Chapter 4

Carly’s POV:


     “Carlyyyyy! Wake up!” Ashley’s voice yells. I groan into my pillow, hating the fact that my best friend woke me up from my slumber.


     “What do you want, Ash?” I grumble into my pillow, not bothering to look at her.


     I felt my bed dip a bit, telling me that Ashley must have sat down. “Can we go get breakfast?”


     I lift my head to look at my black haired, brown eyed friend. “Why can’t you just cook something?”


     Ashley pouts. “What’s the fun in that?” she asks. “Come on, Carls, let’s go to Starbucks!”


     I groan once again and sit up from my bed, throwing the duvet off of me. “Fine. Let me just change first,” I say, and Ashley cheers then walks out of my room.


     Sighing, I walked into my bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face. Walking out of the bathroom, I walked over to my dressing table and brushed my long hair. Once brushing it, I tied it into a messy bun. I then changed into black pants, a white top, and threw on a beige jacket on top. I then wore my black leather boots and applied a small amount of make up. Once I was done getting ready, I grabbed my keys, sunglasses, and phone, and walked out of my room.


     “Ash, you ready?” I call out, picking up my wallet from the dining table in the kitchen.


     Ashley comes out from her room, also dressed in black pants and boots, but with a full sleeved light grey top. “Yeah, let’s go.”




     “So you’re going to the One Direction concert tonight?” Ashley asks, sipping her coffee as we sit in Starbucks.


     No one had recognized me so far, so I was safe from being mobbed. “Yeah,” I nod. “The boys invited me. You wanna come with?”


     Ashley sighed, shaking her head. “Can’t,” she says. “I have this big exam tomorrow, and I need to study for it.”


     I nod, and then take a bite of my brownie. Ashley and I sit there and talk while we eat. She’s an amazing friend, to be honest. She has been there for me since as long as I can remember, and I love her for that. How she offered to come with me to L.A was a big sacrifice for her, but she said it would give us some time to spend together. At one point, Ashley had gotten up to go to the bathroom, so I went on Twitter and saw what my fans were tweeting me.


@HayItsShay: @CarlyMcKinley Are you dating Niall or Harry from One Direction???


@BrownieLover: @CarlyMcKinley I love you so much! Follow me!!!


@CarlyMKUpdates: #NEW Carly & Ashley Cook on their way to Starbucks a few minutes ago!


     The last tweet had a picture attatched to it, and when I looked at it, I saw that it was indeed taken while Ashley and I were walking to Starbucks. It was a collage of two pictures. The first of me looking down at my phone as I walked and Ashley walking in front of me, but turning to look back at me. And the second was of me showing her something on my phone as we walked. I chuckle quietly at the fact that my fans are just as crazy as the One Direction boys’. But it’s safe to say that the boys’ have more crazier fans. I suddenly felt someone’s presense next to me, and I looked over and saw a girl around the age of either ten or eleven. She had big blue eyes and golden curly hair. Over all, she was adorable.


     “Hey, sweetie,” I smile at her, putting my phone on the table. “Can I help you?”


     “A-Are you C-Carly McKinley?” she stutters in a cute, small voice.


     I smile and nod. “Why, yes I am.”


     Her eyes widen a fraction. “Can I please have a picture with you?” she asks, holding up a cute pink camera.


     I chuckle and nod. “Sure,” I say. “Here, I’ll take it.” She nods and gives me the camera. I stand up from my seat, and then crouch down so I can be almost the same height level as her. Lifting up the camera, I take a selfie picture of her and I, the two of us grinning at the camera. “Here you go,” I tell her, giving her back her camera. “What’s your name, sweetheart?”


     “Rosie,” she smiles.


     I smile back. “It was really nice meeting you, Rosie.”


     Rosie smiles back. “You too. Thank you for the picture!”


     I say you’re welcome to her, and then she leaves. Just as she does, Ashley comes back from the bathroom and I throw my now empty coffee cup away. “Ready to go?” she asks. I nod and grab my phone. The two of us walk out of Starbucks and back to where my car is parked. Ashley gets in the passenger seat while I get in the driver’s seat, starting the car and getting ready to go back home. “So how’s that last song coming along?” Ashley asks as I drive.


