Chapter 26

Elena’s POV:


(Outfit: )


            Tonight was the dinner where Harry would be coming over to eat with my family and I. I already had informed Melody about this, and she had made plans with the rest of the boys to go out and do something with them, so it’d just be my parents, Harry, and I. I was praying and crossing my fingers that everything would go perfectly tonight, and I’m definitely hoping it would. Harry almost has my dad’s approval, and tonight’s just a matter of getting the cat in the bag.


            Harry should be here soon, and I had helped Mum cook earlier as well. We made simple dishes, like lasagna, mozerella sticks, and some rice with chicken. I was clad in a black high low skirt, brown boots, and a denim crop top. My hair was tied into a braid and I had on light pink eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and some lip stick. All we needed was for Harry to show up and this dinner would be started.


            As I had told him, at presicely eight o’ clock, the doorbell rang and I grinned. “I’ll get it!” I shouted while I went over to the door. I paused, taking a breath, before I opened it with a smile when I saw Harry standing there. “Hey!”


            He looked graciously handsome. He decided to wear khaki pants with a button down light blue shirt and his famous brown dress shoes. His sleeves were rolled up only a bit so his wrist tattoos were visible, but that didn’t bother me. In his hands, Harry held a small bouquet of white roses, which happened to be my mum’s and I’s favorite.


            “Oh, wow,” I smiled as he handed me the flower.


            “Yeah, I didn’t want to show up empty handed,” Harry chuckles, giving me a kiss on the cheek before stepping in.


            I laugh as I close the door and my mother comes into view. “Harry, so nice to see you, dear!” she grins as she gives him a hug, and then sees the flower. “Oh, my, such beautiful flowers!” She smiles as she takes them and looks at Harry. “You didn’t have to, dear.”


            “It’s no problem,” Harry chuckles.


            “I’ll put these in some water, then,” she says. “Why don’t you join Lance in the living room while I set up dinner.”


            Harry and I nod as I lead him to the living room where Dad is watching some football – which in America they say soccer. When he sees Harry, he smiles and stands up. “Good to see you could make it, son,” Dad greets him, shaking his hand as I stand off on the side.


            “Wouldn’t miss it for anything, Mr. Carter,” Harry replies as he and Dad sit across from each other on either couches. I sit down next to Harry silently, and watch as the two of them converse. “Who’s playing today?” Harry asks, looking over to the TV.


            “Manchester United versus Liverpool,” Dad says, before looking back at Harry. “You watch football?”


            Harry shrugs. “I don’t get much time, but I try to keep up every now and then. Manchester is my favorite team.”


            Dad nods, grinning. “Good choice. I like them, but I’ve got a growing attatchment towards Arsenal.”


            I watch in amusement as my father and my boyfriend talk about football, until Mum comes out of the kitchen. “Dinner is ready, everyone.”


            We all got up and walked into the dining room where Mum had already set the table. Dad sat at the head of the table, like he normally would back at home. Mum sat to his right, while I sat to his left and Harry sat down next to me. The food was steaming and smelled as delicious as it looked, and I was starving so I couldn’t wait to eat.


            Dad then took some food, and we all followed suit as we filled our plates. As we started eating, my mom started the conversation. “So, Harry, how’s it like? You know, travelling the world and such?”


            Harry chuckles as he swallowed down a piece of lasagna. “It’s amazing,” he says. “It’s totally something I never expected myself in doing.”


            “And what’s it like, seeing all of those fans of yours?” Dad asks.


            “It’s crazy,” Harry replies. “They follow us wherever we go and it’s great to see how dedicated they are.”


            I smile as he says this, in complete awe of his own fans as he speaks about them. The conversation goes on, talking about Harry’s career and such. When we were done eating, Mum and Dad went over to the living room as Harry and I followed them.


            “You kids can go upstairs if you want,” Mum says as they sit on the couch.


            “Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Dad adds, and my eyes widen in horror.


            Harry booms in laughter as my dad joins in, and my mum just shakes her head. I take Harry’s hand and take him up stairs, embarassed at my dad’s statement. Harry was still chuckling by the time we got up to my room, and I shook my head in embarassment. Harry sat down on the edge of my bed as I sat next to him, spreading my skirt around me as I sit.


            “Well that went well,” I say with a sigh, my head leaning against Harry’s left shoulder.


            Harry chuckles from next to me. “Yes it did,” he agrees, pulling up his left arm and draping it over my shoulders. “Your dad finally came around,” he adds, kissing my temple.


            “I know,” I let out a relieved sigh. “It’s like a weight just lifted off my shoulders.”


            I sat up properly and then took off my shoes and socks, wiggling my toes as it felt good to get out of my tight shoes. I then lifted up both of my legs and put them across Harry’s lap, which he looked at with raised eyebrows.


            “Wow,” he chuckles.


            I laugh. “How long are you in LA for?” I ask.


            “Just a couple of more days,” Harry replies with a small smile.


            I let out a groan as I bury my face in his chest as it rumbles in a chuckle. I push him back and he’s laying on his back on the bed with my head laid on his chest. “When does your tour end?” I ask.


