Chapter 27

Elena’s POV:


            Our laughter echoed throughout the restaraunt as we ate and talked, catching up on things since I haven’t seen them in two years. Candice and Becca were the same girls, and apparently both attended Uni together. When I saw them, I tackled them in a hug and they didn’t seem to mind. So now we were sitting at McDonald’s as we ate some junk.


            “Seriously though,” Becca chuckles. “It’s unbelievable that you two are back together. But you two are perfect.”


            I blushed, sipping my Pepsi. “Honestly, when I moved to Los Angeles, I didn’t think I’d see him again.”


            “But here you are,” Candice smirked, biting into her French fry. “Where is he now?”


            “At his mum’s place,” I reply. “He needs family time and I need friends time.”


            “Hell yeah, you do,” Becca says. “We haven’t seen you in two freaking years. That isn’t okay.”


            I chuckled. “Well, you guys should come to LA once in a while,” I reply. “Melody misses you guys a lot.”


            “We miss her too,” Candice smiles. “How are the boys?”


            “They’re good,” I say. “Touring the world.”


            They laugh. We all stay for a couple of more hours as we talk like old times, until it’s time for us to leave. The two of them promise that we’ll hang out again soon, and I then walk back to Harry’s place since it wasn’t too far from here.


            I wrapped my coat around my body tightly as I walked in the somewhat chilly Cheshire air, smiling as I looked at the familiar town. Just when I turned to the street of Harry’s neighborhood, I felt someone walking behind me. Panicking, I picked up my pace and walked faster, only to realize the person behind me was walking at my pace too.


            I then turned around, and my eyes widened. “What the hell?”


            “Ah, so it is you,” he smirked, stopping.


            I glared. “James, what the hell do you want?” I ask. He was the one person I prayed to never see again, but I guess God isn’t on my side on this one.


            “I’m only here to say hi to one of my old friends,” he smirks. “How’ve you been, Elena?”


            “Perfectly fine, thanks,” I say in a fake sweet tone as I continue to walk. I don’t need to be dealing with him.


            “Still dating that Harry kid?” James asks, following me.


            “None of your business,” I say. As I walk, I take out my phone subtly, making sure Jame doesn’t notice me and thanks to my large coat, he doesn’t.


            James chuckles somewhat bitterly as I create a quick text. “You could do so much better than him, Elena, and you know it.”


            I roll my eyes. Here we go again. “If I remember correctly, James, we’ve already had this conversation a long time ago,” I tell him, nearing Harry’s house.


            “Oh come on, Elena,” James says, suddenly stepping in front of me and I have to stop walking. “You know it’s true.”


            “Hey, what’s going on here?” I smile as I hear his voice, letting out a sigh of relief.


            James turns around and Harry raises his eyebrows when he sees who I had been dealing with. “Well, if it isn’t Harry Styles,” James smirks as I walk around him and quickly go over to Harry. “Last time I remember, you were the school’s bad ass, weren’t you? Now you’re in some pop boy band with the rest of your delinquent friends? The hell happened to you guys?”


            Harry’s jaw clenched as I gripped his upper arm, knowing if I didn’t he’d go all British Hulk on James. “What happened to us was that we got signed by Simon Cowell, have two number one albums, three sold out tours, and millions of fans around the world,” Harry calmly spoke, and I press my lips together from chuckling at James’s face. “And what about you, James? What happend to you? Because it looks like you’re still stuck here in Cheshire.”


            James glared at Harry, and when he didn’t say anything, I spoke up. “It was wonderful seeing you, James, but Harry and I have to get going.” Then I grab Harry’s hand, and pull him away from James and to the direction of the house.


            “What the hell is his problem?” Harry mutters from next to me as I chuckle, leaning my head on his arm as we walk.


            “Who knows?” I say as we walk up to his front door.           


            Harry sighs. “Whatever,” he says. “But tomorrow, we’re spending the whole day together.”


            I lean away as I look at him, raising an eyebrow. “The whole day?” I ask, faking a gasp. “I have to spend the whole day with you?”


            Harry smirks, opening the front door. “Don’t get too excited,” he says sarcastically and I laugh.


            “You know I love you,” I say, pressing a kiss on his lips.


            He chuckles. “I know.”




(outfit: )


            I was fully ready for whatever Harry had planned for us today. I had on a sleeveless yellow top that looked like a bow around the chest area, an unzipped denim jacket on top with black leather sleeves, skinny jeans, and dark blue Marc Jacobs leather wedged sneakers. My hair had braids in it but tied into a bun, and I did my make up with some eyeliner, lipgloss, mascara and a bit of eyeshadow.


