Chapter 6

*Few Days Later*


Carly’s POV:


@Real_Liam_Payne: Everyone go buy our friend @CarlyMcKinley’s new albummmm #KissAndTell !!


@zaynmalik: Heard the first few songs off of @CarlyMcKinley’s album & I already love it. Great job, Carly! :)x #KissAndTell


@NiallOfficial: Whoaaa. @CarlyMcKinley you did an amazing job on your #KissAndTell album! Congrats babe!


@Louis_Tomlinson: GO BUY #KissAndTell BY @CarlyMcKinley!!! IT’S ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.


@Harry_Styles: @CarlyMcKinley Great job on your album love! #KissAndTell is a truly brilliant album! Has everyone got a copy?


     I smile at the boys’ sweet tweets about my album. It had just been released a little over an hour ago, and I am already getting thousands of tweets and messages on how everyone is buying it now, going to buy it, or are jamming out to it in their cars and rooms. I was sitting in my living room couch with my computer on my lap, looking through some tweets. Ashley was at Uni, so I was here by myself. (A/N: REMINDER THAT THE FOLLOWING ARE TWEETS BY FANS. I don’t wanna make up any names anymore, I get too lazy.)


-@CarlyMcKinley your new album is flawless! #KissAndTell


-Just bought #KissAndTell by @CarlyMcKinley!


-#KissAndTell by @CarlyMcKinley is SOO good!


@CarlyMcKinley: Looking at all of these tweets, and seeing how all of you like the new album! Thank you SOO much for buying it! Love you all xx. #KissAndTell


     Once I had tweeted that, I felt so happy. I mean, my first album just released and it’s already a hit! Suddenly, I got a mention from my mum from London. Yeah, my mum has a Twitter.


@JennaMK: @CarlyMcKinley I’m so proud of you baby girl! #KissAndTell is flawless! I love you! xxx


@CarlyMcKinley: @JennaMK Aw, thanks Mum! I love you too! Miss youu xx.


     Just when I had tweeted that, my phone started ringing. Glancing at it, I saw that Kristen was calling me. “Hey, Kris!” I say.


     “Carly! The album’s a hit! Everyone loves it,” Kristen says excitedly from the other end of the phone.


     “I know, I’m so glad,” I laugh.


     “Now,” Kristen says, her voice turning serious. “I wanted to call you to tell you that the album release party is tonight at seven.”


     “Oh my God,” I gasp. How could I forget about that? There’s gonna be a red carpet and everything! Yeah, the nerves are back.


     “Mhm,” Kristen says. “A lot of people are gonna be there. Marissa and Carter will be over at your place by five thirty to get you and Ashley ready. They’re bringing the dresses and everything. Oh, and I also invited your fellow British and Irish friends,” she adds, and I could tell that she was smirking.


     I laugh. “Thanks, Kris. You’re the best.”


     Still with that smirk, Kristen answers, “Oh, I know it babe.”




     “You two look fabulous,” Carter tells Ashley and I once he and Marissa are done getting us ready.


     Ashley looked great in her slick black dress with silver heels. Her straight hair was brilliantly curled and her make up was not too heavy. I wasn’t wearing exactly a dress though. It was a beigh tank crop top that exposed some of my stomach and a high waisted skirt that covered my belly button, but still showed some skin from around my stomach. It had a black belt around it, and the skirt ended a few inches above my knees. Along with that I had on heels, and my hair was scrunched up a bit so it looked wavy and shorter than it is. I had blue eyeliner on with black mascara, some blush, pink lip gloss, and golden hoop earrings. Overall, I was ready for this party.


     “Eeep, I’m so excited!” Ashley grins, clapping her hands together.


     I laugh. “I know, me too! You’ll finally get to meet the boys.”


     Ashley suddenly stops. “Oh my God. I’m gonna be meeting One Direction.”


     I grin, showing my teeth. “Hell yeah, you are.”


     Carter then entered the room and said, “Girls, your limo is waiting.”


     Ashley and I grin and grab our bags, then leave out of the room. We say goodbye to Marissa and Carter, even though we are seeing them later on at the party. Ashley and I walked out of our house and got into the white stretch limo that was waiting for us. Randy was already in the limo, waiting for us, and Kristen was already at the party, waiting for our arrival. As the driver, Hank, started driving, Randy asks me, “You excited, Carls?”


     I nod, grinning. “Nervous, too.”


     “You’ll be fine, Carly,” Ashley says from next to me. 


     Next thing I know, we are already at the party. The party was held at some big mansion that was owned by my management, and a lot of famous people were here. As the limo stopped in front of the entrance, you could see the the hundreds of flashes going off from behind the tinted windows of the limo. Randy first got out of the car, letting the blinding flashes in. I took a deep breath before stepping out. Here we go...


     “CARLY! CARLY!”




     “SMILE, CARLY!”


     Hundreds of paparazzi were yelling things at me as Randy guided Ashley and I across the red carpet. I posed for a bunch of pictures with Ashley, until she just wanted to go inside so I let her. She wasn’t one to stay in the limelight. Then I just posed for a bunch of pictures as other people arrived as well. 


(Pics:  )


     All of a sudden it went wild because the one and only One Direction had arrived. I looked down the carpet and saw them climb out of the limo, look spiffy and charming just like they usually do. As Harry stepped out of the limo, his green eyes locked with mine and he grinned, sending me a cheeky wink. He looked really handsome, really. He was wearing khaki pants with a red belt, white Converse, a white dress shirt with a dark grey blazer over it and a bow tie. His curly hair looked so shiny as the front was swept to the side. 


     “BOYS. LOOK HERE!” 


     The paparazzi started yelling things at One Direction as soon as they saw them, making it go to mayhem. 


     “SMILE, BOYS!”




     The boys seemed to like the last idea, because they all walked over to me. “Hey, babe,” Zayn grinned, giving me a hug.


     I laughed as I hugged each of them, my hug with Harry lasting a bit longer. “You look stunning,” Harry’s raspy voice whispered in my ear.


     I blushed at his comment, and then we all posed for a picture. I stood in between Liam and Louis, our arms around each other, and we grinned at the cameras. 


(Pic:  )


     “Now,” Louis says as we finish taking pictures. “Let’s get this party started!”




     The party was seriously going great. All kinds of music was playing, including music by the boys themselves and music from my album. A lot of celebrities were here as well. I even met Britney Spears! Yeah, I was freaking out. Right now, I was drinking Sprite out of my glass and talking to the boys when the music stopped. Everyone stopped talking when Kristen and One Direction’s manager, Zach, walked on to stage. What was going on?


     “Hey, everyone,” Kristen says into the microphone. “Are you all having a good time tonight?” Everyone cheered, the boys whooping and clapping. “Good, good! Now, we have a VERY special announcement to make.”


     Everyone was silent, wanting to know what they had to say. The boys and I shot each other confused looks as Zach continued. “Alright, we all know how One Direction is going on a new summer tour pretty soon,” he said, causing all of us to clap. “And we were all in a dilemma on who to be the boys’ opening act for the tour.” He looked over at Kristen, wanting her to continue.


     Where was this going? 


     “And Carly’s first album has just been released, and people want to listen more of her...” Kristen trailed off. My eyes locked with hers, and I shot her a questioning look to which she just grinned at. “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re more than happy to announce that Carly McKinley will be the opening act for One Direction’s 2013 summer Take Me Home tour!”


Oh my God.