            “Just another month, babe,” Harry replies. “But we have a week off next week.”


            “Really?” I lift my head, my hand on his chest as I rest my chin on his chest and look at him. “What’re you doing then?”


            “Going back to Holmes Chapel,” he says. “And I’d love for you to join me.”


            I raise an eyebrow. “Really?” I ask.


            Harry nods as we sit up. “Why not?” he shrugs. “It’s both of our homes. Plus, Mum is dying to see you again.”


            I grin. “Then I guess we’ll be going to Holmes Chapel.”




            The entire week, I had been doing the usual things like working and just spending some time with my friends. I had a bunch of photography shoots to do which were fun and I got done just in time for Harry and I’s trip to Holmes Chapel. Dad had left a couple of days ago as well, returning to Cheshire so I guess I’ll visit him there too.


            And now, it was finally time for us to go. Of course, the entire trip, I’m not going to be spending time with Harry. He definitely deserves some time with his own family. While he’s doing that, I’m going to catch up with some old friends of mine. For example, like Becca and Candice. I have missed them so much, and it’d be nice to hang out with them again.


Harry, of course, got us first class tickets. Though, we both were wearing sunglasses so we wouldn’t get recognized. I had on a maroon tank top with a white cardigan on top, skinny jeans, and boots as my hair was put up in a cute messy bun.


            “Flight 744 to Holmes Chapel, Cheshire is now boarding. Flight 744 to Holmes Chapel, Cheshire is now boarding.”


            “That’s us,” Harry grins. “Let’s go.”


            We boarded the flight quickly, and went up to first class towards our seats. I took the window seat and Harry sat next to me, taking off our glasses. “So you excited to see your family again?” I ask him with a smile.


            Harry nods, smiling as dimples come into view. “Yeah,” he replies. “We get to see them about every six weeks, so it’ll be nice.”


            I nodded as other people started walking down the aisles of the plane, trying to find their seats. A few minutes later, the pilot’s voice spoke through the speakers, letting us know that we were about to take off so we all put on our seat belts. I looked out the airplane window to the sunny LA morning, knowing in some few hours it’ll be replaced by the clouds of Holmes Chapel.


Harry’s POV:


            The minute Elena and I stepped on to the Holmes Chapel asphalt, it immediately felt like home. A grin spread across my face as we stepped out of the cab and in front of my house. Dragging our bags along, Elena and I walked up to the front door as I rang the door bell, waiting in anticipation for someone to open it.


            When the door opened, my mother stood there, looking as beautiful as ever. She saw Elena and I and grinned, her own dimples coming into view as she wrapped Elena in a hug. “I’m so glad to see you, darling!” she exclaims.


            “You too, Anne,” Elena laughs as she hugs Mum back.


            I look at their exchange, raising my eyebrows. “Yeah, it’s not like I’m here or anything. Your son whom you haven’t seen in, like, a month.”


            Mum lets out a laugh as her and Elena pull away, my girlfriend smirking at me as Mum gives me a tight squeeze. “Of course I missed my baby boy.”


            I chuckle as I hug her back, and then the three of us go inside the house. “Where’s Robin?” I ask.


            “He’s at work at the moment,” Mum replies as we enter the living room. “Do you to want anything? Some hot chocolate, hmm?”


            Elena shakes her head. “Oh, no thank you, Anne. I’m going to be leaving in a few anyway.”


            I look at her, raising my eyebrows. “You are?” I ask. I didn’t know about that.


            Elena chuckles and nods. “Yeah, I have to meet up with Becca and Candice, remember?” she reminds me.


            My lips form an ‘o’ shape as I nod. “Oh, right!”


            She rolls her blue eyes and I smile at her, and Mum chuckles. “Well, I’m going to make Harry and I some tea. Are you sure you don’t want some, dear?” she adds, looking at Elena.


            Elena shakes her head. “No, I’m fine, thank you.”


            Mum nods before leaving for the kitchen. Suddenly, Elena’s phone lets out a beep as she takes it out and checks it, before standing up. “I have to go now. Becca’s here.”


            I nod as she bends down and pecks my lips softly. “I’ll see you later,” I give her a smile.


            She smiles back. “Yeah,” she says, heading over to the door. “Bye, Anne!” she calls out, before walking out.


            I chuckle to myself as I walk into the kitchen where Mum is making some tea. When she sees me, she smiles and I look at her. “You have no idea how happy I was when you told me that you and Elena were back together,” she says.


            I bite my bottom lip, trying to stop the small smile from growing. “Yeah, well...”


            “I’m serious, Harry,” Mum says, and I can tell by the tone of her voice that she is. “You and Elena have been so strong when you were together in high school. I know how much it had hurt you when she moved.”


            “Yeah, well,” I give her a smile. “None of that really matters anymore. We’re together again.”  


            She chuckles. “I can see that,” she says. “Just, Harry,” she adds, looking at me with once again complete seriousness. “Don’t let her go.”