Chapter 28

Elena’s POV:


            “Harry, we should go,” I tell him hurriedly, grabbing his upper arm as I tried to pull him away.


            But Harry was frozen on spot as he stared dead ahead. It was like him and Des were having some sort of staring competition from across the street. I bit my bottom lip as Harry’s teeth clenched, not moving from his spot. I plead to God that nothing too bad happens as I see Des leave the café, and Harry grips my hand tightly.


            “We should go,” I repeat, looking up at him.


            “No,” Harry replies, not looking at me as he stares straight ahead, “we can’t run away from him forever.”


            I bite my bottom lip as Des crosses the street, walking over to us. “Well, look who it is,” he says once he reaches us. “What are you two doing back in town? Haven’t seen you in about two years.”


            I stay quiet, standing right next to Harry as he looks at his father. “We’re here for a small break,” Harry says. “I didn’t expect to see you in town, either. What are you doing here?”


            “Same reason you’re here,” Des replies. “You’re visiting, I’m visiting.”


            Harry quirks an eyebrow. “Who have you got to visit?” he questions. “Mum wouldn’t want to see you, and if Gemma were here, she wouldn’t either.”


            I bite my lip. “Harry,” I say in a quiet warning tone. I then look away and see a couple of men with black cameras taking pictures, and I groan internally. “Harry, we have to go,” I say to him.


            He looks down at me. “Why?” he asks and I motion over to where the men hid, and he groaned. “Well, looks like we’ve got to be off,” Harry says to Des. “It was a pleasure seeing you,” he adds, sarcasm dripping from his voice.


            Des gives a tight lipped smile. “You too, son,” he nods, and then looks over to me. “Goodbye, Elena.”


            I bite my lip as Harry glares after Des as he walks away, before Harry and I start walking in the opposite direction, avoiding the paparazzi. Harry wrapped an arm around my shoulder, pulling me into his side as we walked back to his house. I looked down at my feet as I walked, trying to keep my face away from the paparazzi as they tried to take a picture. It annoyed me – it really did. I wanted to be able to go out with Harry without having paparazzi take a billion pictures of us. But I guess if I want to be with Harry, it’s going to be something I’ll have to get used to.




(outfit: )


            “You ready?” Harry asks, and I nod as I give myself a once over in the mirror. I was wearing a green button down blouse with the sleeves ending just below my elbows, dark blue skinny jeans, and white lace wedges. I had curled my hair and applied some silver nail polish with pink lip gloss and smoky eye shadow. The restaurant was a fancy one, and everyone was getting dressed up. It was out of town, so it’ll be a bit of a long drive.


            I nod, turning and giving him a smile. “Yeah,” I say, and then look at Harry. He was clad in black slacks, his pointy brown shoes, and a light blue button down shirt with a blazer on top. Yeah, he looked handsome.


            With all of us dressed, we got ready to leave. Gemma had gotten back in town last night, and Tyler was gone visiting some friends. So she traveled with her parents in their car while Harry and I were in his car. We got to the restaurant pretty soon and the reservations were under Twist, so we got seated in the back almost immediately.


            As we sit, we order wine for ourselves as we look through the menu to see what we want to eat. “So, Elena,” Anne speaks up as I look at her across the table. “Are you going to be joining Harry on tour after your trip here or are you returning back to Las Angeles?”


            “I think I’m going to head back to LA,” I reply, and Harry pouts at me as I laugh. “Oh, come on, you know I can’t join you on tour.”


            “We’re going to be in New York after this,” Harry says. “At least join us there? Then I’ll get you a ticket back to Las Angeles. Please?” he stretches out the last word like a kid who’s pleading for candy, and Anne laughs at her son’s actions.


            I roll my eyes, smiling nonetheless. “Fine, okay, I’ll go,” I give in and he grins triumphantly.


            Gemma chuckles, shaking her head as she puts down her wine glass. “You’re going to be dealing with what I had to deal with for almost my entire life,” she says, glancing at Harry. “He’s a nuisance.”


            “Hey!” Harry exclaims as he gives his older sister a glare.


            I smirk, “You know she’s saying the truth, Haz.”


            Harry sighs, looking at his mother. “Mum, you don’t think I’m a nuisance, right?”


            Anne bites her bottom lip, smiling. “I don’t know, Harry, the girls are kind of right…”


            Gemma and I burst into laughter as Harry’s jaw drops. “Robin, you’re with me on this one, right?” he asks his step father.


            To Harry’s relief, Robin nods. “Absolutely,” he says. “Us men have to stick together.”


            “Harry’s not a man,” Gemma and I said in unison, and our eyes widen as we give each other high fives.


            Anne and Robin chuckle as Harry sighs. “I’m definitely not bring Elena back here,” he says, giving me a glare.


            “Aw, you know I love you,” I grin, wrapping my arms around his right arm, leaning on him as I smile up at him. Harry rolls his eyes, but smiles nonetheless as he kisses my cheek.


Harry’s POV:


            Even though my girlfriend was joining my sister in making fun of me, I still couldn’t stop smiling at the two of them. It was nice watching the two of them interact and get along so well. They seemed to be having a good time; laughing and having an endless conversation about whatever it seemed to be.


            As I took a bite of my steak, Mum nudged my side as I turned to look at her with a questioning look. “You’re drooling, Harry, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have to do with that steak in front of you.”


            My eyes widened as I put my fork down, grabbing a napkin and unconsciously wiping my mouth. “I was not,” I say defensively.


            Mum laughs good naturedly, shaking her head. “We know you love her, Harry,” she says, smiling. “And I’m so happy to see that look on your face. It’s the same look Robin gives me and I can see that you’re going to have a future with her.”


            I raise my eyebrows, glancing at Elena to see she was busy talking with Gemma and Robin to hear Mum and my conversation, and I turn back to Mum. “Mum, I think you’re looking way too ahead into the future,” I chuckle nervously.


            Mum smiles. “Come on, Harry, I got married when I was in my mid twenties.”


            I cock my head to the side, giving her a look. “And look how well that turned out,” I say, thinking about my biological father.


            Mum rolls her eyes. “Doesn’t mean it’ll happen to you.”


            I narrow my eyes. “Mum, where’s all this future talk coming from?”


            She shrugs, giving me a small smile. “I just don’t want you to lose what you have with Elena.”


            I bite my bottom lip, looking over to Elena, who has a smile on her face as she speaks. Turning back to Mum, I give her a smile. “Yeah, neither do I.”