Chapter 5

Carly's POV:


"So we're gonna be taking a picture for each song," Jeremiah tells me. "That way there's a cover art for each of your brilliant songs," he adds with a wide grin.


Before you ask, yes Jeremiah's my photographer. We call him every time we have a photo shoot, because he's the best of the best. We're back at the same studios as before when I had first met the One Direction boys. I was already dressed in my first outfit for the shoot. Thirteen songs on the album meant thirteen photos. My first outfit was a simple long sleeved loose white shirt with pink polka dots on it. I was wearing a wig for this and a few other photos because my hair was a bit too long, and I didn't have the heart to cut it. Call me conceited but I love my long hair.


The photo shoot went on like that, with me doing different poses and changing into different outfits while Marissa and Carter did my hair and makeup. At one point, I was dressed in a strapless blue dress with blue and white stockings with dark blue ankle boots, my hair was tied into a pony tail draping over my shoulder, and make up obviously done. The photo was of me sitting on my knees, sideways, my head was tilted a bit back as I look at the camera, and my right hand reached back and was grasping the heel of one of my boots. The pictures were so far coming out really good, and I was really pleased with them.


Once I was done with the eighth picture, I was walking back into my dressing room to change. But when I opened the door and walked in, I was surprised that Marissa and Carter weren't the only people in there. No, because Mr. Harry Styles himself was there as well. Harry and I were getting along really well for the past few days, and were becoming like the best of friends. He's always giving me rides whenever I need them and he's just a really sweet person. When I walk in, the three of them are too busy in a conversation to notice me until I close the door. "Hey, guys," I say, causing them to stop talking and look at me.


"Hey, Carly," Harry grins, standing up from the couch and giving me a quick hug. He looks really cute, if I must say so. He's wearing a white collared shirt with blue stripes going down, a dark green beanie that has his hair underneath pushed back, brown pants, and white Converse. His shirt fits him perfectly, letting you see his abs underlined from beneath it. Whoa.


"What're you doing here?" I ask him once he lets go of me.


Harry shrugged. "Thought I'd swing by and watch your photo shoot," he tells me, and I roll my eyes.


"Mhm, yeah, okay," I say, unconvinced. "But shoo now. I need to change," I say as Marissa gets the make up kit ready once again.


Instead of listening to me, Harry plops down on the couch, smirking. "I'll go out when you're actually getting changed. Not just getting your hair and makeup done."


I shake my head at him, chuckling, as I sit down on one of the chairs. Marissa then comes up to me and starts doing my eyes. As Marissa applies some lip gloss on me, Carter starts curling my hair. While they are doing so, my phone buzzes from my lap and I look down to see that I have a mention from Harry himself.


@Harry_Styles: At @CarlyMcKinley's photo shoot. She's getting all dolled up. :D


I roll my eyes at him, but retweet it anyway. As Marissa applies some blush on my cheeks, I tweet Harry back.


@CarlyMcKinley: @Harry_Styles Well isn't someone a creep...


I hear Harry let out a breathy chuckle as he replies.


@Harry_Styles: @CarlyMcKinley Babe, I'm on the couch next to you.


I look up from my phone, careful not to get my eye poked out by Marissa or head burned by Carter, as I look at Harry with my eyes narrowed. "Touché, Styles," I say. Harry looks from his phone to me and just cheekily winks, putting his phone away. I just chuckle as Marissa and Carter finish with my hair and make up, and start to put the supplies on the dressing table. Since all I have to do is change, I tell them, "Okay, now all of you, out!!"


Harry's POV:


Once Carly had kicked Carter, Marissa, and I out of her dressing room to change, we waited outside for her. Carter and Marissa wanted to grab some snacks from the table off on the side and asked if I wanted anything, I politely declined. They walked off, and I leaned against the wall next to Carly's dressing room door. My arms were crossed againt my chest as my right foot was planted against the wall. I looked around the familiar studio, looking as Jeremiah studies his camera as if it's broken.


Suddenly, the door next to me swings open and out walks Carly. She's wearing some sort of shirt, but it's mostly covered because of the dark grey leather jacket she's wearing on top. Along with that she is wearing skinny jeans, black military boots, and her hair is slightly curled. Over all, she looks stunning.


"...Stand there?" I hadn't realized that Carly was saying anything, since I was too busy staring at her. Oops.


I shook my head slightly. "I'm sorry, what?"


Carly chuckles. "I was saying; are you gonna sit inside or just stand there?"


"Um," I debated with myself for a moment, "I guess I'm just gonna watch you from here."


"Whatever floats your boat," Carly says, and then walks over to Jeremiah. I watched as Jeremiah took flawless pictures of Carly. Everytime she walked out in a new outfit and Jeremiah took pictures of her, she looked even more beautiful than before. I watched as Carly walked back to me with a smile on her face. "The photo shoot's done," she grins.


I smile. "Good. Now we can get food," I tell her.


Carly laughs. "Alright, let me get out of these clothes," she says, and I nod as she walks back into her dressing room. A few minutes later, she walks out in grey flats, short denim shorts, a loose off the shoulder beige full sleeved top, and a white camisole underneath. Her hair was slightly wavy, her phone in her left hand, and a bag over her right shoulder. "Let's go?" she asks.


I nod. "Yeah."


The two of us walk out of the studio, and then out of the building itself. Walking across the parking lot, Carly and I walked to my car. She opened the door for the passenger side which I unlocked and I walked around to the drivers seat. Once the two of us were in, we drove off to Burger King, which for some reason, I was craving.




Carly's POV:


'Pictures of Harry Styles and new singer Carly McKinley have surfaced. For the past few days, we have seen Carly hanging out with the boys of One Direction. Mostly with the curly headed boy, that is. "They're just friends," an inside source tells us. "Harry has been hanging around a lot with Carly, but the two aren't going for anything more at the moment. They both are focused on their careers, and aren't looking for a relationship."


Well, judging by these pictures, the two of them look pretty happy around one another. What do you guys think? Are Styles and McKinley just friends? Or is it gonna blossom into something more? They were seen hanging around Los Angeles with the other boys of One Direction, and then seen just by themselves, only the two of them. Last they were seen was at Burger King together, and before that was when they were exiting the building where Carly had her photo shoot done. Leave your commments below."


I sighed as I exited out of the news article. People can think what they want, but Harry and I know the truth. And the truth is that we aren't dating. Pictures of us getting to Harry's car, at Burger King, and other places were everywhere. I really don't need this right now, especially since my first album is about to be released. Can't people just stay out of our business for once?


But I guess when you're famous, nothing is really kept a secret.