Chapter 29

Elena’s POV:


            After our trip to Holmes Chapel was finished, Harry and I had flown over to New York City where the rest of the boys were. We were all staying at The Trump hotel by Central Park, and Eleanor was here as well, which I found relieving. At least there was another girl with me, so I wouldn’t have to be stuck with five crazy boys by myself.


            Fans were already swarming the entrance of the hotel, so it’d be hard for any of us to leave the hotel. The boys had two concerts at Jones Beach and then one over in New Jersey at the Izod Center. We were supposed to be staying here for five days or so, and Harry told me something yesterday which caused me to roll my eyes. He asked me to stay till the New Jersey show, which I declined at first but then I agreed to later on.


            Harry, though, had been acting a bit strange lately. Ever since we left Cheshire, he had been a fidgety and such, but I don’t know why – since he wouldn’t tell me. It got me worried, but I figured that Harry would tell me when he felt like it. So I didn’t push him into telling me what was bothering him.


            Right now, the boys were all at a meet and greet as Eleanor and I relaxed in hers and Louis’ hotel suite. The concert wasn’t for another two days, so the boys had the days off to just relax and go around New York City. So it was just the two of us, watching movies that we had rented.


            “Oh my God,” Eleanor gasped, suddenly sitting up on the couch and I looked at her in confusion.


            “What’s wrong?” I ask her, raising my eyebrows.


            She looked at me, her hazel eyes widening. “Your birthday,” she says. “Your birthday is in two days!”


            “Oh, right.” The corner of my mouth goes up, indicating that I sort of forgot.


            Eleanor scoffs, shaking her head. “How could you forget?” she asks. “You’re turning twenty! I totally forgot that you’re older than Harry.”


            I shrug. “It’s not that big of a deal.”


            “Are you kidding?” she asks. “You’re not going to be a teenager anymore. This is a huge deal. What’s Harry got planned?”


            I give another shrug, looking at the TV screen that was playing Jurassic Park. “If he is, then I don’t know. You know him and his surprises.”


            Eleanor smiles. “We have to do something, though,” she says. “Like a party, though.”


            I shake my head. “Sheesh, no, please. I’d rather not.”


            “Too bad,” Eleanor replies. “It’s your twentieth birthday, Elena. Whether you like it or not, we’re doing something.”


            I guess I lost that fight pretty easily.


Harry’s POV:


            I sneaked up on her, seeing as her back was facing me whilst she looked out the window and down at the city of New York. Creeping up behind her, I wrapped my arms around her waist as she gasped in surprise, her hands resting on top of mine in front of her stomach as I pull her into me.


            “Hello to you too,” Elena laughed as I nuzzled my face in the crook of her neck.


            I smile. “Your birthday’s tomorrow,” I say as I turn her around in my arms. “You’re going to be twenty.”


            Elena groaned, closing her eyes and the opened them to look at me. “I feel so old.”


            I laugh, and then I smirk. “I have something very special planned for us.”


            She raises her eyebrows. “Should I be afraid?”


            I smirk. “Yes, be afraid. Be very afraid.”


            Elena giggles, causing me to smile. And then she stops, looking at me with curious eyes. “Are you okay, Haz?” she asks. “You’ve been acting a bit weird since Cheshire.”


            I bite my bottom lip as I drop my hands from Elena, walking over to the bed but not sitting down. “Yeah, everything’s fine.”


            Elena’s blue eyes narrowed at me. “Then why do I get the feeling that you’re lying to me?”


            I give her a smile, shaking my head. “Don’t worry about it, El. I promise, I’m fine.”


            She gives me a small smile. “If you’re sure.”


            I return her smile, kissing her lips softly. “I’m sure.” I then fully grin, turning to face her fully. “Now, about your birthday…”


            “Please don’t,” Elena groans once again.


            “Why not?” I ask with a laugh. “My girlfriend is going to be twenty!”


            Elena rolls her eyes. “You’ll be twenty in a month as well,” she says.    


            “Yeah, but that’s in a month,” I tell her. “Your birthday is tomorrow.”


            “Yay,” Elena replies, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “But really, even Eleanor made a big deal about it – it’s not.”


            I rolled my eyes at her stubborn behavior. “We’re doing something for your birthday – whether you like it or not.”




Elena’s POV:


            My eyes blinked open and when they did, the first thing I saw was Harry’s smiling face lying next to me. “Happy birthday,” he smiles, leaning in and kissing my nose.


            I laugh softly, stretching my arms. “Thank you,” I say, sitting up. “I’m twenty now, oh God.”


            Harry grins, also sitting up. “Get dressed,” he says. “We’re going out.”


            I ask, raising an eyebrow. “Where?” I ask, stifling a yawn.


            “Getting some birthday shopping done for you,” he replies and I grin. “Grab some lunch and then come back here later.”


            I nod, smiling. The idea was simple and I liked it. So getting up, I freshened up in the bathroom, seeing as I took a shower right before I went to bed. I put on a pair of skinny jeans, ankle boots, and a red top that went down my mid thigh and a jacket on top, seeing as it was a cold day today. I tied my hair into a French braid over my right shoulder, and put my white beanie on top.


            When I was dressed, I saw Harry dressed in jeans, his brown shoes, a white shirt with blue striped button down on top with the buttons undone. He had on his adorable white fedora, and the two of us got ready to go. His body guard came with us and as we went to the lobby, he spoke up.


            “There are a lot of fans outside,” he tells Harry and I. “You can’t stop for them, because there are way too many and it’s too dangerous.”


