Chapter 11

Carly’s POV:


     I guess the jet lag messed up my sleeping schedule because when I woke up, it was two thirty in the morning. I felt wide awake, so there wasn’t any point in just laying in bed. I was still in my shirt and jeans from the morning, so I just walked out of the guest room and down to where the kitchen was. Walking into the large kitchen, I walked over to the cabinets to look for a glass. After trying a few cabinets, I finally found the glasses. Only problem? They were all the way on the top shelf of the cabinet. Sighing, I stood on my tippy toes to try and get the glass, but my finger tips wouldn’t even brush the glass.


     Trying again, I stood one my toes one more time to reach for the glass, but as I did so, another arm, more muscular and manly than mine, reached up and grabbed the glass that I needed, and set it down on the counter in front of me. I turned around and saw that it was Harry smirking down at me. “Here you go, shorty,” he smirks.


     I roll my eyes. “Thanks,” I mutter, grabbing the glass and pouring myself some water from the jug that sat on the counter.


     “So what are you doing up so early?” I turn around and see Harry leaning against the counter, arms crossed as he looks at me with those green eyes. He’s wearing a simple white T-shirt and pajama bottoms, and his curly hair a bid disheveled but looking as good as ever.


     I shrug, sipping my water. “Jet lagged,” I simply answer.


     Harry nods, understanding. “You get used to it after a while,” he says. “Don’t worry.”


     “So what are our plans for tomorrow?” I ask once the glass leaves my lips. “Well, it’s actually today since it’s the morning and all....”


     Harry chuckles. “I think we have rehearsals at the O2 until three, and then a CD signing, and then I guess a lunch break, and finally the concert at seven,” he explains.


     I nod. “This should be fun,” I say as I put the glass in the sink.


     “You should know when you’re with One Direction, there’s never a dull Mument,” Harry chuckles, his dimples coming into view.


     I laugh along with him. “I find that very easy to believe,” I tell him.


     Day 1 of the Take Me Home tour. Let’s do this.




     “I’m sorry for changing. I’m sorry it isn’t like it was. Believe me, it’s easier just to pretend. But, I won’t apologize, why should I apologize. No, I won’t apologize for who I am,” I sang the lyrics to my song I Won’t Apologize as my band played the music. Ethan was the guitar man, Joey was bass, Greg was drums, and Dane was the keyboards. They got here a few hours ago, and we were currently at the O2 arena, rehearsing for the concert tonight.


     Once the song ended, I let out a breath and ran a hand through my long hair. “That was awesome, guys,” I grin at my band.


     “I’m so pumped for tonight,” Joey grins, taking the guitar off of him. “It’s gonna be great!”


     Just then, Zayn ran on to the stage and came up to me. “Carly, there are people here to see you backstage.”


     I frown, confused and then follow him backstage. When I do, I see two familiar figures. A woman with short light brown hair and a tall, strong looking man talking to the boys. A wide grin appears on my face as I yell, “Mum! Dad!”


     Their attention snaps towards me, and the boys turn around to look at me. Mum and Dad grin, and I quickly break out into a run and attack them into a hug. I’ve missed my parents so much, and it was so good to see them again. My dad is actually my step dad, Brian. But He has been around for so long and is such an amazing father figure to me, so why not just call him Dad? Besides, it sounds so right, and it makes him happy.


     “Carly! Oh, my baby girl,” Mum laughs as I hug them. “You’ve grown up a lot.”


     “Yeah, you outgrew your mother,” Dad laughs as we pull away from our hug.


     I chuckle. “Well, I wasn’t gonna stay one height forever,” I say. “I guess you’ve already met the boys?” I say as I look over at the smiling One Direction boys.


     Mum nods. “Yes, they’re really sweet boys,” she says, smiling over to the boys.


     “Don’t let their looks fool you,” I say. “They’re actually devils.”


     “Hey!” the boys pout as my parents chuckle.


     I shrug innocently. “What? It’s the truth.”


     Harry smirks at me. “I don’t think you want to be calling us that, Carls,” he says. “You’re gonna be on tour with us for the next eight months. Choose your words carefully.”


     I narrow my eyes at the smirking boy, shaking my head at him. Instead of saying anything, I take out my phone and hand it to Harry. “Hey, Curly, can you take a picture of me with my ‘rents?”


     Harry chuckles and takes my phone with me. “Sure thing,” he says.


     I stand in between my parents as we put our arms around each other. The boys step behind Harry, not wanting to get into the camera’s frame, and Harry takes the picture. Once he does, he hands me back my phone and I smile at him. “Thanks, bub.”


     Harry raises an eyebrow at me as everyone else just chuckles. “Bub?” he questions, his green eyes dancing with amusement.


     I nod, grinning. “Yeah, you’re my bub,” I say as I go on the Twitter app on my phone.


@CarlyMcKinley: Feels so good to be reunited with my parents after such a long time! :D @JennaMK


     After I tweet it, I put my phone back in my pocket and look at my parents. “Are you guys gonna stay here for rehearsals?” I ask them.


