Chapter 1

Carly’s POV:


     “Come on, Carly, you need to focus,” my manager, Kristen, sighs.


     “I’m trying, Kristen,” I reply. “Writing a song isn’t as easy as it looks, ya know.”


     Kristen sighs once again, running a hand through her blonde hair. “Alright,” she says. “Just remember that your album releases in one week from today. We need this last song finished before that.”


     I nod, looking down at the blank page in front of me, not bothering to answer her. Just one more song. I need to write one more song and my first album will be complete. Okay, so you might be a tad bit confused on what’s happening. My name is Carly McKinley, I’m eighteen years old, and am a singer. I am originally from Manchester, England, but moved to Los Angeles to take off my singing career. I have a slight British accent, but my American accent takes over it a bit. I have long dark brown, silky hair, and deep chocolate brown eyes.


     I live in a pent house with my best friend of five years, Ashley Cook. I met her back in London, and brought her along with me to live here. She is finishing off her high school years online. Her parents are those let-go and laid back type of parents, they don’t care what she did. So now she’s living with me in Los Angeles.


     I’ve been in the music industry for at least six months now, working on my first album. I had released my first single off of the album, Falling Down, a month ago, and everyone seemed to love it. I already hit a million followers on Twitter, and have tons of fans. Granted, I have some haters too, but I try not to look at their comments. My mother and step-dad still live in London, and I talk to them as much as I possibly can. Sometimes I get really homesick, but I knew I was sacraficing a lot to pursue my career. My biological father, however, I don’t really care about. I know it’s a horrible thing to say, but that’s just the way it is. He left my mum and I when I was eleven, and ran off to marry some woman who was much younger than him. He makes me sick, and only cares about himself. It’s pathetic.


     I let out a groan, both of my hands tangling in my long hair. “Kris, can I please just do this later?” I plead.


     Kristen checks her watch. “Yeah,” she says. “You have a photoshoot to do right now, anyway.”


     I nod, suddenly happy at the fact that I didn’t have to think of lyrics. Kristen gives me the address to the studio I have to go to for the photoshoot, and I grab the keys to my dark blue Mercedeze Benz and drive there. I simply have on grey sweatpants, a fitted white tank top with a blue cardigan over, and chestnut UGGS. I have light make up on, because my make up artist, Marissa, always tells me to come that way so she can do my make up herself. When I pull into the parking lot of the studio, I slip on my Gucci sunglasses and walk inside, iPhone and bag in hand.


     Walking through the big double-doors, I made my way towards the studio area where the pictures are taken. As I walk, I was looking down at my phone when a figure accidently bumped into me. “Sorry, love,” a deep British accent apologized.


      “It’s fine,” I reply, looking up at the person. He’s wearing a hoodie and Ray Ban sunglasses, unabling me to see his eyes or hair. But I can see a mass of curly hair pop up from underneath it. He seems familiar...


     “Do you know wher Studio B is?” he asks, seeming lost.


     I nod, since I have to go there myself. “Yeah, follow me. I have to go there too.”


     The guy shoots me a grateful smile, and helllooo dimples! I lead him down the hallway and to the big place known as Studio B. As we walk in, four other boys come and run towards the boy next to me. “Harry! I thought we lost you, mate!” another guy with a British accent says. He had light brown hair, swept to the side, and sky blue eyes.


     “Sorry, Lou,” the boy next to me, also known as Harry, apologized. “I, um, got lost.”


     “Clearly,” a guy with brown hair and brown eyes says. He then looks at me, and gives a polite smile. “Hi there, love. I’m Liam.”


     “I’m Zayn,” a guy with a black quiff and brown eyes smiles.


     “I’m Niall!” a guy with a heavy Irish accent, blonde hair, and blue eyes says.


     “I’m Louis Tomlinson,” the guy with the brown hair and blue eyes grins. “And looks like you’ve already met Harry over here,” he pats the guy next to me.


     I smile at them, and suddenly it all clicks. I recognized those faces anywhere! “Hey, aren’t you One Direction?”


     Zayn nods, smiling. “That’s us.”


