Chapter 30

Elena’s POV:


(Outfit: )


            After looking through my suitcases to see what clothes I had, I finally found a proper outfit to wear for tonight. I had on a button front black lace bralette and a red doubly layer high-low skirt which went up to my waist so it exposed only some skin from my stomach. Along with that I wore gold and black sling back heels and my hair was a half up and half down style. Finishing my makeup, I turned to Harry who was smiling at me.


            “You ready?” he asks, and I nod, grabbing my bag.


            “Yeah,” I say. “Do you know where the dinner’s at?”


            Harry nods. “Yeah, Lou texted me the address. The car’s waiting for us out front, come on.”


            Harry and I then walked out of our hotel room and down to the lobby. Taking the back exit, we swiftly got into the car and Harry told the driver the address and we started moving. Soon enough we got to the restaurant, and when we stepped out of the black car, flashes surrounded us. Harry grabbed my hand and we pushed through the paparazzi, body guards surrounding us as we finally got to the entrance of the restaurant.


            The guy in the front recognized us and said, “Ah, Mr. Styles and Ms. Carter, right this way. Your friends are waiting for you.”


            Harry and I nodded as we followed the guy further inside, and my eyes widened when I see who was there. Eleanor and the boys were expected, but I didn’t expect to see Perrie, Melody, and Danielle. When the three of them saw me, they jumped out of their seats and attacked me in a giant hug, making me almost lose my balance.


            “Happy birthday!” all three of them grinned and I laughed.


            “Thanks!” I reply. “But what are you guys doing here? I didn’t know you were coming.”


            Melody raised an eyebrow. “You honestly thought I’d miss my best friend’s twentieth birthday? Hell no.”


            I laughed as we all sat down, me sitting in between Harry and Perrie. I loved this; being with my friends on my birthday. It looked like no one was around, and I found that out because the boys had rented the restaurant for the night. To begin off the night, we drank wine as if we were sophisticated adults but we all ended up just making really weird jokes. Nights like these with my friends were the ones I cherished most, no matter how cliché that sounds.




*A few weeks later*


            Christmas was coming up soon, and Mum had the amazing idea of spending it back in Holmes Chapel with Dad and Tyler. We arrived a couple of days ago, and Christmas Day was day after tomorrow and I was getting really excited. All of the boys were going to be back in town as well, seeing as they are going to be spending Christmas with their families here.


            We had set up the Christmas tree in the living room, and Tyler and I had decorated it together beautifully. It was a cold day today, so I was dressed comfortably in black leggings, fuzzy socks, and an over sized jumper with my hair tied into a messy bun. I wasn’t going anywhere, so why not?


            Mum and Dad were getting some last minute Christmas shopping done, and Tyler was out as well so it was just me. As I was sitting in the living room by myself, the door bell rung and I stood up, confused. Who was that? Walking over, I opened the door and my eyes widened when I saw him.


            “What are you doing here?” I ask with a grin, hugging him as he chuckles.


            “Back for Christmas,” Harry replies, kissing my cheek as he walks in. “I dropped my things off at home and decided to come here for a bit.” He then looks at me and smirks. “You look cute.”


            I roll my eyes, blushing. “Shut up, I wasn’t expecting company.”


            Harry laughs as we go into the living room. The two of us just sit on the couch and start talking about his new album. The boys were working on their third album already, and I heard a snippet of their new single for Best Song Ever and it was really good.


            Harry and I talked for a couple of hours and my family returned home, greeting Harry. As Harry was about to leave, he said, “Mum told me that she’s having a Christmas dinner tonight – she’s been preparing for it for a while now. All of the boys and their families are coming and you all are invited as well.”


            Mum smiles. “Well, we’ll be there.”


            Harry grins and nods. “Alright, I’ll let her know. I should be going now, anyway.”


            “I’ll walk you out,” I say, following him out the door.


            As we reach it Harry pecks my lips. “See you tonight,” he says and I smile and nod.


            A couple of hours passed and we all were getting ready for the Christmas dinner at the Styles/Twist house. I wore a cute spaghetti strapped dress that was a tiny bit poofy at the bottom from where it ended above my knees. It was navy blue with lots of red floral designs on it, and had a navy blue belt around the waist. Along with that I wore black tights and simple black heels, and curled my hair a bit as well. When I was finished getting ready, we all got ready to leave.


