Chapter 22

Elena’s POV:


            My right leg nervously bounced up and down as my upper set of teeth sunk into my bottom lip, my nerves getting the best of me. Both of my hands were laced together and placed on my lap as my heart drummed against my rib cage. The boy next to me tried to keep me calm, but it wasn’t working considering the circumstances.


            “Don’t worry, El,” Zayn says. “It’s going to be fine. Harry’s not going to let Management do anything.”


            I let out a sigh, shaking my head as I look at the tanned skin boy. “I know... I just can’t help but worry, you know? It’s nervewracking.”   


            Zayn lets out one of his deep chuckles. “I know,” he says, nodding. “But you’ve gotta have faith in Harry. He already lost you twice. He’s not gonna let it happen again.” Then he adds, “Third time’s the charm.”


For the first time since Management showed up, I let out a small laugh. “I guess you’re right,” I say with a sigh. “I just wish they’d hurry up because my nerves are eating me alive.”


Zayn gives me a small smile, but doesn’t say anything. The two of us were sitting on the couch in the boys’ dressing room at the arena. The rest of the boys were talking with Management with Paul, and I was sitting here dying to know what was happening. Zayn offered to sit with me so I wouldn’t get too lonley, and I thank him for that. I would have gone insane if he wasn’t here, probably.


            I puffed out my cheeks as I let out a breath, running a hand through my long hair. Five, ten, fifteen, twenty minutes had passed, and the boys still weren’t back yet. That caused an even more nervous feeling rise up in my stomach.


            Though I spoke too soon. Suddenly, the dressing room’s doors bursted open and in walked the four boys, indifferent expressions on their faces. I couldn’t tell if they were happy, angry, sad, or what. They were expressionless.


            “Well?” I broke the silence, standing up. “What happened?”


            Instead of answering me, Liam looked at Zayn. “Come out, mate. Let’s give Harry and Elena some privacy.”


            My jaw clenched as Zayn nodded and him and the rest of the boys walked out. I swallowed the thick lump forming in my throat as the door clicked shut, my breathing getting heavy as the nerves started to once again grow. It was just Harry and I in the dressing room, him standing only a couple of feet away from me. The palms of my hands rubbed against my jeans covered thighs, biting the inside of my cheek.


            “Are you gonna tell me what they said or what?” I ask Harry finally, raising an eyebrow.


            Harry ran a hand through his curly hair. “They were angry,” he said matter-of-factly. “But the lads and I managed to convince them that this won’t be too bad. It took a lot of persuasion.... But they finally came around.”


            My blue eyes widened, lips parting. “You mean...”


            Harry nods, a grin forming on his face. “Yeah,” he says, taking a few steps closer to me. “They’re not going to interfere anymore.”


            With the last word, I pulled Harry into a hug, relief washing over my entire being as Harry hugged me back. The two of us were finally free to be together, no one stopping us from doing so. Harry and I finally managed to pull through, and turned Management’s views on us around. They’re letting us be together. We can go out in public and not be afraid to hide ourselves.


            I couldn’t even describe how I was feeling. Elated, happy, overjoyed, and relieved would just be a couple of words to describe my emotions. Trust me, any girl would be overly joyous about the fact that her and her boyfriend could be together. My dad had come in the way of Harry and my relationship before, and this time it was Management. But with Dad out of the picture and Management giving us the official okay, there was nothing stopping Harry and I from being together.


            “You have no idea how happy I am right now,” I say, my face nuzzling in the crook of Harry’s neck as I hug him.


            His grip around my waist tightens, and I feel forehead against my shoulder. “Trust me, I think I have a clue.”




            “Seriously? A new tour already?” I ask with a chuckle. “You’re not even done with this one!”


            “We know,” Louis says. “But it’s going to be so epic! I mean, it’s a stadium tour!”


            We were on the boys’ tour bus as we traveled out of Germany to wherever the next tour destination was. But the boys had just told me that they are going to be having a 2014 Where We Are stadium tour, and a new album out by the end of this year. However, no one else knows. All the fans know is that there will be a One Big Announcement by the end of the week, and it’s safe to say they all are jittering with anticipation and excitement.


            Speaking of fans, they still didn’t know about Harry and I. I mean, it was only yesterday when Harry had spoken to Management, and the boys didn’t have any interviews or anything to announce Harry’s relationship status.


            And just to put a damper on the mood, I had to go back to Los Angelas later on today. Not only did I not have enough clothes to stay for the tour, but I needed to go back for work purposes and because my mom told me that I needed to be back as soon as possible. I didn’t know why, but judging by the sound of her voice when she called me, it was urgent.


            Harry and I were sitting on the floor of the tour bus, our backs against the couch where Niall and Zayn sat. The two of us were sharing a bag of Lays chips, our fingers covered in the salty residue.


            My phone buzzes, and I look at it to see I have a new mention from Liam.


@Real_Liam_Payne: They’re hogging the bag of Lays... it’s not fair :( @ElenaCarter @Harry_Styles


            I chuckle when I see the picture of Harry and I, my hand in the bag as Harry was in the middle of putting a chip in his mouth. Retweeting the tweet with my free hand, I put my phone away and Louis asks, “Elena, when’s your flight?”


            “Three hours,” I say.


            Harry sighs. “Great.”




            The goodbyes weren’t really that teary, thankfully. Of course, Harry and I were upset having to leave each other so soon after getting back together. But we exchanged a few hugs and kisses, and promised each other that we’ll be able to see each other again soon.


            I landed back in Los Angelas at four in the afternoon, LA time. Getting a cab, I made my way back to my house to where my mother and Melody were waiting for me. When I got there, I unloaded my bags and paid the cab driver, before walking up the driveway and towards the front door.


            Using the keys I had, I opened the door and walked inside. “Mum? Melody? I’m home!” I call out.


            “Elena!” I heard my best friend’s voice and I turned to see Melody running up to me, attacking me in a hug.


            “Hey!” I grin as I hug her, and when we pull away, it’s then when I see her upsetting expression. “What’s wrong?” my grin turns into a frown.


            “There’s, um, someone in the, uh, living room with your, um, mum,” she stumbles on her words, which she barely does.


            My frown deepens. “Are you alright, Mel?” I ask her. “You look... Scared?”


            “Just come with me,” Melody says quietly, taking my hand.


            Leaving my bags by the door, I follow Melody into the living room. When we get in there, my eyes widened a fraction as I see the person with my mother in the living room. My mouth goes dry and my jaw clenches as I see the man sitting on the couch, talking to my mother until he sees me. Anger surges through me as I see him. What the actual hell was he doing here? After all of this time, I never thought I would ever see him again. I never wanted to see him. And now, here he is. Sitting on my couch as if nothing ever happened.


            Sensing my presence, he turned to look at me along with my mum. “Elena,” he spoke, standing to his feet.


            My jaw remained clenched, my fists joining in. “Dad.”