Chapter 13

Carly’s POV:


     The two concerts in London were done and over with, and it was amazing. The second night was just as amazing as the first, and I loved it. Now, we are at Glasgow, in Scotland. The flight was peaceful, and I got a good sleep while on it. We were at our hotel, just chilling in the living room of our hotel suite. It was our day off today. The concert was tomorrow night, and then another one the night later. Thank God today was a day off, because if we had a concert tonight, I would have died. Okay, maybe not died, but would have been exhausted.


     I was dressed in black sweat pants, an oversized purple sweatshirt, and my hair was tied into a messy bun. I had minimum amount of makeup on, and I honestly didn’t care if the boys saw me like this. I mean, I’m gonna be on tout with them for the next couple of months. They might as well see what I look like on my days off. Our managers had gotten the six of us one hotel suite, and it was HUGE. Three bedrooms with bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. I don’t mind sharing with the boys, really. It saves our Managements more money and we all just get to hang out together. 


     I was sitting back on one of the couches, my legs sprawled across the couch as my back rested against the arm rest and my head hung off of it, my eyes closed as I rested. Suddenly, I felt someone pick up my legs and I brought my head up in time to see that it was Harry. He brought my legs up, sat down on the couch where my legs were sprawled out, and then put my legs back down on his lap. 


     I smile over at him. “Oh hello there,” I laugh. 


     Harry smiles back, making his adorable dimples pop. “Oh, hello! Didn’t see you there,” he chuckles. 


     I laugh along with him, rolling my eyes. “Oh, you didn’t? I don’t think I’m that invisible,” I joke. 


     Harry chuckles, and Zayn and Liam stroll into the room. “We’re going out,” Liam says. “You wanna come?”


     Harry nods. “I’m up for it,” he says. 


     I, on the other hand, shake my head. “I’m exhausted. I just wanna sleep.”


     “Are you gonna be okay by yourself?” Zayn asks. 


     I nod. “I’m just gonna sleep,” I say. “You guys go ahead. I’ll be fine,” I assure them. 


     Liam and Zayn nod, but Harry still looks somewhat hesitant. I nod to him, telling him I will be fine, and he nods. He gently takes my legs off of him, and follows Liam and Zayn out of the door. After they leave, I stand up from the couch and retreat to my room, plopping on the comfortable bed and falling asleep. 




     I was woken up by a loud slam on the door, followed by feet stomping around the suite. Then, I heard another door slam, which was much closer to my room. Jolting up from my bed, I got off of it and stood up. What in the world was that? Was it the boys? It couldn’t be, since I only heard one pair of feet. Quietly, I walked out of my room and into the suite’s small hallway. All of the bedroom doors were open, except for one, which was Harry and Louis’. Biting my bottom lip, I walkd over and carefully held the door knob, not trying to make any noise. Before opening it, I knocked.


     “Louis? Harry?” I ask, wondering which boy it was.


     “It’s Harry,” a raspy, quiet, and trembling voice replies. I suddenly grew worried. He sounded so quiet, and as if he was crying.


     I carefully open the door. I walk in, and see a sight that totally breaks my heart. Harry’s sitting at the edge of the bed with his head down. His elbows are on his knees, as his hands hold his bowed head, and his fingers are tangled in his hair. He’s shaking a bit, as if he’s... Crying. My eyes widen, seeing the sight. He’s crying. Harry’s crying. I step into the room, closing the door behind me, and walk towards him.


     “Harry...” my voice dropped into a whisper as I took a couple of steps towards the bed. He didn’t respond, so I quietly sat down next to him on the edge of the bed. “Harry, what happened?”


     He shook his head, sniffing, as his hands were still tangled in his hair. “I-It’s nothing,” he stuttered, and I noticed a couple of tears drop from his closed eyes and on to his pants, leaving a wet mark.


