perk up, wanting to know. “Oh my God,” Carly mutters, shutting her eyes tight. “Please tell me it’s not...”


     “A video of you and your friends dancing to I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift, yes,” Louis finishes for her, causing Carly to groan.


     “Where did you find it?” she asks.


     Louis’ smirk widens. “YouTube.”


     Carly’s eyes widen in shock. “How’d it get there?!”


     He shrugs. “Don’t know,” he answers and then looks at the rest of us. “Wanna see, boys?”


     The rest of us nod wildly as we walk over to the couch, causing Carly to groan. Zayn sits next to Louis on the already small couch, while Liam and Niall stay on their side of the arm rest, so I lean over Carly’s arm rest. Louis already has the video opened up, so he presses play. It’s in black at white, and the video starts with the song playing with Taylor Swift singing, and four girls, including Carly, dancing around. They all are wearing tank tops, Carly’s revealing a bit of her stomach, sweat pants and sneakers, and each have jackets wrapped around their hips. The girls start with singing along at first, messing around as they jump all over the place, and then it starts to get good.


     It flashes to the girls in the dance studio, doing an amazing dance. And I must admit, Carly looks so hot as she moves around her hips as they dance across the floor. I had no idea Carly could dance like this! Carly, who was sitting next to me, just groaned as she buried her face in her hands. The lads and I were too engrossed into the video, watching the four girls dance. And I also have to admit the fact that watching Carly dance kind of turned me on a bit.


     No, Harry. Carly’s your best friend. You can’t think of her that way.


     When the video ended, the lads and I let out multiple wolf-whistles, and Carly blushed in embarassment as her face turned red. “How did you learn to dance like that?” Niall asks her, amused at what we just saw.


     “A couple of years of dance lessons,” Carly mumbles, still clearly embarassed.


     “Those definitely paid off,” I mused, smirking, and Carly’s face flushed.


     Just then, Randy walks into the dressing room, telling us that the van is ready. We all gather our belongings, and leave, walking out of the arena and to where the van is parked. Climbing in, I sat across from Carly, who was sitting in between Zayn and Liam, and I sat in between Louis and Niall. I have to admit, though, the image of Carly was still playing in my head. They way her body moved to the song, the way she shook her hips. It was pretty amazing.


     “Oh, and boys,” Paul’s voice calls from the front seat, snapping me out of my thoughts. “You have an interview tomorrow.”






     “Please welcome, One Direction!” the interviewer, Monica, exclaims. The audience cheers and claps, with the exception of the fans who started freaking out. The lads and I grin, walking out on to the stage and waving at the crowd as we hug Monica and then sit down on the couch. “Hi, boys,” Monica smiles as the crowd’s cheering dies down.


     “Helloooo!” we chorus, smiling.


     “It’s good to see you boys,” she says. “There are at least fifty fans outside of the building, dying to get a glimpse of you.”


     Liam chuckles. “Yeah, they’re very dedicated.”


     Monica asked some questions, we joked around for a bit, and then she started asking some more questions. “How’s touring?” she asks, crossing her legs.


     “It’s really fun,” Zayn answers from next to me.


     “It just begin, but it’s a blast,” Niall adds with a crooked grin.


     Monica nods, smiling. “And how’s your opening act? Carly McKinley, right?”


     The lads and I grin at the mention of Carly’s name. “She’s wonderful,” Liam answers. “She’s a really talented girl.”


     Monica nods. “And why do you think you get along with her so well?” she asks.


     “If I may,” Louis pipes up, clearing his throat. “I think we get along so well with Carly is beause we know what she’s going through,” he begins. “Like, how in the beginning, One Direction was the opening act for Big Time Rush’s tour, and we were sort of just starting to fit into the music industry. And Carly’s first album, Kiss & Tell, literally just came out, and she is already on tour with us. We know how nerve-wracking that can be, so we just want to be there for her. It’s just good to have someone who knows what it’s like to be around with you.”


     He finishes off, and the lads and I agree along. “Who do you think is the closest to Carly?” Monica asks as she nods.


     “Harry,” all of the lads say simultaneously, pointing to me.


     All eyes are on me as mine slightly widen. “Oh, is that so?” Monica asks mysteriously.


     I chew the inside of my cheek. “I guess,” I mumble, really not knowing what to say.


     “Oh, they are,” Zayn smirks. “They’re definitely like the best of friends.”


     The rest nod in agreement as I just sit there. “It’s true,” Louis adds. “They are always talking, laughing, and hanging around. It’s quite cute, actually.”


     Louis, you can shut up now.


     Monica chuckles as the crowd aws. “Harry can’t even deny that, since there are so many pictures of him and Carly,” she laughs, and then pictures of me with Carly walking around came up on the screen. We both were smiling and in the middle of talking. Oh God.


     “We’re just friends,” I assure. “She’s just a really good friend, and we just get along really well.”


