Chapter 17

Elena’s POV:


            “It’s going to be okay, sweetheart,” Mum murmurs into my hair as she hugs me tightly. “Don’t you worry.”


            “It’s not going to be okay, Mom!” I cry as her arms around me tighten. “We were never able to be together when Dad was around. And now their management just broke us up!”


            “Breathe, honey, breathe,” Mum’s voice spoke softly, rubbing circles in my back. “Go to your room and freshen up, alright? Dinner will be out soon.”      


            I nod, sniffling slightly as I look at her. “Where’s Melody?”


            “She’ll be back from classes soon,” Mum says. “Now go on.”


            Taking my bags, I go up to my room as I dump my bags on top of my bed. Opening one up, I take out some clothes and walk into the bathroom. Washing my face, I put on the yoga pants and tank top I had taken out for myself, and tied my long hair into a high pony tail. Once I was done, I walked down the stairs where I was attacked into a hug by my best friend.          


            “I swear when I get my hands on Management’s puny hands, I will rip them off and slap their faces with them,” Melody gritted her teeth as she hugged me tightly.


            I chuckle lightly as I hug her back, my chin resting on her shoulder. “Good luck with that,” I say as we pull away.


            “That was complete bullshit, though,” Melody says. “They can’t just break you and Harry up! Didn’t he do anything about it?”


            I sighed. “He did all he could, Melody. But there’s only so much you could do without ticking off your bosses and getting fired. If Harry crossed the line, who knows what Management would have done to One Direction? They practically own the boys.”


            “But still,” Melody insists. “It doesn’t give them the right to be involved in their personal lives. And now Harry has to ‘date’ that Barbie doll.”


            “She’s not that bad,” I say, remembering Tanya. “If anything, she’s really nice. She has this guy that she really likes, so I’m sure she’s not gonna go after Harry...”


            Melody raises her dirty blonde eyebrow. “Let me ask you this, then, Elena,” she begins. “What if Harry and Tanya start to grow feelings for each other? What are you going to do then?”


            I frowned, a lump forming in my throat as I shook my head. “N-No. That’s not going to happen,” I tell her firmly. “I love him...” I add with a whisper.


            “I know you do, babe,” Melody says. “But I’m just looking out for you. We don’t know what’s going on with Harry, until the entire world knows. Because as of now, we’re out of the inner One Direction circle.”


            A defeated sigh escaped my lips, knowing no matter how much I didn’t want to believe Melody’s statement, I knew it was true.




            “It’s a shame they fired you,” Jenny says sympathetically. “I don’t see the reason why, but we can’t argue with them. But don’t worry, you still get credit for working with them, seeing that you were there for more than half of the tour.”


            I let out a sigh of relief. “Thanks, Jenny.”


            “You can go for now,” she says. “I don’t have any assignments for you, since I didn’t expect you to be back for another month or so. But as soon as I do, I’ll give you a call.”


            I nod and stand up from the chair, grabbing my bag as I say goodbye to my boss as I leave her office and then exit the building. Getting into my car with a sigh, I start it up and drive back home, but not before going through the Wendy’s driveway. Once I have my junk food lunch, I put the bags in the passenger seat and drive back home.


            As I do, I turn the radio on and of course, Kiss You by the boys is playing. I shut it off quickly, my heart aching as I do so. Just hearing his voice causes me emotional pain. One Direction was literally everywhere, so it would take more than just shutting off the radio for me to avoid anything related to the curly haired, green eyed boy.



Harry’s POV:


            “Fucking hell,” I groaned out of annoyance as I laid flat on my back, staring up at the ceiling of the gym.


            My chest moved up and down as I took deep breaths, panting for air that my burning lungs needed. My tank top was a bit damp because of the sweat my body was releasing, and my hair was getting stuffy underneath my beanie. My tongue poked out as I wet my dry lips, pushing myself off the floor as I stumbled on to my feet, wiping the sweat off my forehead with the back of my hand.


            Elena had been gone for four days, and I was already missing her like crazy. It was like her leaving Holmes Chapel for Los Angelas all over again, and me not knowing when I am going to see her again. Again, she was gone and I couldn’t stop her. I didn’t try hard enough, and I hate myself for that.


            I let out another groan of frustration as I punch the punching bag that was hanging off in the side. I ignored the pain that was beginning to rise in my left hand, and grabbed the black boxing gloves before sliding them on and starting to punch the punching bag harder that the first time.


            Each frustration, each problem, each heart ache was put into every single punch; my way of getting my anger out. My eyebrows scrunched together as my jaw locked, fists pounding the punching bag with great power that made it swing back and forth freely.


            “Punch it any harder and you’re gonna break it,” a deep voice spoke.


            I held the punching bag to stop it from swinging and turned, only to see Zayn standing there. “Oh, hey,” I mumble, turning around and continuing to punch the bag.


            “What are you doing?” Zayn asks, his voice nearing as he walks closer.


            “What does it look like?” I grumble, not stopping as I continue to punch.


            Zayn chuckles as he comes around, standing on the other side of the punching bag and holding on to it. “Oh, don’t stop on my account,” he says when I stop punching. “Go on,” he adds, and I start punching once more. “I know why you’re really down here.”


            “Oh yeah?” I ask as my right fist comes in contact with the bag. “What’s that?”


            “You’re angry at yourself,” Zayn says simply. “And at Management. You didn’t want Elena to leave, obviously. But you’re pissed at Management for forcing her to and even more pissed at yourself for letting her go... Again.”


            Zayn may be quiet, but that’s when he’s always observing others. He’s watching what’s going on in the rest of our lives, and only speaks when he sees that any of us lads are in a problem. He’s a pretty smart guy, next to Liam, and always offers advice when any of us need it. And I guess right now it’s my turn.


            “It’s like our relationship never worked out,” I finally tell him as I stop punching. “Yeah, we love each other. But there’s always someone in the way. First it was her dad, then mine, and now fucking Management.”


            “You gotta fight for the ones you love, Harry,” Zayn tells me as he releases the punching bag. “You love Elena so much, it’s unreal. But if you really did love her, then don’t give up.”


            “What am I suppose to do, Zayn?” I ask the older boy as I wrench off my gloves.


            “Anything, really,” Zayn shrugs. “And if Management gets angry at you, so what? There’s only so much they can do. What can they possibly do? Kick you out of the band?”


            “Maybe,” I shrug, thinking of the possibilty.


            Zayn scoffs. “I’d love to see them try,” he says. “Please, if you were out of the band, the fans would be out too. There’s no One Direction without Harry Styles, Haz. If Management did something like that, they’d be losing fans and their precious money. They can’t stop you from loving someone.”           


            “So what do I do?” I ask with a sigh, sitting on a chair as Zayn stands above me.


            He looks down at me, a smile forming on his face. “They didn’t know about you and Elena before. Well, let them know now.”