Chapter 7

Carly’s POV:


     Tour. Tour. Tour. Tour.


     With One Direction.


     For eight months. 


     Oh. My. Freaking. God.


     Okay, so yeah I’m internally freaking out. The minute Kristen had announced last night that I was the opening act for One Direction’s tour, everything went wild. The crowd had erupted into cheers and the boys had tackled me into one giant hug. I was in a state of shock at first, not believing it, until it all sunk in. This is so freaking amazing! The tour starts in almost a week, so I really should start getting ready. Ashley is gonna have the house to herself, and I trust her to look after it. Right now I was hanging out with Harry, walking around L.A. I was dressed in a off the shoulder black and purple full sleeved top, skinny jeans, and boots. My hair was tied into a messy bun with some strands of hair popping out. Harry was wearing a black T-shirt with skinny jeans as well with his Converse. 


     “So are you excited for the tour?” Harry asks as we walk through the busy streets of Los Angeles.


     I nod. “Yeah,” I answer. “It should be fun.”


     “Heck yeah,” he chuckles. “You’re gonna be with One Direction.”


     I roll my eyes. “No need for being cocky, Styles.”


     Harry laughs. “That’s one of the main reasons why you love me.”


     I reach up and ruffle his hair, causing a yelp to escape his mouth. “Keep dreaming, Haz.”


     Harry’s hands shoot up to fix his hair, running his hands through them. “Don’t touch the hair!” Just to annoy him, both of my hands reached up and started messing up his hair, causing Harry to squeal. “Stop! Carly, I mean it!” He exclaimed, but I could still hear him laughing.


     “Never!” I shouted as we stopped walking and I continued messing up his hair. All of a sudden, two strong arms wrapped around my thighs and I was being thrown over a shoulder. “HARRY. PUT ME DOWN!!” I yelled.


     “Revenge is such a good thing,” Harry replies, carrying me around like a sack.


     “Seriously, Styles, put me down!” I say, balling my hands into fists and hitting him on the back as hard as I could. 


     Unfortunately, it didn’t really work. “If you think your punches are hurting me, you’re wrong babe,” Harry chuckled from underneath me, walking around without a care in the world. As if he didn’t have an eighteen year old girl over his shoulder.


     I groan. “Harry, just put me down,” I plead, suddenly feeling the blood rush to my head. Harry stops walking and I find his hands grip my hips, until he flips me over and rests me carefully on my feet. My feet come in contact with the ground and I’m now standing face to face with Harry. “Thank you.” 


     Harry chuckles. “No problem,” he says. “But if you mess up my hair one more time, I’m not gonna be so nice.” 


     I roll my eyes, fixing my hair. “Yeah, yeah,” I say dismissively as we continue to walk. 


     We walk for a few minutes in silence, until Harry breaks it. “I’m actually really glad you’re the one that’s opening for our tour,” Harry says, his voice raspy. I look at him, as if asking why, and he continues. “I’d rather it be someone the boys and I get along with, rather an someone we don’t like. You’re already a really good friend of ours, so I guess it’s perfect.”


     I smile at that, happy with the fact that he’s also happy that I’m coming on tour with them. “Yeah, well its gonna be some crazy eight months,” I say with smile, tucking a lock of my hair behind my ear.


     Harry puts on that signature smirk of his, looking at me. “Please,” he says in how thick British accent. “You don’t now what crazy even is until you’re stuck with us.” 


     I laugh. “This should be interesting.”




     “So, boys, you’re getting ready for your new tour, right?” The interviewer, Alana, asked.


     I was in my room watching the One Direction interview that was happening live. It was their last interview before the tour started, so they were basically promoting it as well. “Yeah, we are,” Liam answers her. “We’re really excited for it.”


     “And who’s your opening act?” Alana asks, as if she has no clue.


     “Carly McKinley,” Zayn answers with a grin. “Who also happens to be really good friend of ours as well!” He adds, making me smile.


     Alana smiles, and then turns to Harry. “Now, Harry, a lot of rumors are going around about you and Carly, seeing as the two of you have been spotted together a lot lately. Any input on that?”


     Behind them, on the screen, pictures of Harry and I from the past few days popped up, including a picture from yesterday when Harry and I were walking around and the one where Harry posted when I went to the boys’ concert.


(Pics:   )


     Harry looks at the pictures and smiles, while the audience starts awing at the pictures. It’s kind if weird, since we aren’t a couple, but okay. “No, Carly and I are just good friends,” Harry says to Alana, his voice deep and slow. “We’ve been getting to know each other a lot and she’s a really genuine and sweet girl.”


     I smile at that, thinking its sweet of Harry to say that about me. Just then, Louis speaks, “Carly’s just one of those people who you instantly like,” he says. “She’s just trying to be herself, just as we are, and that’s why she fits in perfectly with us.”


     “And we’re super excited to have her join us on tour,” Niall adds in with his thick Irish accent. “It’s gonna be buzzin.”


     Alana grins. “I’m sure it is,” she says. “Well, that’s all the time we have for right now, everyone. I’m Alana Richards, and this was One Direction!”