     Mum and Dad look at each other for a moment, as if having a conversation with their eyes. “Uh, we were thinking if we could explore London before the concert tonight,” Mum finally says, looking back at me. “Only if it’s okay with you.”


     I laugh. “It’s perfectly fine with me,” I say. “Rehearsals gonna be a while. Go enjoy your time in London.”


     Mum grins and kisses my forehead. “We’ll see you tonight.”


     Dad smiles at me and kisses the top of my head. “We’re proud of you, kiddo,” he says. He then turns to the boys and says, “We’ll see you lads tonight.”


     “It was nice meeting you,” Liam smiles.


     My parents then give one last goodbye to the boys and I, and then leave. “Now we know where you get your looks from,” Zayn smirks. “Your mum’s hot.”


     I make a face. “I thought Harry was the only one who had a thing for older women?” I say, and the boys burst into laughter as Harry’s face turns a shade of red from embarassment.


     “That was only one time!” he exclaims, referring to the Caroline Flack incident. “Can’t we just let it go?”


     “Nope,” I laugh, popping the ‘p.’ “That’s one mistake even your grandchildren will be hearing about.”


     Louis smirks. “I don’t think you’d want your grandchildren to know about that, Carly.”


     “Yeah, but – wait, what?!” I cut myself off as my eyes widen. Did Louis seriously just say that? The Doncaster boy burst into laughter as did the other boys. Harry, however, wasn’t laughing. Instead, he was shooting daggers at Louis, just as I was.


     Louis took notice of that, because he said, “Aw, the couple is mad at me,” he pouts.


     Oh my God. This is just like having your friends embarass you in front of your crush in high school. Except that I don’t like Harry. I think...


     “Louis,” Harry says through gritted teeth. “One more word out of your mouth and I’ll make sure that you and El are never able to make babies.” Louis immediately stops laughing, and Harry smirks in victory. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”


     Just then Paul came up and said, “Lads, it’s your time to rehearse,” he reminded.


     The lads nod and then run out to stage as I walk off and into the crowd where the audience will be sitting tonight. I sit on one of the chairs as the boys start rehearsing I Would. As I listen to them, I take out my phone and start tweeting.


@CarlyMcKinley: Who’s coming to the concert at the O2 tonight?! I’m so excited but also #nervous.


     I then hear a loud thump and I look up to see the boys in a massive dog pile, all on top of one another and not singing. Their band is just staring at them in amusement and I quickly snap a picture of the boys before they get off each other.


@CarlyMcKinley: This is what a @onedirection rehearsal looks like, for those who wanted to know. #CrazyBoys


-@CarlyMcKinley hahaha aw my boys are so cute <3




-@CarlyMcKinley Me and my sister are coming tonight! Eepp!


-@CarlyMcKinley Are you & Harry dating?!


     I retweeted the tweets about the fans who are coming to the concert tonight, and when I saw the tweet asking if Harry and I were dating, I decided to send out a tweet in general to rest this case once and for all.


@CarlyMcKinley: Guys! I’m NOT dating Harry! We’re just friends, that’s all! Don’t listen to rumors xx


     Then I noticed something else. I had reached over two million followers!


@CarlyMcKinley: Wow! Just noticed I have over 2M followers! Love you all! xx


     Exiting out of Twitter, I put my phone away and watched the boys go through their songs. Watching them sing and have fun around the stage made me look forward to performing tonight, since I’m such a nervous wreck. It’s my first performance in front of a big crowd, so I want it to be absolutely perfect. No screw ups, no forgetting lyrics, no malfunctions. Just perfect.


     I was snapped out of my thoughts when something warm patted my right cheek. I looked up and saw Harry staring down at me, a concerned look washed over his face. “Hey, you okay?” his deep voice asks. “I’ve been calling your name at least five times and you didn’t respond.”


     I smile sheepishly and nod. “Yeah, I’m fine,” I tell him.


     Harry didn’t seem convinced. “Are you sure?”


     I nod. “Positive. Just thinking, that’s all,” I say. “Where are the boys?” I then ask, looking at the now empty stage.


     “They went to eat some snacks backstage,” he tells me.


     I stand up, drawing a breath. “I could use some snacks.”


     Harry grins, revealing his dimples. “Come on, then.” I follow Harry backstage where we see a long table that was currently being raided by four teenage boys. Louis, Liam, Zayn, and especially Niall were eating like a hungry pack of wolves, with their faces buried in the plates and their mouths full of food. Harry and I chuckled at the sight of them and walked over. “Leave some for us, lads,” Harry laughs, patting Louis and Niall on the back.


     “First come, first serve, buddy,” Zayn replies with a mouthful of food. I scrunch my face up at that, ew.


     “You guys are animals,” I tell them as I grab a paper plate.


     Louis looks over at me. “You love us really,” he says, with yet another mouthful of food. Seriously?


     “New rule,” I say. “Talk once you’ve swallowed your food, and we won’t have anyone throwing up, kay?”


     “Sassy,” Liam mutters under his breath, causing me to smirk.


     I grab a toasted bagel and put it on my plate. Opening it, I spread the insides with cream cheese and then close it back up. Lifting the bagel up, I take a bite of it and chew it a bit before swallowing the delicious piece of food. Just to rehearse a few more songs, a CD signing, lunch, and then the concert tonight.