            “Are you ready, babe?” I heard Harry’s voice.


            I turned to see him enter the room, and I nod. “Yeah,” I say, picking up my phone. “Where are we going?”


            “I just figured we walk around town, you know?” he shrugs. “Grab some lunch later on.”


            I nod. “Sounds good.”


            Anne was out shopping and Robin was at work, so initially it was just the two of us. Harry and I left the house, and instead of taking the car, we walked around like Harry had planned. “It’s good being back home,” Harry speaks up.      


            “I know what you mean,” I say as Harry’s arm snakes around my waist. “I haven’t been in this place for almost two years.”


            “That’s a long time to be away from your home,” Harry murmurs.


            “That’s a long time to be away from anything, Haz,” I tell him.


            I suddenly stop walking, realizing where we were. Without realizing it, Harry and I had walked into the park where we would always hang out and talk. Harry stops next to me as I look around me, and suddenly I feel overwhelmned. It felt so strange being back here after two and a half years, not seeing any of this for that amount of time. I grew up in this town, and this park had that one memory that I would never forget.


            It was the park where Harry and I shared our first kiss. Where we spilled the beans on how we liked each other. And now, for some reason, I felt guilty. I guess because I never made an effort to come back? Even though Dad had had me move across the world, I could have still tried to visit once in a while, right? And the fact that I didn’t just made me feel bad and guilty. I should have come back. I should have visited my friends.


            I should have tried to save my relationship with Harry.


            “Hey, you okay?” Harry asks worriedly as I sat down on the bench, my face falling.


            “Yeah,” I reply. “I’m fine.”


            Harry bumped his shoulder with mine. “Don’t lie to me, El.”


            I let out a sigh, turning my head to look at him. “I feel like I let this all go too easily,” I begin, frowning slightly as I avert my gaze from his intense green eyes. “I know Dad had made me leave, but that shouldn’t have stopped me from visiting, you know? I left my friends, the guys, you. This is my home, I grew up here. And this park...”


            Harry gave me a small smile, one dimple coming into view as he looked around the park. “I know,” he says, understanding exactly what I meant. “But you shouldn’t feel guilty, Elena.”


            “I can’t help it,” I shrug. “Because I didn’t come back, our relationship just fell out...” And then the tears started gathering in the corner of my eyes, and I looked down as I shook my head.


            “Babe, don’t cry,” Harry sighs, wrapping his arms around my shoulders and pulling me into his side. “It’s not your fault at all, okay? I should have also tried to fight for you, you know? I shouldn’t have let you go that easily. And I know you’re feeling this way because you’re finally back in Cheshire. You missed this place, that’s understandable. But please, don’t blame yourself for this. You’re too pretty to cry.”


            I let out a laugh through my tears at Harry’s attempt to make me smile, which worked as he gave me another one of his cute smiles. I wiped the stray tears away, sniffling as I look at the boy next to me. “Love you.”


            Harry grinned. “Love you too,” he replies, pecking my lips softly.


            We then get up and start walking around a bit. As we walked, a couple of young girls walked up to us, and asked Harry if they could get a picture. He looked at me, and I chuckled and nodded, telling him that it was okay. I offered to take the pictures, but the girls refused.


            “We want you to be in the picture with us,” one of them said.


            I raised my eyebrows, not expecting that. “Me? Why?” I asked.


            “Your Harry’s girlfriend,” another girl said. “And you’re so pretty. We want you to be in the picture!”


            Harry chuckled. “Come on, El.”


            I laughed and nodded, and the girls asked a man passing by to take the picture. There were three girls, so one girl stood, then me, then another girl, Harry, and then the last girl. We took the picture, and the girls thanked Harry and I before leaving us be.


            “They were sweet,” I smile as the two of us start walking. As the two of us kept walking, my eyes wandered over to a cafe that we were passing by. And immediately, I regretted looking inside. “Haz,” I whispered, my eyes widening.


            Harry looked at me, frowning as he sensed something was wrong. “What’s wrong?”


            Instead of saying anything, I pointed towards the cafe, and Harry’s gaze followed my finger. He visibly tensed from next to me, and when I looked back at the cafe, I saw the guy staring at us. He saw us, and there was no hiding that now. Des Styles knew that we were back in Holmes Chapel.