     “You look familiar as well,” Niall says, confusion lacing his voice.


     “I’m Carly,” I say, taking off my sunglasses. “Carly McKinley.”


     Louis’ eyes widen. “Like, the new recording artist, Carly McKinley?” he asks. I nod, surprised at the fact that he knows who I am.


     “The one and only,” I grin.


     “CARLY ELIZABETH MCKINLEY!” the loud voice of my make up artist, Marissa, yells throughout the studio, causing her voice to echo off the walls. “Get your butt into hair and make up, now!”


     I roll my eyes, chuckling, and the boys laugh. “Well, I better get going. Are y’all having a photoshoot here too?”


     They nod. “Yeah,” Harry replies.


     “CARLY!” Marissa’s voice shouts once more, making me jump.


     “I’ll see ya later,” I wave at the boys, and they smile and wave back before I jog back to my dressing room.


     Opening the door, I see Marissa and Carter, my hair stylist, waiting for me. Marissa purses her lips when she sees me, and Carter shakes his head. “You’re gonna be late, Carls,” Marissa sighs as I sit down on the chair, putting my bag on the floor next to me.


     “Sorry,” I apologize as Carter gets the hair supplies ready. “I got caught up into talking with some boys.”


     “The One Direction boys?” Carter raises an eyebrow, and I nod.


     “We’ll talk about them ready. Right now, we need to get you dolled up,” Marissa says in her American accent.


     Marissa started doing my make up, while Carter started curling my dark hair. As Marissa applied some blush on my cheeks, I took out my phone and went on Twitter. Next to my name was the blue verified tick mark, telling people that this is my official Twitter. My icon was one from one of my old photoshoots. My hair was a bit short and it was parted to the side, my makeup done naturally, and I had a furry scarf around my neck. I then clicked on the screen to create a new tweet, and started tapping away.


(Her pic:  )


@CarlyMcKinley: Getting ready for my photoshooottt. (: x


     I exited out of Twitter, and waited for Carter and Marissa to finish. Once they were done with my make up and hair, Marissa showed me my first outfit and I walked behind the wadrobe sills and changed. It was a simple silver one shoulder dress, with lots of beads and glitter. I wore simple flats with them, since they had informed me the picture would be from my waist up. With the dress on, hair curled, and make up done, I handed my phone to Carter and walked out of the dressing room. I spotted the One Direction boys sitting not too far off, either talking to each other or were on the phone. My eyes locked with startling green ones, and I recognized them to be as Harry’s. Good God, his eyes are green. He sends me a flirty wink, and I just chuckle at him, walking towards the set of the shoot.


     Jerimiah, the photographer, instructs me how to stand and pose, and just when he was about to take the picture, blue conffetti started raining down on me, and I smile at the camera as if nothing happened. The next picture was of me a simple white tee, a black blazer over it, skinny jeans, and boots. My lips were a pale pink color and my eyeshadow was smokey black. There was a microphone stand on the shoot, and I grabbed the head of the mic and put it in front of my lips, looking at the camera as Jerimiah took the picture.


     Next was a picture going with a totally natural look. My lips were a nude color, barely any eyeshadow on, and I was wearing this loose white full sleeved type sweater thing. As I walked out of my dressing room, a hand grabbed my elbow, and I turned to see Harry smirking at me. “You look really beautiful,” he says, looking deep into my brown eyes with his green ones. It was like the boy was staring into me, into my soul.


     I snapped out of my daze as I smile back at him. “Thank you,” I say, before he lets go of my elbow and I walk on to the set, with him walking back to his chair with the rest of the band.


    Jerimiah instructs me to take my hair in both hands and hold it at the back of my head, and I do just that with my mouth a bit open. After that picture, we took a couple more. Mostly head shots, and one with me blowing a bubble with a gum they had given me to chew, and another with a balloon I was holding.


(Those pics, along with the others:  )


     “Fabulous!” Jerimiah screams once we finish. “Absolutely fabulous!”


     I grin, giving Jerimiah a hug. “You’re the best, Jerm,” I grin.


