Chapter 8

Carly’s POV:




     “So the first stop is in England,” Kristen tells me. “There are two shows in London on the twenty third and twenty fourth. And then you travel over to Scotland, and have two shows in Glasgow on the twenty sixth and twenty seventh. From there you go to Wales and have two shows on the first and second of March in Cardiff, and then on the fifth and sixth you have shows in Dublin, Ireland.”


     Kristen was currently giving me the run down of the first few weeks of the tour, and it was already packed. We had shows back to back, not to mention meet and greets and CD signings and interviews in between. Everything was kind of packed and just smushed into there, but we all were determined to make it work. Our flight to England leaves in three days, and we’re taking the boys’ private jet. Yeah, how awesome is that? Oh, and did I mention I still need to start packing? I should probably get on that...


     “Oh, and while you’re in London, you’re not staying at a hotel,” Kristen says, and I frown, confused. “The boys have apartments there, remember? You’re gonna stay with them,” she explains further, and I nod, understanding. “Oh, and I might have a surprise for you there...”


     My head snaps towards her. “What do you mean?” I ask, narrowing my eyes.


     Kristen shrugs innocently. “Oh, you know. A certain singer’s Mum and step dad might be coming to support their brilliant daughter....”


     My eyes suddenly widen as a huge grin spreads across my face. “You got my parents tickets!?”


     Kristen laughs and nods, as I tackle her into a hug. “Of course I did,” she says, hugging me back. “It’s your first tour and your first show. Your parents are gonna wanna be there.”


     I grin as I release her. “Thank you so much, Kris!”


     “No problem,” she smiles. “Now, you have to go to rehearsals,” she tells me. “Yes, there are gonna be rehearsals when you get to London, but we’re just going over a few things right now just to see if everything is in it’s place. Randy will take you while I get some of your stuff packed.”


     I smile at Kristen gratefully. “Thanks, Kristen. You’re the best.”


     Kristen smirks. “I know. Now go!”


     I laughed and grabbed my car keys and sunglasses and phone, and then walked out of my house. I was dressed in a white fitted tank with high waisted denim shorts, black ankle boots, and my hair was long and straight. I had minimal amount of makeup on, not really seeing the point in wearing it, and left for rehearsing. It was actually just the boys and I going to the studio, getting into the recording booth, and just singing. That way we can see which song we want to sing sounds best live or not. It’s really confusing, sometimes I don’t even understand it. 


     Shaking the thoughts out of my head, I drove to the studio and parked my car. Walking into the building, I walked towards the recording studio I was told to go to and carefully opened the door to it. I suddenly stopped at the doorway with the door opened, because a beautiful voice was currently singing into the microphone in the recording booth.


     “I know you’ve never loved the sound of your voice on tape. You never want to know how much you weigh. You still have to squeeze into your jeans, but you’re perfect to me.” At the last four words, his electric green eyes accidentally or purposefully - I wouldn’t know - locked with my brown ones, sending some type of electric shock in between us. His voice honestly had me hypnotized, just when I had walked in. It was so raspy, raw, deep, and husky. His voice was just so perfect, sending the good kind of shivers down my back. Harry looks at me as I give him a small smile and fully step into the room, closing the door behind me and causing the other boys to look at me.


     “Hey, Carly!” They all grin.


     I smile. “Hey, guys,” I say as Harry walks out of the booth, standing in front of me. “Hello, giant,” I say to him, looking up at the towering figure.


     “Don’t make fun of my height,” he pouts, wrapping his arms around my neck and pulling me into his chest, into a tight hug. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I loved the feeling of hugging him. It just felt good. 


     I laugh as we pull away, but he keeps one of his strong arms wrapped around my shoulders. “I really like that song,” I randomly say. “The one you were singing.”


     “Little Things?” Harry asks, and I nod. He smiles and says, “Me too, it’s a personal favorite.”


     I smile and Niall says to me, “Carly, it’s your turn to sing! What song?”


     I think for a Mument. “Hm, I dunno,” I trail off, thinking of the songs on my album.


     “Ooh, sing Naturally,” Liam says. “I’ve heard that one a bunch of times, I really like it.”


     It looked like the other boys agreed, because they nodded and grinned. Shrugging, I walk into the recording booth and put on the headphones as Louis pushed the buttons from the other side of the glass, knowing what he had to do. Hey, the guy can be really smart when he wants to. 


     I then started hearing my song Naturally play through my speakers, and glanced through the window as the boys were looking at me. Taking a breath, I started singing. “How you choose to express yourself. It’s all your own and I can tell, it comes naturally, it comes naturally.” I glanced as I watched the boys grinning and nodding to the beat, and Harry was leaned against the wall, arms crossed over how built chest, as his green eyes bored into me. “You follow what you feel inside,” I continued singing into the mic, my right hand traveling up and holding onto the side of the headphone. “It’s intuitive, you don’t have to try. It comes naturally, mmm, it comes naturally.”


     I smiled as I continued to belt out the lyrics a bit more, enjoying the Mument more and more. As I continued to sing, I got a bit more confidence. When I was recording my song, it was in frony of Kristen and the guy who usually works in the studio. But singing in front of the boys actually helps a little, and it’s good to know that they’re enjoying the song. I can tell because I can see their feet tapping and head bobbing to the beat. I smile as I sing, and then finally finish off the song. As I take the headphones off of my head and put them on the microphone stand, I can hear the boys cheering and clapping. Chuckling, I exit the small booth and walk out to where the boys are.


     “Yeah, definitely my favorite song,” Liam grins.


     “Great job, love,” Harry grins at me, causing me to smile back.


Harry’s POV:


     “You, Harry, are a pathetic human being,” Louis says as we walk into our hotel suite.


     My eyes widen as I look over at my best mate in bewilderment. We had just gotten back from the studios, Carly went back to her house, so now it was just us. The other lads snickered while I asked, “What did I do?!”


     Louis rolls his crystal blue eyes. “It’s obvious you fancy Carly. So why don’t you do anything about it?!”


     If it was possible, my eyes widened even more and my jaw dropped. “Lou, what in the world are you talking about?” I ask, astonished. Before letting him answer, I turned to the other lads. “Tell him he’s crazy! I don’t fancy Carly.”


     “Are you sure you don’t?” Niall asks, raising an eyebrow as he walks over to the kitchen, leaving the conversation.


     “Of course I’m sure!” I say, loud enough for him to hear. “I think I would know when I fancy someone, boys.”


     Zayn shrugs, sitting down on the leather white sofa. “Sometimes when you like someone, you really don’t know it until it’s too late,” he says, choosing once again to be the wise one. “Maybe you fancy her, but just aren’t sure of it yet.”


     I groan in frustration, reaching up and tugging at my curls. “I don’t even know why you all think I fancy Carly in the first place.”


     “You’re always with her,” Liam finally speaks up. “You go to her photo shoots and talk to her whenever you’re free. And you’re always seen out with her. Plus, everyone thinks you two are already dating.”


     I roll my eyes, sitting down on the recliner. “They can think whatever they want,” I huff. “Only I know the truth, which is that I do not fancy Carly.”


     Louis, who had been a little quiet too long, says, “Watch, Harry. Soon enough you’re gonna start to fall for her. And I’ll be there waiting to tell you, ‘I told you so.’”