Chapter 10

Harry’s POV:


     “We have landed in London, England. Hope you enjoyed your flight and have a good day,” the captain said after the plane stopped.


     We all stood up from our seats, grabbing our carry on bags. “That was a pleasant flight,” Carly says as we walk down the plane and she takes off her sweatshirt. I put on mine, not feeling like carrying it, and agreed.


     “It was,” I chuckle along. 


     Once we were off of the plane and inside of the airport, we exited our gate and walked to the front of the airport. Obviously, there were paparazzi so we tried to go through as fast as possible. Once we made it through the airport, we went to the grey van that was waiting for us. Paul got into the drivers seat, while Randy got into the passengers seat. Kristen, Liam, and Niall sat in the second row of the van while Louis, me, and Carly sat behind them. And all the way in the back seat sat Zayn, but he didn’t really seem to mind because he laid down, closed his eyes, and fell asleep. I looked over at Carly, who was staring out the window as we drove with her earbuds in her ears as she listened to music from her iPhone. Wanting to know what type of music she listens to, I take out her left earbud and put it in my right ear, startling her. She looks over at me and I smile at her, causing her face to soften and smile back. Immediately, the A Team by my mate Ed Sheeran starts playing in my ear, and I smile.


     “You like Ed?” I ask her quietly, enough for only her to hear.


     Carly nods slightly. “Yeah,” she says. “He’s like, a musical genius.” 


     I grin. “And one of my best mates,” I tell her. 


     Carly’s brown eyes widen a fraction. “You’re best friends with Ed Sheeran?” She gasps and I nod. “Oh my God, he’s so amazing.”


     I pout. “More amazing than me?”


     “Definitely,” she answers with a serious face, causing me to playfully glare at her. She lets out a cute chuckle, patting my cheek. “No need to be jealous, Harold.”


     I scoff. “I’m most certainly not jealous,” I tell her. Is it bad that I might be a teeny tiny bit jealous? Whatever. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.


     “Whatever, Haz,” Carly rolls her eyes, but the smile remains on her pink lips.


     The rest of the car ride was silent, and finally the car stopped in front of the familiar flat complex. I grinned at the sight of our home, even if we were only staying here for two or three days. We all slid out of the van, grabbing our carry on bags. Paul told us that he and Randy will bring up our bags, so the boys, Carly, Kristen, and I walked up to the building. As we walked down the hallway of the complex, Kristen stopped us.


     “Wait, can Carly stay with one of you boys while we’re here?” she asks.


     “She can stay with Haz and I,” Louis immediately offers up. “We have a guest room.”


     Kristen grins. “Perfect,” she says, and then turns to Carly. “I have to go meet up with a few people. I’ll be back later on.”


     Carly nods, and once we say goodbye to Kristen, she leaves. We all continue to walk up, and Liam, Niall, and Zayn retreat to their own flats while Louis, Carly, and I continue to walk to ours. When we finally get there, Louis opens the door using his keys and we walk in. I smile at the sight of our flat, looking just the way it did before we left. The silver marbel floors, white walls, and big windows. I loved everything about our flat – it was big and open, and when the other lads came over, it had just enough space for all of us.


     As we walk in, Louis yells out, “FLAT SWEET FLAT! OH, HOW I MISSED THEE.”


     “Is he always like this?” Carly whispers in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. Whoa there, Harry. Get ahold of yourself.


     I let out a small chuckle. “Sometimes,” I answer, and then turn to fully face her. “Come on, I’ll show you to your room.”


     Carly nods and I lead her up the stairs and down the hall to the guest room. It’s right across from my room, and we walk there and I open the door for her, revealing the beautiful room. We had it refurnished, and it looked a lot better than it did before. “Wow, this is amazing,” Carly says in awe, looking around the room.


     I chuckle, leaning my side against the door frame with my hands crossed over my chest. “Yeah, it is,” I agree. “Do you need to unpack or...?”


     Carly shakes her head. “We’re only here for like, three days,” she says. “If I need anything, I’ll just take it out of my suitcase. No biggie.” I smile and all of a sudden I hear someone coming down the hallway. I turn my head and see that it’s Randy carrying Carly’s suitcases. I step aside to let him in the room, and he smils gratefully as he sets the suitcases down beside the bed. “Thanks, Randy,” Carly tells him.


     Randy nods. “No problem, Carly,” he says, and then leaves.


     I then hear Carly let out a yawn, and I chuckle. “Jet lag catching up on you?”


     Carly nods, taking off her shoes. “Maybe I’ll take a nap..” she mumbles.


     I smile softly. “Night, Carly,” I say as he pulls the duvet over her petite body.


     “Night, Harry,” she mumbles, before being whisked away to dream land as her eyes flutter shut.


     I carefully and quietly close the door, and then walk back down stairs where I see Louis sitting comfortably on the couch, watching TV. As I got closer to the TV, I saw that he was watching some sort of gossip show. “One Direction have just landed back in the UK a few minutes ago,” the lady was saying. “But they weren’t alone. Singer Carly McKinley, who is also 1D’s opening act for the tour, was seen at the airport with them as well! Sources say that Harry Styles and Carly were seen being very close at Heathrow Airport, and back at LAX as well. Is this a new couple alert? What do you think? Let us know on our Facebook page or Twitter!”


     I groaned as I plopped down on the couch next to Louis, causing him to look at me. “So,” he says, shutting the TV off. “Is this a new couple alert?” he asks with a raised eyebrow.


     I shake my head. “No, of course not, Lou,” I tell him. “How many times do I have to say that I don’t like Carly?”


     “As many times as it takes for you to convince yourself of that,” he retorts.


     I honestly don’t get why Louis is so stuck on the idea that I fancy Carly. He knows me better than anyone else, so he should know that I don’t like Carly. Unless he knows what he’s talking about...


     What if I do fancy Carly and I just don’t know it? Is it possible for Louis to pick that up before even I can? But I can’t fall for Carly, I just can’t. She isn’t looking for a relationship, and with the tour coming up, it’ll be a mess. I don’t want to screw up the amazing friendship we built. And if we do get into a relationship, what if things go wrong and we end on a bad note? Then the whole tour would be awkward and no fun.


     I cannot fall for Carly McKinley.