            “Shit,” Harry curses, glancing out the glass doors. “Come on,” he says, grabbing my hand.


            He grips it tightly and I wrap my other arm around his, leaning on to him as we got ready to leave. Harry’s personal security guard and many other police officers and guards were surrounding us. Just as the door opened and people saw the guards, screaming erupted.


            Harry’s grip on my hand tightened drastically, and the two of us kept our heads down as the guards pushed back the fans who were trying to literally attack us. They were screaming Harry’s name at the top of their lungs, trying to claw their way through the guards as they tried to get a picture. The black car was parked right in front of us, waiting for us to get in and drive off.


            We were being pushed and shoved as Harry and I kept quiet, the only people screaming were the fans and guards. Finally, when we got to the car, Harry let me climb in first and then followed after, the security guard shutting the door. “Oh my God,” I let out a breath as the car started up. “That was bloody insane.”


            “I know,” Harry sighed, sitting back as the car started moving. “It’s never been that crazy. Sorry about that.”


            I chuckle. “Don’t be sorry,” I say. “Not your fault.”


            We sat in the car as we drove off to wherever. Soon enough, the car pulled up in front of Times Square and we got out and headed to all of the stores. Both of us had sunglasses and even if paparazzi were following us, they were keeping their distance. Harry’s hand grasped mine as our fingers laced together and we walked to the first store I saw: Forever 21.


            Entering the store, I smiled at it. I could live here, if I really could. The clothes were beautiful and I just wanted it all. I dragged Harry to the lower level, going down the escalator and I went over to where they had pants. I saw some colored jeans and I picked out an aqua one and a yellow one, holding them in front of Harry.


            “Which color do you think would be better on me?” I ask, holding them up as Harry looked.


            “Hmm,” he says, looking back and forth from the two pants. “Aqua.”


            I grin and put down the yellow ones. For the next twenty minutes or so, I drag Harry around the store and he doesn’t complain as I pick out several clothes. This store has a photo booth and when I saw it, I gave Harry a puppy dog look.


            “Can we go in there?” I ask him.


            He chuckles, nodding. “Let’s do it.”


            I grin widely as the two of us go inside, closing the curtain as we get ready for the pictures. There were four pictures, obviously. The first was of Harry and I’s eyes widening and covering our mouths, the second was of me sitting on his lap as the two of us simply grinned, the third was of Harry kissing my cheek and my eyes were shut as I smiled, and the last was of the two of us simply kissing.


            When we got out of the booth, the sunglasses returned to our faces as we grabbed the two strips of pictures. Harry took one while I took the other, and the two of us went over to the cash register to pay for all the stuff I got.


            “Oi, I’m paying,” Harry slaps my hand away and I look at him with wide eyes.


            “Are you kidding me?” I ask, looking at all of the stuff I got.


            Harry chuckles. “It’s your birthday, babe, I’m paying.”


            I shake my head, smiling as Harry swipes out his credit card. He literally bought me all of these clothes, which is awfully sweet of him. When we were done, we walked out of the store, holding the bags. Harry then drags me to the center of Times Square and grabs a guy who was walking by. “Hey, can you take a picture of the two of us real quick?” he asks.


            “Yeah, sure,” the guy replies and Harry gives him his phone.


            Harry and I stand next to each other for the picture, Times Square in full view behind us. When the guy takes the picture, Harry thanks the guy and takes the phone. As we continue to walk, my phone buzzes and my phone buzzes. Taking it out, I saw that Harry had posted the picture on Instagram and tagged me in it.


@Harry_Styles: Times Square with the birthday girl. Love you, @ElenaCarter :)


            I smile and retweet that, before putting my phone away. As we explored the city, I noticed Harry glancing at his phone every now and then. I didn’t question it, but the curiosity just built up inside of me. Finally, Harry said, “You wanna grab some lunch?”


            It was two in the afternoon, and it surprised me that we were out so long. So I nodded and the two of us grabbed some lunch at this restaurant on Broadway. I honestly was enjoying my time a lot more than a normal person would. I’m here in New York City, having lunch in this beautiful restaurant on Broadway with my amazing boyfriend. Honestly, this birthday is already perfect.


            Harry and I sat across from each other, looking over our menus to see what we want to eat. Harry got himself a burger and I got myself a Caesar salad. The two of us just enjoyed each other’s company, laughing and talking about whatever.


            When we finished lunch, Harry and I walked out to see that the car was waiting for us, and we got in as we drove back to the hotel. As the driver took us, Harry’s thumbs were tapping away on his iPhone. I shrugged to myself and soon enough we reached the back of the hotel. The front entrance was crowded by fans, and the back had a secret entrance.


            We were safely inside the hotel, and Harry and I went back up to our hotel room. As I was putting my new things away, a knock sounded on the door and Harry went to open it, revealing Eleanor. “Hey, Eleanor,” Harry smiles. “What’s up?”


            “We’re all going out to dinner tonight for Elena’s birthday,” she says and I look at her, raising my eyebrows. “And no, you can’t reject because we’ve already made the reservations.”


            I roll my eyes, smiling. “Alright, fine, I won’t reject,” I chuckle. “Casual or formal?” I ask.


            Eleanor thinks for a moment, biting the inside of her cheek. “In between.”


            “Yeah, that helps,” Harry chuckles.


            Eleanor grins. “See you at seven!” she exclaims, before returning to her and Louis’ room as Harry closes the door.


            Harry looks at me as I shrug while smiling. “Guess we have a dinner to go to.”