     “No, darling, you’re the best,” he grins back as we pull away. “Wonderful pictures, I must say.”


     I smile. “Thanks.”


     I then go back to my dressing room, passing the boys. “Hey, wait up,” they stop me.


     I turn around and find the five boys of One Direction smiling at me. “Hey guys,” I smile.


     They smile again. Actually, their smiles never really left their faces. “We were wondering if you wanted to grab some lunch with us later on?” Liam asks, smiling. “After we’re done with our photoshoot, that is.”


     I look at them again, and smile. “Sure, that’d be great,” I agree. “But I’m gonna head home first and change. I’ll meet you wherever you’re going.”


     “Here, I’ll give you my number so I can text you where we’re going,” Harry smiles, making his dimples pop. Can I please just poke them?


     I nod, and hand him my iPhone 5. After he types in his number, he gives it back to me, smiling. “I’ll see you all later,” I smile.


     “Bye!” they all grin, before I walk away and out of the studio.




     When I had gotten home, Ashley wasn’t there. She was probably at work. She worked as a waitress in this cute little cafe, and she loves that job. I quickly go into my room and take a quick shower. Once I’m done with that, I put on a red and grey striped tank top, dark blue skinny jeans, and my UGGS that I was wearing before. I blow dry my hair, and put it up in a cute bun, allowing some strands to fall loosely at the side of my face. I apply some black eyeliner, a bit of blush, and pink lip gloss. Just when I’m done getting ready, my phone beeps.


From: Harry(;


We’re meeting up at TGI Fridays xx


     I chuckle a bit at his name, wondering if the winking face was necessary, and text him back.


To: Harry(;


Alright! On my way xx


     Putting my phone in my pocket, I grab my Louis Vuitton bag, car keys, and slip on my Gucci sunglasses before heading out of my house. Getting into my car, I drove the short drive to  TGI Fridays. Once I got there, I made sure my sunglasses were on before stepping out of the car, avoiding any traces of paparazzi. When they announce that you’re a new artist, paparazzi hound you more than they usually would. It’s like they are putting you to a test, seeing that if you can handle it all. I’ve been hounded once or twice, and I’m glad to say that I have handled it pretty well. Stepping into the cool restaurant, I asked the lady at the front to where the boys were sitting. She recognized me immediately, and told me where the boys were. Thanking her, I walked over and saw the five boys sitting at a booth.


     “Carly!” they all grin widely.


     “Hey guys,” I say, sitting down next to Niall. Niall was in the middle of Louis and I, and across of us were Harry, Liam, and Zayn. Harry being the one to be right across from me.  I slipped off my sunglasses, putting them in my bag, and turned to the boys. “How’d your photo shoot go?” I ask.


     They all nod. “Pretty well,” Zayn smiles, sipping his water.


     I smile, and then a middle aged waitress comes to take our orders. One thing I like about TGI Fridays is that their waitresses are classy, and not like those who shove their chest into every guy they see. Sorry, but it had to be said. Once we gave her our orders, she left to go get them and everyone engaged into a conversation. Unfortunately, it was about me. “So how’s you’re first album coming along?” Niall asks.


     “Really good,” I grin. “I just have one song left to write, and then once I record it, I’ll be done.”


     The boys’ grins widen. “When’s the album due to release?” Harry asks.


     “A week from today,” I sigh. “I have so much to do. Write the song, record it, and then the album photo shoot.”


     The boys laugh. “What’s the album called?” Liam asks from next to Harry.


     “Kiss and Tell,” I smile. “But enough about me,” I add on. “Aren’t you guys going on your tour soon?” I ask, remembering seeing on my Twitter timeline how girls were so excited about the boys’ upcoming tour.


     “Yes!” Louis grins excitedly. “It’s gonna be epic!”


     “But we still need an opening act for it,” Zayn groans.


     I chuckle. “Hopefully you’ll find someone soon.”


     Just then, the waitress comes back with all of our food. As she set it down, I quickly went on Twitter.