     “Hmm, now where have I heard that before?” Niall smirks, causing the audience to laugh. I just shook my head, knowing the reference he made with Caroline Flack.


     “It’s true,” I laugh. “Carly just understands me, I guess. She’s really nice and sweet, and just fun to hang around with.”


     Monica nods, smiling. She asks a couple of more questions and then the interview ends. Finally, it’s time to go home.




Carly’s POV:


@CarlyMcKinley: Out with the boys tonight! Here’s @zaynmalik & I. :D x  


     The boys and I were currently out and about in Glasgow at night, looking for something to do. It was a bit cold, so I was in my jeans, military boots, white tee, black leather jacket, and a blue scarf around my neck. We were currently walking to Princes Square, and it was beautiful. It was basically like a huge mall, stair cases and elevators leading to different floors that hold different types of shops and boutiques. It was big and it was gorgeous, and also the perfect way to spend the night with your friends. Speaking of shopping and friends, I grabbed Harry’s hand and said, “You’re coming with me. I want new shoes.”


     Harry lets out a groan. “Why do I have to come?” He asks.


     I turn to smirk at him. “Because I love torturing you,” I say.


     Harry sighs and Liam says, “Meet us on the ground floor in one hour.”


     We nod and I let go of Harry’s hand as we go up the escalator. Once on the second floor, Harry and I walked until I found a cute little shoe store. “Come on,” I say, dragging him into the store, earning a groan from him.


     The store was a medium sized store, not too big or not too little. There were shelves containing shoes against the walls, aisles of shelves of shoes, two small red couches to try the shoes on, and then a cash register counter on the right front corner of the store. Not a lot of people were, and those who were were just middle aged women. It was almost eleven at night, and the fans should just be in bed right now. It was a bit hot in here, so I took off my jacket and put it on my forearm as I walked around the store, looking at different shoes.


     Remembering Harry was with me, I say, “Don’t worry. I won’t take that long.”


     He chuckles. “Don’t sweat it. Take your time.”


     Even if he said that, I didn’t want to make him wait too long. As I walked, I saw a pair of cute dark blue strapped heels, so I grabbed them and glanced around to see if there were any places to sit. Since there weren’t any, I sat down on the floor with the shoe box next to me. Harry looks down at me as I smile up at him. “You’re just gonna sit on the floor?” he asks.


     I shrug. “No seats are available,” I tell him.


     Harry chuckles, and the next thing you know, he’s on the floor sitting cross legged across from me. I give him a weird look, and he shrugs. “What? I don’t wanna stand,” he says with a cute smile.


     I just chuckle at him, and then open the box of my size of the shoes and try them on. As I strap them on, I stand up and stick one foot out, letting Harry get a better view of the shoes. “You like?” I ask.


     Harry looks at them for a minute, and then nods, his pink lips smiling. “Yeah,” he says. “You should get them.”


     I smile, and then sit back down. Unstrapping the shoes, I take them off and put them back in the box. “Okay, I’mma pay for them,” I say as Harry nods and stands up. He offers his hands, and I take them as he lifts me up to my feet.


     The two of us walk to the cash register and since there isn’t a line, we go up to the cashier and I pay for my shoes. Thankfully, the cashier was a somewhat middle aged woman, so she had no care that this was Harry Styles standing right in front of her. Once I paid for the shoes, we walked out of the store and Harry gasps. “Oh my gosh, they have a Jack Wills!” He exclaims, pointing to the shop that’s a few feet away. “We HAVE to go there!”


     Since he was with me when I was shopping for shoes, it’s only fair if I return the favor. So nodding, I followed Harry to the store, him grinning as if he were an eight year old boy in a candy store. It was quite adorable, actually. Once in the store, Harry walked towards the men’s section and started looking through all of the shirts and sweatshirts. 


     He had been literally shopping for almost twenty minutes, as opposed to me to who only took about ten, so to pass time, I did what I always do: Tweet.


@CarlyMcKinley: It’s funny. @Harry_Styles takes longer than me to shop, and I didn’t think that was possible.. :P


     By the time Harry was done shopping, he had three bags with him, and I chuckled as we walked out of the store. “Sometimes you’re more of a girl than I am,” I say to him as we walk.


     “I am not!” Harry gasps, causing me to laugh harder.


     The two of us make our way towards the escelators and we go down, knowing that it has been an hour and it’s time for us to meet up with the rest of the boys. For some reason, I steal a glance at Harry, who’s standing right next to me as we wait for the long escelator to reach the bottom. He’s wearing washed jeans with his favorite white Converse, a fitted light green T-shirt, and a black jacket on top of it. He looked really good, with his curly mop of hair styled perfectly on his head, those several bracelets around his neck, and the dog tag necklaces as they dangle from his neck and hit his chest ever so lightly whenever he moves.