     Seeing him like this, just breaks me. If you watch Harry Styles cry, and be as weak as he is, it’s not a good sight. It’s so heartbreaking, I just... Can’t. Before saying anything, I grabbed both of Harry’s wrists in my hands, and brought his hands on to my lap. He looked a bit startled, jumping a bit, and then relaxed. His head slowly lifted up, and his eyes met mine. His joyous green eyes weren’t as dancing and sparkling as they usually are. Instead, they are red, dull, and tears glassing them. “Harry, what’s wrong?” I asked, but more firmly this time.


     He didn’t answer me, and instead he took his left wrist out of my grip, and dug it into his pants pocket. He then took out his phone, opened up the Twitter app, went on his mentions, and handed it back to me. “Read them,” he croaked as I took it from him.


     Frowning, I do as he says, looking down at the screen. My eyes widen in shock as my jaw drops as I read the awful mentions.


-One Direction should just get rid of @Harry_Styles. He’s not even that good.


-Ew. @Harry_Styles is so fucking ugly.


-I fucking hate @Harry_Styles. That’s all.


-Can @Harry_Styles just kill himself already? It’ll make the world such a better place.


-@Harry_Styles is such a manwhore. He fucks any girl he sees, and doesn’t care if she’s thirteen or thirty. How nasty is that?!!!


-I feel bad for all of those girls that @Harry_Styles fucked and forgot. He’s such an asshole.


-@Harry_Styles Kill yourself.


     I clenched my jaw as I read all of those nasty and hate tweets, and bit back my tongue at the last one to keep myself from screaming. What the fuck is this shit? How can people be so rude and horrible to someone? Especially when that person is someone they don’t even know? I looked over at Harry, and saw how he was still crying. My heart kept on breaking and breaking every time he let out a sob, and I bit my bottom lip once more. “Harry, don’t –”


     Before I could even finish, Harry jumped up from the bed and stood on his feet, glaring at me. “Don’t what, Carly?!” he shouted. “Don’t listen to it? How can I not listen to it? Thousands of people think I’m a fucking manwhore, that I don’t care about anyone else but myself! They think I don’t deserve to live my dream, that I should just crawl in a fucking hole and fucking die!”


     If there’s one thing I know about Harry, it’s that he never curses. He hates it when people curse. And having him say ‘fucking’ three times already, just shows how mad he is. I stared up at him, eyes widen in shock. He looked so frightening. Harry’s chest was moving up and down rapidly as his nose flared and he clenched his hands into tight fists. His jaw was clenched, and as hot as he looked, it was still scary looking at him like this. I want to tell him to calm down, but everyone knows that’s not really a good idea.


     I stood up from the bed and took a step towards Harry. “They’re just jealous,” I say. “And yeah, don’t listen to them. They’re just haters.”


     Harry shook his head, a bitter chuckle coming out of his lips. “They want me dead.” And that’s when the tears starting flowing out of his red eyes, trailing down his cheeks.


     My heart fell, watching those tears fall down his face. Biting in my bottom lip, I stepped forward and lifted my right hand, since the left was holding his phone, and wiped his tears away. “Don’t cry, please,” I beg him, looking up into his eyes as I bring my hand down. “Don’t waste your tears on what the haters say. Trust me, they aren’t worth it. You’re so much better than they are. And if they say you don’t deserve to be in One Direction, do you honestly think what they say matters?” I rhetorically ask him. “You have the voice a billion people would kill for, and living a life that so many people want. Just because some people don’t like you, doesn’t mean no one else likes you. You’re loved by literally over millions of people. Don’t let a few haters bring you down, okay?”


     Harry looks down at me, his green eyes literally staring into my soul. It was the type of stare you would give someone you’re really curious and intrigued about, like you’re trying to figure them out. After a few moments of staring into my eyes, Harry lets out a small smile. “Thanks, Carly,” he finally says. “I... I really needed that.”


     I smile up at him. “No problem,” I say. “And if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m hear for you.”


     This time, Harry gives a real smile, dimples and all. “Thank you,” he says sincerely, and then pulls me in for a hug. His arms wrap around me as he pulls me into his chest. I smile into his hard and warm chest, wrapping my arms around his neck as his arms are around my waist. The hug feels so nice and so right, and I honestly could stay like this forever.


     Is that bad?