@CarlyMcKinley: Lunch with the 1D boys!(: @Harry_Styles @zaynmalik @Real_Liam_Payne @NiallOfficial @Louis_Tomlinson


     As soon as I tweeted that, my twitter blew up.


@CarlyFan1893: @CarlyMcKinley OMG YOU’RE WITH ONE DIRECTION?!?!?!!!




@AngelasAngel: The fact that my favorite new singer is hanging out with my favorite band is unbelievable. Omfg. @CarlyMcKinley @OneDirection <33333


     I chuckle at the tweets, and put my phone away and look at my burger. “This is gonna take a lot of exercising to get rid of,” I murmur.


     “Nonsense,” Harry scoffs. “If anything, you need to gain weight. But either way, your body is perfect.”


     That comment made me blush, and the boys to snicker. Chuckling, I pick up the burger and take a bite of the juicy goodness, not minding that I most likely will gain a pound or two. We all ate our lunch in comfortable silence, occasionally talking here and there. As we ate, NIALL reached for the ketchup but accidentally knocked it over, which caused Liam’s drink to knock down on him, Harry, and somewhat Zayn. They all shrieked and I clamped my hand over my mouth, trying not to let my giggles escape.


     “Sorry, lads!” Niall apologized as the drenched boys stood up. It honestly looked like they wet their pants.


     “It’s fine, Nialler,” Harry says. “Come on, lets go dry ourselves,” he says to Liam and Zayn, who nod in agreement. The three of them slide out of the booth and walk on over to where the men’s room is.


     I turn to look at the other two. “So I guess it’s just us three,” I chuckle.


     “Seems like it,” Louis laughs.


     The three of us just talk as we wait for the boys, and in between that I snap a picture of the three of us.


@CarlyMcKinley: Looook who it is!! @Louis_Tomlinson & @NiallOfficial! (: x


     That tweet and picture was all it took for Twitter to go completely crazy.


@OfficiallyNarry: @CarlyMcKinley OMG OMG OMG IT’S LOUIS AND NIALL OMG.




@Nialls_Potato: Am I the only one freaking out about how @CarlyMcKinley is with the boys right now? I love thisssssss.


     I chuckle quietly at the tweets, and put my phone away when I see Harry, Liam, and Zayn walk back. Their pants were fully dried, and it didn’t even look like someone had spilled any beverage on them. We all got engaged into yet another conversation, and about twenty minutes later, I realized it was time for me to go.


     “Sorry, guys, but I have to get going,” I apologized.


     Liam sighs. “Yeah, us too,” he says.


     Zayn then calls for the waitress to get our check, and once she did, I took out the amount of money for my share of food. But just when I reached into my bag for my wallet, Louis raises an eyebrow. “Um, what do you think you’re doing?” he asks in a somewhat sassy tone.


     “Uhh, taking my wallet out?” I say uncertainly.


     “You’re not to pay a single penny,” Liam says.


     I groan. “But I can’t let you pay.”


     “Too bad,” Niall smirks. “Harry already offered to pay for you.”


     My head snaps to the curly headed boy who’s smirking as well. “Seriously?” I ask. “I can pay for myself.”


     Harry shrugs. “Too late, cupcake,” he chuckles, placing some money on top of the check where the other boys’ money already lays.


     I somewhat blush at when he calls me cupcake, and then sigh. “Fine,” I mutter. The waitress returns and takes the check and the money, and then we all leave the restaurant once putting on our sunglasses. Once we walked out into the warm L.A air, we made our way to our cars. Being the gentlemen that they are, the boys walked me to my car.


     “I had a really good time, guys,” I smile at them once we’re at my car. “Thanks.”


     “No problem,” Zayn grins.


     They then each pull me in for a hug, and the last person to hug me was Harry. His hug was... Nice. It was warm and caring and I liked it a lot. We pulled away and I smile at him and the rest of the boys. “I’ll see you around, yeah?”


     The boys nod. “Definitely,” they answer in unison.


     I smile and then get in the car, Harry closing the door for me. I roll the window down as the boys look in. “Bye, boys!” I grin.




     I think this was a start of a new friendship.