     Once at the bottom of the escelator, Harry and I walked towards the center of the ground floor of the mall, looking around for the four other boys. My eyes then landed on four boys walking, each of them carrying one or two bags, and wearing sunglasses and some of them wearing hoodies as well. They walked up to us, and Liam asks, “Are you two done?”


     Harry and I nod. “Yeah,” Harry answers.


     “Good, because now we can get me some food!” Niall exclaims, his Irish accent thick.


     “Do they have a food court around here?” Zayn asks, glancing around.


     Louis nods. “Yeah, I know where it is. Come on.”


     The rest of us follow Louis, carrying our own shopping bags. I’m the girl in the group, but I’m the one who has the least amount of bags. The one who has the most is Zayn, who is carrying at least five bags. The boy sure knows how to shop. Louis led us to the food court, and my eyes landed on the big sign that said ‘McDonald’s.’ I could seriously use an oreo McFlurry right now. We all entered the not-so-crowded food court, looking at the different fast food stands.


     “Right, so what does everyone want?” Liam asks in a authoritive tone.


     “I’m just gonna settle on an oreo McFlurry,” I say, pointing over to where the McDonald’s stand was.


     “I’ll come with out,” Louis offered. “I wanna get myself one as well.” The six of us then went to seperate stands to get ourselves some food, and Louis and I went over to the McDonald’s line. Only two people were in front of us, so we waited for their turn to finish. “So how’re you enjoying the tour so far?” Louis asks me quietly, just in case no one else heard us.


     I smile, glancing at him. “It’s a blast,” I reply. “I’m having a lot of fun.”


     Louis gives off a genuine smile. He adjusts his bags on his arm, and asks slyly, “So do you fancy anyone? A certain curly haired lad?”


     My eyes widened at Louis’ sudden question as we take a step forward as one of the people on the line leave with their meal. “Of course not!” I reply, shocked at his question. “I don’t like Harry, Lou,” I tell him. “He’s a really good friend of mine.”


     Louis nods, unconvinced. “Mhm, sure,” he says.


     I let out a chuckle, somewhat nervous. “Louis, I seriously don’t.”


     Harry is amazing, he really is, but like I have said before, being in a relationship at the moment just doesn’t fit into my schedule. Touring is already stressful, and interviews and other priorities would just clash if I ever get into a relationship. It just would be too hard to balance, and it wouldn’t work out. I sighed slightly, thinking of the fact that I may not be able to get into a relationship with a boy because of my career. But boys come and go, and my music is just way too important to me. And besides, who’s to say that Harry likes me, anyway? I might just be a friend to him, nothing more.


     And I don’t think I like him either.


     At least, I hope I don’t.


     “Carly? Carls?” Louis’ voice snaps me out of my thoughts.


     I shake my head, looking at him. “I’m sorry, what?”


     Louis looks at me, confused. “It’s our turn to order,” he says, motioning for me to move forward.


     “Oh, right,” I say absentmindedly, and move a step forward to the lady behind the counter.


     Louis and I order our McFlurries, and once paying, we walked away and looked for the boys. We found them sitting at a table, conversing with one another, so we walkd over to them. We were greeted by them as I took a seat in between Zayn and Louis, with Niall, Harry, and Liam on the other side of the round table. Niall had gotten an entire meal from Burger King, Liam and Zayn settled on sharing a twenty piece nugget meal, and Harry was just eating French fries, occasionally taking a nugget or two from Zayn and Liam.


     The six of us just talked and ate, just enjoying ourselves. As I took a bite of my McFlurry, I felt a pair of feet nudging my own, and I looked up from my ice cream to see Harry smirking at me. Ah, so he wants to play footsies, huh? My own smirk growing on to my face, I nudge his feet back with mine, biting my bottom lip as Harry returns the favor. So here we are, sitting with our friends, staring at each other in concentration as our feet nudge each other’s from under the table. Harry’s smirk widens a bit, revealing his left dimple, as his tongue sticks out a bit as he concentrates on nudging my foot back. But I guess Harry mistook my foot for Zayn’s because he gave the dark haired boy a hard nudge, causing Zayn to jump back in surprise.


     “Who’s foot was that?!” he exclaims, eyeing each of us.


     Liam, Louis, and Niall looked confused while Harry and I were biting our lips hard, trying to fight back the urge of bursting out into laughter. Unfortunately, that didn’t go so well because simultaneously, Harry and I burst into a loud fit of laughter, clutching our stomachs because laughing so much actually hurt. Zayn glared at the two of us, and I quickly defended myself. “Hey, don’t look at me! That was all Harry.”


     Harry’s jaw drops in astonishment and amusement. “Way to give me away, buddy,” he chuckles.


     I smirk as I put my oreo McFlurry filled spoon in my mouth. Swallowing it, I say, “All’s fair in love and footsies.”