Chapter 21

Elena’s POV:


            “Ah,” Harry says. “Little Miss Perfect.”


            “Ooh, Little Miss Perfect is fiesty, huh?”


            “Oh, Little Miss Perfect actually works?”


            “See you around, Little Miss Perfect.”


            “You okay, Little Miss Perfect?”


            A small smile played on my lips as his voice rang through my brain. The nickname he had come up with for me back in high school still stuck around. After all this time, he still called me that, and that made my heart flutter like a school girl’s. It made me smile that he managed to remember it, even though he is the one who made it up. I feel a sense of love when he calls me that, for some reason. It was his nickname for me – no body else’s.


            But that name had some irony behind it.


            Harry had always thought my life was perfect. Perfect friends, perfect family, perfect everything. He did realize that he was wrong. I had only one friend I was super close to – Melody – and obviously my family life is far from being anywhere near perfect. My dad had gotten abusive and my parents divorced. Now I live with my single mother and best friend in Los Angeles.


            And then this curly haired boy walked back into my life. Though, it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me.


            “What’re you thinking about?” The voice that I loved so much asked me.


            I turned my head, staring at the boy next to me. He was wearing a plaid shirt with the sleeves ripped off, showing his tattooed biceps. Along with that he had on jeans, and his hair was styled up which I had grown to love deeply.


            “You. Me. Us,” I reply to him with a shrug.


            Harry rose an eyebrow, slightly worried. “Something I should be concerned about?”


            I chuckle softly, shaking my head. “Not at all,” I assure him. “I’m just happy that you’re here, you know?” I shrug. “That we’re here. Everything seems so overwhelming. How we went from being just high school kids to you being this world wide sensation.”


            Harry chuckles. “We’re still the same guys.”


            I roll my eyes. “Really?” I ask, amusement lacing my eyes. “If I remember correctly, you and the guys were the school’s number one bad asses. Broke rules and all that. Now you’re in a bubble gum boy band.”


            Harry narrowed his green eyes at me. “What did you just say?”


            I smirk, knowing I hit a nerve. “You’re in a bubble gum boy band,” I repeated, but a bit slowly so every word sunk in.


            “You’re gonna regret that, Carter,” Harry somewhat growled, causing a grin to appear on my face.


            I immediately stood up, running away from the green eyed boy as I heard his footsteps following closely behind me. We were backstage at the arena in Berlin, Germany, so we were running around there. I quickly ran out of backstage and onto the main stage, my laugh echoing as Harry caught up to me, his arms lacing around my waist.


            He chuckled in my ear as he pulled me towards his chest, a smile warming my face. Suddenly, we both went quiet when we saw a group of men standing by the seats, arms crossed and scowls on their faces. They all had on suits, glaring up at Harry and I. I felt Harry tense up as he saw them, and I immediately knew who it was.