Chapter 9



Carly's POV:


My alarm clock started beeping loudly, waking me up from my slumber. I groaned as my eyes peeled open to look at the time, and it read five fifty-five in the morning. I sigh, getting up. Today was the day of our tour, and our flight left at seven thirty. It takes a while to get to the airport, including the fact that we are going to have to go through security. All of my bags are packed and are sitting at the door of my bedroom, and all I have to do is pack my toiletries and extra stuff in the bag that I'm gonna carry around with me.


I look out the window and see that it's still dark, and walk over to the bathroom, still half asleep. I do my business, and then wash my face and brush my teeth. After doing that, I open the mirror cabinet and take out the toiletries bag that's in there, and put in my toothbrush, favorite shampoo and conditioner, and other things. I then walked out of my bathroom with the bag, I put it into one of the bags I was gonna carry with me in the airport. I then started to get dressed, wearing jeans, Converse, and a white tank with a blue OBEY sweatshirt on top of it. I used the make up that was unpacked and once I was done using it, I put it in my bag. Brushing my hair, I put the hair brush in the bag and now I was ready. Checking the time, I saw that it was six fifteen. As if on cue, my phone buzzed, telling me I have a text.


From: Kristen


Paul just told me he and the boys are coming to pick you up in ten minutes, along with Randy. I'm already at the airport, just making sure if everything's set for you all. See you in a bit.


I smile appreciatively at Kristen's text, and lock my phone screen and put it in my jeans pocket. I walk out of my room and into the kitchen to get some water when I bump into a sleepy looking Ashley. "Ash, what're you doing up?" I ask.


She smiles sleepily. "What? You thought I would've let you go without saying goodbye to me?"


I smile and pull her in for a hug, her immediately hugging me back. "I'm gonna miss you, Ashley."


"I'm gonna miss you too, Carly," she says. "But I'll talk to you whenever I can, alright?"


I nod. "Yeah," I say. "And besides, you'll be busy with school and I'll be busy with tour. Eight months will fly by before we know it."


Ashley and I pull away and she smiles, just when someone knocks on our door. "Your ride's here," she says sadly.


I smile sadly back, and walk over and open the door to reveal Randy. "Morning, Carly," he says and I smile. "Your bags are in your room?"


"Yeah, just go on up and get them," I say and he nods, leaving to get my bags. I then turn to look at Ashley, who's in the middle of yawning. "Ash, go to bed. You're practically dying. Plus, you have to go to Uni in a few hours. Go to bed."


Ashley doesn't argue. She just smiles and gives me one last hug. "Have fun on tour and stay safe."


I hug her back. "Thanks. And keep the doors locked at all times when you're here by yourself, kay?"


Ashley rolls her eyes, pulling from our hug. "Yes, mother."


With saying goodbye one last time, Ashley retreats to her room the same time Randy comes down with my bags. I walk over to him and grab the two handbags that I carry around with me, and we leave my house, closing and locking the door behind us. A big black van was waiting for us, and the back door opened to reveal the boys. It was one of those vans that had six people sitting in the back, three on each side, but were facing each other. Paul was sitting in the driver's seat, and I'm sure that Randy is gonna be sitting in the passenger's seat. As he put my bags in the trunk of the car, I got in the back seat and sat in between Harry and Liam, and across from Niall, Zayn, and Louis.


"Morning, Carly," they all chimed, seeming very much awake, which was the opposite of what I was at the moment.


"Morning, boys," I mumble, rubbing my left eye just as Randy closed the trunk of the car.


"Aw, is someone tired?" Harry coos from next to me, patting my right cheek with his warm hand.


"Exhausted is more of the word," I say, fighting back the urge to yawn.


Louis chuckles. "Just take a nap, love," he says. "It'll take us a while to get to the airport anyways."


I smile gratefully and rest my head against the seat. "What's with getting flights so early in the morning anyways?" I grumble.


"It's so the fans don't mob us," Liam laughs. "But don't worry, you'll get used to it eventually."


I hum in agreement, the sleepiness suddenly making my eyes flutter close. My head suddenly moves and lands on something, but I don't have the energry to open my eyes to see what it was. All I remember was the familiar husky voice being very close to my ear whispering, "Sweet dreams, Carls."




"Carly, babe, wake up," a soft voice whispered in my ear, stirring me awake.


My eyes fluttered open, and I found Harry staring down at me. Oh crap, I had fallen asleep on his shoulder! "Oh, sorry," I say, lifting my head up.


Harry chuckles. "It's no problem," he says.


I smile back, and then realize that we are the only ones in the car. "Where's everyone else?"


"They're already out," he tells me. "Come on, they're waiting for us." I nod, grabbing my bag, and slide out of the van after Harry. Just as we got out, a lot of flashes went off. Oh great, paparazzi. Harry and I gripped the bags we were holding tighter, and he says to me, "Stay close, Carly."