(Outfit: )


            We got to the house in no time, and saw a bunch of cars parked around the drive way and a few on the side walk. Mum and brought a cake as well, so she didn’t look empty-handed. I rang the door bell, and the door swung open and I saw a familiar looking girl. “Doniya!” I grinned as the girl hugged me.      


            “Elena, oh my Gosh,” she grins as we pull away. “It’s been way too long!”


            I grin and nod, and turn to my parents. “This is Doniya, Zayn’s older sister.”


            My parents and brother greeted her as we entered the house and soon enough Anne and Harry were in view. “Elena, it’s so good to see you again, love,” Anne smiled, wrapping me in a warm hug as I hugged her back.


            “You too, Anne,” I grin.


            She then goes over to greet my brother and parents, taking the cake joyfully from my mum and thanking her for it. Zayn’s and Louis’s families were here, I guessed, since I just saw Louis’ twin sisters running from the kitchen to the living room.


            Harry then walked over to me, greeting me with a quick kiss. “Hey there,” he grinned, dimples in view.


            I smiled back. “Hi,” I reply.


            My parents then walked over, and Harry said, “Nice to see that you made it.”


            Dad smiled at him. “Wouldn’t miss it,” he said genuinely and I smiled at their exchange.


            Dad then got occupied with talking to Robin and Mum went to help Anne in the kitchen, and I noticed Tyler stalk off to talk to Gemma. “Come on,” Harry’s arm slid around my waist. “Zayn and Louis are already here.”


            We walked into the living room where I saw the two boys sitting on the couch and talking, and grinned when Harry and I walked over. “Elena!” Louis exclaims, walking over and giving me a tight hug. “It’s so good to see you!”


            I chuckled as we pulled away. “You too, Lou,” I reply as I get hugged by Zayn. “And of course, you as well, Malik.”


            Zayn sends me a wink before returning to his position on the couch, and Harry and I sit on the other couch. I saw that there were already lots of people here, and this didn’t even include Niall and Liam’s families. “Wow, your Mum must’ve gone all out on making the food,” I murmur as I glance at the nicely decorated Christmas tree.


            Harry chuckles. “Yeah,” he replies in that deep voice of his. “She was going crazy.”


            Suddenly the door bell rang, and both the Horans and Paynes walked in. We all greeted them, and Niall and Liam walked over as Liam’s sisters went over to Gemma and Tyler. I talked with Doniya and Lottie for a bit, until Harry intervened.


            “Can I steal her for a bit?” he asks the two with a smile, grabbing my hand.


            Doniya and Lottie giggled. “Go ahead,” Doniya says.


            Harry pulls me away from them and the two of us walk down the hallway. We go up the stairs and go into his bedroom, and I look at him with a raised eyebrow. “Is there a reason you’ve brought me here?” I raised an eyebrow. My eyes then widened dramatically as I let out a fake gasp. “You’re not going to kill me, are you?”


            Harry simply chuckles, shaking his head. “No,” he rolls his eyes. “I just wanted to get away from everyone for a bit.”


            I smile as we sit on the edge of his bed. As we sit in comfortable silence, I see Harry fidgeting and twiddling his thumbs, something he does when he’s nervous. I look at him, raising an eyebrow. “Are you okay, Haz?” I ask. “You seem… Nervous.”


            Harry shakes his head, biting his bottom lip as he gives me a small smile. “No, I’m fine.”


            I nod and a few minutes later, a knock sounds on the door and Gemma pops her head in. “Dinner’s ready,” she says.


            Harry and I get up from the bed and follow her down the stairs. When we got to the dining room, my eyes widened at all of the food. It all looked so delicious, my mouth watered just by looking at it. Everyone grabbed a plate and we got the food we wanted, and Anne announced that the adults are going to be in the dining room and the rest of us teenagers are in the living room.


            In my plate I put a chicken drum stick, macaroni salad, and some pasta as well. Grabbing my plate and can of Sprite, I walked into the living room with Harry and Fizzy, and sat on the couch with Harry as the rest of the guys and girls came in. As I ate and talked with the girls, I heard the boys whispering things to Harry urgently, and I furrowed my eyebrows.


            “Do you know what they’re talking about?” I ask the girls quietly.


            Doniya, Lottie, and Gemma all exchange looks before they all, simultaneously, say, “Nope.”