     “Oh my God! I love your album! Your songs are so amazing!” a girl grins at me, causing me to smile at her.


    I chuckle. “Thanks, love!” I reply, my British accent becoming more apparent. “Want me to sign anything?”


     She nods and hands me her CD, and I happily sign it with my silver Sharpie. “Thank you!” she says as I hand it back to her.


     I laugh. “No problem.”


     This CD signing had been going on for a little over an hour, and it was totally a blast. The boys were sitting at a table a few feet away as fans came up to me and then went over to them. The fans were so sweet and nice, and I was so surprised that people had come to see me just as much as they wanted to see the boys. I had hugged, signed, and high fived a bunch of girls and I was definitely getting the hang of this. Randy was standing behind me, arms crossed across his chest and was looking around the place, making sure everything was fine and no one tried to attack me. I doubt that will happen though.


     A few girls later, another girl comes up who looks around the age of nine or ten. I smile down at her and see her holding my Kiss and Tell CD. “Hi, sweetie,” I smile down at her. “Want me to sign that for you?”


     She nods and gives me a toothy grin, only to show that her two top teeth are missing. I smile at how cute she is and sign the CD, and then hand it back to her. As she takes it from me, she asks in a baby voice, “Awe you and Hawwy dating?”


     Are you and Harry dating? I repeat the question in my head. I shake my head, chuckling softly. “No, darling, we aren’t.”


     She somewhat pouts. “Aw. I think you two would be weally cute togethwe.”


     I smile. “I appreciate it, love.”


     She smiles and then walks off. A few more minutes pass, and then the CD signing is over. As all of the fans leave, I finally get out of my chair. Gosh, I think my butt is numb. I take my phone out and let out a tweet.


@CarlyMcKinley: First CD signing! Thanks to everyone who came! Now for the concertttt(:


     “Hey,” a voice says, and I look up to see that it’s Harry with the boys standing behind him.


     I put my phone back in my pocket and smile. “Sup?”


     “We’re going out for lunch now,” Liam says. “Wanna come?”


     Zayn chuckles. “Do you even have to ask?” he says, causing the rest of us to let out a chuckle.


     We all then walk out of the building and into the grey van. Paul and Randy, as usual, take the front two seats while the rest of us take the back. I sit next to the door with Niall next to me, and Harry is sitting in front of me next to Liam and Zayn on the other side and Louis on the other side of Niall. As we drove to wherever the boys felt like eating, As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber came on the radio. My face lit up as I sang along with the chorus. “As long as you lolololololololololololololove me!” I sang.


     “Yeaahhhh, Bieberr!” Niall grins, and then starts singing along with me.


     Harry chuckles. “Guess we have another Belieber with us.”


     I laugh. “You know it.”


     Soon enough the van stops and I see that we have pulled up in front of McDonald’s. Once the car had stopped we literally jumped out of the van and ran straight into the fast food place, running to stand in the line. We hadn’t bothered to wear any sunglasses, so if people saw us, they’d recognize us right away. But thankfully, when we were there, no teenage girls were there. Instead, there were some middle aged couples and instead of teenage girls, there were teenage boys. As we stood in line, I saw one of the boys from this group of guys sitting eyeing me up and down. I was wearing denim shorts, a blue blouse, and white TOMS that I had changed into, and it made me feel more uncomfortable and awkward while the guy’s eyes lingered on my legs.


     “You alright, love?” a deep voice whispered, their hot breath hitting my neck. I immediately knew it was Harry, and relaxed.


     The other boys were too busy looking at the menu board to notice Harry and I talking, so I whispered back, “Yeah. It’s uh, just that that guy won’t stop looking at me. It’s uncomfortable,” I admit.


     Harry’s gaze flickers over to the boy, who is still looking at me, and a slight smirk appears on Harry’s lips. His arm suddenly snakes around my waist, startling me a bit, but he whispers, “Shh, just go along with it.”


     I let out a quiet giggle and agree as my arms wrap around Harry’s torso. I don’t even look at the guy. Instead, I just look at the menu and decide on what to eat. But my mind keeps going over to Harry and I’s position. This feels so normal, like there isn’t anything weird about it at all. This is the second time we’ve done this, both having him to rescue me from some sort of creep, and I kind of like the way we are right now. Hands wrapped around each other as if we were a couple.


     Whoa there, Carly. Slow your roll.


     With one arm still wrapped around Harry’s torso, I take my phone out to distract me and go on Twitter. One thing catches my eye, which is an article on Sugarscape, about Harry and I. Oh no.


     ‘At first we thought that Carly McKinley and One Direction’s Harry Styles were just friends. But do friends have their arms all over each other? Back at LAX, we had pictures of catching Hazza with his arms around Carly, and her leaning into him. And now, we have caught yet another moment of the two! 1D and Carly were seen at McDonald’s in London just a few minutes ago, and our sources say that Harry and Carly have their arms wrapped around each other! So are they really just friends? Or is ‘Harly’ coming to be? Leave your comments below!’


     Ohhh, great.