Harry and I make our way through, and I see Randy keeping as many paparazzi away as he can. When we get to the point where the paparazzi can't reach us, Harry and I let out a breath. "The others are already through security," Randy tells us. "They're probably waiting in the VIP waiting room."


"They could've waited," Harry muttered under his breath, causing me to chuckle.


Harry and I walked through the airport with Randy trailing behind us. We got to the part of security where they use those detector things and trail them over your body to see if they can detect any type of weapons or anything, and it was really uncomfortable for me. The guy who was working that station was in his late twenties, early thirties, and as I stood and he used the detector thing over me, his eyes and detector would trail over my chest and when he would go check out the back of my body, he would CHECK OUT the back of my body. It was so uncomfortable, and the guy would take longer than needed. This is disgusting and disturbing.


I saw Harry looking at me as the guy 'looked' for any weapons, and then Harry's green eyes glared at the guy, who was too busy checking out my butt to notice Harry. I mouthed 'Help,' to Harry, and he immediately understood, his chiseled jaw tightening. I saw as his nose flared as he walked over to us, and I bit my bottom lip.


"Sir, are you done yet?" Harry asked in his thick British accent, his hands balling up into fists.


The guy looked up at Harry and stood straight. "Maybe," he replied. Really? That's what he's gonna say?


Harry's glare, however, turned harder towards the guy. "Sorry, but my girlfriend and I have to get to our flight."


Whoa, what.


Did he just call me his GIRLFRIEND? Though it worked, because the guy stood up even straighter than before. "This chick right here is YOUR girlfriend?" He asks, not believing it.


Harry nods, his right hand finding my elbow and he pulls me towards him. Not roughly, though, it was gentle. "Yah, she is," he says. "And I'd appreciate it if you stopped trying to assault her."


I tried so hard not to let out a giggle at the man's priceless expression. From trying myself not to let out a laugh, I moved my head and buried my face into Harry's arm, letting out a breathy chuckle in the fabric of his T-shirt. I felt Harry's right arm move a bit as it wrapped around my waist. I moved my head and rested it against Harry's arm, biting my bottom lip.


The man, a bit embarrassed, said, "You can go."


Harry and I didn't need to be told twice, because we walked right away from him. Harry's arm was still around my waist and my head was still resting against his arm, but none of us made the effort to move it. It felt so... Natural. "Well that was something," I mumble. "Thanks for that," I add.


From the corner of my eye I saw Harry's pink lips curl into a smile. "Don't mention it," he says. "That guy was a creep."


Just then, Randy came up to us. "Sorry for leaving you," he apologized. "I had to make sure that Paul had given me the right waiting room number," he says as he leads us.


"It's no problem," Harry says. We got up to a door with Paul and Kristen sitting in front of the door, and they told us to go right in and that they will be waiting outside and will tell us when it's time to leave. Harry and I walked in with our bags, and saw the rest of the boys sitting around either on their phone or reading a magazine. "Thanks for leaving us, boys," Harry says to them as the door closes.


"Oops," Louis snickers, and then he sees Harry and I's position. "Um, did we miss something?" He asks, raising an eyebrow.


Harry and I immediately realize what our position was, and took a step away from each other. "Oh, it's, uh, a long story," I say, a faint blush making it's way to my cheeks.


"Mhm," Louis hums, looking back down at his phone. The other boys just chuckled, and I just rolled my eyes.


I put my bags down and sat down in one of the comfortable chairs, taking my phone out. I checked the time and saw that our flight left in a little more than half an hour. Taking my phone out, I checked Twitter and saw it blowing up. Almost everything tweeted by fans was in caps lock. Oh God, and I think I know why.


- #NEW Harry was seen at LAX together a few minutes ago!






- Aw aw aw they look so cute together aw


Tweets and pictures of Harry and I were everywhere on Twitter. There were pictures of the two of us walking through the airport together, and pictures of the two of us walking with my head against his arm and his arm around my waist. I'm just thankful that no one got pictures of when that guy when he was using that detector on me. But people at the moment were freaking out on Twitter. They were either outraged, or they were all excited ad happy. In hopes to divert their attention, I sent out a tweet.


@CarlyMcKinley: London in a few hours! So excited! Who's ready for the Take Me Home tour?? I know I am (: xx




"This is your captain speaking. Please strap on your seat belts, we are about to take off for London, England," the captain's voice said from above head.


We were all here, sitting in the plane. Randy, Kristen, and Paul were sitting on the other side of the plane, and the boys and I were sitting in the back. I was put to sit next to Harry - shocker there - and the two of us were sitting in front of Niall and Liam, and we were behind Zayn and Louis. I was sitting next to the window, so I was looking out at the semi dark sky.


"I'm so excited to go back to London," Harry's voice breaks me out of my thoughts.


I turn my head and turn to look at him. His green eyes bore into my brown ones, as if he's staring into my freaking soul. Good lord. "Me too. I haven't been back there in a while," I smile, remembering the place where


"It'll be good to be back," Harry smiles, making his dimples pop.


I grin back. "I can't wait."