            I narrowed my eyes at them, not believing them. “Yes you do,” I accuse. “Come on, why won’t you tell me?”


            Gemma grinned, the dimples that match Harry’s coming into view. “Don’t worry about, El. You’ll find out soon enough.”


            I huff, annoyed. Why was it a secret? I took a bite of my chicken drum stick as I narrow my eyes over at the boys. Doniya laughs as I look at her, raising an eyebrow. “What’s so funny?” I ask.


            Doniya bites her bottom lip, trying to keep herself from laughing. “Nothing,” she shakes her head, making sure the plate on her lap doesn’t fall.


            The dinner was a bit weird, though. The guys kept whispering things to each other and the girls would keep exchanging looks. I also noticed Harry keep glancing over to me as if to make sure that I wasn’t listening in on the conversation he and the boys were having. When I was done eating and put my plate on the coffee table in front of me, Harry suddenly stood up.


            “Elena, c-can I talk to you for a b-bit?” he asks nervously. He was stuttering. Why was he stuttering and why did he look so shaken up?


            I furrowed my eyebrows as I looked up at him, and the guys and girls grinned. “Um, alright?” I say, but it came out as a question.


            Harry took my hand in his as I shot the guys a confused look, but all they did was give me a big grin and a thumbs up – which confused me even more. Harry led me towards the back yard and we stepped out in the cold Cheshire night. Harry closed the door behind us, leaving us alone in the dark night that was lit up by the moon glow and light above the door.


            He looked beyond nervous, and I softly chuckled at the sight. “Harry, are you sure you’re okay?” I ask with a small smile.


            Harry nods and lets out a breath. “Elena,” he says, taking my hands in mine. “Look, I remember when we first met. It was when you walked into detention, and you were pissed because of it.” He chuckled and I smiled at that. “And even if it didn’t look like it, I definitely knew that you were special, let’s say. You’re so beautiful, funny, sweet, intelligent, and those are just a few of the reasons on why I love you.”


            I bit my bottom lip as he spoke, still not sure of where this was even going. “The two of us went through so much together. Through the fights that I got in with people at school and with Des, you were there for me. You stuck by me. Despite what everyone else said at school, about not wanting to get involved with me because I was ‘bad news’, you didn’t listen to it. You were always there for me. And even when your dad didn’t want us together, you did everything you could for us to be together.”


            Harry’s green eyes locked with mine as his tongue poked out to wet his lips. “When you moved, it broke me. I wanted to see you again, I just never knew how. And when finally, I met you almost a year and a half later, it was like I was falling in love all over again. I love every single thing about you. Your smile, your laugh, how you’re so caring and understanding – everything. God, I can’t even list it all. And I’m pretty God damn sure what I’m about to do now.”


            I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion at first, and then my eyes widened. Harry pulled something out of the back pocket of his jeans, and his hand held my left hand. My eyes widened even more when he got on one knee and a gasp escaped my lips when Harry opened it to reveal the most precious thing ever. It was a diamond ring – and a diamond looked like a damn rock. The wedding band was twisted around the diamond and had tiny diamonds encrusted in it. He was on one knee, holding the box open as my heart thumped against my chest.


            “Elena Carter,” Harry began, looking as nervous as ever. “Will you marry me?”


            My eyes widened, thoughts swirling around my brain. My lips parted but no words escaped my mouth. I watched as Harry looked up at me in anticipation, and I know what I had to say. I grinned, nodding my head vigorously. “Yes! Absolutely, yes!”


            A grin spread across Harry’s face as he slid the ring on my ring finger on my left hand as he stood up straight. I tackled him in a hug, wrapping my arms around my neck. “Oh my God,” I laugh against his neck. “I can’t believe it.”


            As we pulled away, Harry smiled. “You said yes,” he said, as if he didn’t believe it.”


            “Of course I said yes, you idiot,” I say as we pull away. I pull him in for a kiss, and he kisses me back immediately. “But wait,” I say as we pull away. “The guys, my parents, your parents…”


            Harry shook his head, grinning. “They all know,” he said. “You didn’t think I’d ask you to marry me if your parents weren’t okay with it, did you?”


            I laugh, shaking my head as I looked at the beautiful piece of jewelry in my hand. “I’m engaged,” I say. Harry grinned as I laughed and looked at him. “I’m engaged!”