     I let out a sigh. “It’s getting there,” I respond. I was almost done with this song. I had named it Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, and so far the song was sounding great. I can’t wait till I finish writing it so I can record the song. The album is going to be released in six days, and day after tomorrow I have the photo shoot for the album. I’m really excited, and nervous at the same time. I want my first album to be perfect, and I really hope that the fans will like it.


     “Stop being so nervous,” Ashley laughs, snapping me out of my thoughts. I glance over at her and she says, “I can read you like an open book, Carls. There’s no need for you to be nervous. If this song is anything like the other ones, it’s gonna be awesome.”


     I smile, parking the car in our driveway. “Thanks, Ash.”


Harry’s POV:


     “Okay, let’s run through Kiss You one more time!” the stage producer, Tim, says into his mic, making his voice echo throughout the arena.


     The lads and I were at the O2 arena, getting ready for our concert tonight. We were all wearing sweatpants and T-shirts, with Louis and I wearing our beanies. I gripped my microphone in my hand, the back of my hand sliding over my forehead as I wiped the sweat off. The lads and I nodded as we stood on the stage, and our band started playing Kiss You once again. Zayn then started singing the beginning of the song, and then I brought my mic up to my lips and belted out the lyrics. “Oh, tell me tell me tell me how to turn your love on. You can get, get anything that you want. Baby just shout it out, shout it out. Baby just shout it out, yeah.”


     We sang through Kiss You, and once it was done, we all got off the stage and grabbed a water bottle each that were waiting for us on a table. I uncapped the bottle and guzzled down water, loving the feeling of the cool liquid against my throat. After drinking half of the bottle, I put it back on the table as the boys kept drinking their water. As I waited for the boys to stop draining down their water, I took my phone out from my sweat pants’ pocket and went on Twitter.


@Harry_Styles: At rehearsals! Can’t wait for the concert tonight. :D


     I immediately got thousands of replies, fans asking for a follow and whatnot. I followed some fans and tweeted others, making them freak out. I chuckle at how excited they get when I notice them. It’s such a big deal for them, and it probably makes their day. I smile at that, knowing that by me doing just that small action makes them happy. I guess I was smiling at my phone because Louis says, “Oh God, Harry’s smiling at his phone again! I bet you Carly texted him.”


     My head snaps up and my green eyes lock with his blue ones as I send him a glare while him and the other boys snicker. “It has nothing to do with Carly,” I tell them.


     “Mhmm,” they all hum in unison.


     “It doesn’t!” I exclaim, putting my phone back in my pocket.


     Liam chuckles. “Whatever you say, Styles,” he smirks.


     I sigh in frustration. Why can’t they believe me? It’s not that I don’t like Carly, she’s an amazing girl. I just don’t like it when the boys bother me about every girl that I’m friends with. It gets old after a while. “Let’s just go back to rehearsing,” I mutter.


     “Aw, did we annoy you, Haz?” Zayn coos, putting an arm around my shoulders.


     I say something incoherent and jump back on the stage with the boys following my lead. We then started rehearsing Live While We’re Young, I Would, and then What Makes You Beautiful for the closing song. By the time that we were done with rehearsals, it was five PM. The concert was in two hours, so we all drove back to our hotel suite. As soon as we got into our suite, I walked into my room and plopped down on the bed, feeling totally knackered.


     A nap sounds so good right now.




@Harry_Styles: @CarlyMcKinley is here! Our little supporter ;D


     The picture was of Carly and I just now, backstage, as we were getting ready to start the concert. I was wearing a white dress shirt with black pants, and Carly was wearing a short black top exposing some of her stomach with black pants and a black stringged cover up over it. She looked really pretty with her natural amount of make up on, and didn’t over dress either.


     “Boys, you’re on in ten minutes,” Paul tells us. He had been talking to Randy a lot, Carly’s body gaurd, and seemed to be getting along well. At least the two of them have someone to talk to.


