Chapter 31

Elena’s POV:


@ElenaCarter: This is actually happening. xx @Harry_Styles


            I had just posted the picture of Harry and I, and it was honestly my favorite one. In the picture, Harry was hugging me from behind as he rested his chin on my shoulder and grinned. I was smiling and my left hand covered my smiling mouth, the ring in clear view.


            It had been three days since Harry proposed and everyone was going crazy. Most of the fans were beyond happy and some were angry. Harry had talked to Management, and they said that they can’t control his personal life anymore. That he can do what he wants as long as he doesn’t tell too much to the public and media.


            Our parents were happy as well and so were all of our friends. I still couldn’t believe I was engaged though. Harry and I talked and we were set on having the wedding in a month’s time. So all of the preparations were going on right now.


            Becca and Candice were over the moon when they found out, screaming that they knew this would happen at some point. But there were so many things to prepare for. The reception, dresses, food, everything. Just thinking about it was stressful.


            Harry and I were currently at his parents’ house, writing down the names of the people we wanted to invite. “Um, Nick Grimshaw,” Harry says and I nod, writing his name down. “Ed,” he added as I wrote down the Ginger singer’s name.


            We spent an hour on writing everyone we wanted to come. The front door of the house opened and in came Harry and my mums, looking excited. “Elena, we need to go dress shopping.”


            “Already?” I ask, eyes widening.


            They nodded. “It’s best if we get the dresses now until later, or else we’ll be stressed out on being late,” Mum says.


            I nodded. “Are the girls here?”


            “Yes,” Anne says. “They’re waiting in the car.”


            Melody was my maid of honor, and I had five brides maids; Becca, Candice, Eleanor, Perrie, and Danielle. I wanted all of the girls to take part of my wedding, because they were all my best friends. Kissing Harry goodbye, I left with my mum, Anne, and the girls and we got in the van to leave for dress shopping.


            The car finally pulls up in front of a store called Dominique’s Dresses and we all walk inside. A lady walks up and says, “Are you the Styles-Carter party?” she asks, and we nod as she smiles. “Who’s the lucky lady?”


            I raise my hand, smiling. “That’s me.”


            “Wonderful,” she grins. “Come on to the back – we have several dresses saved for you.”


            We follow her towards the back of the store where there are racks and racks of dresses. There’s a changing room and off on the side are mirrors with a stool in front of it where I would most likely stand to observe how the dress looks. The lady, as we learned her name is Stacy, directed us over to a bunch of wedding dresses.


            Anne and my mum immediately went over to them, looking through as Melody looks at me. “Did you decide on what color you want the bridesmaid dresses to be like?”


            I shrugged. “I was just thinking, like, a pale pink color. It seems simple and cute.”


            She grins and nods as Mum calls me over. Let the dress shopping begin.




Harry’s POV:


            My bedroom door swings open and in walks Elena, looking frazzled and tired as ever. I sit up as she plops down on the bed, looking up at the ceiling as she lets out a groan. “You alright?” I ask her with a chuckle.


            “No,” she says as she sits up and turns to me. “Four hours.” I raise my eyebrows. “We were dress shopping for four fucking hours. I love shopping, but please, that was ridiculous!”


            I could tell she was getting ready to explode, so I sat behind her put my hands on her shoulders. “Calm down, babe,” I tell her soothingly, massaging her small yet stressed out shoulders. “It’ll be fine.”


            Elena let out a sigh. “At least we got the damn dress,” she says. “You have no idea how awful dress shopping is. It’s either too tight, too loose. Or too short or too long and it’s just ugh.”


            I rubbed her shoulders, kissing the top of her head. “But you’ve gotten it over with, haven’t you?” I say and she gives a slight nod. “So don’t fret. It’s done, finished.”


            Elena rubs her eyes before turning to look up at me. “No, it’s not. We still have to discuss the caterer and types of China we need for the plates and stuff. Plus, we need to make sure we get the wedding cards made in time, and –”


            “Elena,” I cut her off, and she shuts her mouth as she looks at me. “Stop stressing, love,” I chuckle softly. “We have about a month for this wedding – we have more than enough time.”


            She chuckles. “Not when it comes to your and my mums. They are all over me about this. Honestly, it’s like their more excited about our wedding than we are.”


            “Impossible,” I smirk, leaning down to be eye level with her. “No one’s more excited than I am to be able to call you Mrs. Styles.”


            Elena lets out a laugh as I kiss her button nose, shaking her head as she looks at me. “You’re so cheesy. But I love it.”


            I laugh along. “Just relax, okay? It’ll all work out in the end – trust me.”


