Chapter 24

Elena’s POV:


            I wake up with a yawn, swinging my tanned legs over the bed and getting up. Running a hand through my long hair, walking down the stairs and entering the kitchen. Mum was there, making breakfast as I greeted her.


            “Hey,” I say, my elbows resting on the counter top as she looks at me. “Is Dad still here?”


            Mum sighs and nods, pouring two cups of coffee. “I’m afraid so,” she says, handing one to me and I smile at her gratefully. “He’s staying in the guest room.”


            “For how long?” I ask her.


            “A couple of days, I think,” she replies, and I let out a quiet groan. “Please, Elena, be nice. He still is your father.”


            “Unfortunately,” I mutter, looking down at my steaming coffee. Mum gave me a look and I shrugged. “It’s true,” I add defensively, sipping my coffe.


            Mum chuckles, shaking her head. “Just behave,” she says, putting her now empty coffee mug in the sink. “I have to go to work. I’ll be home by dinner.”


            I nod as she kisses my head and walks out the door. “Bye,” I call out just as I hear the door shut.


            Sipping my own coffee, I sit down on the chair as I drink. A few seconds later, the person I least wanted to see walked into the kitchen. I controlled my eyes from rolling them as Dad went over to the fridge. I hated that he just walked back into our lives and came into our kitchen and started eating our food.


            Instead of looking at him, I looked down at my almost empty mug, lifting it up and taking a long sip from it. I made no eye contact with my father as he shuffled around the kitchen, and suddenly my phone buzzed from the counter top. A small smile came on to my face as Harry’s name flashed on the screen, and I hopped off my chair and answered his call while walking out of the kitchen.


            “Hey,” I answer the phone. “Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?”


            Harry’s deep chuckle sounded through the phone. “Yeah, but I wanted to talk to you before I went to bed.”


            I smiled as a blush crept on to my face, looking down at my bare feet. “What’s up?” I ask him.


            “How’re you holding up?” Harry questions. “You know, with your dad staying with you?”


            I let out a sigh. “It’s okay,” I say. “He’s in the kitchen right now,” I add with a whisper, making sure the man in the kitchen didn’t hear me.


            “Has he said anything?” he asks.


            I run a hand through my messy hair. “No, thank God,” I reply. “But I mean, if he really does say anything, it doesn’t matter. It’s not like he has any say in my life.”


            “I don’t appreciate you saying that, Elena.”


            I froze, my eyes widening as I turned around. My Dad stood in the entrance of the living room, arms crossed over his chest as he stared at me. I mentally cursed as I gripped my phone near my ear tightly. “Haz, I have to go.”


            Harry sighed. “Alright; I should be getting to bed too. Love you, babe.”


            I smile slightly. “I love you too,” I say, before hanging up. I look at my dad – more like glaring, actually. “And I don’t care that you don’t appreciate me saying anything.”


            “I’m still your father, Elena,” Dad said.


            “A title doesn’t mean anything,” I snap. “The Queen of England is just a figure head, she doesn’t do anything. Just like you. You may have the title as my father, but you do absolutely nothing for my benefit.”


            Dad’s jaw clenches as the words spill out of my mouth without any sort of regret. “How long are you going to show resentment towards me, Elena?” he asks with a somewhat defeated sigh.


            “You seperated me from my friends! From the one guy that I actually love! Just because you thought that it’d teach me a lesson!” I shriek. “How selfish could you be? My entire life was in Holmes Chapel, I grew up there. And you just took it all away from me, without even hesitating!”


            That’s when my dad snapped. “You don’t think it was hard for me?!” he roared, glaring at me as my eyes widened at the level of his voice. “I already lost your mother to the divorce, and Tyler is already off at Uni! You were the only person at that house that I had left, but I knew you were getting yourself into trouble by just being around that Harry boy. As your father, I had to do something. You can’t expect me not to!”


            “But he did nothing! Harry was in no way harmful,” I retort. “Yeah, he wasn’t the best at school and being around him made you uncomfortable. But not me! He actually saw through me, Dad! He knew who the real Elena was, and he’s the only guy who I’ve ever felt so much for! He was the only one who understood my love for photography and resentment towards being a bloody doctor or lawyer! He loves me for me, not some girl who’s having her own father carve her path for her. Harry made me realize who I was as a person.


            “And he didn’t even turn out to be as bad as you always claimed,” I continued. “Look at him now, Dad. He’s one of the most richest teenagers in the world, because he’s doing what he loves. He loves to sing and he went for his shot, and look at him! He’s performing all over the world, making millions of dollars. He’s not some... Some teenage dirtbag. He’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever met, and it’s only a shame that you don’t see that.”


            Without letting my father say anything, I huffed and ran up to my room, slamming the door shut. It actually felt so good to get all of that out. My father never understood me, his own daughter, when another guy could. Harry has definitely been the most important person in my life. He’s given me courage and strength, and I owe it all to him.


            I sat on my bed, letting out a frustrated groan as I fell on my back and stared up at my ceiling. A few minutes later, my door opened and I sat up to see Melody enter, closing it behind her as she walked over to me.


            “Well that was intense,” she says softly as she sits on the bed next to me.


            I sigh, running a hand through my hair. “Tell me about it.”


            Melody bites her bottom lip. “Maybe you should show your dad what a great guy Harry is, instead of just telling him. If he actually sees it, then maybe your dad will believe you. Maybe you’ll finally get Harry’s approval from your dad.”


            “I don’t need my dad’s approval,” I say all too quickly.


            Melody raises a blonde eyebrow. “Are you sure, Elena?” she questions. “Every daughter always wants the approval from her parents about their boyfriend. Are you telling me that in your gut, there’s not a single little tweak of you wanting your dad to approve Harry?”


            I suck in my bottom lip as I take in Melody’s words. As much as I didn’t want her to be, I knew Melody was right. I want my parents to be happy with who I’m dating, and although Mum is content with it, I also want Dad to be. Even though he sent me off to Los Angeles, away from Harry and my friends, I still wanted him to feel content with me dating Harry. For him to see what an amazing and talented person Harry is.


            My eyes widen, a grin spreading across my face. “Melody, you just give me an amazing idea,” I exclaim.


            “I did?” she frowns, confused. “I mean, of course I did!”


            I roll my eyes, laughing. “Now out, I have some research to do!”




            “Wait, what?!” Harry exclaims, his green eyes widening on the computer screen.


            “Harry, it’s perfect,” I tell him, trying to convince him that my idea was a good one. “Your next LA show is in a week, and if I get my dad to come with me and just watch you perform, he’s gonna realize that he was wrong about you.”


            “Elena, I don’t know,” Harry bites his bottom lip, contemplating.


            I stick my bottom lip out. “Please, Haz?” I ask. “Don’t you want my dad to just approve of us?”


            Harry sighs. “Elena, if I don’t care what the rest of the freaking world thinks of us, why would I care about your dad?”


            “Because he’s my dad!” I say. “That’s exactly why, Harry. Come on, please? For me? I really want this,” I add, biting my bottom lip.     


            Harry laces his fingers together, resting his chin on top of them as he looks at me through his laptop screen. “Why do you want this so bad, El?” he asks, his voice smooth like velvet.


            I suck in my bottom lip, then let out a sigh from my mouth. “Mum already loves you, Harry. I just want Dad to see that. I want him to see that I’m not dating some bad guy that he thinks I am. I really want him to see the real you. Please, Haz. For me?”


            Harry runs a hand through his disheveled hair before looking at me, letting a sigh escape his lips. “Alright,” he says, giving me a small smile. “Anything for you.”