Chapter 25

Elena's POV:


The entire week, I had been preparing myself for asking my dad to go to the One Direction concert with me. Harry had already sent me tickets along with backstage passes, and the concert was tomorrow at the Staples Center. I'd visit Harry now, since he's in LA, but the band has a lot of rehearsing and interviews to go to, so I don't want to intrude on his band time.


Dad was out doing God knows what, and I was pacing my living room as I thought of what to say to Dad. I bit my bottom lip as I paced the living room, my hands running across my jeans as I looked out the window every five minutes to see his car pull up the drive way. I was getting stressed and frustrated, and for the first time I wanted to see my father to have a conversation with him.


The sound of a car pulling up at the drive way got my eyes to widen as I ran over to the window, seeing as Dad stepped out of the car. I let out a breath as the front door opened, and my dad stepped inside. As he walked in, I walked over to him.


"Dad?" I ask nervously, playing with my fingers. He looked at me, a bit shocked that I actually talked to him. "Can I, um, talk to you?"


"Uh, sure, honey," he says, frowning slightly as he enters the living room. "What's up?"


I get right to the point. "Look, I know you're not too fond of Harry. But please, give him a chance?" I plead. "They have a concert at the Staples Center tomorrow night and Harry sent us tickets. Please, just see how talented and a great person he is. I really think it'll change your perspective of him."


Dad looks at me, thinking it over as I silently pray for a positive answer. I really want this. I want to finally make peace with my dad over Harry. I want him to see how much Harry and I love each other, and how long we've been fighting for each other. It'd mean the whole world to me.


Dad lets out a sigh, looking at me. "Alright, fine. We'll go."


My eyes widen as a grin spreads across my face. "Really?" I ask, smiling.


He nods, a small smiling spreading. "Yes, really."


"Thanks, Dad! I promise, it'll be worth it," I tell him, before running up the room to tell Harry the news.


I grab my phone from my bedside table, creating a new text to Harry.


To: Haz<3


Hey, you busy?


From: Haz<3


I'm on a break from rehearsals. Why, what's up? x


To: Haz<3




From: Haz<3


That's great, El!! I'll see you tomorrow night, love xx


To: Haz<3


See you, babe xx




It was the night of the concert, and if I said I wasn't nervous, I'd be lying. My dad would finally see what kind of a person Harry finally is, after almost two years. He'll see what an amazing boyfriend he is, and I couldn't wait.


I was dressed in denim capris, a yellow tank top with a white cardigan over it. My hair fell glossily over my back and I also had on wedges on. Melody was out with friends and Mum was at work, so Dad and I were going in my car. As I walked down the stairs, I called out for him.


"Dad, you ready?" I ask loudly.


"Yes, let's go," he says, emerging from the living room. He was dressed in simply khaki pants and a dark blue shirt.


Grabbing my keys, we walked out of the house and I got into the drivers seat and he got in next to me. We left early because we knew there would be a lot of traffic, seeing as this is a One Direction concert. We hit the high way soon enough, where a bit of traffic was already gathering up.


"So they're called One Direction?" Dad asks, starting up a conversation.


I nod as I drive. "Yeah."


"How many of them are there?"


"Five. Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn. They're all great guys, and all of them went to my high school."


"Oh, alright."


In about twenty minutes or so, we got to the Staples Center. A lot of cars and people were already here as I parked my car, and Dad and I got out. We walked into the arena, showing our tickets and going to our seats. Harry had made sure our seats were in the middle but towards the front where we would have a clear view of them.


The concert started in a couple of minutes, and it started off with the boys singing Up All Night. I grinned and stood up along with every one else, as did Dad as the boys came on stage. Screams erupted in the arena as the music began and the boys started singing.


"It feels like we've been living in fast forward, another moment passing by," Liam begins, and I start clapping. "The party's ending but it's now or never, no body's going home tonight."


I grinned as Harry walked over to my side of the stage, looking over the crowd as if he was looking for some one. Us. When he saw us, he grinned in my direction as he