*10 months later*


Elena’s POV:


            My hand kept rubbing over my giant belly, huffing as I lounged on the couch with the TV on even though I wasn’t really paying attention. I turned my head and looked out the window at the London afternoon skyline, my hand stopping at the center of my stomach as I felt a light kick. I chuckled, looking down as I cooed, “You’re quite the kicker, aren’t you?”


            “Talking to the baby again?” I heard my favorite voice speak, and I looked up to see Harry stroll into the living room.


            I chuckled. “Yeah.”


            After we had gotten married, Harry and I went on a beautiful and romantic honeymoon to Barcelona, Spain. We had an amazing time there and when we returned, I had found out that I was pregnant. This was a big deal for all of us, and the fans, to my surprise, were beyond excited. I guess because of the fact that Harry’s going to be a father? Some of them, from what I saw on Twitter, were ‘crying’ over the fact that they’d get new pictures of the boys with a baby and they didn’t think they’d be able to handle that. Eh, they’ll be fine.


            Harry and I had moved to our own house in London. He had moved out of his flat and bought a house for us in central London, and we were still close to where the rest of the boys lived. Our house was big and beautiful, and I felt so lucky to be living here.


            The boys’ career was still booming. They have been together for almost four years and they had released their third album as well. Their new world tour would be coming up as well, but Harry made sure it wouldn’t be until he was sure that I was okay with handling the baby by myself – which I thought was awfully sweet of him. And to his pleasure, the fans understood where he was coming from.


            As for the baby, Harry and I decided that we didn’t want to know the sex of it until after the baby was born. We’d like for it to be a surprise, but we have names picked out and everything. The baby’s room was something that the boys and Harry had surprised me with a couple of days ago.


            It was a cute yellow color – neutral so it didn’t matter if the baby was a boy or a girl. They had set up a crib, dresser, and even put in a comfortable small sofa for when we needed to help put the baby to sleep. It was an amazing surprise, and I thanked the boys so much for their hard work put into it.


            Speaking of the boys, we were still waiting for one of them to pop the question to their girls. Surprisingly, Melody and Niall had ended up together – it happened while Harry and I were in Spain. As for the others, they were still together. What was another surprise was that Tyler and Gemma had broken up, separating their ways but still remaining good friends.


            I was already nine months pregnant, and the baby was due any day. We had the baby bag ready, just in case the baby decided to just pop out any day. Harry had been so caring as well, putting up with my bitchy attitude and getting me the things I needed whenever I needed them.


            “Ugh, I just want this kid out of here already,” I groaned loudly, throwing my head back.


            “Well, geez, hello to you too,” a new voice said.


            I opened my eyes to see Louis and Zayn walk in, and I give them a small smile. “Sorry,” I reply. “But this kid is a pain, okay?”


            “Oh, it won’t be so bad,” Zayn says. “He or she will be out of there before you know it.”


            I rolled my eyes. “Let’s hope so.”




            I woke up in the middle of the night, a pain striking through my stomach as I sat up. Harry slept beside me, snoring softly as I struggled to sit up. My eyebrows furrowed as I felt something wet by my legs, and when I removed the duvet from over my body, my eyes widened. And just then, another shot of pain hit my stomach. “Harry,” I shook his shoulder. “Harry!”


            He grumbled awake, blinking his eyes open as he looked at me sleepily. “What’s wrong?” he mumbles.


            My breathing becomes heavy. “My water broke.”


            Harry’s green eyes widen as he sits up immediately. “What?!” he exclaims and I nod. “Come on, I gotta get you to the hospital!”


            “Okay, okay,” I huff, sitting up.


            Harry quickly puts on a shirt and pants over his boxers, and grabs the baby bag. He then helps me out of the room and down the stairs, and we go towards the car as he starts it up and says, “Do you wanna call the boys?”


            I nod as I take his phone. I quickly dial Louis’ number and wait for him to pick up. “Harry?” his sleepy voice asks. “What’re you calling me at two in the morning for?”


            “It’s Elena,” I tell him. “We’re on our way to the hospital.”


            “What, why?” Louis asks, sounding wide awake. “Is everything okay?”


            I chuckle. “It’s time, Lou,” I tell him. “The baby’s coming.”


            “What timing,” Louis chuckles. “Alright, I’ll let the guys know. We’ll see you at the hospital.”           


            “Okay,” I say before hanging up.


            Harry and I pulled up in front of the hospital soon, and carrying the baby bag, he helped me out of the car and into the hospital as he called out, “I need a wheelchair over here!”


            Everyone’s attention was on as a nurse rolled over a wheelchair and helped me in it. People kept whispering that it was Harry Styles, but he paid no attention as they pushed me down the hall and into a hospital room. The nurses helped me lay down on the hospital bed, and I felt another contraction as I groaned in pain.


            The nurses then helped me change into a hospital gown as I lay down, and my doctor, Dr. Stamm, walked in. “Okay, let’s check how much you’ve dilated.”


            I nodded as my feet were on top of the bed as my knees were up, and a sheet was over my body to cover it up as she checked. “Okay, you’re about seven centimeters. We need to wait till you get to ten so you can start pushing,” Dr. Stamm informed me.


            I groaned as Harry gripped my left hand. “Just take deep breaths, love,” he whispered to me, and I bit my lip hard that if I bit it any harder I would draw blood.


            A knock sounded on the door and all of the boys and girls piled in, wearing pajamas. The boys, Eleanor, Melody, Danielle, and Perrie were all here, and they all had bed hair as well which made me laugh lightly. “I’m sorry, but all of you can’t be in here,” a nurse said. “We can only allow the father and another person.”


            All eyes were on me as I said, “Uh, Melody, would you mind staying?”


            She grinned and nodded as the others smiled, not seeming fazed by it. As the rest of them were ushered out the door, Melody walked over and held my other hand. “I called your parents,” she smiled. “They’re going to be here soon. Harry, yours too.”


            Harry smiled and nodded, and I let out a loud groan as another wave of pain hit me. “This is so fucking painful,” I hissed through my teeth, clenching my jaw.


            A few minutes later, Dr. Stamm checked again and she said, “You’re almost at ten centimeters!”


            I shut my eyes tightly, taking in deep breaths as Harry held one and Melody held my other. If this was the pain I’d have to go through to have kids, I’m never having kids again. I groaned once again and Dr. Stamm exclaimed, “You’re at ten centimeters! At my mark, get ready to push, Elena.”


            “Okay,” I groaned as started breathing heavily.


            “Alright, Elena, push!” Dr. Stamm yelled.


            I clenched my jaw as I started pushing, gripping on to Melody and Harry’s hands tightly as a scream escaped my lips – my God, this shit was painful. I kept pushing and pushing, hoping this would be over already. “I see a head,” Dr. Stamm announced, “keep pushing, Elena.”


            I shut my eyes tightly as I felt Harry rubbing my shoulder, sweat forming on my forehead as Melody pushed my hair back. Another scream escaped my lips as I pushed. It was honestly like pooping out a rock – I’m not kidding.


            “Just one last push, Elena. Make it a big one,” Dr. Stamm encourages me.


            An ear-piercing, toe-curling scream escaped my mouth as I gave one last, strong push and my body fell back on to the bed as the sound of something crying filled the room. I panted as I lay on the bed, shutting my eyes as I heard Dr. Stamm’s voice. “Harry, would you like to cut the cord?”


            I felt Harry’s hand let go of mine, and when I opened my eyes, I saw Harry take a pair of red scissors and cut the umbilical cord. Dr. Stamm grinned at me, holding a little something in a blue towel. “Congratulations – it’s a healthy baby boy.”


            A sigh of relief left my lips as I smiled breathlessly, sitting up a bit as Dr. Stamm gave the sleeping baby to Harry. I watched as Harry took the little bundle of joy, bouncing him slightly in his arms as a grin crept on his lips. I even saw tears in Harry’s green eyes, and that made me smile wider. Melody wrapped her arm around my shoulders, giving me a sideways hug.


            “You did it, girl,” she tells me quietly and I smile tiredly.


            Harry looks up at me, and I can see the pool of happy tears in his eyes. “You want to hold him?” he asks and I nod.


            He walks over to me and leans down, gently placing the baby in my arms. I smile as I look down at the little pink baby. Dark brown fuzz covers his head and his tiny hands move around a bit before settling down. He’s so pink and has such a tiny nose and pink lips – he’s perfect. He’s the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen in my life.


            “What are you going to name him?” Dr. Stamm asks.


            I look up at her and then at Harry, who gives me a smile and nod. Looking back at Dr. Stamm, I smile. “Aiden,” I say. “Aiden Edward Styles.”


            “Beautiful,” Melody whispers from next to me.


            I look at her, grinning. “You want to hold your God son?”


            Melody’s light brown eyes widen as she looks at me and then at Harry who grins at her, and then back at me. “Y-Yeah,” she stutters, shocked. I chuckle as I hand over Aiden to her, and she looks down at the little one. “He’s so precious,” she whispers.


            Just then, the door opens and in walk the boys and girls, and my parents, brother, Harry’s parents, and Gemma. Surprisingly, the room was big enough for all of us since the doctor and nurses had left. “Oh my goodness,” Mum’s eyes widened as she walked over, and Melody handed Aiden off to her. “He’s so precious!”


            “What did you name him?” Anne asks with a smile.


            “Aiden Edward Styles,” Harry replies with a grin.


            Aiden was carefully passed around everyone, gaining gasps and ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from everyone as well. I chuckled as Harry wrapped an arm around me, pulling me into his side as he kissed my cheek. “You did it, love,” Harry smiles, dimples in view. “And you did a brilliant job.”


            I smile, looking at Aiden who was currently in Perrie’s arms. Looking back up at Harry, I smiled widely. “We did a brilliant job.”