Chapter 18

Elena's POV:


The sand sunk in my bare feet as I walked, the waves from the ocean hitting my feet lightly along the shore. The wind blew my long dark hair around, my right hand reaching up as I tucked a lock of hair behind my right ear. My left hand held my flip flops, not wanting to leave them anywhere on the beach. I squinted as I looked up to the horizon of the ocean, the settling sun hitting my eyes.


People were all around the Venice Beach, enjoying their own time without a care in the world. My eyes soon trailed over to what looked like a happy couple in the blue water, splashing each other. They both had wide grins on their faces, as if everything was perfect as the guy leaned in and pecked the girl's lips quickly.


I turned away, my heart chruning at the sight. It pained me to see couples acting the way they were - so in love with each other without having to worry about anyone else. A sigh escaped my lips as I continued walking, shaking my head as I looked away. It has been almost a week and a half since I left the One Direction tour, and it had gotten so lonely.


I missed having the boys around. I miss staying up with them and goofing off. I missed playing video games with Louis and Liam. I missed making different types of foods with Niall. I missed gossiping with Zayn. And most of all, I missed Harry. I had grown so used to having the lads around and now that I'm not with them anymore, it's like a part of me is missing. Five parts, to be exact.


As the sun started setting, I walked away from the shore and to where I had parked my car. Getting in, I drove back to my house. Mum was out working late and Melody was having a study group at the local library, so I was alone. Even at my house, I was all alone.