            The two of us stayed in my room and watched some TV, as Elena eventually fell asleep by my side. I kissed her forehead as I let her peacefully sleep, and got off the bed and walked out of the room after closing the door. I go downstairs where I find Mum talking with Gemma in the living room and when I walk in I see them stop and look at me.


            “Um, yes?” I ask, raising an eyebrow as I slow down.


            “We were just talking about the possible locations for the wedding,” Mum says.


            I bite my bottom lip, entering the living room. “Yeah, about that,” I say. “Can you guys just slow down a bit on that? It’s stressing Elena out and she doesn’t work well under pressure.”


            “Harry, we’re not pressuring her,” Gemma says.


            “I know,” I say quickly. “It’s just that she feels overwhelmed at the moment with the food and location and all of that. I don’t want her to feel so pressured that she just ends up canceling the wedding.”


            Mum stands up, walking over to me. “She’s not going to cancel it, Harry,” she tells me, giving me a smile. “Elena loves you too much for that.”


            I nod, yet I was still a bit worried. Gemma could see that and she chuckled. “Don’t worry, little brother,” she says as I look at her. “This wedding will be great, okay? We’ll try not to climb on Elena’s shoulders.”


            I give her a grateful smile, knowing I can count on my older sister. As Mum and Gemma left to go somewhere, I sat on the couch and watched some TV, letting out a sigh. As I watched TV, I suddenly remembered that I didn’t pick out a best man yet. Reaching for my phone in the pocket of my jeans, I opened up my text messages and text my best friend.


To: Louis Tommo


You up for being my best man?


From: Louis Tommo




            I chuckle at his text. Well that took care of that. With my phone still in my hand, I went on Twitter to see I had mentions from some of my friends.


@EdSheeran: Just heard the news! @Harry_Styles you finally popped the question, eh?


@BenWinston: They grow up so fast… Congrats @Harry_Styles! x


@LouTeasdale: Massive congrats to @Harry_Styles & @ElenaCarter! Xx


@EleanorJCalder: @ElenaCarter is getting married!!! @Harry_Styles it’s about time! (: xx


@PaulyHiggins: Congrats to you both, @Harry_Styles & @ElenaCarter! Can’t wait for the wedding! x


@MrsAnneTwist: My baby is growing up. @Harry_Styles @ElenaCarter I love you both so much! Xx


            I smiled at all of their tweets, along with the tweets that the fans were sending. I composed a new tweet, letting them know that I was thankful.


@Harry_Styles: Thank you everyone for your wishes! Means a lot to @ElenaCarter and I! xx




Elena’s POV:


            Today was the cake tasting for the wedding cake. We had made an appointment at the vendor and Harry and I were going along with our Mums. I was pretty excited for this, as I was a big cake lover and everyone knew that. As pulled up in front of the store, we all got out of the car and followed our mothers inside. A tall man walked up to us, smiling. “Are you the Styles party?” he asks and we nod. “Right this way.”


            We followed him as he opened a door and led us inside, and my eyes widened. There were different types of cakes laid out on a table, and my mouth watered at the sight. As we sat down, the man, Gary, asked, “Do you already have a particular flavor in mind?”


            Harry and I looked at each other before he answered, “We were thinking maybe chocolate. Anything that you have under that category.”


            The man nodded as some workers brought over a wheeled tray in front of us. “These are all the chocolate cakes we have. We range from regular chocolate to chocolate raspberry cheesecake. We’ll be giving you slices of each cake and then you can narrow it down from the top five you like, and we’ll continue on from there.”


            We nodded as the guy clapped his hands and the first set of slices were passed down to Mum, Anne, Harry, and I. Taking our forks in hand, the four of us took a bite of the first cake and I didn’t like it. “What flavor is this?” Harry asks.


            “Chocolate cherry,” Gary replies.


            Harry and I exchanged looks before we shook our heads. “Not this one,” I say and Gary nods as the second set of cake arrives.


            This goes on for a while, until we have our top five choices; white chocolate, death by chocolate, German chocolate supreme, chocolate chip, and my favorite, chocolate mousse. “So which one do you two like the most?” Anne asks Harry and I.


            “I like the chocolate mousse,” I state with a shrug as I look at Harry.


            “I like that one too,” he says. “But I kind of like the white chocolate flavor as well.”


            I bit the corner of my bottom lip as we thought over which one we liked best. But then Gary stepped in. “If you’re torn between the two, we can still put both of the flavors in. You said you wanted a cake with about six layers, so we can do three white chocolate and three chocolate mousse. How does that sound?”


            I look at Harry and he grinned and nodded. Wrapping his arm around my shoulders, Harry said, “That’s perfect.”