     We nod to what Paul said and I turn to Carly. “You ready to see what a One Direction concert looks like?”


     Carly rolls her eyes, laughing. “I’m absolutely dying to watch,” she says with a hint of sarcasm  in her voice. I laugh, ruffling my hair. “I really am, actually,” she says in her normal voice, the sarcasm vanishing. “Everyone’s always talking about how the 1D concerts are always amazing.”


     I grin cheekily. “Of course they are. We’re five sexy lads,” I wink.


     “Don’t be so modest, Harry,” Carly says, the sarcasm once again returning, making me laugh.


     “Five minutes, boys!” Paul calls out.


     Our stylist, Lou Teasdale, was just finishing up working on Zayn when Paul had said that. The lads and I had to now get our microphones and get ready to go on stage. So I turn to Carly and cheekily ask, “Kiss for good luck?” pointing to my cheek.


     Carly rolls her brown eyes at me, but stands on her tippy toes and gently places her lips on my cheek. She pulls away and the grin. “Good luck, Styles,” she chuckles.


     I grin, making my dimples appear, and I walked to where the rest of the boys were as they got their microphones. I grabbed my microphone from Paul, and then the lads and I ran on to the stage, getting ready to perform.


Carly’s POV:


     “I know you’ve never loved the sound of your voice on tape. You never want to know how much you weigh. You still have to squeeze into your jeans. But you’re perfect to me.” The sound of Harry’s raspy voice literally sent chills down my spine and gave me goosebumps. His voice is honestly beautiful; and I only thought it sounded like that through the album. But no, even live his voice is amazing.


     I was standing backstage as I watched the boys perform from the side with Randy and Paul next to me. My hands were crossed against my chest as a small smile played on my lips and my foot tapped slowly on the floor. This song was really beautiful, and I give credits to Ed Sheeran for writing this song and One Direction for singing it so beautifully. Once the song was over, the fans all screamed loudly, clapping and jumping. I smiled and clapped as well, enjoying the concert myself. The boys then continued to sing through the rest of their songs, and I saw how much fun they have performing it. I still haven’t performed in front of a live crowd yet, and I was pretty nervous when I would have to. But seeing how much the boys are enjoying it right now, I’m kind of excited.


     “Thank you all for coming tonight!” Louis yells into the mic after performing What Makes You Beautiful.


     “We had such an amazing time!” Liam adds.


     “Good night!” Harry exclaims, and they all run off the stage. Harry comes up to me and grins. “So what’d you think?” he asks, wiping some sweat off of his forehead. And I have to say, he looked pretty hot.


     I smile. “It was amazing,” I admit. “I really enjoyed it.”


     “We’re glad,” Louis chirps, putting an arm around Harry’s shoulders. “That’s gonna be you out there soon.”


     I sigh. “Don’t remind me,” I say.


     “Why not?” Zayn asks.


     “The thought of performing in front of so many people makes me so nervous,” I tell them.


     “Don’t worry, love,” Liam says. “You’ll be fine.”


     I smile at the boys. “Hope so,” I sigh.


     “Come on, lads,” Paul walks up, “you need to change.”


     The lads nod and go into their dressing room, telling me that they’ll be back out in a few minutes. I waited along with Randy, and decided to go on Twitter.


@CarlyMcKinley: Wow! The @OneDirection concert was absolutely amazing! Thanks boys for inviting me! xoxo


     Immediately, I got a lot of responses. But I saw that some of them weren’t really nice.


@1Dlove: @CarlyMcKinley stay away from my boys! slut.


@OneDsWhore: If @CarlyMcKinley ends up dating either Harry or Niall, I will legit kill myself. #stayaway


@TapDatLouAss: @CarlyMcKinley is so ugly. Like ugh, why would the boys even wanna be friends with her?


     I ignore the rude and hurtful tweets, and instead create a new tweet.


@CarlyMcKinley: Haters gonna hate. #AllIHaveToSay (: