Chapter 20

Harry’s POV:


            My heart was pounding by the time the concert had finished. Adrenaline high and mind buzzing, I ran backstage with the rest of the boys where we were greeted by Paul, telling us on a job well done. My hair stuck on my forehead since I was sweating so much, and I ran a hand through my damp hair.


            As I downed a bottle of water, thoughts swirled my head. Elena. She was here. I saw her in the audience. When my eyes met her familiar crystal blue ones, I froze. I didn’t know she would be here, and I when I looked at the boys, they were all smiling. They knew she was going to be here. But how? How in the world did she come out all the way to Paris for this?


            “Is she... Is she coming back stage?” I ask with wide eyes, looking at the boys.


            They all smirk, breathing heavily due to the concert that just ended. “What do you think?” Liam says.


            I let out a breath as I ran a hand over my face, rubbing away the sweat. People around me were packing everything up as I heard fans starting to leave the arena. “She’s here,” I heard Louis say.


            I swivel around, and my breath catches in my throat. Perrie came into view as the familiar brown haired and blue eyed girl came into view. Elena looked perfect, as usual. The way her hair cascaded down her back, her long legs, fair skin, pink lips, and beautiful eyes.


            She looked over my eyes, she stopped walking all together. The two of us stood just a few feet away from each other, just staring. It went like that for a couple of minutes, until Zayn slapped the back of my head, causing me to wince.


            “What the hell are you waiting for?” he mutters. “Go and fucking kiss her!”


            I didn’t need to be told twice. As soon as my feet started moving, I ran up to Elena and crashed our lips together. She was taken aback, but when she realized what was happening, she brought her hands up to my face and I did the same as our lips started to move together.


            Cheers from the boys and Perrie could be heard, and I could feel Elena smile through the kiss. After just a few weeks, feeling her soft lips against mine was the most blissful feeling ever. When the two of us pulled away, I nudged my nose with Elena’s button one, causing her to smile.


            “I missed you,” she whispers, her hand travelling up and tangling itself in my hair.


            “I missed you too,” I reply. “More than you could ever know.” I then peer at her curiously. “How’d you get here anyway?”


            “The boys planned everything,” Elena chuckles softly.


            I grin widely as we turn to see the boys, who were smirking at us as Perrie laughed. “How’d you manage to do that?” I ask them.


            “We’re pretty sneaky,” Liam grins.


            I chuckle. “Well, I owe you guys one,” I say, smiling over at Elena who blushes.


            “No problem,” Louis says. “Just please, don’t have snogging sessions in front of us.”




Elena’s POV:


            “Remember when we got lost in Paris?” Louis suddenly breaks the silence that had built up while we all sat in the boys’ dark van, driving back to the hotel.


            “You got lost in Paris?” Perrie asks with a laugh.


            Zayn then explains to her what happened a year and a half ago, and Perrie doubled over in laughter. Paris was truly a place with a lot of memories. From when we had come for our senior trip to now, where I am with the boys. They’re world famous and are here for their tour – which is pretty unbelievable.


            As I turn my head and look at the curly haired boy who’s staring out the window, I take in all of his perfections. The way his dark hair is swiped up into a sexy quiff, his green eyes sparkling under the city lights as we drive, and the way his jaw is so defined and clenches every now and then like it does whenever he’s in a deep thinking state. I smile to myself before looking out the window as well, getting lost in my memories.


“Don’t you love Paris?” I murmur into his ear.


            “At the moment, no,” Harry laughs quietly.


            I chuckle softly, nuzzling my face in his neck as he walked. “You smell good,” I say quietly, loving the scent he was wearing.


            “Oh, well thank you,” Harry says, and I can tell that he’s smirking. I noticed that he was wearing his Ray Bans, and smirking, I took them off with my left hand and wore them myself. Harry looks at me, raising an eyebrow as he just smirks. “Hate to admit it, but you look better in them than I do.”


            I laugh. “I know,” I wink.


            And now, here we are, almost a full year later. Still in Paris, and still together. Yes, it took a while for us to get back together. With Management being up on Harry’s arse, being together was impossible. And then one thought hit me.


            There was no way Management would have let Harry pull a stunt like this. No way were they ever going to be okay would this. So how did Harry manage to pull this off? Was this a spontaneous type of thing? Did he do it behind their backs? If Management were to find out, what would they do? Would they break us up again?


            Too many thoughts and questions were swirling in my head as we got out of the van and walked into the hotel, thankfully avoiding any sort of paparazzi. As we got to the floor where the boys’ rooms were, Liam said, “Well, I’m going to my room to do a twitcam.”     


            As he stalked off, Louis said, “I’m off to the hotel bar. Anyone care to join?”


            “We’ll come,” Zayn shrugs indifferently, looking at Perrie who nodded in agreement.


            Niall nods. “I’ll be there in a bit. Gotta take a quick shower.”


            Louis, Zayn, and Perrie nod as they go back down and Niall runs to wherever his room was. Soon enough, it was just Harry and I in the middle of the hallway and he looked down at me.


            “Come on,” he says, grabbing my hand and leading me to where his hotel room was, I suppose.


            The two of us entered the room that contained a double bed, bathroom, TV, and a dresser. The walls were a light cream color as the bed spread matched the color of the room itself. I sat on the edge of the bed, looking at the curly haired boy who was smiling down at me as he stood in front of my sitting figure.


            “What?” I peered up at him, a smile caressing on my own lips.


            Harry shook his head. “Nothing,” he simply replied. “I’m just so glad that you’re here,” he adds on, crouching down in front of me as his large hands captured my small ones.


            I smile at him, seeing as we were eye level. “I’m glad too,” I tell him honestly. “But what’s going to happen now, Harry?” I can’t help but ask him. “Your management’s not gonna be too happy about this and what if –”


            “Hey, hey,” Harry cuts me off softly, causing me to lock eyes with him. He gives me a small smile, squeezing my hands. “Let’s not worry about Management and not talk about the ‘what ifs’,” he says. “All that matters right now is that you’re here with me. I’ll deal with Management, alright? I won’t let them do anything to us.”


            I look at him, my forehead creasing. “How can you be so sure?” I wonder aloud.


            “Because.” The smirk makes its way on to his face. “No one is gonna steal my Little Miss Perfect from me.”